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    Marijuana Deaths

    Is it illegal to smoke cannabis in in this country (USA)? Yes, it remains illegal under the misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It can be punished with a custodial sentence and it is still prohibited even if it was just a small very small amount as it stands the law is unambiguous that possession of cannabis is unlawful. So obviously it's not something that can be done in this country. Only exception would be if it was a medical experiment under license. It's clear in this country is still illegal to smoke cannabis. But there is one place in Europe you know for sure, you can smoke a joint without getting arrested. Sudan it's the gadget capital of the Western world as anywhere can try to understand the allure of cannabis and its risks.:ok::ok::ok::ok:

    We are registered general physician. From the last 2 years, we are working for weed/marijuana addicted persons to back them into society with productive life. We are able to encourage & quit marijuana with overcoming withdrawals by 107 people in last 2 years.
    From our observation and experience, recently we published an article about drug tests and how to ease withdrawal symptoms briefly. You are invited to visit [url=http://www.healthtion.com/cannabis-withdrawal-symptoms]How To Ease Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms And Anxiety[/url]. Hopefully you will be benefited.

    Dr. Md. Aftab Uddin
    Author at Healthtion.com
    Posted 03-18-2017 at 01:33 PM by Dr. Aftab Uddin Dr. Aftab Uddin is offline
    Updated 03-18-2017 at 03:21 PM by Dr. Aftab Uddin
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    Its Legal for Teachers to Spank Students in 19 States

    Georgia does NOT allow Corporal Punishment

    As a Georgia teacher for over 15 years and resident for over 20, I can state that there is NO corporal punishment used in Georgia Schools.
    Posted 03-14-2015 at 03:13 PM by Joan Jett Joan Jett is offline
  3. Old Comment

    Marijuana Deaths

    People opposing medical marijuana opinions would change if they had people directly related to them that were an alcoholic or drug addict. Alcoholics or drug addicts can erode a family relationship and it is incredibly hard to deal with. I have had friends and relatives lives adversely affected tearing the family bond apart.

    Another thing on economic value Colorado gets $1 million per day in tax revenues....consider Florida with 4 times the population and tourists arriving. Consider the economic benefit and build the rail system between Tampa and Orlando with some of the revenues.
    Posted 02-04-2014 at 01:28 PM by Sasman Sasman is offline
  4. Old Comment

    Marijuana Deaths

    I hope that Florida can vote in medicinal marijuana in November 2014. I believe the good in the passage of this into law will greatly overshadow the bad.
    There are some incredible stories aiding in epilepsy, cancer, seizures, etc. which have surfaced illustrating the benefit of it, which have to highlighted.
    We need to also realize the economic values in the event that it becomes legal as in Colorado. The economic values of reducing the # of people going to jail for non-criminal offenses and the ruining of young peoples careers by getting caught with small quantities. I realize this would reduce the # of people going to jail and thus reducing the amount of money being spent on incarcerating non-violent criminals.
    I think resources could be better utilized on life-threatening drugs and career ending pharmaceuticals such as oxycotin, heroin, etc.
    I am the father who has lost his daughter to the pharmaceutical drugs and personably feel these companies are allow to legally produce drugs that ruin or even kill people. Case in point Phillip Seymour and the Glee actor--what a waste of talent, we will miss them. I believe had they been using weed, they would not be dead right now.......
    Posted 02-04-2014 at 01:16 PM by Sasman Sasman is offline
  5. Old Comment

    America in 40 Seconds

    Hey, I pulled that up and of course Carlin is right but only a comedian can get by with such an inconvenient truth. To bad!
    Posted 07-10-2013 at 01:45 PM by Fortoggie Fortoggie is offline
  6. Old Comment

    We're #1!

    Thanks for the comments. I'm not saying all is horrible. I just think we as a nation avoid addressing problems too much. We paint America as being this wonderful utopia, when in reality, for all the resources we have, we should be doing far better. We have our priorities all mixed up in America, and awareness is the only thing to make people take off the rose colored glasses.
    Wish you both well also!
    Posted 02-14-2013 at 11:45 AM by colorfulchic83 colorfulchic83 is offline
  7. Old Comment

    We're #1!

    We may not be #1 in certain things, but we can still focus on the positive things we come close to.

    This is the negative listing, now, show me the positive listing so we can see where we rank there... We have to be close in a lot of things, to the upper rankings, then being at the bottom in all things.

    Also, I would like to know who made this rating system?
    Lots of people have biases against the USA and would list us in the bad catagory, just because they hate us.

    I always love to focus on whats positive, if I can, and if not, then I will always look 'up' for the things I cant reach and ask, why?

    I wish you well...

    Posted 02-09-2013 at 03:02 PM by woodworkingmenace woodworkingmenace is offline
  8. Old Comment

    We're #1!

    But we don't rank #1 when it comes to the best countries. They mostly go to northern European countries. (like Sweden, Finland or Switzerland)
    Posted 02-08-2013 at 01:19 PM by Kevroqs Kevroqs is offline
  9. Old Comment

    We're #1!

    Dont believe everything you read...
    Most 3rd World Countries dont have reporting stations, so you never know what they are doing.

    China never reports anything 'bad' about themselves, so you dont know if anything is true coming out of there.

    This is only guess work at best, and if its composed by our Government, then you know its full of baloney, because for CO2 emissions, China has to come in first...They have inversions so bad, that they cant breathe outside!! (While Obama is trying to shut down our Industries, and succeeding).

    I wish you well...

    Posted 02-07-2013 at 09:45 AM by woodworkingmenace woodworkingmenace is offline

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