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I honestly think Lex has a pretty good selection of grocery stores given its population. I've seen other cities, even bigger ones, that have monopolies on grocery stores (like HEB is Texas) & it sucks big time. But residents just accept it for some reason there. I dont know why.

Lex is a decent place to live, but it could be much better. The things I dont like the most are the downtown's atrocious, the road system sucks & Lex's traffic woes aren't because that its some big metropolis or that its a "booming" town, its because of the road system is just unfit to handle the population thats there. The town doesnt have much identity anymore either & is mostly made up of suburban, cookie cutter neighborhoods & mid to low end strip-malls. Not much character at all. Some people dont mind this, or even enjoy this sort of living, but there is a major turn in the other direction in this country towards more centralized & urbanized living, Lex just hasnt got the memo yet.

Also, I'll agree with others that say that the city (and really the entire region) is too intertwined with the University. Lex reminds me of a small college town, just on a bit bigger scale. Everyone is a UK fan, whether or not they have any real reason to be or not. Meaning its a lot of bandwagoners, "pickup truck alumni", etc. And its like people that move there from other areas have a choice to either be assimilated or be an outcast. Its almost like a virus in a way. Or a religion or cult, take your pick.

I think the biggest reason for this honestly is that Lex is just so lacking in other things that its kinda all there is to be passionate about & be into. And everyone needs to be into something. Its just what people do. I mean, what else would/could they really be into there?? And dont say "horses" either cause we all know that the average Joe cant do anything with that. Going to Keeneland a handful of times a year doesnt count. Although I do enjoy it.

This to me is the biggest flaw with living in central KY. A lack of passion & diversity from the herd. And if you dont follow, your social life will suffer for it, I guarantee it.

P.S. I know other college towns, even bigger ones, have degrees of this, but its not to this level in my experiences. A rich & diverse population is really healthy, but I just dont think Lex has this by any means. Bits & pieces of it, but man its hard to come by & they sure dont make it easy.
Oh for crying out loud, Lexington is UK crazy just like Durham is Duke crazy and Knoxville is UT crazy etc. It's the same in many other cities. You are obviously not a UK fan. If people like sports, why have a problem with it?? That's a bizarre complaint that I can't figure out. You and a couple others on here confuse me.
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