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Old 03-27-2010, 06:32 PM
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Sunsprit, I cross posted with you and then read your last and before I was 3 paragraphs down I knew what the story would be out of fuel diesel gone to suckin air. Knowing that helped a lot here with converting a Kubota 3 cly gas geenie to run a large house to a 4 banger Kybota diesel. Either it wasn't ever run as brand new or some how that bugger went dead dry. I was in bad need of a total bleed though.

The power goes off for 60 seconds and the Kobota come on line, and when the power goes off it waits 5 minutes before shut down. Nice rig, too bad it isn't mine.
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Old 03-27-2010, 06:53 PM
Location: So. of Rosarito, Baja, Mexico
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Well I'm on a roll here...can't stop.

Had this custom made (two of a kind) VW kit car made for a movie come in with a problem. The owner new the movie producer and after the completion of the movie (1st car was wrecked) they sold this car.

It had a custom HP engine with some fancy stuff done with it. I needed to order a special tool inorder to repair the damage. Owner complained of down time. I apologized for any delay. The car was for his son (18-20 yrs of age).

Okay...the car is done and the guy complains of the bill being too high above original estimate...heck..it was a custom engine mod.

Later on have a couple of customers tell me of seeing the kid hot dogging around town and trying to race at every traffic light.

Guy comes in and gives me a summons for small claims court...owner wanting damages for a complete different engine.

Okay... I appear in court and he gives his story and I give mine with paperwork in hand.

Car owner and I are asked to approach the bench where thw car owner has a blacken piston in a rag to show the judge. Car owner says his piece and I show the judge where I had made notice on invoice of a couple of items with a N/C (no charge) plus some things at my WHLSE cost (C) and (no profit) since I was trying to do a just job for any incomvience to the customer. Car owner complained of the total bill.

Judge leans forward and says to the car owner..."if a patient goes to a Dr for a Kidney transplant and the patient dies as a result of heart failure it does not make the DR liable.

I won my case.

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Old 03-27-2010, 07:22 PM
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Steve something like that but no court. Guy comes in with a Ted Williams outboard motor seized like a rock according to him. (not a high end boat motor either)
He leaves it, I get to it, and when I pull the plug to see if i can see anything at all fast, out comes water. I have a better look and stick my finger in the water to taste, and it is sea water. Real nasty stinky sea water too.

I blow the engine dry, run some K-1 around in the ports and blow the whole thing dry, add new mix, giver' a yank and it sputters to life. (air cooled)

I call the guy and tell him the engine is ok, it was full of water, and that a new one costs less than I can buy parts for. (pretty typical in those days for these engines) I hit him with an exotic bill of something like 18 bucks.

A few days goes by and he is back with the motor, and wants his 18 bucks, so I give him 18 bucks. I am too busy to argue about any 18 bucks.

He still leaves the motor, and I find the same thing wrong. I call him and tell him that he can buy the motor back for 36 bucks if he wants, or i will sell it for that. He wants it for 18 bucks and I tell him to pound salt. 36 or I keep it and sell to another..

He shows up and pays the 36 bucks and I caution him on dunking the engine again.

Once more he shows up with the engine and the same thing wrong, and I am about ready to go to war. But this time he says, I watched my son in the sand box pram, and this engine will raise the bow, and my son cuts the power and the water washes in over the transom..

I fixed that engine for the last time, and sold the guy oars.
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Old 03-27-2010, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Mac_Muz View Post
Sunsprit I may or not have run across these epoxies, it is hard to say, with the rules as they are here. As a rule I don't like them execpt for me and mine.

I am more familar with these for woods in the classic boat industry, but then these would be different, usually a clear/tinted resin, even if it is injectable, most are flexible, but won't tolerate high heat well.

I also work in industrial vacuum ovens today where some resins are used on occasions. Oven large enough, 2 maybe 3 men can stand inside and still have some elbow room. Simpler designs than cars by far.. No hidden fasteners at all, and a world that makes sence with no sence of fashion. I am more than sure you 2 guys can understand that!

With epoxies and customer i would be very inclined to have them sign off in ink, that they are aware of the financial risks and the costs of a real metalic repair/replacement part.

