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Old 11-07-2018, 04:49 PM
Location: Denver CO
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Originally Posted by maciesmom View Post
When I started school in the 1960s (before social media and in a well educated household with a father who was a professional and a SAHM - pretty much everything people choose to remember when they idealize the 50s and early 60s), the "norm" was learning to read in first grade. Kindergarten was mainly learning ABCs, colors, shapes and how to be away from mom for 1/2 day and follow directions in a group setting.
Yep, exactly. I read in kindergarten but I had a sister who was 4 grades ahead of me who thought it was fun to run her own little school and she taught me. But my kindergarten teachers didn't believe I could read, because it was so uncommon in the 1960s and they didn't even have any beginning reader books in the classroom, I had to bring in books from home to prove I could read them! (and yes, I was so indignant I remember it 5 decades later! lol!)

But now, they are expected to know letters, shapes, numbers coming into kindy and go from there.
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Old 11-07-2018, 05:12 PM
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We have a 2 yr old....and plan to add another. We have 0 plans to send them to JEFFCO public schools.

lam fortunate and we can make that decision but listening to the teachers cry about pay/funding and with what they pulled a few years ago with the school board, id rather my kids learn to think on their own than be brainwashed. I have not been with any teachers Ive met in CO on a social level. Was at a friends party and casually talking to a teacher and when she found out I was in oil she just started railing against me and how evil I was and made a huge scene.
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Old 11-07-2018, 05:41 PM
Location: Colorado
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Originally Posted by LHS79 View Post
"Free Preschool"- PC-speak for free CHILDCARE (paid for by people who do NOT have kids).
Speaking as a 48-year-old woman who has never had kids.....I'm good with doing what I can to help take care of them. I *want* kids taken care of. I frequently vote for schools to get more money to try and fund educations. I donate school supplies when I can. I have strong opinions of the value of education, and I want all the kids out there to have as good a shot as possible.
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Old 11-07-2018, 05:56 PM
1,163 posts, read 847,082 times
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Originally Posted by Indigo Cardinal View Post
Speaking as a 48-year-old woman who has never had kids.....I'm good with doing what I can to help take care of them. I *want* kids taken care of. I frequently vote for schools to get more money to try and fund educations. I donate school supplies when I can. I have strong opinions of the value of education, and I want all the kids out there to have as good a shot as possible.
Do you vote to fund education when it's not your money and somebody else's? (73)
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Old 11-07-2018, 06:04 PM
Location: Colorado
1,704 posts, read 1,046,360 times
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Originally Posted by sammy87 View Post
Do you vote to fund education when it's not your money and somebody else's? (73)

I vote to fund the schools when it *is* going to be my money. Make of that what you will.
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Old 11-07-2018, 06:08 PM
Location: Colorado
1,704 posts, read 1,046,360 times
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Originally Posted by randomparent View Post
Please. I have three kids. One, the oldest, started reading competently at the end of the first grade. The second started reading competently in third grade. The youngest blew both of his older siblings out of the water and was reading well in kindergarten. All three were raised in a loving home with attentive parents who are regular readers. They were just each on their own schedule. Of note, the one who started reading in third grade is the most academically advanced of the three.

My parents also have three kids. Both of them read a lot. My dad worked, and my mom was a SAHM. My mom says (semi-jokingly) that I was born reading, my brother couldn't read one day and was reading "War and Peace" the next, and that only my sister learned to read at a more 'normal rate' (which was to say, 1st grade.)

I know my school considered it a fairly big deal that I was going into kindergarten already knowing how to read. They debated starting me off in 1st grade, but due to my birthdate, I was already going to be one of the youngest kindergarteners in class, and they were worried that I wouldn't do well socially if I was thrown in with kids who could be pushing almost two years older than me.
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Old 11-07-2018, 06:12 PM
Location: Colorado
1,704 posts, read 1,046,360 times
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Originally Posted by randomparent View Post
Yes, I noticed that, too. I don't think most voters even thought twice about it.

I was actually rather pleased with that. Granted, I knew that he was gay, but it seemed to be almost more of a 'oh, yeah, by the way' thing as opposed to being the 'big thing' about him.
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Old 11-07-2018, 07:29 PM
Location: Washington Park, Denver
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Originally Posted by sammy87 View Post
Do you vote to fund education when it's not your money and somebody else's? (73)
73 was very much my money.
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Old 11-07-2018, 08:41 PM
Location: The analog world
15,869 posts, read 8,829,372 times
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Just read that Colorado was one of the top turn outs in the nation for the midterm elections with an especially high rate of unaffiliated voters. I'm very proud to live in a state that so effectively facilitates voting for all, meaning that this is truly the government that the citizens of Colorado want to serve. It's time for the rest of the country to catch up and adopt the vote by mail process.
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Old 11-07-2018, 10:49 PM
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My Nextdoor feed looks like this (names deleted for privacy):

Public comment sought for drilling permits near Standley Lake, Westminster Hills
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is seeking public comment on recent applications for drilling permits in the areas near Standley Lake and the Westminster Hills Dog Park.

