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Old 03-09-2014, 07:06 PM
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Please be patient and read everything. This is the type of person that kills boxing. How can he write articles in one of the most popular boxing websits if he is HEAVILY BIASED and doesn't stand for anything? He repeatly lies and keep talking out of his butt like if he was some boxing guru. His name is Dan Ambrose from Boxingnews24.

At first i didnt gave much attention to what Dan Ambrose would write in his articles. Then i started noticing patterns. He talks mad crap and doesnt even awknowledges it when he is wrong. Especially of Cotto, Maidana, JCC jr, and Canelo

When Cotto was going to fight the Dominican fighter Devin Rodriguez, Ambrose said "dont be surprise if Rodriguez wins by using his height and reach and outboxing Cotto". Then after Cotto beat Rodriguez he changed what he said and said Rodriguez was a B level fighter with no punch.

Then with Maidana. Dan Ambrose said Maidana would be too predictable and slow against Broner. But when Maidana beat the crap out of him he said Broner was to light weight.

Then when JCC jr beat Vera in the second time, he said that JCC Jr was too heavy.

This guy just makes excuses but never gives credit where credit is due.

Ill show you an example with Canelo vs Angulo.


Title of the article: Canelo: I think i'm stronger than Angulo
posted by Dan Ambrose in March 6, 2014

By Dan Ambrose: Former WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul ďCaneloĒ Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOís) has been hearing nonstop for the past couple of weeks how the bigger Alfredo Angulo (22-3, 18 KOís) is stronger than him and the harder puncher, but Canelo isnít ready to agree to that. Canelo believes that itís he and not Angulo that is the harder puncher of the two, and he intends on proving that on Saturday night when they meet each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ďEveryone says Angulo is the stronger guy, but I think Iím the strongest. Angulo presents a difficult challenge because heís a fighter who can punch and take a great punch. I know I have to prepare and establish my game plan early. But you know how it can be with game plans. Sometimes, once a fight starts, you have to do what you have to do to win and thatís what I am going to do on Saturday.Ē

Canelo talks a good game, but he doesnít back it up in the ring. In his last fight, it was Floyd Mayweather Jr. who was the stronger guy and bouncing shots off Caneloís head.

I donít see Canelo trying to slug with Angulo. Canelo doesnít have the chin to stand in there with the hard hitting Angulo, and if he tries to prove a point by getting in the trenches with him, we could see the red-haired Canelo get stopped for the first time in his career. Canelo was pretty badly shaken up in his fight against Jose Miguel Cotto in the past, and Golden Boy Promotions has mostly taken it easy with Canelo since moving him up to the 154 lb division three years ago.

Read more at Canelo: I think I’m stronger than Angulo


Title: Hunter sees Canelo-Angulo fight being a savage bout that will change them
Posted by Dan Ambrose March 7th, 2014

I have a strong feeling that Angulo will score a quick stoppage in the fight once Canelo turns red in the face from moving around the ring and backs up against the ropes for one of his rest breaks. Angulo will savage him with power shots and likely hurt him with something. Canelo has too much pride to get off the ropes, so weíll likely see him get done in right there. Itíll be like Custerís last stand.

If Canelo takes a beating in this fight, itís definitely possible that he wonít be the same fighter after this. Heís already not seen as the same fighter after his back to back poor fights against Trout and Mayweather.

Read more at Hunter sees Canelo-Angulo fight being a savage bout that will change them


Title: Canelo and Angulo make weight
Posted by Dan Ambrose in March 7, 2014

An emaciated Canelo came in right at the weigh-in limit at 155 lbs, and looked like he couldnít take anymore weight off without leaving himself too weak to fight on Saturday. Angulo looked a lot better at 154.5 lbs, and appeared like he would have taken more weight off without it draining him.
Read more at Canelo and Angulo make weight


Title: Angulo: I wanted to keep fighting
Posted by Dan Ambrose in March 9, 2014

Angulo didnít have his old energy. I think it took too much out of him in trying to get down to the weight limit for the fight, because thereís no other explanation for his lack of power. An Agulo from five years ago would give given Canelo all he could handle tonight, but not this version.

Angulo was weak and slow. Itís a credit to Golden Boy Promotions for picking Angulo at the right time in his career for Canelo to beat him, because if this fight had been made years ago, it might have been a different story.

Itís interesting that Schaefer is bragging about Canelo wanting to fight the best, because if thatís actually true, you have to wonder why Canelo still havenít been matched against Erislandy Lara or Gennady Golovkin or even Andre Ward. As heavy as Canelo looked tonight, I donít see why thereís no reason why Schaefer doesnít match Canelo up against Ward. Canelo weighed 166 lbs at the secondary weigh-in on Saturday, and he obviously rehydrated after that because he sure didnít look like 166 lb fighter during the fight.

