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Originally Posted by macmeal View Post
I think that's "ulterior" motives..but what the 'hey'? Look, I've enjoyed your posts. This is just a forum..OK? If you truly feel that strongly about this one area of law, I'll just avoid bringing it up from now on.

I DO think you have an 'issue' with birthright citizenship, for reasons known only to you..and that's OK. Most of us have things we can't discuss calmly.

At any rate, please don't leave the forum on this one issue. Let's discuss something else..OK? We NEED literate people here....STAY !!
I'd like to start by saying that I have no particular problem with you and that you have normally given me very fair responses on this forum. However, I feel insulted that not only you, but others - Benicar, JDubsMom, to name a feel - suspect that I have a hidden agenda that I have not yet revealed. It's not a good feeling when you sense that people are constantly rolling their eyes at you, and that's how I have felt lately on this forum. It also doesn't sit well with me that you suggest that I cannot discuss this calmly when I have a staunch history on this forum of being reasonable, logical, non-emotional, and non-insulting, even to people who insult me and present inaccurate characterizations of me either for laughs or to give the people who disagree with me false ammunition.

I have decided to stop participating in the immigration forum and it is not over this issue alone; it is because I feel like many of you dismiss me, roll your eyes at me, think of me as immature, and do not see me as one of your equals due to that my points of view are so drastically different from your own. It's disheartening that many times on this forum some of you have endorsed poorly-written and borderline hateful posts and then in your next post have written me off even after I have presented a well-thought and logical rebuttal. I have no problem with the fact that 90% of you (even many people who are "pro-illegal" !) disagree with me; I have a problem that some of you have to take my posts with a grain of salt because you suspect that I have ulterior motives and a "pro-illegal" ethnic agenda. After more than 1,000 posts I am not so sure that I can convince some of you to stop questioning my motives, start taking my posts for what they are (good, logical debate), and stop slinging insults at me for disagreeing with you. I have extended this courtesy to all of you and really expected you all to extend it to me as well.

I used to pride myself in this forum on not getting emotional, but if you want some emotion, here it is, in my last post on this forum. I sincerely hope that either the hostile and mistrusting tone on this forum changes or that you get some new forumers who are up for some good-natured, logical debate instead of the current "gang up and call the opposition an idiot" method that unfortunately has seemed to prevail here as of late. If any of you want to ask me any specific, non-loaded questions about immigration, please feel free to private message me. I will continue to participate in the New York and Miami forums; I just have decided that it is best that I stop contributing to the immigration forum. I wish you all best of luck in your personal, professional, and academic pursuits and like many of you I sincerely hope for comprehensive immigration reform.

Cris P
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