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Welcome To Case's Column

Let me say a big welcome to all of you for joining me here. I'm going to call these blog meetings Case's Column. I wanted to use "Corner", but that was already taken. Since 2008, it's been a real privilege to come on here and share some of my life with you, and it's a big world where we live.

In these blogs, I'll just speak whatever is on my mind, but we will be playing within the rules here. I may pick a particular topic, point out an event, or shoot the breeze. I'm a little bit of an essayist at times, so I'll just speak what's on my mind, and I might tell a story or two. Or, I might spew out an opinion or three. There will be some serious moments, some tender, some poignant, but there will also be those moments that you'll just bust out laughing. But, hopefully, everything will be in good fun here. And, of course, there's a place below for your comments and thoughts as we go along here. So feel free to join me for the ride -- I sure as heck hope I'm doing this right and not making any mistakes.

Thanks for taking your time in reading Case's Column. Hopefully, you'll enjoy being entertained by it as much as I've enjoyed putting these writings together. And thanks for the time you spend in City-Data.com, where it's great to be alive!



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More Scattershooting / Baseball Fans Waiting For An MLB Decision

Posted 06-08-2020 at 05:27 PM by case44
Updated 06-09-2020 at 06:06 PM by case44

Guess who's back with more Scattershooting? Why, it's your favorite blogger. What we do here is go a little bit here and a little bit there. While I'm cranking up all my air fans, I'm writing to all of my blog fans, so let's stay cool as summer begins afresh in the neighborhood.


Major League Baseball is awaiting, well, something. The owners and players have been going back and forth, playing chess with one another while trying to settle on the best deal for all sides involved. After what this nation's been through in recent months, we need for a sport like baseball to step up and give fans a needed lift.

So far, this hasn't happened.

Baseball has enjoyed a prolonged period of labor peace, but now, the deal they've had is about to expire soon, and players feel they want to go ahead and put a new deal together. That can be done later, but what about now? What about the 2020 season? Time is slipping away. A deal for this has to be reached now if "spring training" can even take place before July. The latest plan for the league is 76 games and for the season not to go beyond October.


We just need baseball. But the possibility of a cancellation of the entire season is, sadly, in the cards. If players and owners could only come to their senses. This sport could have led the way in our nation's recovery.

And it still could.


An unknown driver with a possibly unknown vehicle? It's amazing what can happen when one pulls into a McDonald's. Now just watch this unusual lot get Mctowed.



Imagine Elmer Fudd trying to hunt wascally wabbits without a wifle. In all seriousness, even Warner Brothers and the cartoon business are caving to left-wing lunacy. Evidence aplenty in this link:


What should Fudd resort to now? A rubber band on a finger??

Right now, I don't think real Americans should be vewy, vewy quiet.


On my brief road trip to Glen Rose, Texas, yesterday, I noticed a road project which I didn't know was going on. When I later checked on TXDOT, sure enough, it is happening. U.S. Highway 377 is getting a bypass around the town of Cresson. The reason for that is traffic at the at-grade railroad crossing had always tied up traffic trying to get through the area. In fact, it had been that way for years.

Well, no more. A new overpass will fly over the train tracks and Texas Highway 171 so that traffic can continue through stop-free. Its completion is slated around 2022, but I'll bet it could finish a year ahead of schedule.


You can't help but put a Vegas wager on Las Vegas casinos reopening. This is a really good sign that things post-COVID-19 are finally looking up.



While we're discussing traveling, American Airlines is seeing business picking up with patrons by adding more flights.


Hopefully, we'll see other airlines follow suit. As I've said all along, we've got to get back to work. Taking important steps includes stepping out in faith and not worrying about what will happen next.


President Donald Trump is hinting at the idea of resuming his trademark rallies. It's about time! Consider that, as we put the COVID-19 crisis behind us, so, too, should we put any associated apprehension behind us. And these rallies will help bring our nation, and Trump's ongoing re-election campaign, to a high energy level. It's still a presidential year, and conservatives need to stay in touch with their favorite President.

This writer is so looking forward to those. In the meantime, more about this from Fox:



Even though New York is just now slowly reopening after this Chinese coronavirus pandemic, longtime radio deejay Bruce Morrow probably needs to consider finishing his career in a new venue. He'd been broadcasting for his upstate New York home during the crisis, as he could not stay in NYC (and, on top of that, he's 84). What he should do is go back to the place where he said his life began: Lubbock.

The Hub City? Cousin Brucie?

Why not? He sez he's from there, so why not finish his career there? And Texas, unlike New York, has been open for a number of weeks. Now, the Cuz never has cared for the idea of retiring, just like the venerable Paul Harvey back in his day. Yes, I believe Morrow should head back and try to do his format from a place in the Central Time Zone. Brucie's never worked west of the Mississippi River. Ever. He'd been in Bermuda, Miami, and New York City (some sixty years in that market in two stints). Heck, he's never worked in a K market (at stations with call letters beginning with K). Brucie should just take his 60s on 6 shows and broadcast them from Lubbock. I'm sure that the city would accommodate him just fine.


I guess it was no surprise when CNN flubbed up coverage of the first rocket launch NASA initiated in the past nine years. You saw as the timing was 30 seconds off between the actual countdown and liftoff. The Next News Network did a magnificent job of catching that on YouTube. Kudos to Gary Franchi and company. Meanwhile, CNN is too busy hating President Trump to even care about adequately covering other things which are important to Americans.