This was easily the biggest Iíve even seen Canelo look before. He was 172 for his fight against Austin Trout last April, but tonight he looked at least 180 lbs. At that weight, thereís no excuse for Canelo not to fight Andre Ward or at least Golovkin.

Read more at Angulo: I wanted to keep fighting [against Canelo]


See what i mean? He firsts in his weight in article that Canelo looked weak and Angulo looked strong. But after the fight he says Angulo was drained and Canelo was his biggest ever.
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Old 03-10-2014, 08:13 AM
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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Well Canelo did come in one pound over (and paid $100K for it). However, there's no reason why that would mean that Angulo was drained and he wasn't. Angulo looked fit, but he also looked tentative. Canelo's combinations and hand speed advantage totally neutralized him.
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Old 03-10-2014, 09:04 AM
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I've never heard of Dan Ambrose but I'm surprised he's still writing columns for Boxingnews24 if these are his thoughts before and after a fight. Angulo is a tough fighter and all, but I have no clue why he thought he was going to give Canelo major problems in their fight Saturday night. Canelo is a legitimate stud and I don't forsee him having problems with anyone who's not an elite fighter himself. I haven't seen the fight yet but from what I read it ended up pretty much as I thought it would, although I would have figured that Canelo was going to knock him out instead of the referee stoppage.

On sort of a side note, Angulo was a good matchup for Canelo as far as getting him back on track after being outclassed by Mayweather. Ambrose is a fool if he thinks that Golden Boy should put him in the ring with Ward or Golovkin just because Canelo's handlers are on record saying that he wants to fight the best. Canelo is only 23 and has a bright future ahead of him. No sense in ruining that future by fighting Ward or Golovkin this soon when he's probably not ready for that level of competition. However, he probably will have to see Lara fairly soon and Lara is good enough to give Canelo a run for his money.

I just wonder if Golden Boy will put Canelo in the ring with Lara given that it's likely a win won't raise Canelo's stock much higher than it already is but a loss would likely postpone the mega-money fights that people are already trying to line up for him. Either way his name is big enough now that I'm sure he'd be fine. But it is something to think about since there aren't too many other pay-per-view fights out there for him. I'm interested to see which direction Golden Boy takes its youngest cash cow from here. It'll be dangerous to strike while the iron is hot and go for the big money pay-days against JCC, Ward or Golovkin. But it may be just as dangerous to be exposed by a good fighter who's not really a pay-per-view star like Lara.
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Old 03-13-2014, 08:38 PM
Location: Back in the gym...Yo Adrian!
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You have to understand that most boxing writers today are not journalists, they are glorified bloggers with a bias. Boxingnews24, Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, etc, all employ casual fans with a definite bias. Look at Max Kellerman, he's a so called analyst/announcer and one of the most biased figures in boxing. Most times I have to turn the sound off when watching an HBO fight now because he is so intolerable.
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Old 03-14-2014, 11:00 AM
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I have no idea why that guy is able to write on that site, but as coolhand alluded to, he's not getting paid. I'll go a little further and say he probably in his late 20s and lives with his parents.

Anyway, surely he must understand Floyd and Angulo have two completely different styles. Regardless, he should have acknowledged that he was wrong.

Canelo had a major learning experience against Floyd who is probably the best boxer of this generation. Canelo's downfall was he attempted to box Floyd.

I'm not sure anyone in history could outbox Floyd. The only way to beat Floyd is to make him fight, you have to press him.

The only problem is that he's going to hit you in the process. Canelo wasn't prepared or was not able to execute that type of game plan and he paid for it.

Don't think it was easy though. Floyd can make things look easy, but he's just that good.

Anyway, I don't know how I got on that tangent.

Dan Ambrose is a garbage writer.
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Old 03-14-2014, 01:02 PM
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Thanks for responding guys. Its just a little annoying trying to read up on the latest boxing news then having to come across these biased posts. Alot of people read those posts. They influence how people think of the boxers who have to go up on the ring and risk their health (speech problems, eye sight, brain damage)

