British Columbia Districts, Indian lands, Municipalities and Other

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105 Mile Post 2Indian reserve21

Agats Meadow 8Indian reserve5

Ahahswinis 1Indian reserve160

Ahaminaquus 12Indian reserve-

Aitchelitch 9Indian reserve18

Aiyansh (Kitladamas) 1Nisga'a village-

Alberni 2Indian reserve10

Alberni-Clayoquot ARegional district electoral area192

Alberni-Clayoquot BRegional district electoral area456

Alberni-Clayoquot CRegional district electoral area433

Alberni-Clayoquot DRegional district electoral area1,701

Alberni-Clayoquot ERegional district electoral area2,885

Alberni-Clayoquot FRegional district electoral area1,916

Albert Flat 5Indian reserve15

Alert BayIndian reserve537

Alert Bay 1Indian reserve150

Alert Bay 1AIndian reserve303

AlexandriaIndian reserve52

Alexandria 1Indian reserve10

Alexandria 1AIndian reserve17

Alexandria 3Indian reserve-

Alexandria 3AIndian reserve15

Alexis 9Indian reserve25

Alexis Creek 6Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 14Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 16Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 17Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 21Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 24Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 25Indian reserve-

Alexis Creek 34Indian reserve-

Alkali Lake 1Indian reserve353

Alkali Lake 4AIndian reserve5

Anacla 12Indian reserve73

Anahim's Flat 1Indian reserve475

Anahim's MeadowIndian reserve15

Anahim's Meadow 2Indian reserve15

Anahim's Meadow 2AIndian reserve-

Andy Cahoose Meadow 16Indian reserve-

Apsagayu 1AIndian reserve-

Ashcroft 4Indian reserve76

Ashnola 10Indian reserve73

Aupe 6Indian reserve-

Aupe 6AIndian reserve-

Aywawwis 15Indian reserve-

Babine 6Indian reserve93

Babine 17Indian reserve175

Babine 25Indian reserve81

Babine Lake 21BIndian reserve-

Baezaeko River 25Indian reserve-

Baezaeko River 26Indian reserve-

Baezaeko River 27Indian reserve-

Baptiste Meadow 2Indian reserve5

Baptiste Smith 1AIndian reserve10

Baptiste Smith 1BIndian reserve71

Barnston Island 3Indian reserve49

BarriereDistrict municipality1,773

Basque 18Indian reserve5

Becher Bay 1Indian reserve324

Bella Bella 1Indian reserve1,095

Bella Coola 1Indian reserve852

Betty Creek 18Indian reserve-

Bihl' k'a 18Indian reserve-

Bihlk'a 6Indian reserve-

Binche 2 (Pinchie 2)Indian reserve111

Blackwater Meadow 11Indian reserve-

Blind Creek 6Indian reserve25

Blueberry River 205Indian reserve210

Bonaparte 3Indian reserve138

Boothroyd 5AIndian reserve-

Boothroyd 8A (Part)Indian reserve-

Boston Bar 1AIndian reserve5

Bowen IslandIsland municipality3,402

Bridge River 1Indian reserve236

Bucktum 4Indian reserve5

Bulkley-Nechako ARegional district electoral area5,391

Bulkley-Nechako BRegional district electoral area2,102

Bulkley-Nechako CRegional district electoral area1,429

Bulkley-Nechako DRegional district electoral area1,734

Bulkley-Nechako ERegional district electoral area1,507

Bulkley-Nechako FRegional district electoral area3,702

Bulkley-Nechako GRegional district electoral area975

Bulkley River 19Indian reserve38

Bummers Flat 6Indian reserve-

Burns Lake 18Indian reserve55

Burrard Inlet 3Indian reserve1,472

Cahoose 8Indian reserve-

Cahoose 10Indian reserve-

Cahoose 12Indian reserve-

Cameron Bar 13Indian reserve-

Campbell River 11Indian reserve424

Canim Lake 1Indian reserve224

Canim Lake 2Indian reserve5

Canim Lake 4Indian reserve-

Canoe Creek 1Indian reserve97

Canoe Creek 2Indian reserve5

Canoe Creek 3Indian reserve39

Cape Mudge 10Indian reserve143

Capilano 5Indian reserve2,700

Capital FRegional district electoral area10,234

Capital GRegional district electoral area4,868

Capital H (Part 1)Regional district electoral area4,173

Capital H (Part 2)Regional district electoral area178

Cariboo ARegional district electoral area6,250

Cariboo BRegional district electoral area4,006

Cariboo CRegional district electoral area1,225

Cariboo DRegional district electoral area2,988

Cariboo ERegional district electoral area4,129

Cariboo FRegional district electoral area4,564

Cariboo GRegional district electoral area4,955

Cariboo HRegional district electoral area1,569

Cariboo IRegional district electoral area1,511

Cariboo JRegional district electoral area600

Cariboo KRegional district electoral area494

Cariboo LRegional district electoral area4,177

Casimiel Meadows 15AIndian reserve-

Cassimayooks (Mayook) 5Indian reserve5

Cayoosh Creek 1Indian reserve54

Central Coast ARegional district electoral area129

Central Coast CRegional district electoral area588

Central Coast DRegional district electoral area384

Central Coast ERegional district electoral area95

Central Kootenay ARegional district electoral area2,030

Central Kootenay BRegional district electoral area4,464

Central Kootenay CRegional district electoral area1,372

Central Kootenay DRegional district electoral area1,413

Central Kootenay ERegional district electoral area3,781

Central Kootenay FRegional district electoral area3,976

Central Kootenay GRegional district electoral area1,597

Central Kootenay HRegional district electoral area4,289

Central Kootenay IRegional district electoral area2,570

Central Kootenay JRegional district electoral area2,996

Central Kootenay KRegional district electoral area1,759
Central Okanagan GRegional district electoral area11,407
Central Okanagan HRegional district electoral area17,565

