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Old 01-27-2010, 08:07 PM
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Reading these makes me nostalgic and sad. Canton was the **** back in the day!! Now it's dead.

I remember the Canton Center Mall/Mellet Mall, with all the fond memories there that I had as a child. I used to recognise it as the "red mall" when I was really little..because of the red sign on the Montgomery Ward that was attached to it. I was there not too long ago, it saddened me to see it the way it is now, thinking back to when it was so full of life, especially during the holidays, how beautiful it looked at night, the merry go round in the food court, me always having to go to the toy store everytime I went, seeing all my movies at the theatre there, I could go on and on. I also remember how classy Kaufman's used to be..and now it's just an abandoned structure with a big empty cracking parking lot.

I remember when you didn't have to go far to have fun. Now everything is in Belden Village, which I think that even that has a different name now.

R.I.P. Canton, and Mellet Mall.
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Old 01-30-2010, 07:40 PM
Location: The Sticks, Ohio
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Originally Posted by JR_C View Post
This might have been after you left, but I remember the TV station WOAC 67 with real programming. Mostly, I think they ran old movies and reruns. On Saturday nights, they had "Son of Ghoul" that played horror movies. The host was crazy though. His concept was a spin-off of Cleveland's Ghoulardi. I mostly remember him dropping bowling balls onto broken TVs. Sometine in the 90's they switched to home shopping. Now, I guess they mostly run infomercials.
I remember him, he used to do the MDA weekend too.
There used to be a dating show on the radio I listened to as a teen, I think it may have been out of Akron. I wish I could remember what it was called it always cracked me up.
Will I show my age if I mention Mother's Gooseland by Water Works park?

-Sorry should have read the whole thread before posting! I guess I'm not the only one who remembers Mother's gooseland.
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Old 01-30-2010, 07:44 PM
Location: The Sticks, Ohio
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Originally Posted by prjackie View Post
I was born in Canton in the sixties and lived in the area until moving to Florida about 5 years ago. I don't recall a Robertas, but I do remember Heggy's in Canton and Alliance serving pats of butter atop french fries.
Heggy's french fries...yum! I miss their warm cashews.
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Old 02-20-2010, 09:38 AM
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Default Reply to MarkGallagher

Mark-- you sure brought back old memories. I didn't think anybody remembered the Hamburger Inn--- a great place. I actually still have some 8 mm movies I took of the train coming in to the station down there. I have no idea why I filmed that. I totally forgot about the Mozart theater. I also remember a place called Walkers downtown that sold men's clothes, though we could only afford to go there like once every two years.

Canton was a great place then. At one time my dad worked at a place called Campro down on Gambrinus road, near where a gas refinery was that had a large smoke stack that always had a burning flame coming out of it. My family too can't understand why I always want to go back to the old haunts. I took them down Gambrinus when we were in Canton last year and didn't recognize anything there.

My obsession with Canton has become a family joke. One time I was in the car with my wife and youngest son and I jokingly said to my wife that some time we ought to go to the "Holy Land". My son said, "you mean Canton?"
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Old 06-19-2010, 06:20 AM
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Good day dear. I still live in downtown Canton. Commenting on the destinations youve listed I can pretty much answer them.
Hawk's- been gone long time. Palace and downtown has a wonderful rebirth of the arts! Its great! I have been involved in a good deal of it.

Taggerts- still on Fulton and has another I believe at Belden village area
Canton Garden center- still operating and we have a wonderful Christmas lighting display all through the parks and surrounding Garden center
Heggy's - still there.. I think. I travel around there a lot and all thru downtown. must pay closer attention "just in case they bailed out recently" dont think so though
Mother Goose Land- not there. Land has been bought if Im correct by chemical company directly beside it. We are considering moving the blue whale downtown where we have tons of art and sculpture!
Weber Dental- building still there, seems to me some construction co. is using it
Ohio theatre- gone ..been gone
[I will make a comment about the Palace. I am and always will be a preservationist. At a very young age I and some others were involved in saving a number of buildings including the Palace, downtown. We had a variety show that packed the public in...balcony and all! Thats how it was saved .
Livingstons- closed, but building there has been saved.
Coed at Y- done , gone ! Those days were done mucho, mucho years ago.
Clarkins- downtown closed and had moved to rt. 62 where I had worked [took a bus] for quite a while. Building downtown I think is there. You see there were so many forgotten buildings downtown that we have to think on which one it was.
Army /Navy store ended up on tusc near Cherry ave. N.E. unsure if that was original Clarkins. My dad would know. I will ask. But that Army/Navy store is gone and a wonderful restaurant called "Peter Shears" is in adjacent building and that empty spot next to it is their wonderful outside garden restaurant dining area. Top of the line restaurant!!!
Jewish center- nope. All synagogues and activity centers are all centrally located at 30th street wher the farm used to be known as the poor house
Harter estate unfortunately was levelled when i was in8th grade or ninth grade. I remember it well, beautiful home . too bad the family had no interest in it
Case mansion- gone. I was in there when it was art institute But money has been difficult for that particular place because of the overhead. A private operation that owns the apts. tore it down..sad!
Vicary's -gone
Main library "Carnegie Library" - a new one was built on Market where Mercy Hospital used to be. Its a peice of junk! The original "Carnegie Library " has been saved and is the law office of Schullman and Zimmerman. Its beautiful now!
Burns school torn down. I used to go to the little library there beside it...remember that?! School has been replaced with a new building [nice looking one] that houses I believe Headstart preschool etc.
Arcade Mkt. - gone entire monster building gone! Thank heaven! It sat rotting forever. while the owners left it neglected waiting for their gazillions that didnt happen. The city went after it FINALLY! I was involved in that effort thru Mayor Janet Creighton ..great lady! It is now a greens/ commons with picnic tables and events held there regularly!
Vogue shop- closed, not sure if buildiing is there or not
Mercy Hospital- gone. I was born there. It was , prior to that, the home of William McKinley. House was moved in sections next to Lincoln High. BUT, left to rot because no one could seem to get the money or made the effort to put it back together and didnt seem too concerned to save our presidents home!!!
Stern and Manns- closed, all stores. The building downtown is used as office etc.
Arnolds- gone ,pathetic. How sad another building leveled. A "neuvo" Arnolds built up on Market and around 15th st. get this ....directly across from a nursing home.!
Kobackers etc. closed and most levelled. not sure if all maybe not one or two. I will check
Not sure about music/record store closed of course but gone? not sure i will check
Nut house- I thought that was on Market? Maybe not. but if it is , building is still there. I will check though about "it" was on cleve.
Quonset hut- still there. It originally was a quonset hut and there was a little house-like building right beside it that was used too I think. The original Quonset was torn down many, many many moons ago and little building was used ever since. New owners now.
We are civic minded here now alot of us. downtown is great, I live downtown. The neighborhoods surrounding are still a problem that has to be dealt with. But where i live that wave of scum and trash has gone elsewhere! Out to Harmont! Imagine that..out where everyone wanted my family and I to run away to! I could see the writing on the wall out that way 30 yrs, ago.
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Old 06-28-2010, 08:45 AM
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Default More memories from Canton's Past

