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The English nation was created after the coming of the Anglo-Saxon people from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands to England. English is synomous to Angle/Anglian and Anglo-Saxon means "English Saxons" or Saxons from Angle-land. Before the quality beds online Anglo-Saxons, there was no England, it was just Britannia. So the Anglo-Saxons established themselves as the dominant people in the part of Britain which now is called England with the exception of Cornwall! Yes there has been much smaller scale of immigration much later from the groups you have already quoted. Genetical results still show that eastern, central and southern England show to have closest genetical similarities to the ethnic populations of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, northern Belgium. Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons were from the same regions anyway, the Celts were originally from southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland area.
Agree with much of this - so what you're basically saying is that the true "ethnic" English people are the descendants of the Anglo Saxons (how pure does their lineage have to be to qualify?) who setteled here somewhere between 300 and 400AD, and excludes all the Celtic/Gaelic tribes that populated these islands before them, and it excludes all the Vikings and sub-Danish tribes who settled the north and east of the country around the same time. And finally it excludes all the Norman/Frankish aristocracy that conquered the islands tehreafter, including all the French soldiers who fought with William, his barons, vassels and servants.

Just that select group that first created the English nation is the definition of "ethnic English".
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