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My blog is all about the thoughts, feelings and experiences of a city gal in her early 30's.
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The week so far

Posted 09-16-2008 at 03:14 PM by doglover29

I had another sucky week/weekend. This week I went to a breast Dr. to get a second opinion on my breast lumps. I was advised by this doctor to get them biopsied, yippee. I am totally dreading the biopsy--and I have to get two biopsies, since I have two lumps. I already have a lot of pain so I can't imagine what this is going to feel like. I've read accounts of this on the Internet and it sounds incredibly painful.

Then we took our kitten into the vet, and they have no idea what's wrong with him. He's still vomiting, and we're confused. It's very stressful.

Friday afternoon we went out for lunch and there was a large insect baked into my food. Ew! This was a place we've been to a bunch of times before. I ordered a sandwich, and there baked into the lettuce was a large insect--not sure what kind. It didn't bother me that much--just a little extra protein after all, and I didn't eat it, so that's good. Friday night I went to see a movie and out for dinner--alone, which made me feel lonely. I went to see "The Women" which was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Completely and totally superficial and stereotypical. It looked good from the previews but it sucked. Everyone in the theater was female and everyone came with a friend. I was sitting there by myself, and it made me feel really lonely. I really miss the female bonding I used to have with my female friends.

Saturday hubby and I went to get massages, which was great. I hadn't had a massage in about a year. However, on Sunday, I completely ruined the effects of the massage when I somehow slipped on a piece of paper in my house and fell. I fell really hard, smack dab on my left side, from a standing position. I was in such pain and have bruises. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain but today it's much better. Hubby was very sweet and picked me up a piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory to make me feel better. Sunday we also went to open houses all day. We saw houses in McLean. We went to five houses, three of them were gorgeous--unfortunately they were way out of our price range. The other two we saw were dumps. They would require way too much work--new kitchen, new bathrooms, finish the basement, etc.

I hope the rest of the week goes better than the past two weeks. At least my heart palps have been better this week.

Hubby's working late tonight, so I am doing some cleaning and organizing as best I can with my shoulder hurting from the fall. Today I made my to-do list for the rest of the week and organized what I'll be doing for the rest of the week.
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  1. Old Comment
    Doglover, sorry to read about the lumps, I'm currently being watched for ovarian/cervical cancer, and according to what my pap came back irregular for, it will probably turn to cancer. Problem is with CC, it's usually too late cause it spreads fast. With breast cancer, they can usually catch it soon enough so that you can either keep your breasts or live. The most common form of breast cancer IDC has an 80% chance of cure rate IIRC. I know you're scared, I'm scared for myself too. You have to focus on some positives, the positives here are you did find a lump, got a 2nd opinion & have the chance to take care of it. Hopefully you'll have a supportive hubby.

    Did you ever wonder if maybe the heart palpitations are due to stress? You have a lot on your plate right now, chances are that's what's going on.

    If you ever want to reach out and talk, my DM box is always open.
    Posted 09-17-2008 at 04:28 PM by Roselvr Roselvr is online now
  2. Old Comment
    Totally wrong. Pap smears pick up CC long before it becomes cancer. Pap smears do not diagnose cancer, they are for pre cancers. Even if it has developed into cancer, early cervical cancer has a cure rate of over 95%.
    [url=http://cancer.about.com/od/cervicalcancerbasics/a/survivalrates.htm]Cervical Cancer Survival Rates[/url]

    I've had cervical biopsies and breast biopsies. The breast was FAR worse. I would advise taking 3 ibuprofen an hour before. It's painful. But the good news is, the vast majority of lumps are nothing, again, 90% are negative. Breast cancer in a young woman is fairly rare.
    Posted 09-18-2008 at 12:24 AM by Denton56 Denton56 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Forgot to add, cervical cancers are among the slowest growing of cancers. Pap smears can pick up cell changes 5 to 10 YEARS before it will develop into cervical cancer. So stop worrying, you don't have cancer. And please stop spreading such misinformation about cancer.

    Thank you.
    Posted 09-18-2008 at 12:28 AM by Denton56 Denton56 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    From what I'm reading and I'm going to quote
    The majority of ovarian cancers are diagnosed late, after the cancers have spread. Only about 20% of women are diagnosed early, when the disease may be curable.
    Then for cervical cancer:
    Definition of cervical cancer: Cancer that forms in tissues of the cervix (the organ connecting the uterus and vagina). It is usually a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms but can be found with regular Pap test
    CC Symptoms:
    Precancerous changes and early cancers of the cervix generally do not cause pain or other symptoms. It is important not to wait to feel pain before seeing a doctor.

    When the disease gets worse, women may notice one or more of these symptoms:

    * Abnormal vaginal bleeding
    o Bleeding that occurs between regular menstrual periods
    o Bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching, or a pelvic exam
    o Menstrual periods that last longer and are heavier than before
    o Bleeding after menopause
    * Increased vaginal discharge
    * Pelvic pain
    * Pain during sexual intercourse

    Infections or other health problems may also cause these symptoms. Only a doctor can tell for sure.
    Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

    Early ovarian cancer may not cause obvious symptoms. But, as the cancer grows, symptoms may include:

    *Pressure or pain in the abdomen, pelvis, back, or legs
    *A swollen or bloated abdomen
    *Nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation, or diarrhea
    *Feeling very tired all the time

    Less common symptoms include:

    *Shortness of breath
    *Feeling the need to urinate often
    *Unusual vaginal bleeding (heavy periods, or bleeding after menopause)

    Most often these symptoms are not due to cancer, but only a doctor can tell for sure. Any woman with these symptoms should tell her doctor.
    You're assuming that I get regular paps when in fact I hadn't been to the GYN in 3-4 years.

    So yeah, I had it wrong, it's the ovarian that by the time you have symptoms it's too late.
    Posted 09-20-2008 at 10:05 AM by Roselvr Roselvr is online now

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