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Old 04-22-2016, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by thrillobyte View Post
God does NOT make people suffer. He has absolutely nothing to do with the evil and misery millions of little children go through every minutes of every day. A child get partially blown up in Syria and lingers for days in excruciating agony before dying. God had nothing to do with that---man did. God created this world and then left us on our own. He watches from a distance to make sure an asteroid doesn't obliterate us but short of that we do all this evil and horror to ourselves without God's intervention. Millions of Christians leave Christianity daily and God does nothing to stop them. Christianity will eventually disappear or go back to being a fringe cult at some point, at least here in America and in Europe and God will not stop that from happening. If He had any intentions of saving Christianity He would have done so by now. But it hasn't happened and it never will.
.......and who do you suppose allowed satan to do much against Job?

and for the $64,000 question......... did it benefit Job as God planned or hurt him as satan planned?
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Old 04-22-2016, 08:08 PM
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Bless you Diane,

He is our healer and I accept the fact that I had a humbling coming, However, it is good for me to serve out the experience with the people I should've been praying for the last couple years but have not

Interesting scene happened in a bank yesterday where the lady I know who works there was afraid I wasn't going to make it through the business transaction I was involved in, and to be honest I had my own doubts on whether I was going to make it myself

Somehow I seemed to slide through the deal with the thinnest of margins, and at the end when I was standing in line to deposit a check into my account this lady walked up to me and asked if she could pray for me. I was a little taken back at first simply because I am the one used to(at least in my own mind) being the one hearing the suggestion from God to pray for someone else before coming up with whatever excuse I chose for the moment to avoid fulfilling the responsibility. However she was very warm and friendly and pointed out her husband was standing watching back from the distance as if he was given his nod approval so I said okay and after we completed our business inside the bank we would pray out front of the Wells Fargo on Palm Coast Highway up here where I live

She was obviously a very experienced prayer warrior and she was very comfortable praying over me into me along with quite a bit of prophetic utterances and when she was done I just more or less added a few words at the end as a courtesy and so did her husband John

So after a few more words of fellowship and encouragement we went our ways and I walked over to get inside my car but as I stepped inside my car I suddenly realized I was no longer the same man who half hour earlier had doubts if I was going to be able complete the deal without the paramedics showing up.Because by this time I felt like a brand-new man ready to take on the world

Never in my life have I ever experienced anything like this, and I am grateful for the Lord putting somebody and especially so when I needed somebody so badly cause I just did not have the strength to keep it going on my own………..

Later I went back to the bank to ask the woman there the woman there whom I know if she had seen what had happened and if so did she know who the woman was. She said she knew the woman very well and that she was very happy we were both in the bank at the same time she because has spent much time with this woman whom she says is very strong woman of God and from what I can see I have to say I agree

It's not like I experienced a complete healing cause last night I had a pretty bad night and My legs are in pretty bad shape so will just have see what God has to say the future

However, what God did for me yesterday me proves to me He is not very far away

Love you,



Below appears the e-mail I responded to with the ph# for girls removed
On Apr 22, 2016, at 8:32 PM, Diane Thomas <palmcoastevangel@aol.com> wrote:

BELIEVE with us for the mighty Hand of God to touch and heal ALL these diseases/infirmities!

CHUCK - Needs divine healing intervention!
2 aneurysms in iliac + 2 abdominal aorta aneurysms
cyst in liver, possible aneurysm in brain
peripheral artery disease

DOUG - Cancer (Doctors say time here on earth is brief. BUT GOD! He is our Healer, Deliverer! Yes and Amen!

EARL - Cancer

To have a great day, think great thoughts! ...whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable—think about such things. ~ Philippians 4:8
Rev. Terry, Diane, Tiffany & Theresa
Thomas Family Ministries / The Thomas Sisters
XXXXXXXXX ( i blocked out th ph# for obvious reasons but anyone serious about having the sisters host an event can still contact the church or send me a PM and I will forward it to them. If you like their music, and they are very talented with an album ready to roll out any day now it is good time to like their Facebook page
Bookings / Private or Group Lessons/Coachinghowe to contact the church of if that is not easy enough I am happy to forward any messages ed
Vocals, Songwriting, Worship Team/Ensembles, Public Speaking, more
"Like" The Thomas Sisters on Facebook!
Psalm 28:7 ~ “…and with my song I praise Him.”

