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Old 12-21-2009, 08:43 PM
Location: Central Coast
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I have no idea why the poster who writes in stanzas does so, I think it is like a person without mints, you know, de-minted.

Its positions seem to reflect no actual reality.

It is interesting that it promotes schools that have the "good" brainwashing, instead of the nonexistent schools that promote the "bad" brainwashing.

This person is the monster the poster alludes to ;

He is currently the Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education. Jennings holds degrees from Harvard University, Columbia University's Teachers College, and the Stern School of Business at New York University. He founded the Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers Education Network in 1990, which became a leading group activist group that claimed to be seeking to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity. On May 19, 2009, Obama administration Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Jennings' appointment as an Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools,[5] starting July 6, 2009[17] as the third director of the office, which was established in 2002 during the George W. Bush administration pursuant to the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.[18]
Social conservatives criticized Jennings' appointment, and are actively working to have him removed from his position, because of allegations that Jennings condoned child molestation because of sexually explicit books that were recommended by his organization. Republicans claim that these books reflect upon Jennings' beliefs, a charge that has been strongly denied by his backers. [12] Education Secretary Duncan, the White House, the NEA, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals have supported Jennings' appointment,[12][20][21] with Duncan saying Jennings was “uniquely qualified for his jo
There is a correlation between the conservative psychology as CAVA19990 infers. The repression inherent in a hierarchical world view, that is the conservative operant requires behavior outside the "norm" to be repressed, but it comes out. Witness the number of conservative politicians and preachers caught on "perverted" behaviors.

Basically, the schools all over are in a
downward spiral, with only a few still
holding on to their principles of teaching
reading, writing, and arithmetic,
This is such a pile of crap, schools are mandated by federal law to conform to NCLB, which means in most cases, reading, writing and 'rithmetic are all that is taught, and they are only taught in such a manner as to high performance on the mandated test, no social studies, no science, no civics, no art, no music, no recess, no PE. Funny thing, we taught everything about reading except the enjoyment of reading, and why anyone would ever want to crack a book. Rote learning with the goal of achieving the lowest level of understanding possible is the gift of the Bush Administration and NCLB.

The agenda now is to teach that it is
okay to go against Mother Nature,
and if you don't adhere to this strain
of contemporary behaviour, then
your child will be sat down in class, given
books and pictures to make it all very
clear what another life style entails, fill the
little minds with filth, and tell mommy
and daddy to take it or leave it.
This is just plain old B^*& S$^%, A stupider concept can scarcely be thought of.

School Teachers are church going, family rearing, hometown football supporting middle class Americans, to infer otherwise is to spit on them, it is disgusting, it is immoral, it guarantees the so-called religious people who smear teachers a particularly hot place in hell.

You may not understand what I am saying, but God certainly does, and you will answer before him for your lying smears.

Old 12-22-2009, 01:19 PM
Location: Beautiful Downtown Rancho Cordova, CA
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I would say after reading this thread that there is just so much misinformation and lies about CA. Sure, the state definitely has it's problems, but come on--do you really think that public school teachers spend their day indoctrinating their students into some kind of liberal agenda?

I will say again that we had two kids in public high schools here and that just never happened. There are still a lot very conservative people here and if any teacher ever went off the deep end, you would instantly hear about it from the conservative folks. I mean, do you think the conservatives in this state just roll over and play dead on these issues?

The schools here are pretty much like schools everywhere except that they are dealing with tremendous numbers of ESL kids and severe budget cuts. It's fair to talk about the declining quality of the schools, but saying that the teachers are "filling the kid's minds with filth" is just plain a lie and stupid.

This is what happens when you let talk show radio do your thinking for you and I will say again that we are conservative, not liberal.
Old 12-22-2009, 02:59 PM
Location: Central Coast
2,014 posts, read 4,630,671 times
Reputation: 812
Funny that the OP picked the Cons of CA. Easy to find something bad about a state a thousand miles long and 300 miles wide with 35 million people.

Even if you have to make stuff up.

But pause a moment, consider the Pros of CA.

Last week my wife and went to some friend's home for supper, a partially Mexican family, ate homemade enchiladas, but before that, we took our glasses of excellent local red wine and walked the half block to the cliffs over looking the Pacific, we, like most people in the little community stood on the cliff's edge and watched the great fiery ball of the sun sink into the ocean.

On Friday, I went out to California's "Serengeti" a federal National Monument, a gift to America from President Clinton. I spent three days there. In the campground was a young woman camping with her dog. A father son and father daughter group camping, a Mexican father son group camping and doing a little bird hunting, and myself. That was it, 10 people, That and a few more were all I saw for three days, maybe 13 people all told. Temperatures were in the 70's.

