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Default too stupid at the moment.

Some pics I've been saving and was going to post but that you might really not want to see:

me passed out on the front lawn
me passed out on the front lawn naked
me passed out on the front lawn with nipple tassles
me passed out on the front lawn with a blow up dolphin
me passed out on someone elses front lawn
me passed out on someone elses front lawn with some bug spray and a lighter

sigh..... I'll have to share later once I figure it out.

So Today, I got up early about 6:00 or so, not because I had to but because I went to bed early on a Saturday night and got a good nights sleep. It had nothing to do with how much I drank on Friday

I did some yard work that I wanted to do and I slowly got it done. It was a nice peaceful morning... Got my project finished, vaccumed the car, watered the plants...etc..

I really hadn't planned for much of a day. Just the norm, yard work, maybe take a dip in the pool, have a beer, bang the wife, the usual., that in itself is usually a good day.

I had this urge to grill something, didn't matter what it was and even though I told little missy we were going out to dinner tonight I was able to convince her that a trip to Bi-lo was in order and she'd like whatever I made... I am going out for dinner tomorrow night btw..

I went to Bi-lo and they had these big hanking hunk of larry things there that looked like a perfect fit for my grill... I strolled home with my catch of the day, drummed up some homemade rub, slathered it on and started the grill up... I know very interesting so far...

Well the 15 lbs of larry that I had grilling not only attracted 1500 flies but also some neighbors..

It was about 2:30 or so and I finished my job on the side of the house and wandered out to my backyard only to find 15 kids urinating in my pool and people drinking at my 800 lb concrete table.. It was one of those days where I was debating whether or not I was gonna have a beer or not.

Well before I was able to finish my 10th beer, we had a full blown backyard blowout going on.. I love spontaneous and this was one of the best..

I never would have had hourdes of uninvited guest at my house in MA. Only down here.. Beautiful weather, great friends, charred larry and cold beer all on a sunny Sunday afternoon, right YRGM??

One of my daughters cute friends even told me I was a dilf today too, how sweet is that?? Uncle Fester is gonna use that one next time little missy is whining about me whining.. I'm Uncle Fester btw... I have this picture of my wife and I on a cruise and I looked just like Uncle Fester in the picture. I told everyone who saw it that I was only smiling so much because I had no pants on.

So I had a vision a few years back about having a bar height table in my backyard with stools and all. I could never find a table that fit my criteria so I built one... I built it a little too solid though because it really weighs 800 lbs... The deck underneath it is sagging badly from the weight... I was worried about it for a while but now I've realized that the slope in the deck propels me to the cooler faster than if it were level so it doesn't bother me anymore..

I wasn't going to get into this because it's getting late and I have to work at the same desk in 6 hours that I'm typing at now but I think I've fallen in love with my lawn mower... Strange as it may sound I was pushing my little red baby around the other day and thougt about how much trouble it's gotten me out of...

Recently, little missy wanted to go school shopping for the trolls.. Instinctively, I started the mower and was out of the hot water just as fast as my mower would start... Little Missy is pretty anal about a clean house and a clean yard so when the mower is running, I'm automatically contributing to the home beautfication process. I didn't realize it but I cut my grass 3 times last week. It didn't need it, I did.

Sometimes you hit it just right and I have it here. My neighbors are all awesome, I love my little living room sized yard, love the weather and love mowing my lawn. I finally realized this week why I love mowing my lawn so much:

It keeps me from drinking excessively for a while
Drowns out the yelping of the trolls
Drowns out the yelping of thw wife
When neighbors see me mowing, they don't stop to talk (everyone needs a break once in a while)
Makes my lawn look nice
I get to work off some Uncle Fatser fat
I love the vibration of the mower

I never thought I'd admit it but I'm thinking of taking my mower to Myrtle Beach for the weekend.. Just me and it purring up and down the beach slinging sand in all the pretty boys faces.....

I know, not much to do with moving to Huntersville, other than a general sense of us really liking it here. I've got a crush on a piece of yard equipment, I think that that can only happen in the south
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