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Old 04-05-2010, 11:33 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
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Make sure to check out Calvary Chapel Boise. Calvary Chapel Boise
It's just outside Meridian's east side and on the left edge of Boise. To make it simpler, I just took Franklin and turned rt on Auto Drive and you're there. If you can maneuver fast on the many choices of interstate pulloffs right there, I'm sure it's much faster taking I-84 to I-184 and get off on Franklin, turn east and take immediate 1st rt on Auto Drive. Check map at their site.

They're nondenominational, teach word for word thru the Bible and have TONS of activities & ministries. My kids & I were visiting the Boise area the last few days for the 1st time, so after researching nondenominational & Baptist churches, most wanted to visit CC for their Resurrection Celebration. Amazing! Loved the sermon and the contemporary music, too! They even have AWANA, too.

Here's the GARBC (General Association of Regular Baptist Church) church link for a few of theirs in the area:
GARBCs in area

SBC (Southern Baptist Church) link for local ones:
Meridian SBCs
Boise SBCs

Then, you can type those church names in the web and check out their own websites to see if it meets your families beliefs & needs. I know there are MANY church choices around the area, so enjoy. Have fun on your visit. Take care & God bless.

Last edited by mountainfaith; 04-05-2010 at 12:00 PM..
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Old 04-06-2010, 01:40 AM
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Mountainfaith....I advised the OP to check out the same church, thanks for providing the link for them however.
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Old 04-18-2010, 05:08 AM
Location: Idaho
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Eagle Christian is a pretty good option too. So is Vineyard, although that is in Boise, not Eagle or Meridian.

On the LDS thing...I'm going to try to explain what I can carefully because I don't want to give a false impression either way. First, the LDS community is about just that. Community. They value their church community, family and friends. Part of that includes a much stronger sense of comraderie and support within that community. There are definitely those members who take it too far. I know my parents neighbor's are LDS (the only family on the block that is) and they refuse to associate or join in any neighborhood event. But I went to school with many of my close friends (not just classmates) who were Mormon. I'm not saying there aren't issues but a few bad experiences shouldn't be enough to judge everyone. I'm not LDS btw.
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Old 04-21-2010, 10:43 PM
Location: Meridian, ID
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Sorry about being delayed in my response on this post but I just came across this site looking for something else and noticed your post. I live in Meridian and have lived in the Boise area for over 9 years after moving from AZ. We LOVE Meridian and the church that we attend. We just purchased a building in the heart of downtown Meridian after outgrowing two other locations since I have attended. Major renovation will start very soon so it’s an exciting time. Church of the Harvest is the name of the church and it's non-denominational. The website is http://www.coharvest.org
Our children are young so they have not been impacted by any shunning. We have a niece and nephew that moved here 6 months ago, started school after the year had already started and they love it. I have heard no mention of any shunning going on against them.
It’s obvious the LDS is prominent in the entire Treasure Valley. I have lived in different parts of Boise and in Meridian. In some places you can see 2 or 3 LDS churches in less than ½ a mile. I have known many and have established relationships with many LDS.
If or when my children will face any negative treatment from LDS, or anyone else, I hope that I have raised them in a way to respond as Christ like as possible. LDS, Catholic, Baptist, Atheist, or whoever someone is associated with need to know Gods true love.
There are plenty of other influences that can impact your children here in a positive way. I surely wouldn’t avoid Meridian just because of a few opinions. People are very friendly here, schools are great, crime is low but happens, and traffic was hard getting used to because no one is really in a rush compared to AZ.
Let me know if you have any questions or need ANYTHING! Bless You!
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Old 04-22-2010, 05:02 PM
88 posts, read 215,817 times
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Originally Posted by mrjhyde View Post
If or when my children will face any negative treatment from LDS, or anyone else, I hope that I have raised them in a way to respond as Christ like as possible. LDS, Catholic, Baptist, Atheist, or whoever someone is associated with need to know Gods true love.
There are plenty of other influences that can impact your children here in a positive way. I surely wouldn’t avoid Meridian just because of a few opinions. People are very friendly here, schools are great, crime is low but happens, and traffic was hard getting used to because no one is really in a rush compared to AZ.
Let me know if you have any questions or need ANYTHING! Bless You!
Ditto this statement.

