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Old 01-06-2011, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by dadsdiesel View Post
So, are you saying the "northerners" should avert their gaze - not making eye contact, not question the "southern authority" and otherwise act dumb??
Do whatever you want. Go commit faux pas left and right, and then come here and complain about it when they don't go over well.
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Old 01-06-2011, 11:50 AM
Location: Limbo
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Originally Posted by Adam_in_MA View Post
Thank you for all of the responses. Dadsdiesel, I am originally from Woonsocket, RI, so we were practically neighbors. I am still thinking it through. I have a lot of time, and I want to weigh out the pros and cons. I'm thinking if coming for a 10 day visit first, then look for jobs online if I like it.
The main thing that irks me is the go, go, go mentality of the East Coast...
It's very tiring...

I have been to Woonsocket many times and have found it to be a friendly place.

Living here and visiting here are two very different things. During your stay, I would suggest if you want to stay near the water, the Crystal Coast is very nice. BUT, come 35-45 miles inland, and try and visit local digs, not the tourist areas.

All I am saying is, if you live a tolerant lifestyle, don't expect the locals to be tolerant toward anyone who is "different".

Honest opinion of the weather: Summers are wicked hot and humid. Think August type weather from May to October. Also, unless you are at the coast, there is NO breeze in the heat of the summer. The air gets stagnant with no relief. From what I have heard, the further inland you go, the worse it gets. The last two winters have been cold. (not by our standards but colder than expected considering the oppressive heat of the summer.) 30's during the day and lower 20's at night. A little bit of snow... a few inches at best but they are not equipped to handle any of it and EVERYTHING closes. My kids laugh all the time at the "snow days"

Take heed of those who have mentioned the profound lack of employment. Also, the wages are quite substandard. The cost of living is NOT - I repeat NOT lower than central mass or northern RI!! Housing "may" be a little cheaper and if you can stay away from an incorporated town/city the taxes may be a little lower but those costs will be off-set by outrageous homeowners insurance! The insurance commission in this state has defined "coastal" counties any ones east of I-95!! You pay sales tax on EVERYTHING... clothing, food, services, even utilities! Currently, the sales tax rates are between 7.75 and 8% There is also personal property tax on things like boats and four-wheelers etc. Groceries, clothing, repairs, any costs of daily living are EXACTLY the same as home.

So, don't believe the hype of the "slower friendlier southern lifestyle". I have yet to find it.

I may sound harsh to the southern readers here. I am, "telling it the way it is." New Englanders don't "sugar coat" the truth. But, we will be the best friend you can ever have.

Good Luck.

P.S. Toss me a line if you come to the Crystal coast.
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Old 01-06-2011, 12:11 PM
Location: Lost in Space
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Originally Posted by Adam_in_MA View Post
Hello everyone,

This is the first post on any forum I have ever made. My name is Adam, I am 35, and currently live in Massachusetts. I've already made my mind up to move to North Carolina for many reasons. My friends/family don't know yet, because I want to do it smart, and try to find a job before I go.
I've traveled all over the country, and really like the people in the South.
One of my teachers in college was from NC, and was very patient with my numerous questions, (it was Physics...). Anyway, sometimes, you just feel like you need to make a change, and the time has come. I've owned my own business for many years, and it is always go, go, go up here.
Forget being north of Boston after 3pm and having to go south, like 30 minutes south. It can take 2 hours some days... Who wants to deal with that every day???

I am 35, single, no kids, never been married and have two college degrees. One in Biology and the other in Education. I want to teach High School Biology, and wondering if jobs are still abound.
Also, looking for a place to call home.
I'd like to live on the coast, so I can do some saltwater fishing, relax on the beach, and just enjoy my life more...

I'm looking for a place/town/city that's nothing like Boston or NYC.
I don't want to constantly rush around all the time anymore.
I'm not lazy, I just want to be around people that are more friendly, and slow my life down just a tad.
Any suggestions for cities/towns on the NC coast?
A place with a few bars, under 60,000 people, good economic growth, near the ocean, a shopping center or two, and nice people. That is ALL I'm asking for. The rest will fall into place...

I appreciate your time in answering my question...