Central Okanagan JRegional district electoral area1,947

Central OkanaganRegional district electoral area3,795

Central SaanichDistrict municipality15,936

Charley Boy's Meadow 3Indian reserve5

Chaumox 11Indian reserve-

Chawathil 4Indian reserve163

Cheakamus 11Indian reserve56

Cheam 1Indian reserve223

Chehalis 5Indian reserve537

Chekwelp 26Indian reserve20

Chekwelp 26AIndian reserve-

Chemainus 13Indian reserve683

Chenahkint 12Indian reserve10

Cheslatta 1Indian reserve84

ChetwyndDistrict municipality2,635

Chilco Lake 1Indian reserve43

Chilco Lake 1AIndian reserve42

Chilhil 6Indian reserve70

Chopaka 7 & 8Indian reserve70

ChuchhraischinIndian reserve-

Chuchhriaschin 5Indian reserve-

Chuchhriaschin 5AIndian reserve-

Chuchuwayha 2Indian reserve76

Chum Creek 2Indian reserve51

Clakamucus 2Indian reserve5

Claoose 4Indian reserve-

ClearwaterDistrict municipality2,331

Coglistiko River 29Indian reserve5

ColdstreamDistrict municipality10,314

Coldwater 1Indian reserve349

Cole Bay 3Indian reserve322

Columbia Lake 3Indian reserve131

Columbia-Shuswap ARegional district electoral area3,065

Columbia-Shuswap BRegional district electoral area552

Columbia-Shuswap CRegional district electoral area7,662

Columbia-Shuswap DRegional district electoral area4,047

Columbia-Shuswap ERegional district electoral area1,335

Columbia-Shuswap FRegional district electoral area2,368

Comox 1Indian reserve251

Comox-Strathcona ARegional district electoral area4,885

Comox-Strathcona BRegional district electoral area7,219

Comox-Strathcona CRegional district electoral area7,441

Comox-Strathcona DRegional district electoral area4,984

Comox-Strathcona GRegional district electoral area74

Comox-Strathcona HRegional district electoral area755

Comox-Strathcona IRegional district electoral area1,042

Comox-Strathcona JRegional district electoral area2,472

Comox-Strathcona KRegional district electoral area2,169

Comox Valley ARegional district electoral area6,899

Comox Valley B (Lazo North)Regional district electoral area6,939

Comox Valley C (Puntledge - Black Creek)Regional district electoral area8,325

Compton Island 6Indian reserve-

Coquitlam 1Indian reserve39

Coquitlam 2Indian reserve5

Coryatsaqua (Moricetown) 2Indian reserve88

CowichanIndian reserve2,337

Cowichan 1Indian reserve1,768

Cowichan 9Indian reserve29

Cowichan LakeIndian reserve33

Cowichan Valley ARegional district electoral area4,393

Cowichan Valley BRegional district electoral area8,127

Cowichan Valley CRegional district electoral area4,796

Cowichan Valley DRegional district electoral area2,971

Cowichan Valley ERegional district electoral area3,854

Cowichan Valley FRegional district electoral area1,649

Cowichan Valley GRegional district electoral area2,221

Cowichan Valley HRegional district electoral area2,332

Cowichan Valley IRegional district electoral area1,111

Creston 1Indian reserve113

Dead Point 5Indian reserve10

Dease Lake 9Indian reserve58

Deep Creek 2Indian reserve111

DeltaDistrict municipality99,863

Dog Creek 1Indian reserve80

Dog Creek 2Indian reserve30

Doig River 206Indian reserve120

Dolphin Island 1Indian reserve405

Douglas 8Indian reserve10

Douglas Lake 3Indian reserve158

Duck Lake 7Indian reserve1,917

Duncan Lake 2Indian reserve10

Dzitline Lee 9Indian reserve15

East Kootenay ARegional district electoral area1,899

East Kootenay BRegional district electoral area1,746

East Kootenay CRegional district electoral area5,713

East Kootenay ERegional district electoral area1,634

East Kootenay FRegional district electoral area2,635

East Kootenay GRegional district electoral area1,412

East Moberly Lake 169Indian reserve324

East Saanich 2Indian reserve1,709

Ehatis 11Indian reserve70

Elhlateese 2Indian reserve19