I left Canton for good in 1960 and my life there was far from great but I can't blame that on the city. I have some great memories of that period in Canton as I mentioned in my last writing. I thought of some other things I remember back then that I thought I would pass along.
The Oil Refinery on Gambrels Rd was run by Ashland Oil that time I think it's now Marathon who has it now.
Remember the little Igloo that sat by the Court House each Christmas where Santa would give out candy to the kids "Free" no pictures did you have to by.
On E. Tusc and Walnut was a small clothing store named Fisher's were they would have Birthday parties on Saturday mornings for the kids in the area. When I was 10 I won a real 1908 Silver Dollar for knowing where "Pikes Peak" was.
Then the was the "Landmark" on E. Tusc and Cherry which was the Oldest
building in Canton. It was a Bar back then now it's just a shell of it's self.
I also remember "Bob's Diner" on 6th NE across from "The Beldon Hotel"
There was another on in North Canton. They had a great "Butterscotch Pie" Noone seems to know how to make them these days.
On Walnut and 6th St NE was the auto dealership where I bought my first car in 1959. "Falk Bear" which was a "Hudson Dealership" My car was a 1954 Hudson Hornet.
Then on Cherry Ave NE anyone remember the "RedHead" gas station where you could get gas for 19 cents. I remember going in and saying "Give Me A Dollars Worth" For that price they pumped your gas, checked your oil and the air in your tires. Those were the days.
Then for fun on Saturday Nights we would go to the "Race Track" at "Waco".
Now these and many more are only memories. But there comes a time in most peoples lives where the most valuable thing you own are your memories.
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Old 03-18-2011, 08:09 PM
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Hmmm seems to me Mercy Hospital was still there last week.... arcade market had the best coneys Dick's coneys moves and sold out in about the 90s. Some of the Mother Goose Land statues made it up to Sluggers & Putters in Canal Fulton. My grandma had a gift store downtown called Arvalan. My Grampsactuallyhad 11 stores when he died of leukemia at 45 in about 1963. All are gone now.

They lived in Steiner Heights in Plaintwp near Edgewood gc which is a big church now. All the neighbors in Steiner would put out luminaries at Christmas and a guy would dress up as Santa at the entrance and hand out candy and carolers would gather I the culdesac and sing. Awesome memories of Christmastime up there.

The Stables is now a restaurant and was owned by Chris Spielman and his Dad Sonny. Sony lived in Louisville and was a friend of my Dad until Chris started playing football and they moved to Massillon. His grandma still lived inLoiusville when I was inhighschool and I installed her new stove at my job At TNT TV.

I got my first suit at Stern & Manns on 30th st and my Gramma had a store near there and we stopped in and I always got a little gift. That and Stambaughs are gone now.

I remember Clarkins Carousel tha twent out when I was in HS and I got some tools there on closeout. It was an Ames then they bulldozed it and put up a WalMart.

PDQ was a drive in restaurant on62 and service was pretty darn quick. It is still a restaurant but the big sign is gone, Big Marks I think it's called.

Bakers restaurant was in the white building with the big columns on Clevelans ave which is a used car dealership now. They had like a candy counter and we used to get "Wacky Packs" there. Now just a neat little steak joint on the S E end.

Mellet mall got a WalMart where Monkey Wards used to be but it is in a constant state of flux on all the little shops. We used to go over to Penny's all the time.

We used to call it Velden Village when my aunt Val took us there, not it's Westfield.

Great memories!
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Old 06-26-2011, 07:24 AM
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Default Sweet memories

Do you remember the Candy Bowl restaurant and ice cream shoppe? And of course, Taggarts where I had my first date in '64 and was scared to death to eat in front of a boy. What about Bender's and Lucia's? Oh, man, I'm getting hungry.
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Old 06-26-2011, 07:33 AM
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I almost forgot the wonderful "splash parties" we had at the local swimming pool in North Canton in the summer. Oh, I still remember the feeling. The sparkling aqua water at night dancing to some romantic tunes with the local football hero. Actually, I just saw him again. He's 60, round bellied and bald. No matter what, the memories last and warm my heart. I'm sure every hometown makes us recall our lives as young people. No matter what the magazines say about the "10 worst cities", our hometown is always the best wherever it may be.
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Old 07-18-2011, 07:19 PM
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i don't believe mellett mall was named after don mellett. i believe it is a different family entirely?
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