- Adam
Adam, I would love to know how things turn out for you! I too, am in the Boston-metro area, and with the exception of a few years, I am a life-long New Englander. I am focusing more on the Charlotte area. I had a job interview there last year and had also visited the year before, and both times I just loved my time spent in the Charlotte and Western NC area. I have heard, though, that the NC outerbanks are just spectacular. Like you, I just feel right at home in NC. There was a poster from New England who responded to you who doesn't seem to have had a great time with their move. I suppose it's a 50-50 shot. I have met other folks from New England (now in the Charlotte area) who LOVE it there and pretty much only miss the Red Sox and family memebers/friends. My thought is that you should take the plunge. You're young, have no kids, and, you'll never know unless you try. If it turns out to be a bad decision, pack up and head north. The feedback from most in NC is that the economy is quite bad. However, I think if you have an emergency fund to live off, and be willing to search for jobs outside your comfort zone, it's a risk worth taking.
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Old 01-10-2011, 10:35 AM
Location: Wilmington
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Adam I agree with Dadsdiesel, all he has said is true, the economy, the poor wages, the attitude of the NC people in this area, we have been here 4 years and moved here from Malden, MA, we came for the better weather too, (but its snowing as I type this) and this area is not what we thought it would be like either. We moved from "taxachusetts" thinking the cost of living would be better here, as everyone pointed out to us before we moved, but I see NC taking the title away from Massachusetts! Take Redsox1972's advice and try Charlotte, its got to have more opportunities than Wilmington.
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Old 01-10-2011, 11:54 AM
Location: NC
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I think sometimes people are disappointed when they move to a place (be it Wilmington, Boston, or Denison TX.. pick any location anywhere) and its not what they expected.

Wilmington has its problems and issues, sure. But so does every other location. There are areas that you probably don't want to visit after dark, if at all. But you know what... I've lived in 7 states in over a dozen cities- large and small- and they ALL had places like that. For the past 30 years almost I've considered NC home. And can not imagine living in any other state again.

The economy is hard everywhere right now. NC, like many MANY other states, is having a rough time financially. There are jobs, but you do have to be patient, be VERY qualified, and have a good attitude. Looking for a job before moving is a VERY wise decision (no matter WHERE you move).

Attitudes... some people wont like what i say, but I am simply stating what *I* see, and not prosecuting any place in particular. The ones with attitudes are not from here. Sure, locals may tease you a bit, especially if you have an accent, but for most of us, its all good natured fun. Are there 'jackwagons' among us- sure- but those are everywhere, no matter where you go.

Weather. If you don't like it, wait a few minutes and it will change (hehe). unless its summer (the worst is late july- mid september) where it is humid, hot and buggy. Not always in that order. Bug spray and air conditioning and a cold glass of iced tea will serve you well. Thunderstorms, instead of relieving the heat, make it worse. It is what it is. Deal with it, or don't- its a choice. I hate summer, but I abhor cold and snow even moreso. YEs, today I am not a happy camper lol. BUT it is pretty and im nice and warm and we dont get it too bad too often. Bad for us is nothing for northerners. or so they say That said, we dont have the know or or infrastructure to deal with it. So when we do get bad winter weather, we do shut everything down and buy all the milk and bread and eggs we can. (as an interesting side note, the reason for that is because in the old days- when there was a bad storm, you may not be able to go out to the barns and milk the cows and collect eggs. so you 'stocked up' and did as much before the bad weather hit. See, there IS a reason why we do it, even if it may be outdated now. )

I think a place, any place, really, is what you make of it. Some love Wilmington, others hate it. Some love Boston, others hate it. Don't expect it to be paradise, and accept it for the good and the bad, make some friends and go spend the day at the beach and enjoy.

Life is good, and far too often, we forget that.