ElkfordDistrict municipality2,523

Enderby 2Indian reserve390

Esowista 3Indian reserve176

EsquimaltIndian reserve-

EsquimaltDistrict municipality16,209

Est-Patrolas 4Indian reserve41

Euchinico Creek 17Indian reserve26

Fishtrap 19Indian reserve20

Five Mile Point 3Indian reserve49

Fontas 1Indian reserve5

Fort George (Shelley) 2Indian reserve80

Fort Nelson 2Indian reserve457

Fort Rupert 1Indian reserve46

Fort St. JamesDistrict municipality1,691

Fort Ware 1Indian reserve250

Fountain 1Indian reserve130

Fountain 1BIndian reserve51

Fountain 3Indian reserve10

Fountain 10Indian reserve5

Fountain 11Indian reserve10

Fountain 12Indian reserve15

Fountain Creek 8Indian reserve5

Francois Lake 7Indian reserve10

Franks 10Indian reserve-

Fraser-Fort George ARegional district electoral area3,362

Fraser-Fort George CRegional district electoral area3,434

Fraser-Fort George DRegional district electoral area4,175

Fraser-Fort George ERegional district electoral area479

Fraser-Fort George FRegional district electoral area1,207

Fraser-Fort George GRegional district electoral area317

Fraser-Fort George HRegional district electoral area1,665

Fraser Valley ARegional district electoral area442

Fraser Valley BRegional district electoral area721

Fraser Valley CRegional district electoral area973

Fraser Valley DRegional district electoral area1,346

Fraser Valley ERegional district electoral area3,358

Fraser Valley FRegional district electoral area1,303

Fraser Valley GRegional district electoral area1,764

Fraser Valley HRegional district electoral area394

Galiano Island 9Indian reserve-

GardenIndian reserve10

Garden 2Indian reserve5

Garden 2AIndian reserve5

GingolxNisga'a village341

Gitanmaax 1Indian reserve627

Gitanyow 1Indian reserve383

Gitsegukla 1Indian reserve448

Gitwangak 1Indian reserve500

GitwinksihlkwNisga'a village201

Gitzault 24Indian reserve-

Glen-Gla-Ouch 5Indian reserve-

Good Hope LakeIndian settlement32

Gordon River 2Indian reserve96

Greater Vancouver ARegional district electoral area13,035

Guhthe Tah 12Indian reserve157

Gwayasdums 1Indian reserve38

Hagwilget 1Indian reserve238

Halalt 2Indian reserve160

Halfway River 168Indian reserve170

HalhalaedenIndian reserve5

Halhalaeden 14Indian reserve5

Halhalaeden 14AIndian reserve5

Hamilton Creek 2Indian reserve-

Hamilton Creek 7Indian reserve-

Harris 3Indian reserve5

Harwood Island 2Indian reserve-

Hesquiat 1Indian reserve5

High Bar 1Indian reserve5

HighlandsDistrict municipality2,120

Holachten 8Indian reserve316

Homalco 9Indian reserve203

Hope Island 1Indian reserve15

HopeDistrict municipality5,969

Hopetown 10AIndian reserve5

Houpsitas 6Indian reserve182

HoustonDistrict municipality3,147

Hudson's HopeDistrict municipality970

Hustalen 1Indian reserve26

Ingenika PointIndian settlement102

Inkahtsaph 6Indian reserve5

InkluckcheenIndian reserve199

Inkluckcheen 21Indian reserve137

Inkluckcheen 21BIndian reserve-

Inklyuhkinatko 2Indian reserve41

InvermereDistrict municipality2,955

Isaac (Gale Lake) 8Indian reserve-

Isidore's Ranch 4Indian reserve-

Iskut 6Indian reserve207

Ittatsoo 1Indian reserve240

Jean Baptiste 28Indian reserve5

Joeyaska 2Indian reserve44

Johny Sticks 2Indian reserve20

Kahmoose 4Indian reserve88

Kahntah 3Indian reserve5

Kamloops 1Indian reserve2,577

Kanaka BarIndian reserve15

Kanaka Bar 1AIndian reserve57

Kanaka Bar 2Indian reserve5

Karlukwees 1Indian reserve-

Katit 1Indian reserve63

Katzie 1Indian reserve229

Katzie 2Indian reserve37

Keeshan 9Indian reserve-

KentDistrict municipality5,664

Kil-pah-las 3Indian reserve5

Kippase 2Indian reserve211

Kispiox 1Indian reserve536

Kitamaat 2Indian reserve514

Kitasoo 1Indian reserve322

KitimatDistrict municipality8,335

