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Originally Posted by MRiedl View Post
Nikk: You may want to actually read the post you just quoted.

He didn't ask for something invented by a Creationist. Regardless of who made it, the MRI and the principles it utilizes have absolutely nothing to do with Creationism itself.

He asked for actual Creationist literature being put into practice. In short, we are looking for evidence of Creationism being used to produce technology, show predictive power, or otherwise benefit science.

For example, evolutionary principles are heavily applied today, particularly in medical research.
The MRI was created based off the work of Raymond Damadian. He is a creationist. His work is therefore creation science. So, the MRI is a piece of technology that was Made based on Creation science.

Creation and Science are not separate things. Creation is scientific. Modern science is based on the work of Many creationist who believed that if they studied nature they would understand more of God. Science requires God becaues at the core of it, science relies on the fact that the laws of nature are unchanging. A logical and Understanding God created the Universe and all of the laws that apply to it. So we can understand him even through this general revelation of himself.

We are also waiting for Evolution to contribute to science. It has done nothing to further our understanding of science. A belief in Evolution has been rather desasterous from the faked embryonic drawings by Hackel to the staged pepper moths and fudge numbers. The mass killing of people by hitler and the demise of many Irisish who would not be helped by the English because they were thought to be inferior and not fit to servive during the potatoe famines. And what about the killing of the Aborigines in Austrailia as if they were some kind of prize to be stuffed and placed above the mantle becasue they were considered some throwback. Today evolutioin has no place in the lab and is only a tack-on when papers go for peer review to sound academic. A belief in evolution does not affect applied or operational science.
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