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Old 04-17-2013, 12:57 PM
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Central Valley Visitors Bureau Senno checking in with a special report. This thread is hereby renamed Fresno and Central Valley News, and anything else in California of interest to me, myself and I.

Umm, I have a little poem about Yosemite.

Ode to Yosemite

Yosemite is one of my favorite places
the golden valley beautiful in bloom
and at the tents we do room
to see Halfdome is most majestic
and the Falls most fantastic
Yet the beauty must be preserved
so the vision of John Muir may be complete
and the park replete
with beauty to visit in future times
for your family to enjoy and mine
So if Yosemite you do visit
please remember it is requisite
to enjoy yourselves but be true
to memory of Smokey and other Bears to
so do not litter, or toss out cigarette
or the Rangers will be after you to vet
whether you are cause of fire
and please do not be in denial
for you are responsible for any damage caused
so just be fair to other visitor
and enjoy your stay like any other
or face the wrath of the inquisitor...

Last edited by Senno; 04-17-2013 at 01:10 PM.. Reason: New thread title: Fresno and Central Valley News.

Old 04-17-2013, 01:09 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
This is Reporter Senno with Fresno News.

Seems the City Manager don't agree with others trashy arguments. I agree, when you see a trashy argument you oughta call em on it. Just say no to trashy arguments.

I'm not buying the argument that he is suing as a private citizen and not in his capacity as City Manager though. He has interests that can't be so simply divided...

I'm in the county, and pay Waste Management to haul my trash. I'm just a bystander in all this actually.

Fresno city manager Mark Scott challenges opponents' trash arguments - Updates - fresnobee.com

This story made me laugh out loud. Kinda funny cause we were talking about Fat Hawaiians on the forum recently.


Why I am truly shocked that a gangster has a long prison record...

Man at center of Fresno gang crackdown has long prison record - Crime & Court News - fresnobee.com

Chowchilla suddenly has a flurry of activity. On the forum and in real life...

Chowchilla man claiming to be U.S. diplomat arrested on suspicion of meth possession - Updates - fresnobee.com

Chowchilla men arrested in Fairmead shooting death case - Crime & Court News - fresnobee.com

And in Sports:

Tark the Shark is elected to the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to the old bald guy. I knew when they brought him here
we'd be in for a fun ride, if a bit bumpy with the NCAA chasing after him. Tark's a rebel, and gets a thumbs up.

Jerry Tarkanian elected to Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame - Fresno State Bulldogs - fresnobee.com

This has been Fresno News
Old 04-17-2013, 01:19 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
This is Reporter Senno with Fresno News: Sunday Edition.

I will start off with extremely local reports. My favoritey grocery store is closing up shop. That's RN Market on Belmont and Peach. They've been there I can't remember how long, but will be going away. I've shopped there since Christensen's closed (off and on) and the produce guy from Christensen's went to work at RN. They lost their lease to a competitor.
The Wal-Mart on Kings Canyon is expanding into a Super-WalMart with full grocery. Maybe this played into RN not making a competitive bid in their lease negotiation. I don't really know. But I will probably pick up more produce down at Simonian's in the future.

Still seems to be bad news for Madera. Fresno wants to rewrite the old growth agreement cause we've pretty much grown to the river. Gotta cross the river to grow north, which means Madera and Madera County get involved. Can't go east in many places cause Clovis is there. South is ok for a while though, except around Easton. West is clear, but no one seems to want to go far to the west. It's clear to Kerman though.

Old agreement on growth clouds new deal between city of Fresno, Madera County - Watchdog Reports - fresnobee.com

Outreach continues to the Hmong community. This has been a 30 year project which is bearing fruit. Cause instead of just farmer Hmong, we have doctors, and lawyers and politician Hmong.

Hmong need to work with others to grow - Local - fresnobee.com

The best tennis player in her own age class that Senno knows is Elaine Mason. Those snobs up at Fig Garden are kinda snobs anyway like that, but she's cool. The pro Coby was a good player in his prime also.

The second best player Senno personally knows is his old pro at Porterville Racquet Club. He won the US Clay Courts over age 40 division with his partner from LA. He also played satellite tournaments as a professional, and won the Valleys in High School. Good player.

Fig Garden club fetes Fresno tennis star Elaine Mason - Sports - fresnobee.com

Someone needs to prime the pump. /Kicks engine.

Small businesses get help with startups - 08-Business - fresnobee.com

Everybody's favorite subject: Fracking!

Dreams of black gold in the Valley - Business - fresnobee.com

Time for Big Hat Days in Clovis. Put on your Big Hat and come stomp around and buy cool stuffs from local artists and drink beer and eat bbq.

fresnobee.com galleries: Clovis Big Hat Days

And now for Sports:

Fishing Report! Everybody likes to fish, and maybe someday Salmon will be one of the fishies being fished.