That is why i did'nt understand why after Canelo gave a great performance against Angulo the crowd was booing and throwing stuff at his team when they left, his manager being struck with something that made him bleed across his face. Canelo is a good kid, he doesnt drink or party, he is mature, he keeps his move shut, but many bloggers coming into the fight said he was going to get swarmed by Angulo.
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Old 09-23-2014, 08:54 PM
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Dan Ambrose is a baboon. Boxing news 24 is the inquire of boxing news. The writers on this site are not sports reporters and professionals. The writers including Dan Ambrose are crazed looney fans that started a web site. The quality of writings are poor, filled with spelling mistakes and grammar issues. They do not have a real editor to proof the dribble. As far as Dan Ambrose goes, he knows little to non about boxing inside or outside of ring. The site is fantasy as the crazed looney fans post their blogs, writing about what they hope will or would happen with little fact. It's much like a football writer calling a football a baseball. If you take the inquirer seriously than one would take boxing news 24. When I first read Dan Ambrose I thought he was very funny until I realized that he was serious and dan Ambrose was thinking he was a real boxing reporter. When you see a Dan Ambrose or a writing on boxing 24, it shouldn't take you long to come to the conclusion that boxing news 24 is just a few crazed fans writing about their fav boxers. Their are many very good sites to get up to date real news with regards to boxing. However for a good laugh or pure entertainment Dan Ambrose and boxing news 24 with make you smile. The news that Dan Ambrose and boxing 24 releases is hours late and ripped off of a real news site with reports and writers and editors. So what is wrong with Dan Ambrose? He is merely a crazed boxing fan writing about what he hopes/ wishes will or has happened. Dan Ambrose is not a professional writer or reporter and we all are little bit dumber for reading his dribble, even if it was only once.
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Old 09-24-2014, 06:49 PM
Location: Back in the gym...Yo Adrian!
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Chris Williams is the worst of the bunch on Boxingnews24. Again, not real writers or journalists, just bloggers who post opinion pieces, no more credible than any other forum.
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Old 09-25-2014, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Coolhand68 View Post
Chris Williams is the worst of the bunch on Boxingnews24. Again, not real writers or journalists, just bloggers who post opinion pieces, no more credible than any other forum.
Lol yeah i enjoy Mayweather boxing skills buy this guy Chris Williams likes to hang on Mayweathers D like his life depended on it. I can't believe he does that. Does hknow what D riding is? Because he does that everytimee even .

Then this guy Dan Ambrose neither likes Mexicans or Puerto Ricans. He thinks GGG is the greatest thing walking aroubd on this earth
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Old 10-03-2014, 07:27 PM
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This is my 1st time being on City-Data.com regarding on boxing writer Dan Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose wrote an article on 2012 Olympian Joseph Diaz Jr. on his 12th victory by beating Raul Hidalgo. Please see below on his article.

By Dan Ambrose: 21-year-old super bantamweight prospect Joseph Diaz (12-0, 8 KOs) stayed unbeaten in defeating an overmatched journeyman Raul Hidalgo (22-12, 16 KOs) by a 7th round TKO last Monday night at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

Diaz knocked Hidalgo down several times before the fight was finally halted in the 7th round. The final knockdown came from a right hand to the body. The second knockdown was from a flurry of head shots after Diaz trapped Hidalgo in the corner and then unloaded on him with a blizzard of shots. The first knockdown was from another hard body shot.
Diaz looks pretty good, but he doesn’t appear to have the kind of talent that would make him competitive against the likes of Carl Frampton and Guillermo Rigodeaux.

Likewise, Diaz doesn’t have the kind of skills that would let help him against WBO featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko or Gary Russell Jr. Diaz is a good basic fighter, but not someone with extraordinary skills.

Joseph Diaz Jr. has an amateur record of 108 wins and 6 losses. Not bad at all. He got the opportunity to fight in the 2012 Olympics with a 1 win and 1 loss. Now he is in the pros with 12 wins 0 losses 0 draws with 8 knockouts. I trip out on how writers can be looking down or being haters on boxing prospects. My hats off to the champions at the 122-pound division. Hard work with dedication always pays off.

Joseph is on that same route with the guidance of his father Joseph Diaz Sr. and Mr. Ben Lira. Mr. Ambrose really needs his words or eyes checked!! If he’s stating or seeing that Joseph is just a basic fighter with no extraordinary skills, why doesn't he go visit Joseph at his training camp and ask if he can spar with him for 3 basic rounds. I’m sure Joseph would say sure! But also Joseph will state to Mr. Ambrose respectively and tell him to go ahead and try to punch me to the head and body and I’ll just punch you to the body only. Pretty basic huh? I’m sure that Mr. Ambrose is a very basic writer also.

All I could say is that Joseph has been growing and will continue to learn. What’s a great thing about Joseph is that he is a Godly young adult, shows the mannerism and respect all together. One more thing about Joseph, he’s not a hater and he will become a future champion.
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