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Originally Posted by sanspeur View Post
What you are saying here is that one cannot read the bible and decide the truth on the merits of stories in the bible alone...You have to want to believe it...Thanks that helps me to understand the how the fundamentalist mind works...Gotta read the book with a closed mind.
Missed the point completely didn't you.
A closed minded veiw against the bible is no better than a closed minded veiw in support of the bible.
If you read the Bible with an open mind and no preconcieved notions you'll come to your own conclusions. Some will believe. Some won't. Some will take it literally. Some won't. Some will be enlightened. Some won't.

Ironically most free thinking atheists still have there own "absurd" spiritual vices. Astrology, numerology, chakras, fate, karma,feng shui, auras, luck and the list goes on.
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