Fishing report: Week of April 3 - Fishing Reports - fresnobee.com

FSU seems to have won a national title in Club Volleyball. Guess that is not an official NCAA championship, but it's still pretty good.

Who the heck knew we had a lacross team?

Softball season still a struggle.

Fresno State roundup: Bulldogs win volleyball club national title - Fresno State Bulldogs - fresnobee.com

This has been Fresno News: Sunday Edition.

Last edited by Senno; 04-17-2013 at 01:19 PM.. Reason: Green links are cool...
Old 04-17-2013, 01:24 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
This is Reporter Senno checking in again with Fun In Fresno: The Foodie Edition.

Seems that where to eat in Fresno popped up on the forums. And I have some ideas about that. But I don't have a
sophisticated palate, so you will just have to bear with me.

I will start with Yoshino's. They is up on Blackstone near heck if I can remember. Around Bullard or so. They serve
fine sushi and teppanyaki dishes.

The cooks put on a fine knife show, and I've never seen one cut yet.

It's a sentimental place for me cause my date for Sadie Hawkins took me there for dinner in high school. And she didn't
even mind that I was badly sunburned that night from a freaking 3 hour tennis match I was involved in that day.
Now I like the steak and shrimp combo, served with extra knife flare. And onion volcano. Rice is excellent, and the
steak great. Never had a bad shrimp there either. Their little salad they serve with delicious dressing is very good
also. Waitresses is cute for a bonus.

Definitely worth a visit if in Fresno for dinner.
Old 04-17-2013, 01:26 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
I started to do fictitious letters to the editor for fun.

Fresno News: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor Senno,

You is an idiot, clearly congress is out of control and we will die if farmers don't make enough foods for us to eat. Shut up and support the farmers.


Hungry in Fresno

The Editor Responds:

Dear Hungry,
You is the idiot. The endangered species act is required to be enforced.

And when you balance out the needs of the various constituents (farmers included) you will find that indeed there are reasons why fishies need water that may be important to your very health.

Farmers is growing food in great supply here, and CA provided 1/4 the needs of the entire nation. They are doing ok.

Remember mosquitoes? They carry West Nile Virus. Fishies eat the larva some, helping keep West Nile Virus down to a low level. And with spraying, hopefully the disease remains contained and cases at a low manageable level.

Thinking of your health.


Editor (and non Doctor or Scientist) Senno


Last edited by Senno; 04-17-2013 at 01:36 PM..
Old 04-17-2013, 01:27 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
Dear Editor Senno,

You are an idiot. How dare you support restricting my rights by supporting that commie Judge in not allowing me to use my phone when and how I wish when driving. That's my God given right.


Hands on Forever

Dear Hands,

I only hope you you remain with hands on the wheel when you drive and eyes on the road. Please don't text and drive as you might indeed kill yourself in a crash.

I wouldn't care so much if you killed yourself, it's when you involve others that I care about. You don't have the right to kill others in pursuit of you God given right to fondle your little appendage.


Editor (and Insurance Adjuster) Senno
Old 04-17-2013, 01:29 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
Fresno News Special Investigatory Report, California Welfare and Fraud.

This thread makes me want to actually study up on Welfare Fraud, along with tell stories various random stories of investigator I know.

Ca welfare fraud stories

Senno's background is as Insurance Adjuster. With heavy emphasis on detecting and eradicating insurance fraud. He has worked hand in hand with a retired FBI agent on a SIU in pursuing such goals.
ou should know that in the various counties of CA Senno is familiar with, that the DA is often understaffed. And while insurance companies are required to report suspected fraud to insurance commissioner and DA, the DA would often write back and tell us to let them know how our investigation was going.

This pretty much meant that we were involved in law enforcement indirectly, as the SIU Investigator (retired FBI) had to prepare the case brief to the point that he could walk in and hand over the case to the DA who would then file charges. If the case wasn't neatly tied in a bow, they wouldn't take it up.

Also in Senno's background is acting training. Thus I have a pretty solid eye when getting squinty eyed and face to face with someone I think might be trying to slide a little fraud by me.

I am certain that the investigators that work in Department of Human Services are at least as well trained as Senno, if not better.

Once they detect a potential fraud, they investigate and involve the DA when there's sufficient cause.

And the state does indeed have checks and balances at Human Services to detect and prosecute fraudulent cases.
Otherwise the website wouldn't even list such cases.

If you know or suspect any fraud, do report it. You can find that info right at the state website. It's part of the checks and balances thing.

Fraud Home

Do your part to reduce Welfare Fraud.
Old 04-17-2013, 01:31 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
Dear Editor:

You is an idiot. Quit supporting paying for hungry kids to eat with my tax money.