If approved, the permits would allow drilling near and under the lake and dog park areas.

Deadline for public comment is Nov. 22, 2018, although the city will request that the comment period be extended to at least Dec. 1, 2018.

Use this link to share comments and view map: https://bit.ly/2ARatHR

Edited 8h ago · Posted Nov 7, 2018 · Subscribers of City of Westminster
This is also Northglenn and Thornton's drinking water. Hopefully their citizens are notified also but likely not. So if anyone wants to help fight this please submit public comments at the link above. Not that it will do any good. A drilling permit application has never been denied. So nice to live in a state that doesn't support residential zoning restrictions when it comes to oil and gas or protecting our water supply from contamination. Can't put a pot shop or a liquor store in residential neighborhoods but can put fracking mega pads right behind homes and next to drinking water reservoirs. It makes no sense but that is how Colorado treats oil and gas and why they love to drill here. They get a free pass to pass on the cost of drilling to individual home owners and the cities instead of bearing the cost to drill with appropriate set backs.

Bishop Park·8h ago
This is outrageous and would disturb the plutonium that is in the ground. Too bad people didn't vote for 112!

Holland Circle·8h ago

Bishop Park·8h ago
what's the issue ? Its only our dinking water....

Westcliff·8h ago
Drilling around and under the city's water supply - about as stupid as one could imagine. NO!

Arrowhead/Torrey Peaks/WCM·8h ago
This is the kind of **** we should have stopped yesterday...

Huntington Trails·7h ago
I’m sick to my stomach. I cannot believe this is even being allowed. Greed certainly corrupts common sense. Anyone living beside any open space? Beware. Oil and Gas will be there.

Vance·7h ago
No! This would disturb the plutonium in the ground and at the bottom of the lake (there's a reason why the lake is a no swim lake).

Franklin Sq·7h ago
Please provide all this feedback to the city via the link above. Maybe (just maybe) we can get this stopped.

Holland Circle·7h ago
Let's organize and protest this permit! Please submit your public comments on the website provided. I'd be up for going door-to-door with some neighbors to get people to speak out on this issue if anyone's interested!

Village at Harmony Park·7h ago
Please leave comments on the public comments links:

Public comment for permit to drill under Standley Lake:

Public comment for permit to drill under Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park:

Only comments posted in there count, if you also want to leave a comment here on Nextdoor, you can do that first and copy and paste it into the official comments holder.

Walnut Grove·7h ago
Well, thanks to the fine citizens of Coloradofornia that voted against 112, they fell for the big oil and gas propaganda so now we all have to live with fracking without reasonable safety limits, contaminated water supply, disturbed plutonium, an influx of blue color workers that will drive up our rental and real estate prices and geological changes that will include earthquakes.

Bishop Park·7h ago
We're not sharing comments with the city via the link in the article, but with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the state body that permits all oil and gas developments. And I do mean all. They never turn down permits. It is still important to submit your comments and attend the COGCC hearing when the permit comes up for hearing. It is also critical to tell your state elected officials that they need to do something about out of control oil and gas development in this state that endangers our health and the environment

Westbrook·7h ago
They are pushing to drill near our water supply and one of our nicest open spaces. The oil industry really doesn't care about citizens, and certainly played the victim in 112. If they had common sense when applying for permits for drilling, people would not have attempted to pass 112 to begin with. I acknowledged that some people would lose their jobs when voting for 112, but recognized that the industry cares not at all about communities. If someone didn't tell them they couldn't, they'd drill in your living room.

Old Town Westminster·7h ago
This is so egregious in so many ways.

Home Farm·7h ago
why not build a floating drill platform in the middle of the lake?? Westminster water supply will be safe... the oil and gas industry cares about our safety

Huntington Trails·7h ago
Don’t give them ideas. I’m sure that will be next. What were people thinking voting against this. Absolutely nuts! Oil and Gas will come in, destroy, pollute and kill property values longterm, then leave and hit another area where politicians are too weak to speak up and stop this nonsense! The ONLY people who benefit are the execs from Oil and Gas. The rest of us? We’re the experiment.

