Children’s enjoyment of reading books over the summer


Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

Children who read to at home tend to achieve a higher success rate in school; according to the National Center for Education Statistics, children who read at home enjoy a substantial advantage over children who do not. But what about the statistics on the actual reading habits of American children?

Examining the graph on the frequency of reading among children in the United States from 2013 to 2017, we see that the largest percentage of parents (32 percent in 2013 and 31 percent in 2017) said that their child read or was read to several times per day. In 2013, about 28 percent of parents stated that their child read or was read to once per day; in comparison, about 26 percent of parents answered the same in 2017.

The number of parents who said that their child read once per week amounted to 5 percent in 2013 and 6 percent in 2017. About 5 percent of children read or were read to less often than once per week in 2017, compared to 4 percent in 2013.


Scholastic and YouGov provided some information on the share of children who enjoy reading books over the summer in the U.S. (as of October 2016). As you can see below, approximately 35 percent of children from 6 to 17 years old agreed a little with the statement, “I really enjoy reading books over the summer.” On the other hand, 26 percent of children in this age group agreed a lot with the same statement. The number of children who disagreed a little was approximately 25 percent, while the percentage of those who disagreed a lot amounted to 12 percent.

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