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Old 06-17-2009, 09:00 AM
Location: River North, Chicago, Illinois
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Originally Posted by surlycue View Post
Don't forget that because of the rampant over breeding among us Messicans, a person can't walk down the street without being pummeled by tacos al pastor.
Oh MAN! Tell me what streets YOU walk down - I want to be pummeled by deliciousness!

Old 06-17-2009, 10:14 AM
Location: Atlanta
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HCC, thanks for sharing your story.

I too am young and gay and am looking to find a better place to live.

You mention "cultural life hard to find". I think that maybe you are waking up to the reality of What America really is.

I'm not being political here, but "the business of America is business"

I just don't want you to be heartbroken in NYC because some people thought that YOU didn't have any culture.

It's not where you live, it's what you DO that matters in America.

Most of us are too busy chasing our dreams to sit in a coffee shop all day and discuss stuff which is better left to people who have more life experience, no offense.

Sorry if I'm being harsh, because you mentioned several "cultural" niches, which tells me that you aren't really passionate about ONE thing. You need to work on finding YOUR creative medium, and by that I mean YOU create stuff, not just sitting in a theater and feeling cool.

Considering some of the bad things you've said you should at least acknowledge Chicagoans are open minded.... If you had brought the culture to them I'm sure they would have all flocked to you.

Most of the successful creative people I know don't even live in big cities anyways.

Last edited by blondandfun; 06-17-2009 at 10:24 AM..
Old 06-17-2009, 10:24 AM
Location: Evanston
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Originally Posted by stephei2000 View Post
Sometimes it is not always the person. I agree with the original poster. Chicago people are all about going to the sports bar. Yes, there is a lot of things to do here, but people tend to cling to sport bar and watch a game culture. Furthermore, if the people suck what does it matter, and it is not always the person. Sometimes people do not fit into a certain culture. Granted the Chicago culture pretends to be world class and full of the culture, but the truth is it is full of bunch of midwestern, blue collar hicks with a sprinkle of educated people. The few educated people that are here are clicky and closed minded. Btw, you can not enjoy yourself with any activity if you do fit in with the people!! I have to emphasize this because the people on this messageboard do not seem to understand that. Plus, I am more into a lack back athletic culture i.e. out west, California, and the Chicago people just do not work for me. Please people get over yourself everybody does not fit with everyone. Also, the op was right, Chicago does have an inferiority complex because the post would not be 20 pages long. I wish you guys would quit whining and accept how people in Chicago are blunt, clicky and not world class.
Generalize much?

Maybe the fact that there are 20 pages about this topic is not because of an inferiority complex, but the fact that Chicagoans love Chicago and don't like to see people who obviously don't know that much about the city rip on it.

Chicagoans are extremely loyal. There's my generalization.
Old 06-17-2009, 01:34 PM
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What a thread!

Yes, Chicago DOES have a culture that is sports bars, young people from Midwest Big 10 schools and more relaxed dress, etc. Certainly a LOT of people enjoy that culture, they're all here and they create that culture. It's a part of Chicago. I'm confused how some people are talking about that culture that it's a BAD thing because it's not the exact same as culture in <fill in the blank> or its not as sophisticated as <fill in neighborhood in another city>

Just because it's not your personal taste doesn't in any way make it WRONG. That's just the culture on the north side. It's not going anywhere because you don't like it, and obviously hundreds of thousands of people enjoy their lives in Chicago.

That said - it seems very naive to put that as the culture OF Chicago. Chicago is wayyyyy more than the sports bar, young professional and college aged students who hang in popular neighborhoods along the north lakeshore.

There are 77 community areas, and they're all quite different. It's funny to see some people slamming that it's just not sophisticated and worldly enough, and then lump 3 million people of all different races, cultures and economic backgrounds into one pile that isn't fitting their taste. This is why people are taking issue, don't blame it on some inferiority complex. I'm not even sure where that came from in the first place, I've never noticed people in Chicago being inferior.

