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Old 05-15-2010, 09:54 AM
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Hey Barndog and stacialove,
thank you for sharing your tragic story here about the spider infestation in your car. I hate spiders, I hate them in cars, and I hate them in my cars. It seems that this time of year the webs start showing up across the inside of the windshield, or from the dash to the steering wheel. I had a couple spiders drop down next to my head. Once before pulling out of a parking spot so I had time to grab something and get it out the window, but while driving...forget about it!! I freaked out and just grabbed and squeezed it with my hand while trying to now crash into on coming traffic. Now I drive around nervous, looking out the corners of my eye, expecting one to show up. It is hard...and a lesson on staying calm.

The past 3 cars I've owned had spiders in them (over the past 10 years). I've lived in different locations and bought used and new cars. So at this point I'm convinced it is a curse. That in some karmic way I am paying for the spiders I've killed or shown disdain for, and they keep coming back to my life until I befriend them....whatever. Back to getting rid of them. Barndog I read all your posts and the replies and am glad no one played mean jokes (like posting spider photos), but I'm sorry that taking the car apart and finding the nest was not enough to solve the problem. Barndog you mentioned nests being found in the cowel panel and the heater filter right?

Stacialove, you did the bug bombs the exact way I was thinking of doing them and it sounds like it still didn't do the job. I can't believe that. After reading your stories I am thinking of trying the dusting product and the Pyrethrin. I have to go back and find the guy who talked about the Penn herb products.

I have concerns about bug bombs and other poisonous products. I have an SUV. My fiance is very asthmatic and sensitive to chemical smells, and we take the dog for drives to the park (and clean the car after).

So what happens to the int of the car after a bug bomb? Does it have fumes for days? Does all the material get saturated and stink of chemicals? Sounds like it would ruin the int of the car. What about the chemical dusting? Can that float small micro-dust in the air that gets in our lungs?

This problem sucks. I'm going out do an int detailing today and hoping to buy some product to kill them off.
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Old 05-15-2010, 11:04 AM
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Lightbulb Check cabin air intake

Do you leave your car windows down a lot? Or do you haul things that would harbor the invaders? There must be some reason why critters are getting inside.

Here's another possibility--They could be infiltrating your car through the passenger compartment air intake. Newer cars can be equipped with a cabin air filter, which would keep out dust AND spiders. Even if your car did not come with the filter, it could possibly be fitted with an aftermarket filter.

Here's a link I found through Google:
Cabin Air Filters

Regarding using a pesticide--It sounds like a bad idea, especially with an asthmatic person! As they say, the cure would be worse than the disease. Good luck!
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Old 05-15-2010, 02:42 PM
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holy moly, just when i hope this thread will go somewhere and die b/c no one else is having a problem, it pops back up!

geekguy, to answer a couple of your questions:

1. actually, someone did post a pic of a HUGE spider, but when i talked to the mods, they took the image down. thank all that is holy, otherwise i would not have come back to this thread. now when i DO come back, i am super careful about scrolling down the page and about other posters' intent... but since i have been through this problem, i do want to help if i can.

2. it does sound like you might be leaving your windows down, like oldsmobile said. maybe not. but if you are, you shouldn't do that. i NEVER leave my windows down, nor do i drive around with them down. let me tell you, that was hard for me to get used to, coming from a convertible-lifestyle, but that is the single easiest way to keep them out of the car. if i do roll the windows down to let the heat out when i get in, i sit and look left and right to make sure nothing joins me inside the car. this sounds so extreme, i know, but once spiders take over one car, you never want it to happen with another. (also, i once had a giant cicada perched on my shoulder in the convertible, so there's that, too... )

3. yes, there were nests in the cowl panel and the cabin filter (i.e., heater filter). oldsmobile is partly right. the cabin filter is designed to keep out dirt and the like. however, in the case of my cabin filter, because there were nests in it, i actually blew spiders into my car one night when i was switching back and forth between a/c and heat. so, you might want to have someone check to make sure the filter is clean. the cowl panel, on the other hand, naturally accumulates leaves, acorns, ect, so it makes a natural home for spiders. if you can avoid parking under trees, that's a good idea.