Fat and Happy

Dear Fat and Ignorant,

The Editor is as ruthlessly self-involved as you.

He does not wish to trip over starving adults or children on the sidewalk and skin his nose.

Let's look at welfare stats for the US.

4.1% of people in the US are on welfare for spending of $140 billion out of a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. Not that much overall.


I am using an anti-welfare fraud website to show the 2-3% rate. As they couldn't actually come up with more proven stats.

Instead they present a false premise that surely the rate is more, and costing us more, even though it's not provable in the stats. This is specious logic.

If I used the same logic as an insurance adjuster I'd just deny every 20th claim or so with the thought that someone is certainly fraudulent, without actually knowing if that individual committed a fraud. No, it must be proven case by case, not guessed at.

Of course, the Editor is a fan of one supporting himself and his family. But cannot turn a blind eye to those in need. Thus the Editor feels contributing to their subsistence needs is a fair deal, otherwise I might see more beggars about or something like that, or possibly trip over one on the sidewalk, skinning my knee.

Proven fraud accounts for less than 5% of cases. If you have proven stats the editor would be happy to review them. /birds chirping.

That's what I thought. Of course the Editor fights fraud tooth and nail, and expects and knows that the Department of Human Services does so as well.

As far as feeding hungry children, the Editor supports feeding children. And finds that feeding them free lunches and breakfasts, and even dinners would be a wise thing. That way they can be edumacated and grow up and be productive citizens, unlike some of the people the Editor runs into some days. The kids ain't responsible for their non-working parents.

As far as success of school lunch programs, the editor presents Lincoln Elementary School. 45.8% of the kids are on free lunch program, with the school performing admirably.

Lincoln Elementary is a CA Distinguished School, and an 8 on the good schools chart. 45.8% are defined as socio-economically disadvanted, which means the qualify for free lunches, or the live in a home without a high school graduate.

If Clovis Unified School District can do it in an integrated school, the Editor knows of no reason why other school districts can't be as successful.


Teach the children well ( with lyrics) - Crosby Stills - YouTube

The editor knows it is impossible for kids to adequately learn if they are eating their pencils for want of food.

Feed the kids, indeed.
Old 04-17-2013, 01:35 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
This is Reporter Senno with Fresno News: Evening Edition.

The Fracking! fight is getting interesting as a bill limiting fracking leaves the CA Senate. We is actually capitalists, so it's not surprising it will be permitted but tightly regulated. If I can't drink the water they will be hearing from me.

Fracking bill clears Calif. state Senate committee - Updates - fresnobee.com

A Fresno WWII veteran got to board a B-17 again. 60 some years after his last flight. Bless the veterans.

68 years after being shot down over Germany, Fresno WWII vet flies in a B-17 - Top Stories: Tablet - fresnobee.com

A Fresno based F-16 crashed due to pilot error back in December. Just hearing about this now. Pilots ok. Close call.

AF: Pilot error contributed to Calif. F-16 crash - Updates - fresnobee.com

It's always great to advertise our deepest secrets.

U.S. secret: CIA collaborated with Pakistan spy agency in drone war - World News Wire - fresnobee.com

Yay! Strawberry season. Gotta go buy some shortcakes and whipped creme.

It's strawberry time in the Valley - Food and Recipes - fresnobee.com

We are exploring our alternative side here.

Alternative fuel station opens in Fresno - Business - fresnobee.com

I'm for saving girls.

The A-list effort to save girls - Kathleen Parker - fresnobee.com

Thumbs up, thumbs down - Opinion - fresnobee.com

Sports Roundup. Including a rare grand slam in softball.
Old 04-17-2013, 01:38 PM
6,805 posts, read 5,025,310 times
Reputation: 1911
Reporter Senno here doing the Humpty Dance with Fresno News: Humpday Edition.

Everybodys third favorite topic after Taxes and Fracking! Gun Control!


A little good news out of Fresno Unified for once.


A bit of corruption and financial woes for the Sanger Mayor.


Apparently even our Librarians is corrupt. I actually don't know that cause I don't have a link to the mailer in question and didn't receive it in the mail myself. It's kind of a lot of adieu about nothing to me, cause overall libraries are good, and we approved the measure.


More outsourcing City services. First they did garbage.


Lee Brand is a genius. He approaches litigation costs and risks and benefits just as Senno does. Actually it's just the reasonable approach, I think.



Hey, another good bit of wisdom from the Bee fishies reporter. Senno applied much the same principles on the tennis courts and does so in everyday life.


Fresno Bee Editorial. The once mildly onservative Fresno Bee continues it's swing to the moderate taking the GOP to task for it's refusal to meet Obama's compromise.
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