I hiked and motorcycled the high hills overlooking the vast grassland, with the salt lake.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, two friends of my brother came over, guys in their late 50's, long salty hair, just out of the ocean where they had been surfing a glassy curl. They picked up my very old mother and took her to lunch a few miles away, a restaurant overlooking the Pacific, while they ate Porpoises danced in the water just out from the window of the restaurant. They have been doing this for my mother for the past 6 years, since their good friend, my mother's youngest son passed.

This folks, is California; friends, beauty, caring, landscape and seascape, sometimes a loveliness that defies description, and that is just the friendships!

If you spend your time bitching and moaning and complaining, what have you gained?
If you spend your time looking for the dirt, the mud, the dark, the bad, what sort of person are you?
Old 12-22-2009, 04:07 PM
Location: Pacific Northwest
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Sixth grade teacher punishes student for reading a Jesus poem

In Jesus' name he wrote. But he didn't get an "amen" from his teacher. In fact, he got penalized for it.

That boy is 11-year-old Andrew White. The youngster wrote a poem about Christmas but his teacher shaved off points from his grade for writing about Jesus.

In fact, the teacher, Latasha Atkins, insisted that mentioning Jesus was not allowed and asked him to write a new poem.

“Some educators need education that the story of Christmas is not banned from public schools," said Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law commented.

Here's how the story unfolds: White and his classmates were assigned a creative expression paper for the Winter Writer’s Board as part of his sixth-grade language class at Thames Elementary School in the Hattiesburg Public School District. He could choose among three topics, and he chose to write a poem about “what Christmas means to me.”

After turning in his rough draft, Atkins circled the word “Jesus” and deducted one point from his grade. The teacher explained to White that he was not allowed to mention Jesus at school and would need to rewrite the poem for his final draft without using the word “Jesus.” In obedience, White attempted to rewrite the paper according to the teacher’s instructions.

However, White's parents discovered what happened when the teacher notified them that Andrew was late turning in the final draft. Atkins sent an e-mail to Andrew’s mother explaining the situation. In her e-mail, she specifically stated: “He and another child did a poem about Christ. I know we can't discuss these type [sic] of things in school so I asked the two of them to do another poem of their choice.”

White's parents encouraged him to use his original poem as his final draft.

Andrew’s poem, “A Great Christmas,” reads: “The best Christmas ever is when everyone is there. It is when everyone is laughing here and there. That is the Christmas I want to share. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. About peace on Earth. This is what Christmas is about. It is when He lay in a manger. And the three wise men come to see. That’s what it means to me.”

Principal Carrie Hornsby sided with White and his parents, changing his grade to a 100 and conceding that there was nothing improper in using Jesus’ name. Hornsby then instructed each teacher send out a letter for all the parents to read regarding religious expression at school. The letter clearly explains that religious expression is permitted under federal guidelines.

However, despite promises that these papers would be posted on the Winter Writer’s Board for all to see, Atkins has refused to post any of the papers from the class.

"I am relieved that the situation was resolved by the principal but horrified that a sixth-grader was told by his teacher, ‘we can’t discuss these types of things in school'," Staver said. "I don’t understand why some people don’t get it. Christmas is a state and federal holiday. Schools are closed to celebrate this holiday. Obviously, Christmas is constitutional.”

Feb 8, 2008 12:37 am US/Pacific
Inappropriate Sex Ed. In Calif. Public Schools?
Web Extra: Dr. Angela Griffiths On Calif. Sex Ed.
Anna Werner
(CBS 5)
numSlides of totalImages
Related Stories

* Comprehensive Sex Education Info - Problems With Abstinence-Only Programs

Renee Walker wants the best for her son Jesse, so when his Concord middle school offered a sex education program, she was eager to sign the consent form.

"I was completely comfortable and actually wanted him to learn about contraception and condoms," said Walker.

But then she discovered something that concerned her.

"We soon found out that he had not learned anything about puberty, prevention, contraception," said Walker.

"The only thing I ever heard about a condom is that it breaks," said Jesse.

After some digging, Walker was shocked to find that Jesse's program was actually being taught by an anti-abortion evangelical group with questionable health credentials. Because of her discovery, the program is no longer taught in Concord public schools, but she can't believe it ever was.

"I do think parents are being misled," said Walker.

But that's not supposed to happen in California, where the law clearly states that sex education in public schools must provide all the accurate information kids need to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy and diseases, especially HIV.

But CBS 5 Investigates has discovered that outside groups are making their way into schools to teach "abstinence only until marriage"—sometimes violating state law, and, according to public health officials, putting children at risk who do have sex.