4. bombing the car. i will let someone else speak to that, since my problem was primarily with the exterior of the car. (i will tell you this, i did try sort of a mini-bomb on the interior of my car, and it rippled my convertible roof.)

5. headliner. you didn't ask about this, and it may not apply to you, but if you have a loose headliner in your car, they could be inside the headliner. an autobody repair person just told me recently that when they take down headliners, they often see spiders inside. i was so horrified, i didn't think to ask if the spiders were dead or alive.

and, btw, i know exactly what you mean about driving around nervous b/c i drove my car for eight months after i first saw the spiders. in that time, i developed a wicked nervous tic looking around for them... and i also stopped my car on a major hwy and got out one evening when one fell down in front of my face. on the highway! stopping traffic in both directions!

sorry you are having a similar problem.

hope this helps!
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Old 05-15-2010, 03:36 PM
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Well I'm glad you did come back to the thread. Thank you for taking the risk.
-windows - I never leave them down at night or during the day. I keep the car sealed up pretty well, not just for critters but for security on our street.

-headliner-so I may sound stupid but what is it? Is it the cloth ceiling of the interior, what I can touch and push up a little? There is some play, room in the front where it meets the windshield and I was thinking of sealing that up or having the dealership do it.

Today I washed the car inside and out. I also ordered something called SpiderAway by Star Brite, from Amazon, but in the mean time went to the hardware store and got some Spider bug killer and while washing the interior, I climbed up to the space where the windshield meets that headliner(?) and sprayed the spider killer right in the space. I did the entire width from driver to passenger side. Now I have to windex all the glass inside.
I also vacuumed out all the dried leaves under the hood (where the hinges hold the hood to the car) and spray that crap into all the little spaces. I also wiped down every surface and rubber seal in the door frames and floors. So, we'll see that that does for now. tonight is the test! The are nocturnal little bastards because there are always new webs in the morning, but also during the day if it has been parked for a while, new webs show up, so I know they came out.

About the mental effects of this situations...it stinks. I don't like spiders but this makes me look more afraid and paranoid and hypervigilent then anyone. It's not that the spiders are around, I know they are all over the place in our lives; it is being confined in a small space (the car) and being in control of a huge machine on the road and having one of these things show up near me. The "freak out" factor is not so much the spider being there, it's trying to pay attention to steering the vehicle in traffic while the spider approaches me or a passenger. UGH! Just thinking about it. What really gets me is that it's my 3rd car that developed the spider problem. I know that leaves me open for lots of teasing and jokes, but I can't figure it out. I'm not like so dirty that I'm pig-pen (past GFs would have told me). I think it is a curse.

I'm going to look at other products out there, like dusting with Drione in spaces in the car where they may be nesting (but not inside the cabin where we could breathe the dust). It is actually comforting that this problem existed with other people and that you posted and talked about it. Thank you.
I'm not crazy!
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Old 05-15-2010, 05:44 PM
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oh, no! if i had three cars with this problem, i would probably give up driving! maybe think about public transport... or taxis...

and you are completely right, it is a complete mindgame. 1. people can sometimes think you're freaking out for no reason (if they, for instance, are not wigged out by spiders), and 2. you are putting yourself and others in danger every time one of those little bast**ds go spidermanning past your head.

here's a question, do you park near lights, near water, under trees, near fields, or on grass? you don't have to answer that on here if you don't want to (for security reasons/privacy/etc), but the entemologist i spoke with says all of these by themselves are attractors for spiders... and if you should have the misfortune to park near several, that could explain your problem. i, for instance, parked on gravel, near a field, by a light. so while i don't know for sure how i got them in the first place, that pretty much explains how i kept them.

okay, so, to answer your questions:

1. the headliner is exactly what you described. sounds like you did a good job spraying up there, and having it pinned back up is probably smart.