I would do this for such a simple thing a helicoil locktited in on boats, and or MB, about the only places this has occured for me. Both ruined by over torquing, and by the customer themselves. For a fee I can be had any time of day any day of the week. This sort of lets me see things over a wide area.. So far no one has called on me to use a helicoil on air craft and I am not to sure I would do it. I do have some limits with being creative.

Oh Sun you might like a shot at guessing how i put a fan knob that turns back in a 280Se MB.. I may have the model name wrong. V8 MB, real French walnut dash, where the know it turned once for hi and turned once more for low speed.

One of my techs took it as working like Volvo where you pulled.

I was right off the wall, but in 45 minutes I had that knob back in with out taking the while switch out. man that car was just loaded, and the last thing I was going to do was replace a perfectly good switch.

I told the tech to just go roll the fuses. I am sure you both (Steve) know about that.

you no doubt have seen the product manufacturers at one point or another in the industrial epoxy product lines ... even if your specialty has been in the wooden boat/marine biz and you might be dealing more with solvent based (even if it's a water based) epoxy resin systems than paste grade 100% solids epoxies.

While this is a specialized business, I can assure you that major (as well as minor) repairs on virtually every conceivable piece of equipment and machinery in heavy industry, power generation, mining, HVAC, all kinds of industrial rotating equipment (even in food grade applications), hydro-electric plants/turbines, large electric motors, large gas/diesel motors .... you name it, it's been done.

I've personally applied a couple hundred dollars worth of product at just the
right spot in a timely manner at a power plant to avoid a forced outage that would have cost a minimum of $1mil. I've personally applied a few thousand dollars worth of product in a francis turbine in a matter of hours that historically took one week of welding and one week of grinding to shape each year to repair it's annual cavitation damage ... and I was able to repair it all, rather than the time limited amount of repairs that could be done by welding each year. I've rebuilt so many cooling towers and chillers that I've lost count ... at a collective savings of millions of dollars for the owners. I've sealed/repaired/protected vessels in the beverage/brewing industry that would have cost millions to replace, not to mention the downtime. I've rebuilt old babbit type bearings in stationary mining equipment with "slippery" formulated 100% solids epoxy systems cold molded in place rather than the historical pouring of babbit and scraping a bearing to fit.

While my industrial (and automotive) applications are but a few of the ones that are done daily and routinely ... there's lots more of promotional "how-to" articles and testimonials out there with all kinds of durable repairs from the epoxy industry and their satisfied clients. The US Navy is a big user of these types of products ... and there's probably a fair number of folk on this forum that can tell you about the repairs they've seen and the products they've used.

I've had success in so many repairs in automotive that I consider them routine. Perhaps you've seen the older MB's with the valve guides that used to come loose in the head? I got to where I didn't need to pull the heads off 99% of the time. With a bit of finagaling, I could extract the old guide and securely epoxy a new one in place in a matter of an hour or so with some follow up adjustments the next morning to return the car to service. Lots of dealers and owners sure appreciated the savings ... and I was able to turn a good profit for the work. Stripped threads? almost never a problem to repair, like overtorqued valve covers on V-8 'benz's in the heads. Water pump mounting bolts? no problem to fix. I've fixed damaged axle spindles where a bearing failed and spun on the axle to the tune of a few thou. Or replaced bearings in transmission housings where a bearing failed and tore up the housing. Oil pans? no problem to fix, even in the field ... even the alloy ones where a piece might be missing after an encounter with a pothole or rock in the road. Rod through the side of a block in a non-structural area? no problem to fix ... and I've done this on 2,000 HP marine diesels, too. Alloy/plastic radiator repairs (ah, those broken/seeping necks on Behr plastic radiators ....)? no problem.

Virtually anyplace you can think of welding as a repair, I can use an epoxy product ... with the exception of places subject to operating temps in excess of the epoxy product. Then, there's no choice ... weld and machine as needed, or replace. OTOH, there's places where you can't weld and I can apply epoxy ....
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Old 03-27-2010, 08:42 PM
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I'll bet the RIGHT epoxy can even hold concrete ceiling panels in tunnells under Boston Harbor.
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Old 03-27-2010, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by goshawk View Post
I'll bet the RIGHT epoxy can even hold concrete ceiling panels in tunnells under Boston Harbor.
All of the epoxies I've seen used for concrete buildings and structures repair will hold to bond strengths far in excess of the strength of the concrete. If something fails, it won't be the epoxy holding on to the concrete substrate.

