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Old 09-23-2009, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 80skeys View Post
You hit it on the nail. I personally think it should be a crime to raise kids in places like Meeker, CO, or Price, Utah (sorry to the folks who live there!). Kids need to be sociable, have lots of friends and lots of things to do. Not just sit around throwing rocks at the cows.

Nothing wrong with ag land. I was referring more to the correctional facility with my comment.

As for jazz .... hey what can I say. Price, Utah is the same to me as Meeker, colorado: BORING. At least to live there. To visit, do outdoors stuff, hiking, fishing, etc. is fine. But I'd rather be unemployed in a big city than have a job and have to live in one of those places.
As the agricultural business is necessary, so is the correctional industry and so is steel, oil refinery and all those industry the fine gentry want to avoid seeing--but need the products.

I do not think that having "lots of friends" and "lots of things" to do makes a child more sociable. This is recipe that has been fostered on us by the media in that we cannot let our children be bored. We neglect to remember that many excellent people have developed, in our history, from hardship and sparse surroundings where they develop the inner person, the mind and the imagination. They learn the responsibilities of finishing tasks, even if they are monotonous and boring.

The children who are raised to expect instant gratifications of want will not develop the patience to follow through on life's challenges and we will see less scientist, less authors, less philosophers and less thinking people. But we will see more of these children raising new generations of self absorbed children with fleeting interest, that continue the problem.

We need all kinds of environments, urban and rural, to develop multiple abilities in our progeny, in able to face the multiple problems of an unpredictable future. If we grow our children all the same, then we do not have the diversity of thought and actions to rapidly react to these challenges.

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Old 09-23-2009, 06:47 PM
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I worked at the Pawnee Power Plant, just west of Brush, from 1977 to 1980. I lived in Ft. Morgan during the week and came home on weekends as I maintained a residence in Littleton for several years previous. I enjoyed the 4 years I stayed there, made friends with some people who still live there that I still stay in contact with to this day.

I knew maybe 50 people who carpooled from Sterling, which is maybe 30 miles from the plant. Others lived in Akron, Wray, Yuma (a LONG commute), and several towns near the Brush/Fort Morgan area. They all had one thing in common. There were no ironworkers, millwrights, plumbers, electricians, or any other of the skilled trades amongst them. They were laborers-all of them.

I asked a number of those guys how they liked it in Sterling and they said they LOVED it. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there that actually enjoy the simple things in life. It doesn't get any simpler than living in a small town. Not that Sterling is THAT small, I believe its population is a little over 11,000 or so.

There are also people that simply don't buy into and can't afford houses along the front range, and also just don't want to live in a big city-period. They are willing to live simply with less so they can enjoy what THEY enjoy! There are people that appreciate the mountains, the scenery, and big city amenities but that stuff just is not that important to these people as opposed to enjoying simple things in life.

I've made some trips down to the Valley Of The Sun over the last few years. The original poster is right. Phoenix is downright out of control with crime and the inner city suburbs like Tempe and Mesa are bad as well. Yes, it does have nice parts of the metro area. Yes, the senior communities have nice layouts and there are security services offering adequate coverage in senior communities like Sun City and Sun City West.

And then there is Phoenix.

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Old 09-23-2009, 07:29 PM
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Your post is interesting. That the same what I have seen in rural small towns all over the country, even in my native state of New York. There are people in these towns that are just not interested in the amenities of larger cities. They want to life a simple live with simple pleasure. It is good that you pointed out that Sterling is not really that small of a town. It has many other activities that are not agricultural related and the towns along the Platte, all the way and including Nebraska, tie together into a nice larger community. You are certainly not in the middle of a nowhere living in Sterling.

I just want to point out that there are many people in the large metro areas that are similar in that they just have simple wants and enjoy simple pleasures. Because they live in the metro area does not mean they enjoy or can afford all the entertainment that is offered. I meet many people in Denver who do not go into the mountains and do not ski and just live a simple life. They do not go to concerts, fancy restaurants or engage in any of the amenities that are specific to a city.

I think in many ways it is easier and cheaper to live simpler in the larger metro area of Denver. One of the biggest expense is transportation and a good public transit that is available in a city can do away or reduce to dependence on a car.

In addition, groceries are much cheaper, overall, as there are more competitive sources. Health care is readily available with more options for competitive insurance. All services have competition so the prices are reduced.

Living in the metro area does not mean that you suffer from lack of nature and outdoor experiences. Denver and the suburbs have tremendous parks and trails that are free to all and certainly exceed the availabilities you will see in many rural areas. Just because an area is rural, does not mean it has open public land.

For me, I can live simpler and more economical in the Denver area because I drive little, have many free options for entertainment and require extensive medical care for my health problems. A rural town would make my life much more complicated and certainly not simple and easy. But that is my problem, and I think the OP can live a happy life in Sterling.


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Old 02-23-2011, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by just Chickie View Post
Hi. I am somewhat lost on this site, but trying to post about questions I have regarding a possible move to Sterling. If someone can help me get where I need to be, please help. Otherwise, if anyone has thoughts or information please post it.

My husband and I are a couple of years from 40 with a 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter. My husband has worked as a laborer moving buildings and as a laborer building a coal burning power plant. Obviously we worry there won't be work for him.

We are conservative, but not religious, with strong family values. We enjoy going to the movies, being outside and basically being laid back at home.

Our kids are both into sports. Our son plays basketball/baseball and our daughter plays volleyball and is a cheerleader (she takes this very seriously )

We are originally from WA state, but have lived in the shadow of Phoenix for 8 years now. We want OUT! My daughter was offered to buy heroin and prescription drugs at school. Last year my son had a classmate (8th grade) arrested for pushing meth on the younger kids. Ahh!