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Old 04-22-2016, 09:26 PM
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I have a hunch Lively is going to stay among the lively for quite a while.

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Old 04-23-2016, 04:33 AM
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I have a hunch theres a miracle in the near future. And a book deal.

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Old 04-23-2016, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Age-enduring View Post
The fundamental point, and it is a spiritual one, is that I accept my pot was already black on day one. You have not accepted your kettle is black yet, especially with regard to your flippant treatment toward Livelystone, however delusional YOU may think he and the rest of us are. Why would you get so hot under the collar / insulting about something that obviously is not true - we are in the Christianity section here, old pal.
Well 'old pal.' I, unlike, it would seem, most Christians, have a high regard for verifiable evidence which I call 'truth'. When somebody makes extraordinary claims I expect to see extraordinary evidence. So far, we have seen NONE from Lively...not a scrap, nada, zilch! I do not operate on 'faith', I operate on verifiable evidence and until Lively (or anyone else for that matter) produces such evidence when making extraordinary claims of 'miracles', I will continue to call them on their claims and if that offends you (or anyone else for that matter)...I really don't care.

Originally Posted by Livelystone View Post
Can you produce a quote from me wherever I called you an effing anything.............. I highly doubt it ???????????
No! You're quite right old chap, I can't produce any post where you refer to me as an 'effing moron' but then, I have never accused you of calling me that have I? The post of mine that you are quoting is not to you it is to Age-enduring as it was that member that called me it.

It is always a good idea to ensure that you mouth isn't open wide enough to ram your foot in it.

Meanwhile Radius

Your post is bunch of crap.......... i have always credited them with trying to same me from becoming paralzed albeit have admitted ted my cancer us incurable
You have complained throughout this thread about the 'VA' but nevertheless, whether you have or haven't, my point is that you either trust your god to cure you or you don't. If you don't then by all means use the services invented and given to you by those evil atheist scientists and doctors; if you do then stay at home and pray - thus releasing valuable care and hospital beds to those of us that rely on science rather than superstition.

You have no respect for truth.........
...but I do! I have a VERY high regard and respect for truth...but 'truth' has verifiable evidence to support it, that's why its called 'truth'. As yet you have not supplied any verifiable evidence or fact to support your claims and until you do, those of us that are not so gullible as to rely on magic and superstition will continue to take your claims with, as we say, a 'pinch of salt'.

....the worst I have elvers seen and I spent my life running with criminals that you make look like saints.
Well thank you... 'Christian'.

I am supposed to pray for you..........
No. I'd rather you didn't. Save it for those who require such means. I do not.

I admit I cannot do so without some sort of honesty first appearing in you that you are created human being and some form of twisted principality........ and I have prayed for the worst of the worst but you take the cake
Why? Because I ask you to support your claims??

Originally Posted by pinacled View Post
Confession. I died at the age of 3 by drowning.
No you didn't. Had you died you would still be dead.

Originally Posted by TroutDude View Post
I have a hunch Lively is going to stay among the lively for quite a while.

Me too. I have noted the date of his post. We'll see when the date of his last post is.

Last edited by Rafius; 04-23-2016 at 04:52 AM..
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Old 04-23-2016, 07:25 AM
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This thread reminds me of a bunch of chickens. For those of you city dwellers, the birds will sense which is weak among them, and then pick them to death. Probably why they can't fly, since flight is synonymous with ascending out of walking in the flesh and into walking in the Spirit.

Which is the same reason He gave the Israelites quail flesh (low flying bird capable of only a little flight time) to eat, when they murmured and complained and didn't want to eat the bread from heaven.

