The top contemporary artists by auction turnover


Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

The United States held the largest share of the global art auction market in 2017: 35 percent. This put the U.S. ahead of second-place China, which held 33 percent of the global market share that year. The United Kingdom came third with a 16 percent share of the global auction market, followed by France at 7 percent. Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria each held about 1 percent, and approximately 5 percent belonged to other countries.


The U.S. auction market has its own favorite artists — let’s analyze the leading contemporary artists in the country by auction turnover. The statistics are based on a survey conducted from July 2015 to June 2016 which defined contemporary artists as those born after 1945.

During the survey period, sales of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artwork lead the pack, generating an auction turnover of over $139.48 million.

Christopher Wool’s work saw approximately $84.03 million of auction turnover. He was followed by Jeff Koons and Richard Price, whose works generated auction turnovers of $58.5 million and $55.88 million respectively. Other leading contemporary artists by auction turnover in the United States as of 2015/2016 included Peter Doig with $44.66 million, Yoshitomo Nara with $31.71 million, Rudolf Stingel with $28.45 million, Keith Haring with $24.26 million, Fanzhi Zeng with $22.61 million and Anselm Kiefer with $21.12 million.


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