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Why I say the U.S. will collapse.

Posted 01-28-2018 at 04:33 AM by TRex2

I have said before that collapse of the U.S. is certain.

But why? Well there are a number of reasons I say this. First, every civilization rises, and falls. Second, there are a number of prophesies in the Bible, and at most, about one half of one verses are about us. Depending on how you interpret that verse, we may not be there at all, or we may just be irrelevant. Either way, when those things take place, we will no longer be a world power. Third, there are several threats from the outside that, if we were a healthy nation we might absorb, but in our infected, demented and fractured state, we will not be able to absorb the damage, and will eventually come unglued.

Getting back to that first reason, there are many symptoms that the U.S. is on its way to collapse. Among the symptoms that have preceded collapse of other civilizations are (with only the vague impression they are in some sort of order):

1. Borrowing more money than can ever be repaid, and then borrowing money with no intent to repay it. all levels of government corporate schools student loans everything on credit

2. An aging infrastructure that requires more and more of the civilization's productiveness to maintain it. While we are not yet at the point of catabolic collapse (the point where the effort required to maintain old infrastructure prevents building new infrastructure), we are definitely feeling the strain.

3. Ever increasing Tax burden. This isn't obvious year by year, but rather generation by generation, with each successive generation carring about twice the tax burden of the previous one. We are at the point now, where any further tax burden will actually reduce production enough to reduce the tax revenues.

4 Government spending more and more, not on securing the liberty of the citizens, as they are supposed to, but focused on keeping themselves in power. Mirroring this is a lawlessness created by the tolerance mentioned above. The lawlessness and tyranny feed on each other in a way that leads to more and more of each.

5. The populace places more importance on games, leisure, and amusement, than on building and maintaining infrastructure and educating and defending their youth.

6. A populace that places ever more importance on tolerance of sexual deviance and unlawful behavior, until they label good evil, and evil good. This is easily seen in our universities, where youth are indoctrinated on heresies and taught to hate the very things that built the civilization.

7. Disintegration of the family unit. Once upon a time, we had Traditional and Extended families, with three generations under one roof and often including brothers and sisters of each of those generations. As time went by, this was replaced by the nuclear family, which, about two generations ago, came to be called "traditional" family. Today, single parent families are more than just common, and there is a drive to normalize homosexual "parents."

8. Drug and alcohol addiction become rampant.

Each of the things above have come to pass in our "civilization," many beginning in Europe, and South America, but are now well pronounced in our own nation. No nation has ever gone this far down this path and recovered. I don't expect us to, either.
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  1. Old Comment
    I agree. You make a lot of great points.

    I also would like to add as we have become more "multi cultural" we've gone away from the concept of the "great melting pot" where we all being our own special attributes but assimilate towards the same goals.

    Now, the country has been encouraged to all maintain individual ethnic, religious and sexual identities and let those dominate individual identity.

    We are no longer a nation pulling in the same direction.

    We are deliberately fractured by the enemies of freedom.
    As you,mentioned out family units have been destroyed, in my opinion it is deliberate.

    . A society cannot survive when they can't even agree on the most simple basic ideas. For example, whether we need to have sovereign respected national borders, or, open borders letting anyone in and we are their nanny to take care of them while they then in turn influence our political process.

    If you ever talk to a marriage counselor and ask them... They will say they know deep down a marriage is beyond saving when both parties get to the point where they view the other with contempt. I feel in America we are reaching this point now.

    I think it will just take the right crisis or cascading series of events to spiral out of control.

    I just don't see where this ends. I don't know if it will be a peaceful migration where people self relocate to areas or states that represent their views, if we straight Up "Balkanize", have civil war 2.0, or fall victim to another nation state or 5th column asymmetrical type.

    I'm really concerned where this is heading. I feel like I can sense a significant amount of impending conflict I just don't know for sure the "how, when, where, who".

    I think we have had a couple generations of Americans who have never had or witnessed real conflict. In talking total total war. Pure hatred. Where one side seeks to dominate another. Ww2 is the closest but almost all the survivors of that era are dead. We are a few generations beyond that point and it seems we're overdue for a clash of ideals.

    Just my not well thought out .02 cents.
    Posted 07-11-2018 at 06:30 PM by drinkthekoolaid drinkthekoolaid is online now
  2. Old Comment
    I would say that Balkanization would be the best we could hope for. I don't know how that would work, with nuclear weapons having to be controlled by someone. If we broke into mostly autonomous regional entities with a weak central government that would only be concerned with national defense and control of our nukes, that would be sweet as apple pie.

    It would also be almost exactly what the founders had in mind.

    A look at a county by county Red-Blue map such as this one:
    will give you an idea how messy a civil war would be. No neat North vs South, every place where red meets blue would be a battle line, with about one percent of anyone behind the lines being a saboteur.

    Too messy to contemplate.
    Here is to hoping we avoid that, and just fall apart.
    Posted 08-25-2018 at 06:01 AM by TRex2 TRex2 is online now

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