Oh, and here's a sick thing: CNN, in preserving the event, has totally redone its timing mistake and is hiding their flub in their YouTube account. TV watchers who actually still watched that network during its live segment will probably not forget how off they were.


Village Inn coffee shops are all but gone in the state of Oklahoma. I looked them up not too long ago, and they are down to one location in the entire state. It's in Tulsa, where they once had about a half-dozen locations as recently as six years ago. Last time I was in T-Town, they were down to four. Now, it's 2020, and all they have is the outpost on Harvard Avenue just south of the Broken Arrow Expressway. I hated to see their Memorial location (which I used to frequent while visiting) shut down. But reality has hit. They've long since pulled out of Oklahoma City.

The chain is still popular in the western United States, and it still has locations in El Paso, its only Texas outpost and one that's been successful. You know, the food there is actually quite good, and still my go-to in El Paso. But Tulsa? VI is good as gone.


The Dow Jones is looking better and better with each passing week. Everybody's been concerned about whether or not our economy would recover from the COVID shutdown. Never underestimate President Trump and his business approach in D.C. And as people return to work or get new places of work, the Dow is making quite the comeback. As you recall, just before the Chinese coronavirus, the Dow was within spitting distance of 30,000. Today's figure finished at 27,572.44. Suddenly, 30,000 is not so far away.

The Promised Land may well be within reach. Stay tuned.


Also on the aforementioned Glen Rose road trip, a stop at Hammond's BBQ. It needed to happen. Good crowd there, too, but we had social distancing. Those ribs and those onion rings were just fabulous.

And the flashing beacons recently put up at U.S. Highway 67 and the State Highway 144 south junction were badly needed. That was a nice touch.


Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas, is losing one more anchor. Things are just coming to pieces over there, and it will never be Vista Ridge or the same again. This time, it's Jacque Pennay.



Have to wrap it up right here, gang. I'm breaking out another bottle of cold, unsweetened Gold Peak iced tea. Best tea I've ever had. And just the thing when you're turning up the air conditioner, the floor fan, and the ceiling fan to stay really cool.

And there you are.
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  1. Old Comment
    Lubbock Texas growing nearer and dearer for Bruce Morrow?

    Haven’t heard of him, but I think a lot of people in his shoes could be shocked if they haven’t been in the Hub City in 10-20 (or more) years.
    Posted 06-09-2020 at 02:19 AM by shoe01 shoe01 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    ^^^ That was just a suggestion, shoe. Cousin Brucie's a Brooklynite and it shows in his accent. He apparently lived in Lubbock a very short time as a toddler. So, he did say he's from there.

    Just tune in to 60s on 6 on Sirius XM each Wednesday and Saturday, and that's where you'll find him.
    Posted 06-09-2020 at 06:05 PM by case44 case44 is online now
  3. Old Comment
    Chuck Schumer still has not been censured.

    What is the Senate waiting for?
    Posted 06-10-2020 at 08:47 PM by case44 case44 is online now
  4. Old Comment
    Republican Convention will now be in a better city with better leadership. Hello, Jacksonville! I was predicting Atlanta and was about to put it in this post, but for some reason, I overlooked it. No matter, though. It's sure to pack more excitement and enthusiasm than the '16 convention.

    Can't wait!
    Posted 06-13-2020 at 08:20 PM by case44 case44 is online now
  5. Old Comment
    If people think that kneeling for our great National Anthem is the best way to protest racism in America, then they're looking in the wrong place.

    Sorry, J J Watt, but I disagree. The NFL and U.S. Soccer team and any other sports entity needs to look elsewhere for their protests, whatever they may be, instead of trashing Old Glory. You don't mess with my U.S. flag, and the Star-Spangled Banner is sacred. You guys had better stand this fall, or you won't have any fans left.
    Posted 06-14-2020 at 08:31 AM by case44 case44 is online now
  6. Old Comment
    And, by the way, while I disagree strongly with the method that that Minneapolis cop used on George Floyd, we're forgetting why George Floyd even got arrested in the first place. The man had a criminal history, and this was yet another incident. If a guy commits a crime, then that doesn't make him a saint. End of story.
    Posted 06-14-2020 at 08:35 AM by case44 case44 is online now
  7. Old Comment
    It's okay for left-wing mayors and governors to allow large left-wing crowds of rioting and looting, but it's not okay for the rest of us to celebrate the 4th of July or have the President's rallies? The city of Houston will be cancelling their annual 4th of July extravaganza, and the reason, sez alleged Mayor Sylvester Turner, is the increasing cases of COVID-19 in his burg.

    Maybe if Turner would not have allowed protesting and rioting in the city's center, perhaps there wouldn't be as many cases. Turner is the same sleazeball who dissed Governor Greg Abbott during the Hurricane Harvey crisis, so what else is new? Time to cancel Mayor Turner at your city's next election, folks. You need some good, strong conservatives who will properly represent you.
    Posted 06-15-2020 at 12:40 PM by case44 case44 is online now
  8. Old Comment
    Imagine 800,000 people trying to secure tickets for a 20,000-seat Tulsa arena. Yes, that's the number of people trying to get tickets for President Trump's upcoming rally. You know there's lots of enthusiasm.
    Posted 06-16-2020 at 05:03 PM by case44 case44 is online now
  9. Old Comment
    Can't wait to finally see my Cardinals. Sixty games of any baseball is better than nothing.
    Posted 07-16-2020 at 04:12 PM by malfunction malfunction is offline

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