Who in this city is embarassed because we're not a little New York or just like Los Angeles? I'm in this city because it's not like those cities - it's Chicago. The inferiority things seems kinda like an easy cop-out to stand behind because it's easy to throw out there.

You don't like Chicago so you don't understand why everyone else does. It's not because they're in denial. Don't worry about it, if you don't you don't, if you do you do.

I have no problems at all if anyone doesn't like Chicago. There are plenty of things out there in the world that millions of people love, like guns and religion, that I just don't like. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. I will though stick up for Chicago with my own opinions, and try and have rational conversations about good/bad qualities. It doesn't mean I have some complex about Chicago. Of course there are things that could be better here, just like everywhere, but in the end if I wanted to be anywhere else I certainly would be by now.
Old 06-17-2009, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by j33 View Post
softdev - The entire east coast? Is that so? If that is the case, I know more than a few hayseeds in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Western Mass that I'd love to introduce you too
Originally Posted by eevee View Post
sadly and hilariously true. Boston+NYC+DC (and I guess we'll toss in Philly) does not= the East Coast. plenty of spots in the above mentioned states that are hardcore blue collar variety of the sort seen right in the Midwest. go visit Franklin, MA and be amazed at how so unlike "sophisticated" Boston it is (no offense to the Franklin, MA folks).
wtf? When someone say the "East Coast", in the same elitist context I did, they are referring to those three metro areas + their supporting vacation spots. And no, you can't toss in Philadelphia.
Old 06-17-2009, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by j33 View Post
While I would never argue that Chicago is for everyone, it is certainly not, I suspect you will not find any city that meets your standards (which is apparently a city with no sports fans, drunken idiots right out of college or still in college, no working class, and no population of transplants who have recently moved from more suburban or rural locals), because you're looking for an imaginary place
Imaginary? it's called New York. And whatcha know, he moved there.

p.s. And yes, before you take that as an absolute and write a little whiney rant, Manhattan has some of all of those things you mentioned - just in much smaller measures than Chicago.
Old 06-17-2009, 10:19 PM
Location: Cleveland
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Originally Posted by softdev View Post
wtf? When someone say the "East Coast", in the same elitist context I did, they are referring to those three metro areas + their supporting vacation spots. And no, you can't toss in Philadelphia.
"Sophistication" = ragging on Philly for no reason
Old 06-18-2009, 07:47 AM
Location: Macao
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Originally Posted by HCC View Post
I'm curious to hear other's reasons for not liking Chicago. This is NOT a thread to tell of all the reasons you love Chicago or to defend it. While I'm sure valid, I'm not interested in hearing those stories here.

Can anyone relate?

I lived, or rather endured, Chicago from 2000-2005. I moved there with the best intentions, a good job offer out of school. My first exposure was Michigan Ave and apartment hunting on the North Side mid-afternoon when everyone was at work and the area was vacated. So, I never got the full picture or a feel for the people before moving there. I did notice it wasn't the best dressed city I had been to, but it seemed to have good museums, shopping and lots of young people like myself looking to have a good time. I thought, back then, "I can make this work!"


By 2004 I was depressed, miserable and not able to sleep.

I've forgotten or blocked a lot of it, but here are some of the reasons I loathe Chicago: (these are from my experiences)

1. Passive-aggressive. Don't confuse small pleasantries with friendliness or kindness. People in the Mid-West are bred not to be direct, it is considered rude there. They are raised to be "nicey-nice". They don't actually want to know you or how you're doing or what you're doing. It is just a formality to smile all the time, guffaw and talk nonsense at all times. I have NEVER met such back stabbing, nasty, two-faced liars in all my life! They aren't "nice" at all.

2. People are thugs-they really are! I happen to look young for my age, I dress well and for a guy, I guess I fall into the handsome, classic good looks category. This really bothered people in Chicago, where most guys are fat, balding and dress like ****. I had people shoulder-check me on the street (men AND women), in bars and come up to me and say, "**** you!" for no reason. People seemed to be really angry and looking to start fights. I mean the city itself is run by criminals. Oh, and by the way, be off the streets after the Cubs lose. Especially if you're gay or non-white. It will be taken out on you.