North Amherst·7h ago
We can not allow this! The question is not whether it will contaminate our water supply but when this contamination will happen.

Old Town Westminster·7h ago
I just added a comment. How long does it normally take to appear? I encourage all of you to do the same (https://cogcc.state.co.us/publicComm..._num=401814627). Can we go to the next City Council meeting?

Westbrook·7h ago
Moved here thinking Colorado was environmentally friendly and excited to afford living along open space. But, now I'll continually worry about not only my water supply, but if my beautiful backyard view will be taken away. This is so sad...

Walnut Grove·7h ago

Home Farm·7h ago
if you voted against 112 they should build an oil platform in your front yard

Countryside North West·6h ago
No. Move along.

West Countryside·6h ago
I’m also against this!! What can we as residents do to deter the permits from being approved? This only shows that money supercedes that of human health and safety. Westminster needs to help support its tax abiding residents and help us stop this from happening!!! What about news media??? Would likely be a good story to share. This needs immediate attention and action!

Westbrook·6h ago
So, I'm new to this whole oil drilling thing. Can someone tell me how we can actually stop this? If the COGCC approves every permit, and does not listen to community comments, what can we do? Excuse my ignorance, but isn't the COGCC supposed to approve permits based off of best interest of the community, or is that not the case? Who has the power here? Who can we turn to? I also found out that the company who asked for the permits is a UK company (?). I'm confused how they can apply for a permit and drill somewhere they don't even live. Of course they aren't going to care about us. I will comment on the COGCC website, and go to the public hearings, but if I can do anything else, let me know.

Trendwood and Franklin Sq·6h ago
So far only one comment on https://cogcc.state.co.us/publicComm..._num=401814627

***** all you want on NextDoor, but post it above where it counts, please.

Walnut Grove·6h ago
Let's meet this is one of many posts so we all need to get together and share in one room. There are so many great resources and ideas here and in the other posts. Lets put them all together, then put together a flyer and start going door to door and soon. Anyone interested in helping please email me. I am going to contact Councillor David DeMott to see if he can come too.

Hyland Greens East·6h ago
This is not acceptable

Westminster Hills·6h ago
I commented Joe, they are not showing comments (yet??)

Canyon Reserve at the Ranch·6h ago
The morning after the oil and gas limit initiative is defeated we get this! So much for trusting our leaders and the oil companies that they had our best interests at heart. Corrupt companies, corrupt leaders.

Skyland Village·6h ago
Not so concerned about Standley Lake since the water supply will be fine although right next to Standley Lake is pushing it since the pad looks so close they should push it west if possible. The other two to the north would be fine but I’d be concerned being the one drilling through radioactive ground. As far as the Standley Lake pad, they either need to move it further away or mandate that only water based mud is used—no OBM invert if they want it that close.
That’s what I’m writing to legislature. 1000’ setback if they want to use invert mud.

NorthPark·6h ago
How far under the water table are the producing hydrocarbons? How is the wellbore sealed? What even is fracking? If you cannot answer these questions for yourself, your opinion concerning the idea that drilling/fracking wells affects/contaminates common water supply is totally unfounded. This is one of the most common anti-oil arguments for those who have formed an opinion through word of mouth or Facebook articles.

Please take the time to watch and learn a little about how you get the energy to fuel your car, turn on your lights, and live in a warm (or cool) home: https://youtu.be/VY34PQUiwOQ

NorthPark·6h ago
No drilling by our water supply, our homes, and our recreation areas. I am very concerned about this. NO DRILLING!!!

NorthPark·5h ago
Please note: public comments on Nextdoor won't count. See the link https://www.cityofwestminster.us/New...tminster-hills

Click on the link, then make your public comments there. NO DRILLING!

Home Farm·5h ago
when did the city of westminster rcv the notification?? this should have come out before the election if they knew about it before 11/5

NorthPark·5h ago

NorthPark·5h ago
Click the link for public comments, not Nextdoor.


Westcliff·5h ago
2 - 14 well pads. Seems excessive for the area, but I don’t have the geology reports to see why the spacing is what it is. The pads are large, but would be pretty unnoticed once completed. It’s getting them tied into the midstream infrastructure in the area that concerns me the most. No one would want anything trucked from that location.

Bradburn Village·5h ago
Just posted a comment on the site linked above. Drilling right underneath our water source (that may already be polluted/contaminated with Rocky Flats plutonium remnants is beyond stupid.

Skyland Village·5h ago
Also want to know the financial incentive. Why was this not brought up before we had a second consecutive water rate increase? Seems some of the money in this could have been proposed for instracture rather than raising rates. I realize these wells wont pay for our infrastructure needs, but could help. What will this revenue be earmarked for?

