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Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

The coworking industry (where companies provide small businesses and solo workers with serviced offices and a range of amenities) in the U.S. now provide a total of 27 million square feet in space. With the rise of a growing contingent workforce, there has been a significant shift in the way people work and where they get work done.

The information at shows that California had more coworking centers (616) in 2015 than any other state. Florida had 354 coworking centers in the same year, landing it in second place. Texas and New York had 299 and 278 centers respectively, while Illinois had 145 specialized centers for coworking.

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As an interesting note, coworking facilities in Boston charged the highest average price per month in the country for a desk in their coworking spaces; the average monthly charge amounted to $1,889.

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Some people feel that a lack of workspace is a problem in coworking facilities. During a survey conducted in 2016, about 4 percent of the respondents stated that a lack of workspace was very often or always a problem in their coworking space. However, a larger percentage of the people surveyed (17 percent) said that a lack of workspace was neither seldom nor often a problem in their coworking space.

The respondents were also surveyed about their problems with the landlord of their coworking space. Nearly 6 percent of those surveyed stated that they experienced problems with their landlord rather often, while around 3 percent of people said that they very often or always experienced problems with their landlord.

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