I've seen enough concrete dam, spillway, waterway, canals, and other structures bonded and repaired with epoxy systems to know that it's better than concrete ... but it does come at a price.
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Old 03-27-2010, 09:14 PM
19,122 posts, read 21,371,764 times
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Sunsprit, Now that you go a bit deeper I have seen some of these repairs and that did work very well. I own a older husky saw a 242 xp and the handle gas tank in aging cracked, and was getting ready to spill fuel. I made a alloy 1061 addon grip and thru bolted it with counter sunk 1/4-20 bolts and used JB Weld, which is holding up just fine.

I don't nearly have the same experience. Send me some to play with.. yeah right..

Last time I said that I got all of my wishes and more that was prepared to recieve too. I was poking around looking for pitch, not having the slighest idea pitch was used to make ink. I wanted it for boats, old boats, french and indian war vintage re-production gun boats. Some how I tripped over a very nice gent who had pitch. What he did was send me a bag of 55 pounds. This looks like semi transparent gold lumps of coal. A few of my Buck Skinner friends have used a smaller portions and I have the rest, which will be used on the next gun boat, and there will be a lot left over still.

back to the JBW.
I have no idea what you think of that epoxie, but it is common everywhere, and I have no earnings from it, so hope I didn't slam the door on the thread. I did once use this as an emergency fix for a torn off top radiator hose mount. It worked so well I left it that way, but it was my car. I was in Boston and had been rudely cut off. Some how the clevis pin removed itself from the brake pedal lever and a return spring pulled the pedal up under the dash in a Datsun SPL 311. I made a 4th to 1st gear shift, and tore the engine mounts and the rad fitting off.

Sears was there, so not being able to drive I went and got epoxie. i waited maybe 1 hour, and then drove with no cap. The next day that stuff wasn't going anywhere. I did refine the goober and made it appear presentable.

And so you know chillers too. You do get around. My wife was in marketing for chillers, that company sold out lock stock and barrel 5 maybe 6 years ago. The buyers appear to be lost in the art of building much of anything. Oh well.

Hawk that last comment got me into the fits and giggles.... Yeah maybe if they flood the whole tunnel to be a solid core and then re-drill it eh? All I can say is if you use that tunnel be ready to duck.
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Old 03-27-2010, 11:59 PM
Location: Independence, MO
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DH used to do Cadillac Roadside Assistance Calls before GM came up with OnStar. He went on some of the funniest calls. One a woman locked her purse and keys in the car, along with her dinner. Another lockout was a woman locked her keys in the car in the garage, along with the baby in the backseat.Another lockout a man was going to take his daughter to college, decided they would take the dog. Got the car packed and the dog wouldn't get out of the car, they go back out to leave and the dog locked them out of the car.

He has some good stories that are hilarious, but the best involved my dad. Complaining to DH that he thought his transfer case on his 1 month old truck was going out. DH, drove it, heard it too. Then he laid on the ground in the driveway, kept telling my dad to do differnt things. DH saw a rock on the top of the transfer case. That was the noise they kept hearing. (Dad lives on a gravel road)

A friend called today, car won't start, can you come over and get it started. DH turned the key and looked at the dashboard, informed them they were out of gas.

One woman came into the shop one day. And informed him she wanted him to put the Mr. Goodwrench machine on her car. He informed her that he was Mr. Goodwrench, not a machine. Then told her she took commercials too seriously. He went over her complaints she came in with, nothing wrong, she just wanted the darned car on the machine she saw in commercials. Cadillac owners can be very eccentric.
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Old 03-28-2010, 01:08 AM
Location: Eastern Missouri
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this thread has my vote as the best one on C-D !!! Great reading, some rofl, some fearful memories of past business ownership dealing with some people, and wondering, why do we work on other peoples stuff we know will be a pain- not our work but the people!!!!
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Old 03-28-2010, 08:02 AM
Location: Maryland
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Where's the post from my mechanic? This guy (me) couldn't start his Motorhome after 2 days of trying. I (my mechanic) arrive with my tow truck and decide to try for myself. Turns out the customer (me again) left the vehicle in drive when it was turned off. Put in park and started right away. His parents (my mom & dad) must have been hippies.
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