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Most Engaging Forum Poster Contest

$5,000 in Prizes!

Fifteenth Edition, May-July 2017

Our proud winners

$5,000 Winners:

NJGOAT, Coldjensens, mathjak107, golfgal

$500 Winners:

SteelCityRising, chet everett, mathjak107, uptown_urbanist, AnonChick, BrianTH, ElkHunter, greg42, harry chickpea, livecontent, Mightyqueen801, nmnita, Robyn55, SCGranny, Hopes, andywire, jasper12, ChiGuy2.5, KathrynAragon, lrfox, markg91359, Mac_Muz, JanND, Susankate, golfgal, annerk, SunnyKayak, ckhthankgod, marothisu, groar, earlyretirement, Ariadne22, PacoMartin, sware2cod, oregonwoodsmoke, poppydog, bradykp, chet everett, Hemlock140, jade408, jambo101, jazzlover, jtur88, MikeJaquish, SOON2BNSURPRISE, Tiger Beer, Buzz123, SmartMoney, Jukesgrrl, MTSilvertip, suzy_q2010, Three Wolves In Snow, Hedgehog_Mom, MikePRU, thelopez2, NoMoreSnowForMe, lrmsd, JayCT, Bo, Drover, fallingwater, hotzcatz, K'ledgeBldr, Nell Plotts, newenglandgirl, TabulaRasa, thecoalman, Woodrow LI, mysticaltyger, Poncho_NM, michgc, fisheye, Carlingtonian, germaine2626, MckinneyOwnr, Electrician4you, timtemtym, mkpunk, brightdoglover, goldenage1, gypsychic, Ivorytickler, jimj, kyle19125, lovesMountains, OhBeeHave, WyoNewk, yellowsnow, AZDesertBrat, elnina, goyguy, in_newengland, jfre81, nei, RayinAK, STT Resident, Submariner, toobusytoday, gentlearts, howard555, jackmichigan, Jkgourmet, jlawrence01, jm1982, Linda_d, ocnjgirl, QuilterChick, Scooby Snacks

Ten $500 prizes ($5,000 in total) will be awarded to the winners of our most engaging forum poster contest! This time the prizes will be awarded in categories based on each member's forum registration date, so participants will be competing against others who registered at about the same time. You can review your join date by clicking on your username in the top right part of the screen and selecting "Statistics."
  • 3 prizes awarded to users registered in 2010 or earlier
  • 3 prizes awarded to users registered in 2011, 2012, or 2013
  • 4 prizes awarded to users registered in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017
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Some tips:
Some tips to give you a better chance of winning:
  • Read the rules!
  • Starting threads about interesting forum topics that have not recently been covered will be especially valuable in this contest
  • Feel free to respond to older posts that were never answered, even if the original poster is no longer around. As long as the issue is still current and has not already been addressed elsewhere on our forum, those posts are useful
  • Additional posts that are not "informative" will not hurt, just don't do anything that might get your account banned
  • Feel free to start new threads that you believe will be interesting to forum's readers. Use descrptive thread titles
  • Engage other posters in providing useful information without provoking emotional responses or disrupting normal on-topic discussion
  • Photos and graphics can also be informative
  • Posts in Local Forums and General Forums both count
  • Fewer, but longer and well thought out posts can be better than many very short posts
  • This is our eleventh contest and we plan to run more contests with similar rules after this one, so your posts in this contest will likely count in any future ones too
  • Previous contest winners are elgible to win again with limitations on which of their posts will count. See the rules for details.
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