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Originally Posted by forkpower View Post
Again the sins of the father passed down.

Why should I be responsible for someone else's short comings?
Did god pass down a sinful nature upon mankind?
If Adam and Eve where made in god's image, is god a sinner?
Couldnt have god made Adam and Eve incapable of sinning?

While the idea of this "original sin" is neccessasry for christianity, it contridicts the nature of the christian god.
You should be responsible because you have to be. Take it less literally. We all have to pick up after the generation before us, try to make our world better, safer, cleaner, etc...

God most definitely did not made us into sinners, I know that I sin. The world would be so boring without sin. Sin is fun. Everyone sins, so what, who cares? You can't tell me that you have never done something you have regretted or something you thought was in bad form. Everybody does it, and we can't help it. But God also gave us a conscience, so listen to it. If we repent and understand our wrongdoings and why they are wrong, God will forgive, just as a friend, Mother, or Father forgives unconditionally.

Man is made in God's image. Say someone makes an android robot with the appearance of a person and with a mind of a person (not a cold, calculating, logical, robot brain) would that android see the person who toiled on his circuits and eyes, and brain, and all of that which made that android as anything less that perfect? God may be a sinner just like us, but since he has not only created Man, animals, Earth, the Sun, the Solar System, Pluto, he must understand things in ways mere mortals can't, and therefore to me, God is perfect.

As I have already stated, a world without sin would be dull and boring, and I believe God made Eve curious (not sinful) enough to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. I believe that God intended for this to happen so that people could become more like God, and he is challenging us, just like a good parent or teacher does, by presenting us with problems like oil shortages, water shortages, and this so called global warming thing.

Original sin happens because a man and a woman have sexual intercourse and this is not cleanly because lots of fluids are secreted, and uncleanlyness is a sin. On top of that, when you are born, you come out of a vagina with a lot of goo all over you and that too is unclean and is a sin. So double sin really. But the Baptism will wash the sins of birth away.
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