Contraception methods of sexually active U.S. women


Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

Which methods of contraception are most popular among American women? Recent information published at shows that among all sexually active women in the United States, the greatest number used male condoms as contraception; in 2017, 59 percent of women chose this method within the past 12 months. About 40 percent used oral contraceptives, while 24 percent said that they utilized an IUD. During the survey period, smaller percentages of women utilized other methods of contraception including injectables (9 percent), implants (8 percent) and “other” methods (10 percent).


Another survey explored the percentage of women who utilized contraception during the same period (within the past 12 months, as of 2017). According to this study, about 48 percent of women said that they utilized at least one method of contraception. Meanwhile, 18 percent of sexually active women reported not using any contraception method. Around 11 percent responded that they were pregnant or trying to conceive. Additionally, 23 percent of women responded that they or their partner were unable to conceive.


In 2017, most women who used contraceptives cited pregnancy prevention as their primary reason (59 percent). Approximately 22 percent of women said that they used contraceptives both prevent pregnancy and manage a medical condition, while 13 percent said that they utilized contraceptives solely to manage a medical condition. Lastly, 6 percent did not know or refused to provide their reason for utilizing contraception in the past year.


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