Kitimat-Stikine ARegional district electoral area35

Kitimat-Stikine BRegional district electoral area1,507

Kitimat-Stikine C (Part 1)Regional district electoral area2,696

Kitimat-Stikine C (Part 2)Regional district electoral area5

Kitimat-Stikine DRegional district electoral area248

Kitimat-Stikine ERegional district electoral area3,988

Kitimat-Stikine FRegional district electoral area328

Kitselas 1Indian reserve220

Kitsumkaylum 1Indian reserve302

Kitzowit 20Indian reserve20

Klahkamich 17Indian reserve52

Klahkowit 5Indian reserve-

Kleetlekut 22Indian reserve5

Klehkoot 2Indian reserve10

Klickkumcheen 18Indian reserve87

Kloklowuck 7Indian reserve5

Kluachon Lake 1Indian reserve-

Kluskus 1Indian reserve39

Kootenay 1Indian reserve104

Kootenay Boundary ARegional district electoral area1,845

Kootenay Boundary BRegional district electoral area1,395

Kootenay Boundary CRegional district electoral area1,391

Kootenay Boundary DRegional district electoral area3,187

Kootenay Boundary ERegional district electoral area1,970

Kopchitchin 2Indian reserve32

Kowtain 17Indian reserve37

Kshish 4Indian reserve10

Kulkayu (Hartley Bay) 4Indian reserve20

Kulspai 6Indian reserve95

Kumcheen 1Indian reserve39

Kuper Island 7Indian reserve446

Kushya Creek 7Indian reserve-

Kuthlalth 3Indian reserve-

Kuz Che 5Indian reserve-

Kwawkwawapilt 6Indian reserve342

Lakahahmen 11Indian reserve185

Lake CountryDistrict municipality11,708

Laketown 3Indian reserve10

Langley 5Indian reserve-

LangleyDistrict municipality104,177

LantzvilleDistrict municipality3,601

Lax Kw'alaams 1Indian reserve678

Laxgalts'apNisga'a village474

Leon Creek 2Indian reserve-

Lezbye 6Indian reserve21

Liard River 3Indian reserve58

Lillooet 1Indian reserve222

LillooetDistrict municipality2,322

Little Springs 8Indian reserve10

Little SpringsIndian reserve10

Little Springs 18Indian reserve5

Logan LakeDistrict municipality2,073

Lohbiee 3Indian reserve118

Louis Creek 4Indian reserve15

Louis Squinas Ranch 14Indian reserve5

Lower Hat Creek 2Indian reserve54

Lower PostIndian settlement105

Lower Similkameen 2Indian reserve50

Lukseetsissum 9Indian reserve21

Lyacksun 3Indian reserve-

Lytton 4AIndian reserve15

Lytton 4EIndian reserve5

Lytton 9AIndian reserve5

Lytton 9BIndian reserve5

MackenzieDistrict municipality3,507

Macoah 1Indian reserve22

Mahmalillikullah 1Indian reserve-

Malachan 11Indian reserve162

Malahat 11Indian reserve102

Maple RidgeDistrict municipality76,052

Marble Canyon 3Indian reserve68

Marktosis 15Indian reserve695

Masset 1Indian reserve614

Matsayno 5Indian reserve-

Matsqui 4Indian reserve498

Matsqui Main 2Indian reserve81

Maxan Lake 4Indian reserve-

Mayne Island 6Indian reserve-

McCartney's Flat 4Indian reserve32

McLeod Lake 1Indian reserve73

McMillan Island 6Indian reserve68

MetchosinDistrict municipality4,803

Michel Gardens 36Indian reserve10

Mission 1Indian reserve574

Mission 5Indian reserve25

Mission Lands 17Indian reserve5

MissionDistrict municipality36,426

Moricetown 1Indian reserve259

Mount Currie 1Indian reserve114

Mount Currie 2Indian reserve15

Mount Currie 6Indian reserve799

Mount Currie 8Indian reserve72

Mount CurrieIndian reserve1,306

Mount Currie 10Indian reserve181

Mount Waddington ARegional district electoral area981

Mount Waddington BRegional district electoral area81

Mount Waddington CRegional district electoral area756

Mount Waddington DRegional district electoral area272

Musqueam 2Indian reserve1,569

Musqueam 4Indian reserve5

Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1)Indian reserve534

Nanaimo ARegional district electoral area6,908

Nanaimo BRegional district electoral area4,045

Nanaimo CRegional district electoral area2,834
Nanaimo DRegional district electoral area5,055

