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Yesterday, the first Friday of Lent, I saw my neighbors get home, and out of their minivan they had a few bags labeled 'KFC'. So, they went inside their home, and I saw the light come on in their dining room. The curtains were drawn, but I went into my driveway, then crossed into their driveway, so that I could peek through the gap in their curtains and i got a good view of what was going on. They were clearly chowing down on chicken, with all the fixings, though the chicken was what I was really concerned about, cause they had the youngins there eating too. I was really upset and didn't know what to do. They have a crucifix and statues like those people like to have in their living room, then the next room over they were chomping away on meat. I really don't know what to do at this point. Should I call a local archdioses or something and report them, or is there like a church board that investigates these things? I don't know what to do, and i've asked the good Lord for guidance, but I'm still not certain what He wants me to do. I was thinking when they're not home I should take the statues they have in their backyard and only give them back if they promise not to do it again, but I might get in trouble with the law so I don't know at this point. What would Jesus do?

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