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Alexander Fishkov

Alexander Fishkov, Ph.D. student Computer Science

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise — according to MedEx, it grossed over $10 billion worldwide in 2017. The numbers of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed increased in the past few years; this can be attributed to advancements in technology and safety, growing acceptance of these kinds of procedures, increasing disposable incomes and the rise of medical tourism. The rise of medical tourism has also led to an increase in general medical procedures and healthcare services.

Using data from we analyzed the worldwide popularity of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2017.

The United States took first place in the total number of surgical cosmetic procedures performed: Over 1.56 million surgical cosmetic procedures were performed here in 2017. Brazil took second place with 1.46 million procedures, while Mexico took third place, but performed nearly three times fewer procedures. Interestingly, Japan seems much less interested in cosmetic surgery, performing only 300,000 procedures last year (on the same level as Germany), but took third place in the number of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed. The U.S. and Brazil still hold the top two places in this category.

Among the different available cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation and liposuction enjoyed the most popularity: more than 1.5 million of both of these procedures were performed worldwide. Eyelid surgery took third place with 1.3 million procedures performed. This procedure is said to be popular in Southeast Asia, particularly in South Korea. Other procedures are significantly less popular, with the last place in the top 10 taken by the infamous “buttock augmentation” procedure: This procedure was performed over 300,000 times in 2017.

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were performed in larger numbers, but most of their popularity can be attributed to the two most popular nonsurgical procedures. Botulinum toxin injections, primarily used to treat skin wrinkling, were performed more than 5 million times in 2017, and procedures with hyaluronic acid were performed more than 3 million times. It is worth noting than both these substances also have general medical as well as cosmetic uses. Other types of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment (led by hair removal) were performed far less often.

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Alexander Fishkov

Alexander Fishkov, Ph.D. student Computer Science

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