As for churches... the key is really figuring out where you will live and then how far you are willing to travel. You have gotten some good recommendations already but it won't mean much if they are too far from where you will be located! I started church 'dating' when I was still living in a hotel and, although I found some good ones, they ended up being too far from the house we bought! Here is a summary of my church hunt last year.

Boise First Baptist:
Location: Downtown
Pastor: great! good biblical knowledge, down to earth, very approachable, very organized sermon.
Worship: very enthusiastic but amateur. Not sure how polished you like it but it was fun! Lights were on, the band tried hard to get the congregation going and it looked like folks were at least trying to sing, even if they were quiet! Music was contemporary with a couple of hymns thrown in.
Kids programs: tons of programs for kids. They are REALLY involved in the community and I became good friends with one of the pastor's wives so I am a bit biased.
Building: older, wooden pews, you get the picture!
Size: not huge in my opinion but they offer a lot of service times and I go to the earliest ones which are usually quieter.

Calvary Chapel Boise:
Location: by the highway 84
Pastor: very hip, cool, (think jeans and a t-shirt). He was kind of all over the place and I found him hard to follow (as per a previous post) but he seems to have his heart in the right place. Biblically correct.
Worship: INCREDIBLE... but a bit like being at a rock show! Think lights off, people swaying and electric guitars, etc. So definitely contemporary but didn't feel very connected to the congregation. Most were just watching, not much singing going on.
Kids program: amazing! Very comprehensive child program.
Building: huge, modern.
Size: mega church with the corresponding programs and support to go with it (heaps of small groups, conferences, outreach programs... if you want a church to equip you with how to walk the walk they can do it).
They also have a MOPS group and do AWANAs.

Foothills Christian Church
Location: Garden City on State Street, kinda between Eagle and Boise
Pastor: down to earth, caring, nice guy. Really cares and knows how to simplify doctrine. He likes to do a step approach to topics, for example; 10 values for incredible families. He focuses on the practical life application of the bible, not so much looking at a verse and picking it apart.
Worship: great! Contemporary. Congregation is a bit sleepy though so not as involved as I’d like.
Kids program: very good. My son loves going here and he went to all but a couple of churches with me.
Building: brand new
Size: comfortable… not too big, not too small. People seem to really care about you here and it seems easy to get to know folks.

Eagle Christian Church
Location: State Street close to Star
Pastor: AMAZING! He is one of the smartest people I have met and is the real deal. Very caring … walks the walk. He is modest, humble, and biblical and truly cares about his congregation. He is the only one that I know of in the churches I tried that greats his congregation for every service. He is also incredibly smart and really knows his stuff. Every time I go I can’t wait to discuss what he said b/c it is always something I never would have thought of before. He is also a published author on two books on Christianity and Mormonism.
Worship: lead by Scott Riggan, a published Christian recording artist. He does a great job and leads the band with contemporary worship. Lights off… more of a show feel. Congregation does sing but not as enthusiastic as my ‘home’ church from TX!
Kids program: I like it b/c their philosophy is to teach the lambs and not be a daycare but my son is still so little that he cares more about whether or not he can play with cool toys so he doesn’t love it as much! The program itself is good b/c he has learned biblical principles and each week gets a take home kit where you can see what he learned and shows parents ideas to incorporate what he learned into their home environment.
Building; new
Size: mega. My one problem is that it has been hard to make friends here. They do have small groups but I haven’t found one that works with my schedule. I know if I put a little more effort in I would get more out of it but having a baby makes it harder for me to find the time.

Ustick Baptist Church
Location: Ustick b/w Eagle and Locust Grove
Pastor: I didn’t see the Pastor b/c the sermon was being lead by the head of the Boise Rescue Mission
Worship: not my style. Lights on, congregation was singing though but it was older style music.
Kids program: this was one I didn’t bring my son to but I did a small tour and it seemed ok. I know they do Awana’s and one my friends son goes there and loves it.
Building: older
Size: large but older congregation at the service I attended. They were very friendly in welcoming me though and I loved the sermon message (10 places to give to this holiday season…. So helpful!).