2. both spideraway and drione were recommended to me. i didn't try them, so i can't say if they work, but others did say they had luck with those products.

and, one more thing, i am not suggesting this b/c i think it's dangerous, but it was recommended to me by the entemologist and i did do it and i killed a lot of spiders this way. if you have the heart for it, or, better yet, know someone who's not scared of spiders, drive the car at dusk to "stir them up" and then kill every one you see. that's probably the single best way to get them out of the car.

the other way, wait until it's dark and then take a flashlight and walk around the car and shine the flashlight over the car, and they'll come out in response to the light... if they're nesting on the outside. then smush, smush, smush!

you'll never sleep again once you do these two things, but hey! spiders will die.

p.s. you are definitely not crazy! this is a totally sucky problem to have, but it is a real problem!
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Old 05-15-2010, 11:16 PM
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thanks for the support. I will consider trying these things.
I do park directly under a wicked bright street light, that is also on a street with huge, old new england oak trees. You think they started there?

Tonight is the test. The car has been cleaned, but not the upolestry(spell?) yet and I want to see what webbing is back in the AM. I will write with a report.
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Old 05-16-2010, 12:35 PM
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Well there were webs in the car this morning Not as many as before, but new ones on the front windshield (inside and outside). Also some new ones from the side mirrors to the door.
My fiance said when she got in the car she felt like spider web went across her face, from the ceiling to the driver's seat. Urgh!!!
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Old 05-16-2010, 02:19 PM
795 posts, read 2,916,316 times
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hmmmmmmmmmmmm. i think it is normal to have some on the outside of your car. i've been noticing some on my car on the outside as well, and i've killed a spider here and there. this doesn't freak me out since i'm not killing 10-20 spiders at night, and they don't appear to be the same kind as i had before.

however, the thing with your car is that they also appear to be on the inside. i don't really know what else you can do that you haven't thought about. i'm sorry. i wish i could come up with some great suggestion, but they are wickedly difficult to get rid of in a car b/c of the hundreds of dark spots for them to hide... once of the many reasons i hate them so much!

oh, i don't know if you know this or even how true this is, but two exterminators have told me the reason regular sprays don't work with spiders is b/c they just walk over the spray with their long legs. bodies don't touch the poison, so no extermination effect, making it even more difficult to get rid of them. i could not verify this for myself b/c there was no way i was googling the subject. dear heavens, i can only imagine the pics/horrifying info you might get back in a google search.

maybe the spideraway and drione will work for you!
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Old 05-17-2010, 08:48 AM
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You should change exterminators! You should also NEVER use any pesticide dust, Drione included, inside your car!!!!!!!!!!

I've treated numerous cars, trucks, etc. for all kinds of assorted pest in the last 27 years. You can MOST CERTAINLY kill your spiders in a way that won't be unsafe for you by simply using an aerosol product that ONLY contains Pyrethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide. Close all the windows, open one door just far enough to hold the can inside, and discharge for about a minute.....then simply close the door and let it sit for an hour or so. Open the windows about 15 minutes before you are going to get in and be done with it!! Dead spiders, no odor, no pesticide residue.

Originally Posted by barndog View Post
oh, i don't know if you know this or even how true this is, but two exterminators have told me the reason regular sprays don't work with spiders is b/c they just walk over the spray with their long legs. bodies don't touch the poison, so no extermination effect, making it even more difficult to get rid of them. i could not verify this for myself b/c there was no way i was googling the subject. dear heavens, i can only imagine the pics/horrifying info you might get back in a google search.

maybe the spideraway and drione will work for you!
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Old 05-17-2010, 09:49 AM
795 posts, read 2,916,316 times
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bugguy! i was wondering if you were going to pop up! great advice!

hey, would a product like "clean air purge III" work for this poster? it says on the bottle, ingredients: pyrethrins 0.975 percent, inert ingredients 94.025 percent. it does say it's for flying insects.

(and i DO need to change exterminators, for reasons other than this one... unfortunately, my landlord dictates the company we use... boo!)
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