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Alfredo Llorente, Ph.D. Student Human Geography Currently, Alfredo is pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Geography at the University Complutense of Madrid, and has finalized his Diploma of Advanced Studies (“Aplications and Concepts about Geography of Crime: Alcala de Henares case”). He has a degree in Geography, Urbanism and Land Planning from the University of Cantabria and specialized in the fields of Sustainable Tourism (dissertation at the Universita Degli Study di Milano), Sustainability (Master in Management and Conservation of the Environment: Sustainable Development and Climate Change), Transport Planning (Investigation project at Politectico di Milano) and Urban Planning (Master in Land Planning). Alfredo has studied the crime geography field during the last six years and has written research publications in this field. He has seven years of experience in the cartographic and geographic field working for companies with GIS software, and is also developing a crime prevention cartographic tool in collaboration with his actual job.

How Does Weather Affect Crime Rates?

Alfredo Llorente, Ph.D. Student Human Geography

Since the beginning of the past century, geography has tried to expand its research areas to explore new fields where spatial analysis and data production could merge in new geographic correlations.

In the 1920s, Chicago schools tried to manage this correlation between crime and geography and start a new way to spatially analyze delinquency, principally in the urban areas. It was the beginning of the geography of crime.

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