The Pursuit
Location: Chinden
Pastor: young, big heart, emotional. Message was basic. I was looking for something a bit more intellectual and biblically based so the style didn’t work for me.
Worship: ROCK SHOW at 9am! I mean… hands in the air, pumping fists, heads bopping up and down… CRAZY! But fun!! Oh… need I say contemporary! Lights off. Congregation wild!
Kids program: my son LOVED this one and didn’t want to leave.
Building: new
Size: large

Capital Christian Center
Location: Eagle/Fairview
I had a review written up for this one but in the spirit of fairness I can’t bring myself to post it. Put it this way, I do not recommend it as it didn’t meet the criteria I was looking for but I think you have to make up your own mind. It just wasn’t for me. I felt I had to mention it b/c it was one of the places I tried.

Others that I still want to visit include The River in Eagle (several folks have recommended it but the service time doesn't work for me). I would love to attend the Vineyard to see what that's all about too.

In conclusion; I learned something amazing about God which is that you need all kinds of churches, pastors and worship styles to reach everyone as per the great commission. Every church I tried I felt I was meant to be there that day and I have friends that attend Calvary, Eagle Christian, Foothills, The Pursuit and First Baptist … so almost every church lead to a friendship which is a blessing too. God is good and knows that he can’t reach everyone if he only delivers his message in one style, in one way. So I was blessed to come to an appreciation of different churches, even ones that didn’t suit me for my church home. I personally regularly attend Eagle Christian and also go to Foothills when I can. I love the intellectual stimulation of ECC but enjoy the practical lessons at Foothills.
I could go into more detail as I really have barely given an overview of each place but the bottom line is that these are all just MY opinions and what church works for me and my family may be totally different to what works for you so I hope you will take the time to visit some or all of the places people have mentioned here and you will know when you find the right place.
I hope some of this helps. Sorry it is so long. If anyone has any questions please PM me.
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Old 04-23-2010, 06:18 PM
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Default Meridian church

We love Capital Christian Center. We have attended for 13 years. Our kids have grown up in this church & are now teenagers & young adults who love God & love people. We have outstanding pastors & youth pastors/youth group, which is first and foremost of importance to us. Services are Sat 5pm, Sun 9am, Sun 11am. Youth meets Wed 7pm.
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Old 05-03-2010, 12:47 AM
Location: Idaho
55 posts, read 101,568 times
Reputation: 42
Since I used to attend Ustick Baptist (and my parents still do), I can update a little more on that.
The pastor is a great pastor but they do have fill in the blank sermon notes. That was great when I was younger but now that I'm older, I find I really want a chance to be more engaged.
But what Ustick lacks in that area, it more than makes up for in the community. Despite the growth (in 2000 when i first attended there were 150 members, now its about 700) Ustick still feels like a small town church. So if you want the church that involves you rather than you having to get involved its a better option.
The youth program is horrendous though. Kids below junior high age have great programs and its one of the best Awana programs in the valley but the youth group is practically nonexistent.
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Old 01-15-2011, 09:47 PM
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Default Any good Christian Churches in Eagle or Meridian?

Good evening, Really appreciate your review of each of these churches in the Boise area. I had a friend recommend Eagle Christian, Capital, Calvary, Foothills. I am just moving into the area, have visited Foothills and Calvary and will give each a whirl. Could you share your info gathered on Capital as you seem to have a very accurate insight so far. Thanks.
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Old 01-15-2011, 11:39 PM
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I live in Meridian, am LDS, and have two kids (one of which is school-age). I cannot speak for anyone else, but I in no way discourage my school-age son from befriending nonmembers. He has many friends in the neighborhood who are non-LDS.

Let me give an example here, of the 15 kids my son had at his bday party last month, only one of them was LDS.

As far as Christian churches go, a coworker of mine goes to Ten Mile Church on Ten Mile & Franklin. She absolutely loves it! Best of luck in your decision to move!
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Old 01-21-2011, 07:44 AM
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-Capital Christian: Money driven way too much, Word of faith type atmosphere.
-Riverside Christian: Awesome little church, great Pastor, sound Biblical teaching, not much for kids.
-Vineyard: We went ONCE and walked out....they started crying and wailing during the initial prayer which was all about our fallen society and how we messed it up. Seriously crazy group. Sorry.
-Eagle Christian: The best of the best. Sound Biblical teaching, great youth services, lots offered. Only downside is the worship is a little weak. We like a more spirit filled worship service.
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