Every little thing in creation has a message, He did not bear children then leave them to die in ignorance, yet that is what many of them choose to do. Peace
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Old 05-03-2016, 09:42 AM
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I'm with Raifus. I was a Christian until I investigated the claims made by Christian fundamentalists and found them to be without a shred of verifiable evidence. Everything from Christian apologists is pure hearsay, conjecture and opinion---not fact.

Are prayers answered? No. Billions of prayers are sent up to God every day by Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and other faiths. A small percentage are answered for ALL faiths which led the Pew poll and a few medical polls to conclude that prayer is no more efficacious in healing than doing nothing. In fact, it is medical treatment which is far more likely to heal you than praying to God. Now that's a fact! Christians have quietly concluded this after watching their loved ones die after numerous prayers by their church members and pastors while quietly observing their agnostic and atheist friends go to a doctor and get cured. Jan Crouch was no fool. When she contracted cancer she wasn't stupid enough to call her good friend Benny Hinn and ask him to pray over her or touch her for a healing. She high-tailed it over to Cedar Sinai and got thebest medical treatment money can buy. Fortunately for her they caught the cancer in time or she'd be with Paul right now, which was enough motivation in itself for her to seek a quick medical cure.

But to reconcile traditional Christians' belief in Jesus' words that he will answer all prayers with what they were actually witnessing in real life they had to invent this idea that you should pray to God in Jesus' name for a cure but the answer to that prayer would likely come by going to a doctor. In other words according to modern Christian thinking "An answer to prayer comes by using modern medical advances. That is God's will for a Christian: to seek out medical help and if medical help cures a sick Christian then God answered their prayer."

Sounds totally cockeyed and loopy, I agree but this is how modern Christian theology has totally degenerated in order to account for the fact that prayer by itself does absolutely nothing to cure your sickness. It was inevitable that rationalization should quietly replace faith and yet faith would still stay intact. Again, one of those loopy realities that have crept into the Christian faith to keep it breathing.

Livelystone will either live or die according to how his body responds to internal and external forces, not by whether or not God cures him or not. That's a fact and it doesn't come from the Bible but from cold hard evidence resulting from cold hard studies that prove its veracity.
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Old 05-03-2016, 09:51 AM
Location: Valencia, Spain
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Out of reps Thriller! There are very few of them that would not seek medical advice, just stay home and pray and rely on their god to cure them...and those that do usually die.
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Old 05-03-2016, 10:05 AM
Location: Wisconsin
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Nearly totally agree that all Christians and for that matter all humans should seek medical care. . As a
christian I believe often miracles can be attributed to laying on of hands and prayer for healing spotty as that outcome is realized. .God has provided us with physicians, medicines and natural immunities that can and do win the fight against even terminal disease. Gods is mysterious in His selectio process and perhaps He for many reasons simply and selfishly prefers to gather up healing wannabees into His kingdom for "eternity". I repeat " eternity" which makes our blinking of an eye short run on earth nearly moot.? Folks who challenge Gods intervention or seemingly lack of it are just quasi philosophers and are not in the "faith" loop and consequently require patience and an "Oh brother here we go again!" position. Another Thomas in da house!
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Old 05-03-2016, 10:09 AM
Location: Valencia, Spain
13,837 posts, read 9,645,205 times
Reputation: 2391
Originally Posted by Livelystone View Post
This time, and unlike when God saved me from lung cancer some 15 months ago, that case was not well documented and many accused me of lying ………. both christians and unbelievers.However this case is very well documented...
I don't doubt that it is documented if you are, in fact, afflicted with the condition. What we want to see is the verifiable evidence that you were cured from lung cancer by means of a 'miracle'.

Should your god decide to cure you from your present alleged condition, it would be helpful, considering the disbelief you have generated with your unsubstantiated cancer claims, if you made sure you got your verifiable evidence together old chap.

Last edited by Rafius; 05-03-2016 at 11:34 AM..
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