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Out of body experience after flat-lining following a car accident

Posted 10-26-2015 at 01:01 PM by Livelystone

This is something I have already experienced first hand after being declared dead by both man and machine while at the same time I was already resurrected spirit and soul but standing in judgement.

I am going to place part of what happened that pretty much covers what I experienced. However those things that were seen physically I do not believe physically exist but were a visual representation for my benefit of what was taking place. In the Bible this process of visual communication is called "sent and signified" (Rev.1:1 KJV)

It was not until 5 years later I found out what I had seen is written in the Bible as the resurrection of the dead but the judgment that follows is different from what churches teach. Then it was another 5 years before I connected the dots of what the man rubbing oil on my chest was all about after I learned what the NT saints would do when praying for someone to be raised from the dead


So while traveling along in morning rush-hour traffic on Interstate 95 at approximately 65 mph and placing a cell phone call to my attorney, I drifted off the freeway and onto the shoulder. The rough pavement on the shoulder made me look up, and when I did, there was a stalled semi with a large piece of earth-moving equipment on its trailer sitting fifty feet in front of me. With no place to go, I hit him so hard in my Lincoln that I reduced the car to the size of a com pact. Back in those days I was in pretty good shape and was sparring once or twice a week, but nobody had ever hit me that hard. While I lay there waiting for an ambulance and talking to people, I remained focused on people not finding out who I was and on getting out of this situation before it got any worse. The spectators could not believe I was still alive, let alone able to talk to them while the paramedics started to immobilize me for the trip to the hospital.

All I could think of was they had no idea who I was and this was just going to be one more of the several times I had cheated death. I continued to talk with the EMT team even after they stuck an oxygen mask on me but when they were done prepping me, they wheeled me to the back of the ambulance where I got the biggest shock of my life. Suddenly I realized I was about to die and had only seconds left to live. This really surprised me, and the only reason I had ever lain down in the first place was because some people who had stopped to lend a hand had said they thought I was in shock. My thoughts changed to how and when my family would find out I had died and how my dog would get fed and taken care of. Then it got more serious as I realized it did not matter whether I was wealthy or poor or whether I was driving a luxury car or a junker because I was about to leave this earth, and nothing else mattered anymore. At the time I did not feel qualified to pray for my life; however, I had a one-way conversation with God, and I acknowledged to Him my life had been one of foolishness. I told Him I no longer had the strength to live and if I were to do so, one way or another, it would take His direct intervention because now everything was up to Him.

At that time, I flat lined, and the call went out to the highway patrol that they were losing me. For the first time in my life, I had peace and was grateful that dying wasn’t all that bad. Keep in mind I was totally immobilized and could only look straight up, had I still been able to see with my eyes, however, I was soon looking at the para- medics face to face and at their level as they feverishly tried to restart my heart. Their attempts were futile, and I was worried if they did not slow down they might ruin the best thing that had ever happened to me. Soon I was taken up into a large area where I could not see anyone else but could sense life all around me. Then I was brought up to a large table that had a very large book on it that was already open but placed in such a manner that it could only be read by someone sitting on the other side of the table. It seemed as if the book was already waiting for me when I got there, and I knew this had to be the Book of Life I had heard about as a youth and if my name did not appear in it, I would have to go to hell. This was very serious business, but as I stood there the book closed. That did not seem to be a very good sign, and I resigned myself to the fact I would have to go to hell because I had had plenty of opportunities to change but now it was too late. I knew it wouldn’t do any good to cry and beg but I should at least take it like a man because there would be plenty of time to cry where I was about to go.

I was expecting some sort of trap door to open up to send me to hell, however, I was taken to a second table that was just like the first one except the book on this table was closed. I was somewhat confused as to what this second book was all about but then the book was opened and the scene became a repetition of the first one. This entire scene with a second book made no sense to me at all because as a child in Sunday school, I had only heard about the Book of Life, but at least this seemed to be a delay in what I already knew was about to happen to me. Then to my surprise my name was found in this second book and I thought, “Great, I get to go to heaven!” Unfortunately, before that happened, I was suddenly back in my body, feeling something really good in my throat that I realized was oxygen. I had temporally forgotten oxygen was one of the first things they had given to me back at the scene of the accident some miles distant, and I thought, “Well, it is about time they gave me some.”

All of this took place while I was still inside the ambulance, and when I first opened my eyes, there was a man leaning over me who asked me if I was OK. I told him I was fine. Looking back, I believe he had been rubbing some oil on my chest that I assume was something they used for the conductivity involved with the equipment they used to try and jumpstart my heart. Later, when I contacted the ambulance company to extend my gratitude as well as to talk to the individuals to find out what they had seen happen, the dispatcher told me this man had just joined them in the ambulance after the call had gone out that my heart had stopped and they were losing me. Unfortunately, I never did get to thank anyone personally because of a privacy policy the ambulance company adheres to; however, I do have the name of the HP officer who headed up the accident investigation, and someday, I hope to chat with her and get her take on what happened.

When we got to the hospital, there were so many people lined up, and waiting to help they were getting in each other’s way. One of the persons trying to help accidentally ran into my foot, causing an involuntarily “ouch” to come out of my mouth loud enough for everyone to hear me. I confess to making an extra effort to watch my language and to be thankful to them for their efforts, consequently, I didn’t under- stand all the uproar over me or why everyone was pointing to me and shaking their heads. It seemed as if the entire hospital was involved around me, and I was worried that somehow they had found out who I was. A couple of hours later, the ambulance driver and the paramedics who had witnessed whatever had happened in the ambulance came back with another trauma patient and asked to see me. They all stood in front of me, looking at me and acting like I was something they had never seen before. The male driver was babbling incoherently, and the one nurse whom I had thought was pretty cute back at the scene of the accident suddenly threw her hands up to cover her face and ran out of the room saying she could not bear to look at me. At that point it did not seem that my chances of ever meeting her again were very good.

I never did find out what they saw happen when I came back to life, but it was very obvious they had seen something very extraordinary and far beyond someone having their heart stop and then made able to breathe on their own again through some form of CPR. People kept asking me if I remembered anything at all from while I was unconscious, and I told them they were mistaken because I had been conscious the entire time. An investigator from the highway patrol showed up and told me she was there because they had been told I had died and then later heard not only was I alive again, but that I wanted to go home. She ended up getting rather upset with me and told me I didn’t know how lucky I was because in fourteen years of being in the FHP, she had never seen or heard of anything like this and I should be more grateful
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