Nanaimo ERegional district electoral area5,674

Nanaimo FRegional district electoral area7,422

Nanaimo GRegional district electoral area7,158

Nanaimo HRegional district electoral area3,509

Nanaimo RiverIndian reserve287

Nanaimo River 2Indian reserve21

Nanaimo River 3Indian reserve50

Nanaimo River 4Indian reserve208

Nanaimo Town 1Indian reserve377

NanooseIndian reserve204

Nautley (Fort Fraser) 1Indian reserve201

Nazco 20Indian reserve132

Necait 6Indian reserve16

Nedoats 11Indian reserve5

Nekalliston 2Indian reserve-

Nekliptum 1Indian reserve53

NequatqueIndian reserve292

Nequatque 1Indian reserve154

Nequatque 2Indian reserve10

Nequatque 3AIndian reserve10

Nesikep 6Indian reserve5

NeskonlithIndian reserve237

Neskonlith 1 (Neskainlith 1)Indian reserve85

Neskonlith 2Indian reserve121

Nesuch 3Indian reserve110

New AiyanshNisga'a village806

New HazeltonDistrict municipality666

New Songhees 1AIndian reserve1,678

Nickel Palm 4Indian reserve10

Nickeyeah 25Indian reserve16

Nicola Lake 1Indian reserve144

Nicola Mameet 1Indian reserve603

Nicomen 1Indian reserve64

Nisga'aNisga'a land1,909

Nkaih 10Indian reserve-

Nohomeen 23Indian reserve5

Nooaitch 10Indian reserve127

North Bay 5Indian reserve75

North CowichanDistrict municipality28,807

North Okanagan BRegional district electoral area3,046

North Okanagan CRegional district electoral area3,872

North Okanagan DRegional district electoral area2,848

North Okanagan ERegional district electoral area939

North Okanagan FRegional district electoral area3,938

North SaanichDistrict municipality11,089

North Tacla LakeIndian reserve183

North Tacla Lake 7Indian reserve121

North Tacla Lake 7AIndian reserve10

North Thompson 1Indian reserve252

North VancouverDistrict municipality84,412

Northern RockiesRegional municipality4,987

Northern Rockies ARegional district electoral area1,079

Northern Rockies BRegional district electoral area109

Nuchatl 1Indian reserve-

Nuchatl 2Indian reserve-

Numukamis 1Indian reserve10

Nuuautin 2Indian reserve128

Oak BayDistrict municipality18,015

Oclucje 7Indian reserve30

Ohamil 1Indian reserve77

Okanagan (Part) 1Indian reserve69

Okanagan-Similkameen ARegional district electoral area1,892

Okanagan-Similkameen BRegional district electoral area1,140

Okanagan-Similkameen CRegional district electoral area3,473

Okanagan-Similkameen DRegional district electoral area5,717

Okanagan-Similkameen ERegional district electoral area1,844

Okanagan-Similkameen FRegional district electoral area2,100

Okanagan-Similkameen GRegional district electoral area2,314

Okanagan-Similkameen HRegional district electoral area1,768

Omineca 1Indian reserve10

One Hundred Mile HouseDistrict municipality1,886

Openit 27Indian reserve-

Opitsat 1Indian reserve156

Oregon Jack Creek 5Indian reserve5

Osoyoos 1Indian reserve628

Oyster Bay 12Indian reserve89

Pacheena 1Indian reserve-

Palling 1Indian reserve5

Papyum 27Indian reserve29

Papyum 27AIndian reserve-

PaqulhIndian reserve10

Parsnip 5Indian reserve-