Last edited by suedonym; 01-10-2011 at 01:06 PM..
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Old 02-09-2011, 06:39 PM
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We are retired, moved to Shallotte, which is close to beaches and has a High School. I'd recommend contacting West Brunswick High in Shallotte and see if they are hiring. Its a wonderful area, all ages live here, lots of communities. We're from suburbs of Boston, had a business back there. Amazing change from Boston area, much less traffic, its a breeze and the beaches are great.
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Old 05-15-2011, 10:34 PM
Location: Boston, MA
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Dadsdiesel is right adam...its not what u think. i too moved there years ago and hated it. nc is overrated. its very hot and humid most of the year..plus i can guarantee u after moving from north and coming to nc u will develop some kind of allergies to all the pollen that covers ur car. and visiting here is not the same as living here. number one most of the good jobs are in raleigh or charlotte area..but if u dont wanna be near the city..thats gonna be a problem. second..u will not make a lot of money there. teachers in nc are very underpaid..i know what teachers make in boston and trust me..u wont make that in nc. on top of that charlotte fired 500 teachers last year alone..budget cuts. nc's economy is not good. and u will pay tax on all. its funny..i was just in RI in april and i was shocked i didnt have to pay taxes at providence mall...didnt realize the no tax thing on clothes there. im actually moving there for grad school..and i love boston. anyhow its up to u..but financially u may be upset
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Old 05-16-2011, 05:28 AM
Location: New Jersey
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Well.... where to begin.....

Poor Adam has decided to move to North Carolina ( as SOOO many others from the northeast have done and have made wonderful lives for themselves ). Now we find out from a few obviously well informed yet apparantly unhappy individuals on this forum that.... dare I say it.... it is hot and humid in July and August ! Imagaine that, hot and humid in July and August, hold it for a moment I'm writing this info down. And then, AND THEN another mindboggling revelaton... during this hot and humid weather, in July and August, in the SOUTH no less, there have been sightings of mosquitos.... amazing ! ANNNND, as if that was not enough, it is reported by these same individuals that in Wilmington.... and apparantly ONLY in Wilmington.... the economy is not great and there may be a shortage of good, high paying jobs right now.... so why in the world would anyone want to go there. BUT, and you knew there was a but, as I was viewing the magic motion picture box in my family room yesterday morning, I was surfing the different channels and it seemed to me that, unbelievably enough, they ALL.... yes every one of them said that the economy was bad EVERYWHERE in the country and that the unemployment "problem" extended to every corner of the country and that what the "country" needed was some good high paying jobs as they are not to be found ANYWHERE... and some even suggested that our fearless leaders in Washington, DC were " working on it ".... now, I had heard rumors of this before but now I find from these disgruntled few on this forum that it seems to be happening mostly, if not ONLY, in Wilmington, NC.

I would suggest that these "situations" exist and flourish ANYWHERE that Adam might go as long as it's below New Jersey.... ie, hot humid weather with mosquitos and high unemployment ( a situation, the unemployement that is, that our leaders are "obviously" working feverishly to remedy and as comes as no surprise, these leaders promise they will have it solved "soon" if only we will re-elect them for another term ) ! I must say that I have never seen so many unhappy people living in an area that they hate so strongly and yet do not leave..... while at the same time telling others not to go there...... a bit paradoxical I must say.
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Old 05-16-2011, 05:51 AM
Location: Morehead City, NC
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Comparing the cost of living of New England to North Carolina is like comparing the New England winter snows to North Carolina.
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Old 05-16-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by dadsdiesel View Post

Stay home.

I moved here (coastal Carolina) a little over a year ago from Worcester for all the "romantic" reasons that you now have in your head.
Visiting here, and living here are two very different things.
First, they think they are still fighting the "War of Northern Aggression" and HATE Yankees... I keep telling them I am a Red Sox fan and we don't like (the) Yankees either. The humor is lost on them.
The gene pool is very shallow here.
Jobs are very hard to find and if you have a "northern" accent you will be lumped into the group from NJ,Long Island and NYC..... That will make it even harder for you to be hired unless they are in dire need of your particular services.

That said, Carteret schools are the best outside the "Triangle" area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill).

I would suspect the job prospects are better in that area than out here on the coast. But, it is 2 1/2 hours or more from the coast. Also, you have to drive a LONG distance for EVERYTHING out here.

I don't want to burst your bubble, but my experience being here the last year has been NOTHING like I would have expected.

As mentioned above, there are NO cities out here on the coast anything like back home. In fact, it has been a little like moving to "Oz".

Try the Cape before you move here.... Really.

Good luck!
The first part of this post is just rubbish. However, the last part -- try a different part of MA before you come to NC -- is probably good advice. The states are very different, and you might have a better time closer to home.

DadsDiesel -- You are hereby officially encouraged to leave if you don't like NC. There is no need to fester and complain.
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