Lakeview Landing·5h ago
Reason we may not be seeing a lot of comments so far on the COGCC site is this- copied and pasted under the comments section:
"Submitted comments must be approved first and will be viewable within a few days."

Bradburn Village·5h ago
Also, it's highly suspicious that this came out just hours after the Prop 112 verdict..

Old Town Westminster·5h ago
Does the COGCC have any oversight? I'm mostly wondering who we can talk to about this, to effect change. I went to their website and it looks like the 'public comment' section is our only recourse there.

Kings Mill·5h ago
No! Isn't this designated open space? Not to mention too close to our water supply.

Pomona·5h ago
Crazy thing is that I didn't think us in the city would have to deal with this I feel so foolish. We should give them our comments

Lakeview Landing·5h ago
Hate to say this but I seriously doubt if comments to the COCGG are going to do anything. Didn't someone post on here that they had never denied a drilling permit request? Probably need to get a Go Fund Me going and hire an oil and gas attorney.

Walnut Grove·4h ago
I hope they drill in the yard of everyone who voted no. What did people expect? Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Canyon Reserve at the Ranch·4h ago
The day after the vote ...... how’s that for big “up yours” from the oil and gas industry!!!!

Walnut Grove·4h ago
the people who voted against this were the people in the industry who wanted to keep jobs. I voted for the bill, but I fear I am a minority

Walnut Grove·4h ago
Everyone , lets try to meet at the library on Friday night and put a plan together. If we ignore this, we deserve what we get. Thanks!

Bradburn Village·4h ago
@Whitney Wickes
I disagree. Non-expert opinions on this matter just as much (maybe more), because even if the well is sealed perfectly, the optics of this are still terrible. Right now, Westminster is trying to sell itself and it's new downtown to outsiders who would potentially move here. How does it look to potential Westminster newcomers if Westminster has its primary water source within the same geocordinates as a new fracking well. Not great. And the fewer newcomers, the more derelict Westminster downtown (and the rest of the city) and it's economy will become. This is clearly counter to the interests of the city and the people here who own property here who may see their land value negatively affected by this. It's just the wrong time for a NIMBY project here in Westy.

Cotton Creek·4h ago
The risks for drilling in this area are horrific. Every single resident as well as the administration of Westminster needs to fight this, whether the COGCC has denied the permits in the past or not.

Kings Mill·4h ago
I am so glad to see passionate opposition. Please fill out the public comment forms! This really is the only way we can make our opinions known to the oil and gas commission. Let them know how important our open spaces are. Not only is Standley Lake our water supply, it's also a wildlife refuge and a beautiful escape into nature. Do not let your voice go unheard.

Westbrook·4h ago
NO and NO.

Westbrook·4h ago
Its is all an economic abstraction until the drill bit is under your house.

Home Farm·4h ago
when did the city communications manager and the city manager know about this permit application?

Walnut Grove·4h ago
I posted my comment on both the Standley Lake and Westminster Hills proposed sites. I voted yes on 112. I am not surprised that it didn’t pass because they threw tons of money at the campaign to scare people that if we don’t have fracking fluid in every glass of water we drink, the sun will explode. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! Just more greed.

Here is Westminster’s City Code on Oil and Gas Development.

North Amherst·3h ago
Soooo good to see this country moving quickly to renewable energy sources.....

Hyland Village·3h ago
Seriously, we have all this open space in CO, and the day after the election, we have this?

Cotton Creek·3h ago
This is interesting: https://www.boulderweekly.com/news/breach-of-trust/

Hyland Village·3h ago
or, did people just vote to give the oil and gas industry eminent domain?

Home Farm·3h ago
This is outrageous!!! NO!!!! Now that area has to deal with this and the plutonium blowing from Rocky Flats! Plus the fact that our water just went up a ton. Kiss your home equity good bye!

Westcliff·3h ago
Horrible and sad, this is what the majority voted for...

Amherst·2h ago
Very BAD idea!!!!

Arrowhead/Torrey Peaks/WCM·2h ago
Post your comments on the provided website as I'm not sure they will consider any replies from the nextdoor app. Sad that it's come to this.

Harris Park·2h ago
Tthank you for the visual. The plans on their documents link were not so good.

Also, I skimmed the thread but didnt notice this issue. Is anyone getting returned email notifications when submitting their comments? I use Yahoo and it says yahoo.com is not accepted due to domains. Wondering if the city will still get my comments.

Legacy Ridge·50m ago
If only 112 passed this dangerous activity wouldn't be confronting us.
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