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This blog is basically to chart my progress in trying to lose weight...

This is a Record of my daily events including my family when appropriate for my other family members to see if they choose to.

This is my legacy, for my family to read after I am dead and burried. So, any thing on here is meant for them only and if it offends anyone, my apologies, but, its not meant for you and them

Chow for now...

May the LORD Bless all who see this.

I wish you well...

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Posted 03-27-2012 at 02:12 PM by woodworkingmenace

I went to the YMCA today... Been doing that every other day now for awhile...still, going to be a long while before I get up to 'snuff' of where I was, before I got the lung infection and had to take a three months hiatus...
Going to take me months to get back where I was, and its driving me nuts!! Cant believe I went clear back to 'square one', in my exercise routine.... Two years of exercise, 'shot down' because of a lousy lung infection, and inept Doctors... Well, my Wife wanted to take me to Cleveland, and I simply refused to be that far away from my family... Didnt seeany need to do that, anyways... since I was under the impression that these Doctors 'knew' what they were doing... sheesh.

Another four days, and I will be off the steroids!!! Then, Im wondering, how long before I can call it quits on the Insulin??? I will have to ask the Doctors on that one, cause I dont know what parameters are involved, to be 'off'... Whats 'normal'...and, if I was ever normal in the first place???

Right now, when ever I exercise, I 'taste' that Insulin, and it tastes like potassium, (dont know if its the levimere or the novologe)...and it makes me thirsty, when ever I start exercising. Im guessing that, since I inject it into the 'fat' of my belly, that, when ever I do my 'crunches' on the weight machine, (thats when I start tasting the stuff), it must start taking it out of the fat, and releasing it into the body... They say, that stuff gets stored up in the fat, like chemicals and other stuff, so that when the fat starts to 'decrease' or gets 'used' as fuel for exercise, what ever is 'stored' is released also, into the body. This has to be true, since its releasing the Insulin, when I work out.

After my work out, I got weighed on that fancy electronic machine they have, and it showed me at 367.5 pounds!!! 2.5 pounds more, and I will be at the same weight, I entered the hospital at, the last time I went there!!! NOT GOOOOOOOD AT ALL!!!! SHEESH!

Yea, I know.. I cant control my water intake...
And, its going to be the death of me yet!!
So, there is no use of me going into the hospital, because of excess water weight, since its always going to be a never ending battle with me... Cant see being a burdon on my Insurance Company, and on my family, by running there all the time... (Besides, I am learning so much about what I am paying for now, and if I had known before, wouldnt have done most of the stuff, or allowed it to get done!! I control my financial future, and, I know what I can do and not have to put up with, at the hospital... Besides, this new Doctor doesnt even give me the same attention that my old Doctor did, on my pro-time, with my blood thinners, so, Im going back to him, and leaving this Doc PDQ).

My old Doctor's Office called, yesterday. It seems the Nurse who handles everything, (and a brilliant Nurse she is too!), has been out, and the Secretary called to ask what the paper work, she was working on for me, was about?
Well, my Wife informed her, that it was for my new 'scooter', and that the Nurse was taking care of it for me...but, didnt know she was out for a week or more, so, it apparently is going to be delayed...Not that it matters much, cause my Wife wants it for when we go on vacation... (course, with all the bills, I told her it maybe a 'stay-cation' this year, and she said she was fine with that, cause we used our Income Tax Refund to buy a new swing for the yard . We both figured, it was the only pleasure we both get out of being in the yard, each day, watching nature and feeling the breeze on our face, while the Sun warms our bodies up!! The rest goes towards my Daughters College...(Just hoping she doesnt drop out, cause all her friends have, by now!).

Daughter finally dropped her boyfriend, (the guy who hates blacks, as well as everything else under the Sun it seems!!).
The kid got drunk and joined my Son and his friends in playing WISK at my Son's Buddys house, and started to shoot off his mouth about this and that, and actually had my Son scared half to death, that he actually 'did' or was going to do half the stuff he was spouting off about... When my Son took him home, he asked him and his buddy to come in to his house and lit up a 'joint' in front of him!!!
When my Son told me that, well, I wrore him off my list of people who wouldnt be on my Christmas list this year . Arrogant fool that he is, he found no favors in me, (and I never met the young lad), but, anyone who dates my Daughter and does drugs, well, they wont be invited to come to the house, and I expect my Daughter to dissasociate herself with the likes of the 'bum'...
Call me a 'prude' or what ever, but, anyone who does drugs isnt welcomed to my house, and I dont want them dating either my Son or Daughter, periiod!!! Now, if they date them, and I dont know that they do, do drugs, and they get busted with them, I and my Wife already told them, we will not bail them out of jail, and they will sit and rot in there, as long as it takes to go to trial... Tough love as it is, I wont put up with that sort of nonesense from either of my Children or thier dates. (After all, all 'dates' are potential mates, and I dont want either of my kids to be stuck with a 'druggie' for a spouse...).

After twelve days of temps over the seventy degree mark, we had a hard freeze last night.
Temperatures got down about the '20s, so, my cherry tree will be void of fruit this year, Im assuming... I 'knew' that blasted warm spell was going to lead to disaster for the growing season, and, it turned out, I was right.
All the trees are budded out, and bees were pollinating, and now, everything will be DOA upon arrival... No fruits for most of the tres that budded out. What a shame...

My Wife's Aunt from Missouri called a few days ago and said she may come up for a vacation this year She is getting 'long in the tooth', or just plain old as the rest of us now LOL, and I was suprised that she can still manage to come all this way, (via airplane), to visit us. I keep telling my Son, she is a lot braver than I am, cause I wont fly, even under penalty of death!!! The fleet is old, and Im sure, they arent replacing it very fast, as they should be. So, when they start falling out of the sky again, (as in the '70s they did), from shoddy workmanship and poor maintenace, then it will be a true shame, and scary situation for all who fly. Living through the '70s, and had to actually 'fly' as a passenger in there too, just plain scared me to death, and I wont get on another plane again.

Yea, I know, everyone wants to get to Heaven and no one wants to die, but, when it comes my turn to go, I want to let the LORD decide my fate, and which way I come, not some dingbat who got lazy, and didnt tighten a bolt so that the engine falls off the plane or something else goes wrong... No thanks!!

I figure Im going to have a 'death by drowning'. I already told my Wife, since my kidneys are not 'up to par', and I am gaining this water weight again, someday, my kidneys will simply fail, and my lungs will fill up with water, just like her Mother did, and die that way. Then, Im going to be awful dissapointed that she didnt let me 'go', when I drifted off to oblivian, because I passed out from no breathing, and didnt know anything!! She brought me back 3 times to face a future of possible drowning??? Not that I dont appreciate the extyra time I get to spend with her and the kids, I would rather have died that way, then the drowning part, sheesh!!

OK, 'nuff of this melencaully metallity, I think I am going to see what I can get into now, and keep myself busy!!

I wish you well...

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