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Old 07-11-2007, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by mountain_time_Blues View Post
China's religious persecution of Christians and others I have fault with.
China is not that open to religions.But China doesn't persecute Christians.

There's one thing you should understand is that,Americans take faith,God,religion very serious while Chinese don't care about religion.The majority in China is atheist.
if you ask a Chinese what problem China has,he may give you a long list,but religion is not taken into account.

Old 07-11-2007, 06:05 PM
Location: Indianapolis
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I don't really care about religious stuff. Aside from that, I find China hard to deal with because it seems they put themselves and getting rich NOW beyond any morals or other values. I mean look at some of the short comings in their current exports, I'm afraid to use anything made in China because you never know what they put in it. They're willing to put industrial grade chemicals in toothpaste, baby formula or lead in toys or whatever without any regard for other human beings that could possible die from their actions, that's just scary to me. It's not personal, it is just plain scary. It is what it is. The don't seem to have any morals. I think unless they change their ways, their economy/exports will suffer. I for one, try not to buy Chinese stuff which is pretty hard to do.
Old 07-11-2007, 07:31 PM
Location: Monterey Bay, California -- watching the sea lions, whales and otters! :D
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It's not personal, it is just plain scary. It is what it is. The don't seem to have any morals. I think unless they change their ways, their economy/exports will suffer. I for one, try not to buy Chinese stuff which is pretty hard to do.
This is just plain silly. It shows you know very little about China. I don't even know a lot about it, however, I certainly know more than that. They certainly have morals.

Look, the culture is different -- just like our culture is different from other countries -- and in Europe, for instance, we don't look so good.....

This thread merely goes to show how people who do not live in other countries, travel extensively, or have wide contact with people of other backgrounds and nationalities tend to assume wrongly about so many things foreign.

As I've said before, consider hosting a foreign exchange student from another country. Suspend your stereotypes. Open your heart. You will be surprised to learn that they are just like you -- only they may speak a different language (and in many cases more than one language). They may have different foods that they are used to eating on a regular basis, but they still love trying yours. You will discover that they are just like anyone else. Not only that, they are delightfully open, fun, and a bit confused by America -- you become their hero.

For instance, when our 17-year-old Chinese girl first came into our home, she asked for a drink of water. I said I didn't have any bottled water left, but she was welcome to take a glass of water from the tap. Her eyes opened wide, and when I filled the glass with water, she held it up and admired it, and lovingly said "Only in America and Europe can you drink water from the tap!" That simple little act was very memorable. This from a teen in China that was used to those horrible toxic things that you mentioned -- it is a part of what they live with daily.

And remember, our government is not lily-white by any means -- there is U.S. propaganda, just like there is propaganda in other countries.

I for one am glad that this is becoming a global society. That way, we will be forced to interact with other people of various backgrounds. And if you set aside stereotypes, you will find that you have MUCH MORE in COMMON than you do that is different.

People are people are people. It always amazes me that there are stereotypes that somehow humans are so different fundamentally in other countries. They are no different than you or me. We all have feelings, we all want a good family, we all struggle with sadness and pain, we all rejoice over good things, we all want to live a peaceful, happy life.

By the way, another poster said that China was against Christians. That is just not true at all!! Our Chinese, Communist-raised, foreign exchange teenager WANTED to go to church. She said she had two Bibles at home, and I took her to a Presbyterian Church....which she later became a member of!! She was very proud when she returned to China as a formal Christian! Now, she was not abused, ridiculed nor executed for this. It was her choice and it was respected.

I don't know why China's government is considered Communist, when it seems to be mixture of different kinds of ideologies. Labels are sometimes just labels.

As for toxic chemicals in some items -- remember, it's not just exported products to America -- that's what THEY use. To them, it's really no different. To us, it's a big deal.

I was raised in a border town (to Canada) and at least grew up with another country close by. Most people in the States haven't. I think that leads to a lot of xenophobia here, which is really too bad.

If one can just imagine a family in China, in Pakistan, in Germany, in England, in Brazil, or any other country in the world, and they carry that imagination further, they will find that the family desires the same things your own family desires. We are humans -- some of us are born into another culture than the one we are in now. It's important to remember the commonality of humans, rather than keep pointing out differences. We have much more in common than we do that is different.

The next time you enjoy your Mexican burrito, or Chinese egg roll, or spicey coconut lime Thai soup, or Greek baklava, remember that these delights emerged from the delighted souls of people in other countries.

It's time for us to come together as humans, rather than continue to build walls to separate us from each other. Of course, just in my humble opinion.
Old 07-11-2007, 08:00 PM
Location: NSW, Australia
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Dogs are tortured prior to slaughter as it is believed the meat will taste better,,,,,, hmmmmm

Dogs are being culled prior to the olympics in an attempt to 'clean up the country'.... even people's pets are not safe.

No animal is free from exploitation and there doesn't appear to be any animal welfare laws in China.

Child labour, workers exploitation, very low wages... not a good place to live and I guess that is why so many Chinese are flocking to Australia LOL.

Personally, I would prefer to buy Australian made products, even if it means paying more rather than buying any products made in China.
More work for Aussies sounds good, keep it local is my catchcry!!
Old 07-11-2007, 09:29 PM
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China is a poor developing countries with tons of problems,and the living standard is far lower than you can imagine.But that doesn't mean China is evil,actually China is non-confrontational.Has China ever started a war in the past few decades?

Animal welfare laws in China? It sounds pretty funny since human welfare is not well guaranteed yet.How can you put animals in the first place?

Regarding China made products,there's a lot that you guys hardly realize.
Some American companys and bosses set up their factories in China,and threfore the products are made in China.But most of the profits belong to foreign companys and bosses(like..Americans?),not Chinese people.