3. Intellectual stimulation. F'uggetaboutit! You will not find it here. Maybe if you are at University of Chicago, but, seriously, I didn't know anyone who read (literature. I'm not talking Cosmo, Maxim or The Red Eye) or could have an informed conversation about anything other than big 10 sports and beer. I happened to have gone to good schools (another point of contention among the locals...Yale? WTF?) I needed some kind of intellectual outlet and found NONE!

4. High culture is an upscale sports bar in Chicago.

5. Totally racist. I was shocked by the attitudes.

6. The accent. I mean, I now live in Brooklyn, which is known for having a very strong accent as well, but it's charming. The Chicago accent is absolutely the worst, save, maybe Boston. "Haaaaay you guys! Waaaaant some naaaachooos? "

7. Obsession with sports bars. GAG!!! I can't over-state this one. If I were in a group setting and suggested a decent place to eat or have drinks, I would be overridden with, "naaaah....I want some bar food and wanna watch the game!"

8. Where is this leading? Overall lack of sophistication. In NY, at a party for people in their late 20s-early 30s, you meet people with ambition and goals, dreams... Intersting careers, writers, designers, tops of their fields in finance or whatever. Well dressed, well read, up on current events and yes they can be annoying, don't get me wrong. You might break open some wine and the latest indie hits are playing in the background. It is all very grown-up and civilized. In Chicago, sadly, every party I went to had beer funnels, beer pong, stocky girls in tight, black pants and dudes in over-sized jeans or pleated khakis, t-shirt and french blue dress shirts, beer guzzling and acting like they were 19 back at the frat house at Michigan State. (or fill-in-the-blank Big 10)

9. Drunkards abound! My girlfriend in Chicago had gone to one of the Big 10s and was in a sorority where they had t-shirts made that said, "Alpha-holics." Her girlfriends would get together for their "Sex and the City" viewing nights and wear these t-shirts proudly. I would see girls at 3 AM putting their finger down their throat trying to puke on the sidewalk, guys completely passed out on top of each other, people holding on to cars as they tried to get home. Everyone there leads a life of desperation and the only way to forget about it is to get ****ed up every night of the week.

10. Everything there, even the good stuff, even being able to afford a nice apt in my 20's with a doorman, dinner at the new-hot restaurant, the lake in the summer, or whatever, seemed completely and totally mediocre.

What did I like? hmmm...the parks flanking the Art Institute (not Millenium Park). Also, it was pretty accessible, though there were few places I wanted to go and since I wear a medium and everyone else there wears large, xl or xxl, I could always find my size at sales, I can't do that in NY.

Last night, on the subway going back to Brooklyn, as I was crossing the bridge, I looked out my window, overlooking Manhattan and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God I'm NOT in Chicago!!!
Great post!

I lived in NYC, but I grew up in Michigan.

While I don't know Chicago, I am infinitely familiar with the MICHIGAN, i.e. Midwest mindset...SPORTS BARS....SPORTS...more SPORTS...and whatever isn't sports, pretty much seems to have NO RELEVANCE to life whatsoever.

THAT mentality is what I hated most about growing up in Michigan. Anyways, I never view the CHICAGO board, but just thought I'd view it today for kicks, this post was on the first page, I read it, and INSTANTLY related it to Michigan!
Old 06-18-2009, 09:55 AM
10,670 posts, read 20,271,506 times
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^^ I don't really think growing up in Michigan is along the same lines as growing up in the city of Chicago....
Old 06-18-2009, 10:09 AM
Location: Chicago - Logan Square
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Originally Posted by eevee View Post
sadly and hilariously true. Boston+NYC+DC (and I guess we'll toss in Philly) does not= the East Coast. plenty of spots in the above mentioned states that are hardcore blue collar variety of the sort seen right in the Midwest. go visit Franklin, MA and be amazed at how so unlike "sophisticated" Boston it is (no offense to the Franklin, MA folks).
Yeah, Franklin is no Bellingham that's for sure.
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