Take, for example, the sex education curriculum taught at junior high schools in Fremont—the fourth largest school district in the Bay Area. Fremont's curriculum was developed several years ago with the help of a group called "Await and Find." The group's founder is Dr. Angela Griffiths, a chiropractor.

Fremont officials told CBS 5 that they were expecting Angela Griffiths and Await and Find to help them put together a comprehensive program that meets state guidelines—teaching self-esteem strategies, reproductive health, and statistics on contraception.

But researcher Petra Jerman found something different when she examined Fremont's sex-ed curriculum for the Public Health Institute.
"It's quite obvious they're an abstinence-only curriculum," said Jerman. "It's to scare kids into abstinence." Scaring them, she said, with medical information that's sometimes inaccurate or deceptive.

For instance, she pointed to a chart from the Fremont curriculum purporting to give the failure rates of contraceptives. According to the chart, even when used consistently and correctly, condoms fail to protect against pregnancy 12 to 16 percent of the time.

"That's not true," said Jerman. "It's only 2 percent. It's [a] big difference."

We showed that chart to Sharla Smith who monitors sex education programs for the California Board of Education.

"This number, actually, is not accurate," said Smith, pointing out that the chart is also missing other crucial information. For example, the California education code requires teachers to show the success rates of contraceptives over the failure rates. "So right away," says Smith, "there's one tenet of the law that is not covered in this chart."

When we took what we found to Fremont's District Director, Dennis Brown, he said, "I think the implication is that they're being deceived. And I don't ever want anyone to be deceived."

So how could that happen? CBS 5 has learned that Await and Find, which developed Fremont's curriculum, has received millions of dollars in federal grants to promote abstinence-only-until-marriage programs—despite the fact that California has rejected the federal guidelines as being medically inaccurate and ineffective in protecting teen's sexual health.

"I have encountered these groups coming into California's public schools," said Smith. "That is one of the significant issues in school districts, is medically inaccurate information."

So what did Angela Griffiths of Await and Find have to say? She said her program does follow state law, but she refused to talk about her work on camera. However in a 2002 speech at a federal abstinence-only grant conference, she had this to say: "The government in California may not support abstinence, but the parents and the students and the school districts do, and they cannot stop asking for more."

In fact, California law does require students to learn that abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. But public schools are not supposed to base their curriculum on scare tactics. Which prompted CBS 5 investigative reporter Anna Werner to ask health researcher Petra Jerman, "Some parents might say, 'Hey, if you can scare my kids into not having sex, I don't care how you do it? If it works, it works for me.'"

"Yeah, unfortunately they might not stay scared for long," says Jerman. "So when they're no longer scared and they do try to have sex and they don't use condoms, there's a danger they might get infected with chlamydia, gonorrhea, or even worse, HIV."

( MMIX, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
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Last edited by Summertime; 12-22-2009 at 04:21 PM..
Old 12-22-2009, 04:17 PM
Location: Central Coast
2,014 posts, read 4,630,671 times
Reputation: 812
And there you have it folks, you can enjoy life or you can spend your time looking for the dirt, the mud, the dark, the bad. Two sides of a coin, the good and the apparently angry and miserable.

Now, she dug deep and found something to whine about, abstinence sex ed, the darling of the Christians. So the lady complaining about perverted filth in California schools found something to complain about, Christian Abstinence.... Pretty funny I thinks.

Now, there are 1039 school districts in California for you to complain about, so, mathematically speaking you have covered
1/1039th, go for it, come up with more "filth" like abstinence education. we wait with aplomb.

And of course the nasty teacher who punished the kid for writing about Jesus? This is from the "voicemagazine" A right wing Christian magazine, another article is "Saving America, why america does not have to fall" but wait, there is more!!! Here is the funny part, this happened in Hattiesburg, that is, Hattiesburg Mississippi!!!! in the heart of the bible belt, not California at all!!!!!

Too funny.

Last edited by Clarks; 12-22-2009 at 04:38 PM..
Old 12-22-2009, 07:51 PM
Location: Everywhere and Nowhere
14,132 posts, read 25,519,684 times
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Keep in mind that these outsiders from red state America are coming from places where they have more teen pregnancies, abortions, divorces, domestic abuse, adult bookstores, and strip joints than in other parts of the nation, including California. Much of their worldview is built around the fear of these much more prevalent problems. They need the social controls to keep their communities from deteriorating into moral, crime-ridden cesspools. They don't understand that folks in other states, including ones they migrate to, are more capable of self regulation and are less in need of moral strictures from government or society.
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