How do china made products come out?
Foreign ownership,management,investment and Chinese labor,land and resources.
Old 07-11-2007, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by jason1117 View Post
China is a poor developing countries with tons of problems,and the living standard is far lower than you can imagine.But that doesn't mean China is evil,actually China is non-confrontational.Has China ever started a war in the past few decades?
Not only have the Chinese not started a war, they have been "picked on" for hundreds of years. They have had civil unrest for even longer. Before you judge how "evil" China is, why don't you look up how the Japanese treated the Chinese 65 years ago. Do a search for the Rape of Nanking and read how Chinese women were raped, men and children were murdered, skinned, shot and beheaded becase the Japanese thought we were an inferior race and desired to dominate China. A lot of Chinese prob think it's about friggin' time they moved up in the world.

With that said, I absolutely agree changes have to be made. This whole thing freaks me out as much as anybody. Yes, I do try to buy American. In the same respect, fallacies regarding China or grossly disproportioned viewpoints doesn't help the situation either.
Old 07-11-2007, 09:48 PM
Location: Monterey Bay, California -- watching the sea lions, whales and otters! :D
1,918 posts, read 6,240,768 times
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Of course I understand the thing about dogs -- I own one dog and 3 cats!! My exchange student was mortified about the treatment of animals by some of her citizens of China. She loved my pets, and she often cuddled our cats and dog! In China, there are many people who keep dogs and cats as pets! Please don't generalize about some things you have read. Go and visit, have an exchange student, get involved in organizations that deal with those countries. These are stereotypes. It's like saying that all American people wear cowboy hats (our exchange student thought that!).

I know what you are referring to, however, one must see what is the reality. As we become more a global society things will change throughout the world. I only ask that one truly and sincerely investigate on a personal level what happens in each country.

For instance, my daughter was an exchange student in Chile. Even though she knew the information and statistics beforehand, she still thought that Chileans would look like immigrant Mexicans. What a surprise she found when she saw that many people were of European descendancy, and that many were German, and there was a huge German population there. She had to accept that they looked just like Americans -- because she was considered to look like a Chilean (because my daughter has European descendants).

Certainly, there's no point to me continuing to give this feedback because people have their own stereotypes. I only say that if one would go to the country, or be involved with people from those countries, or host a teen or adult from those countries, you will surely be surprised and have a lot less fear and apprehension.

I will only say again that people are people are people -- and we all are raised in cultures that to another culture may seem odd or even barbaric. Please, just try to learn on a personal level more about people from other places. Once you know someone as a "real" person, then just like me, you will probably be very happily surprised by the reality. Until then, stereotypes, false impressions, false information, skewed reports, and other biased viewpoints will continue to rule.

I urge people to learn about people from another culture in a personal way. I can almost postively assure you that you will find it quite different on a real, live, personal level than what your previous assumptions were. But my words fall on deaf ears for those who are reluctant or resistant to do so, although those who have experienced these cultures will understand what I am trying to say. No point in my continuing to try to have people see through the barriers. I only pray that you will open your heart and mind to others who seem different than you, even though they are really much more similar than you might expect.

Good luck to all!
Old 07-15-2007, 09:16 PM
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I don't really know anything about China, or many other countries, but my thoughts about them is that it's their country, their business, and to hell with what we, or anyone else thinks about what they do.

The only problem I can possibly have with the country is that it's a place that enables Americans to live a good life but it negatively impacts the quality of life of other chinese. While young women slave for pennies and a crappy life, we get to buy cheap products. We're condoning the crimes by purchasing goods from China. You can blame corporations all you want but by purchasing the goods you're keeping places like Walmart in business, the king of sweatshops.
Old 07-16-2007, 03:50 AM
1,742 posts, read 3,988,919 times
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Well said GreggB

I have no problems with China,in fact I think their Country,People,Culture,Language,History and Achievements are Amazing.

Originally Posted by GreggB View Post
News Flash---THIS country has persecutated many of it's own for various reasons and has also violated some of our own human rights. Think About it!!! Wasn't too many years ago that Blacks had to sit in the back of city busses. Had to sit in designated areas in resturants. Go back a little more, and witness the slaughter of native Americans. Jump back ahead now and welcome to the era of the "Patriot Act", the manipulation of the Constitution by our inept President, the errosion of our privacy, the continuing racism. Oh, and what about the 47 million without health insurance in this country. The 47million that our government has abandoned. Need I mention New Orleans. And don't even get me started on Wal Mart and the FANTASTIC jobs it has created. Anyone with any 'gray matter' upstairs won't buy that argument. In summation: This country needs to "Clean Up It's Own House", before it criticizes the mess in someone elses!! The truth is this--China will someday pass the United States as a Superpower. It is already about to pass us in technology, if it hasn't already. There may be some practices that take place in China that can be considered Evil-but there is Evilness in this country as well. Some of it is plain to see on the surface, other Evil lurks in the shadows of government, corporate America and in our bedroom communities.
Old 07-16-2007, 03:59 AM
5,767 posts, read 10,301,282 times
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Product safety is a major issue. People have done corrupt things in US business, but I don't think a major company has put poison in its toothpaste to save a few cents per tube in manufacturing costs - and then exported the poison. The world only became aware of the problem after dozens of people died in Panama from using contaminated Chinese products and medicines.

It's also a very opaque country. China censors the internet at a nationwide level. For example, you can't access Wikipedia from China unless you illegally use a series of proxy servers.

And though one poster mentions the status of black people in the US 50 years ago, he may not know that China itself had anti-black riots in 1988 - the so-called 'Nanjing anti-African protests.' Which is somewhat astonishing, since China's black population is extremely small.
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