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First, these are just my own personal opinions, so I'm not downing anyone who thinks about it differently. In other words, you don't have to agree, that's ok.......but I just don't understand why so many choose a semi-auto to carry over a compact revolver? I submit that a semi-auto does have some advantages over a revolver, but semi-auto's don't give you any advantage where it counts.....

Point #1 To Consider:
Yeah, semi-auto's are compact, thinner, lighter, and easier to carry, they often hold a few more rounds, they are stylish and just downright cool! But, in a real self defense application, I see NO advantage whatsoever to a semi-auto. First, you probably aren't going to need more rounds then what a revolver can carry in your average self defense scenerio. It's not as if you're going to be in a gun fight, and if you are cornered by more than one or two thugs with their own guns, you probably aren't going to make it out alive anyway, even if you had 100 rounds at your disposal.

Point #2 To Consider
Secondly, semi-auto's are less reliable. Yeah, the differences are minimal, but they are there. There is no such thing 100% reliable ammunition. Even though the fail rate is almost nill on centerfire rounds, it still exists and as long as it exists, it counts. You pull the trigger to a semi-auto and nothing happens, you better hope you have the ability to be able to rack the slide and chamber anoither round. In a high stress situation, this may prove more difficult than you think. You pull the trigger to a revolver and nothing happens? Simple.... you just pull the trigger again and it goes BOOM!

Point #3 To Consider
Third, with a semi-auto you have to worry about jams, FTC's, and FTE's.... Again, you better hope you have the ability to clear any malfunction that might occur. None of these problems exist with a revolver. It doesn't need to eject a shell casing in order to put another round in the chamber. Yes, a revolver might jam or fail to cycle the cylinder, but if that happens, it's going to be an internal problem rather than a user error caused by limp-wristing or defective ammo and I feel more comfortable with my odds with a revolver.

Point #4 To Consider
Fourth, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to use your firearm for self defense, there's a good chance that you've been knocked to the ground and have a thug on top of you. If you pull that semi-auto, and the thug is able to grab that slide and push it back { otherwise known as "knocked out of battery"} you're not going to be able to fire and you're gonna be in trouble..... Yes, it's true that revolvers aren't completely immune to this. A thug could grab hold of the cylinder and keep it from rotating, but that's a lot harder tio do and be successful at.

So, when I was considering what type of firearm to carry, I saw absolutely no advantages to carrying a semi-auto whatsoever over a revolver, at least none where it counted, and in fact, I saw more disadvantages with semi-auto's. So that leaves me with the question, why do so many people carry them? Do you carry? If so, please tell me why you carry the weapon you carry.

Making The Case For Compact Revolvers.....

Thanks for reading.
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