Pashilqua 2Indian reserve30

Paska Island 3Indian reserve-

Paul's Basin 2Indian reserve36

Pavilion 1Indian reserve51

Peace River BRegional district electoral area5,552

Peace River CRegional district electoral area6,398

Peace River DRegional district electoral area5,479

Peace River ERegional district electoral area2,764

PeachlandDistrict municipality5,200

Pemynoos 9Indian reserve-

Penticton 1Indian reserve1,667

Pentledge 2Indian reserve-

Peq-Paq 22Indian reserve-

Peters 1Indian reserve27

Pitt MeadowsDistrict municipality15,623

Poison Creek 17AIndian reserve5

Popkum 1Indian reserve5

Port EdwardDistrict municipality544

Port HardyDistrict municipality4,008

Portier Pass 5Indian reserve-

Powell River ARegional district electoral area1,008

Powell River BRegional district electoral area1,488

Powell River CRegional district electoral area2,014

Powell River DRegional district electoral area1,053

Powell River ERegional district electoral area426

Priest's Valley 6Indian reserve598

Prophet River 4Indian reserve129

Puckatholetchin 11Indian reserve5

Puntzi Lake 2Indian reserve5

Q'alatkú7emIndian reserve84

Quaaout 1Indian reserve234

Quaee 7Indian reserve91

QualicumIndian reserve81

Quatsino Subdivision 18Indian reserve214

Quattishe 1Indian reserve-

Quesnel 1Indian reserve73

Quinsam 12Indian reserve246

Redstone Flat 1Indian reserve185

Refuge Cove 6Indian reserve72

Ruby Creek 2Indian reserve-

S1/2 Tsimpsean 2Indian reserve83

Saaiyouck 6Indian reserve-

SaanichDistrict municipality109,752

Sachsa 4Indian reserve10

SachteenIndian reserve5

Sachteen 2Indian reserve5

Sachteen 2AIndian reserve5

Saddle Rock 9Indian reserve5

Sahhaltkum 4Indian reserve320

Salmon River 1Indian reserve45

Salmon River Meadow 7Indian reserve-

Samahquam 1Indian reserve-

Sandy Harry 4Indian reserve5

Schaltuuch 27Indian reserve-

Schelowat 1Indian reserve10

Schkam 2Indian reserve132

Scotch Creek 4Indian reserve19

Scowlitz 1Indian reserve10

Seabird IslandIndian reserve594

Seah 5Indian reserve20

Seaichem 16Indian reserve53

Seaspunkut 4Indian reserve15

Sechelt (Part)Indian government district797

SecheltDistrict municipality9,291

SemiahmooIndian reserve108

Seton Lake 5Indian reserve5

Seton Lake 5AIndian reserve-

Seymour Creek 2Indian reserve107

Seymour Meadows 19Indian reserve-

Shackan 11Indian reserve55

Shawniken 4BIndian reserve15

Shingle Point 4Indian reserve-

Sho-ook 5Indian reserve-

ShuswapIndian reserve293

SicamousDistrict municipality2,441

Sik-e-dakh 2Indian reserve222

Siska FlatIndian reserve106

Siska Flat 3Indian reserve74

Siska Flat 5AIndian reserve-

Siska Flat 5BIndian reserve-

Siska Flat 8Indian reserve30

Skawahlook 1Indian reserve19

Skeena-Queen Charlotte ARegional district electoral area29

Skeena-Queen Charlotte CRegional district electoral area147

Skeena-Queen Charlotte DRegional district electoral area524

Skeena-Queen Charlotte ERegional district electoral area317
Skeena-Queen Charlotte FRegional district electoral area948

SkeetchestnIndian reserve253

Skidegate 1Indian reserve709

Skins Lake 16AIndian reserve-

Skins Lake 16BIndian reserve20

Skookumchuck 4Indian reserve94

SkowkaleIndian reserve795

Skowkale 10Indian reserve423

Skowkale 11Indian reserve215

Skuppah 2AIndian reserve-

Skuppah 4Indian reserve5

Skwah 4Indian reserve216

Skwahla 2Indian reserve-

Skwali 3Indian reserve10

Skway 5Indian reserve98

Skwayaynope 26Indian reserve5

Skweahm 10Indian reserve292

Sliammon 1Indian reserve730

Slosh 1Indian reserve223

Slosh 1AIndian reserve-

Soda Creek 1Indian reserve33

SookeDistrict municipality11,435

Soowahlie 14Indian reserve187

South Saanich 1Indian reserve818

Sowchea 3Indian reserve10

SpallumcheenDistrict municipality5,055

SparwoodDistrict municipality3,667

Spatsum 11Indian reserve-

Spences BridgeIndian reserve26

Spences Bridge 4Indian reserve10

Spences Bridge 4CIndian reserve16

Speyum 3Indian reserve-

Spintlum Flat 3Indian reserve5

Spuzzum 1Indian reserve32

Squaam 2Indian reserve10

Squamish-Lillooet ARegional district electoral area224

Squamish-Lillooet BRegional district electoral area359

Squamish-Lillooet CRegional district electoral area1,804

Squamish-Lillooet DRegional district electoral area836

SquamishDistrict municipality17,158

Squaw-hay-one 11Indian reserve40

Squawkum Creek 3Indian reserve108

SquiaalaIndian reserve80

Squiaala 7Indian reserve99

Squiaala 8Indian reserve15

Squinas 2Indian reserve161

Squirrel Cove 8Indian reserve5

Staiyahanny 8Indian reserve-

Stawamus 24Indian reserve97

Stellaquo (Stella) 1Indian reserve205

StewartDistrict municipality494

Stikine RegionRegional district electoral area402

Stone 1Indian reserve201

Stony Creek 1Indian reserve332

Strathcona ARegional district electoral area807

Strathcona BRegional district electoral area1,007

Strathcona CRegional district electoral area2,601

Strathcona D (Oyster Bay - Buttle Lake)Regional district electoral area4,037

Stryen 9Indian reserve75

Stuart Bay 6Indian reserve-

Stullawheets 8Indian reserve48

SummerlandDistrict municipality11,280

Sundayman's Meadow 3Indian reserve5

Sunshine Coast ARegional district electoral area2,678

Sunshine Coast BRegional district electoral area2,675

Sunshine Coast DRegional district electoral area3,244

Sunshine Coast ERegional district electoral area3,482

Sunshine Coast FRegional district electoral area2,015

Swahliseah 14Indian reserve-

Swan Lake 3Indian reserve5

SwitsemalphIndian reserve129

Switsemalph 3Indian reserve90

Switsemalph 6Indian reserve108

Switsemalph 7Indian reserve22

T'Sou-keIndian reserve219

T'Sou-ke 1 (Sooke 1)Indian reserve88

T'Sou-ke 2 (Sooke 2)Indian reserve121

Tache 1Indian reserve409

Tacla Lake (Ferry Landing) 9Indian reserve-

Tadinlay 15Indian reserve-

Tahltan 1Indian reserve-

Tanakut 4Indian reserve5

Tatelkus Lake 28Indian reserve-

Tatla West 11Indian reserve5

Tatla't East 2Indian reserve5

Tatpo-oose 10Indian reserve-

TaylorDistrict municipality1,373

Telegraph CreekIndian reserve5

Telegraph Creek 6Indian reserve62

Telegraph Creek 6AIndian reserve16

Theik 2Indian reserve31

Thomas Point 5Indian reserve-

Thomas Squinas Ranch 2AIndian reserve20

Thompson-Nicola A (Wells Gray Country)Regional district electoral area1,536

Thompson-Nicola B (Thompson Headwaters)Regional district electoral area283

Thompson-Nicola E (Bonaparte Plateau)Regional district electoral area1,074

Thompson-Nicola I (Blue Sky Country)Regional district electoral area1,256

Thompson-Nicola J (Copper Desert Country)Regional district electoral area1,560

Thompson-Nicola LRegional district electoral area3,049

Thompson-Nicola MRegional district electoral area1,823

Thompson-Nicola NRegional district electoral area749

Thompson-Nicola O (Lower North Thompson)Regional district electoral area1,335

Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks)Regional district electoral area3,620

Tin Wis 11Indian reserve16

Tipella 7Indian reserve26

Tobacco Plains 2Indian reserve57

Toby's Meadow 4Indian reserve-

TofinoDistrict municipality1,876

Toosey 1Indian reserve113

Tork 7Indian reserve47

Towdystan Lake 3Indian reserve10

Towinock 2Indian reserve5

Trout Lake Alec 16Indian reserve21

Tsa Xana 18Indian reserve234

Tsahaheh 1Indian reserve584

Tsaukan 12Indian reserve5

TsawwassenIndian reserve720

Tsay Cho 4Indian reserve-

Tseatah 2Indian reserve16

Tsinstikeptum 9Indian reserve5,882

Tsinstikeptum 10Indian reserve1,186

Tsulquate 4Indian reserve491

Tsunnia Lake 5Indian reserve-

Tsussie 6Indian reserve88

Tuckkwiowhum 1Indian reserve36

Tumbler RidgeDistrict municipality2,710

Tzart-Lam 5Indian reserve32

Tzeachten 13Indian reserve1,467

Tzetzi Lake 11Indian reserve-

UclueletDistrict municipality1,627

Ulkatcho 13Indian reserve-

Ulkatcho 14AIndian reserve138

Uncha Lake 13AIndian reserve5

Union Bay 4Indian reserve116

Unnamed 10Indian reserve15

Upper Hat Creek 1Indian reserve29

Upper Nepa 6Indian reserve10

Upper Sumas 6Indian reserve187

VanderhoofDistrict municipality4,480

Village Island 1Indian reserve10

Waiwakum 14Indian reserve111

WellsDistrict municipality245

West KelownaDistrict municipality30,892

West Moberly Lake 168AIndian reserve95

West VancouverDistrict municipality42,694

Whispering Pines 4Indian reserve60

WhistlerDistrict municipality9,824

Whonnock 1Indian reserve5

Williams Lake 1Indian reserve227

Williams Prairie Meadow 1AIndian reserve10

Windy Mouth 7Indian reserve5

Woyenne 27Indian reserve301

Wyah 3Indian reserve-

Yakweakwioose 12Indian reserve39

Yale Town 1Indian reserve10

Yawaucht 11Indian reserve10

Ye Koo Che 3Indian reserve88

Yekwaupsum 18Indian reserve23

Yuquot 1Indian reserve10

Zacht 5Indian reserve25

Zoht 4Indian reserve25

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