My son visited a friend in Sterling last summer who made this move we are considering. He really enjoyed himself and liked the small town feel and what he considered friendly people. I don't mind small town at all, (we both grew up in a small town) but do worry there may not be anything to do. When kids get bored~ trouble brews. I have been reading anything I can find on Sterling and the surrounding area, but there's nothing like getting a locals opinion of what is really going on. I don't mind giving up amenities, but don't want to give that up if I'm only trading one set of problems in for another.

Here are a few of my questions:
What type of work is there or within a 30 minutes drive?
Is there a drug/alcohol/prescription drug problem with teens?
Are there things to do socially that aren't centered around drinking and taverns/bars/clubs?
Are there decent homes for rent and if so, where can I find them? (having very little luck)
Is this community very welcoming to newcomers?
Can someone please list actual names of stores/restaurants so we might recognize something we have heard of?

I appreciate any input anyone might have. If I am in the wrong place..PLEASE give me specific instructions on how to post where this belongs. Thank you!
Hi, I live past Sterling and they are very into kids out here, really into sports, they just put in a big outdoor swimming pool. There are parks and the big fair, plus lots to do, as far as housing you can find them in the paper, or the local radio -swap shop or the realtors out here. The only thind is the water is not good and you have to get bottled water, but you can take baths in it.

walmart, jc pennys sears, dollar world, payless shoes, on the jobs there is the prison, cdot, the railroad, the county, the hospital, the schools for jobs

Hope this helps.

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Old 05-19-2011, 08:39 PM
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This has been quite interesting! I am looking into a position in Sterling and I am thrilled!! I grew up in a small town at the sea shore in the Caribbean. Moved to Los Angeles at 24 and endured 4 grueling years at USC. I escaped as soon as I could to rural southern CA for 7 years. Employment brought me back to the suburbs near San Diego and I can not wait to again find my way our of here.

Jazz nailed. I relish the peace and quiet, the friendliness, the open space the slow pace and the less hostile and more gentile nature of the countryside. I HAD to get my kids into home schooling after we found out that 60% of my (11th grader) son's classmates have done drugs in the last 30 days (survey). The suburbs are an extension of the city. People move here looking for affordable housing and bring all their garbage with them. I am still waiting for research that points to the value of malls, video games and 6 hour a day facebook addictions for kids. I pray I can get that position. I would be in Sterling yesterday!!
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Old 05-20-2011, 02:20 PM
Location: Denver, CO
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Regarding the kids, let me remind everyone that we're talking about a 16 year old and a 13 year old, moving to a rural town from a large, metropolitan, suburban city. Whether or not the move is good for them will depend entirely on the kind of values they've been raised in for the past 8 years or so. If they are used to working hard, are friendly, enjoy the outdoors and are self sufficient, I suspect they will be fine. If, on the other hand, they've grown accustomed to spending time indoors, television and video games, having conveniences nearby, having "places to go", have a lot of friends already...well, it's going to be a more difficult transition.
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Old 05-20-2011, 08:41 PM
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Default 80s Keys is an impractical person

I would rather be unemployed in a city than live in Meeker or Price? Really? So you would rather go hungry, steal, or go on government assistance than leave your precious convenience? Dear God. People are messed up!
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Old 07-02-2011, 07:02 PM
Location: Vermont, grew up in Colorado and California
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Default I have lived all over the state just curious....

How is Sterling these days?
Haven't been there for ages but as recall it was a nice place.
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Old 08-10-2012, 04:50 PM
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Chances are if you've been to Sterling only once before, much hasn't changed since then. I've lived here only 2 years and there is always room for improvement as with any community.


Sterling is what you make of it. Yes, there isn't much in the area of entertainment, job, shopping or dining. But if you need your fix of those things a short drive will met your needs. Brighton is only an hour and a half away. I prefer that area for shopping as it is just a hop skip and a jump away from denver, westminster ,etc. My hubby is from there and knows it well so it's a good day trip. Plus the drive is faster imo. You can also take highway 14 to greeley, Fort Collins or Loveland if you like as well. There is more than enough shopping and dining to meet your needs there as well. that drive however always seems so long and boring to me. I think it's because it is a county highway with a 65 speed limit. (Not that anyone ever really abides by that :-)

PRO:Houses are very cheap CON: They are older houses (100+)
There are more than enough contractors in town CON: May take a while to get your house fixed
Lots of friendly folks in this town CON: Also a large drug element as well
No traffic CON: Gas prices are high here
Small community CON: Lack of privacy
Good Jr. College CON: students make lousy neighbors
Nice parks CON: Not utilized as much as they could be
Public transportation is affordable(bus runs every half hour)CON: Goes out to the Prison
Can be quiet at times CON: Trains run through town honking horns!
VERY REPUBLICAN!Lots of churches CON: Not open to change

It has been my experience that these are the things that are the MOST negative about Sterling:

1. BAD SCHOOLS! You don't have an option if you don't like the schools here. You can try to get your children into an outlying community(which is even smaller than sterling) such as Fleming, Iliff, Caliche, or Merino but good luck! There is a private catholic school (St Anthony's) but I feel it is over priced $5,000 a year that last time we checked. They recently fired 3 or 4 teachers(one won a teacher of the year award) and so now the students who were coming in from those outlying communities are returning, thus making it hard to get into those schools. On the bright side, St. Anthony's has openings :-)

There are 2 elementary's here: Ayers Elementary and Campbell. Ayers is K-2, Campbell is 3-5 I believe. Most of the teachers at Ayers I feel are burnt out and are only teaching to supplement their husband's incomes as farmers. Funny though as I see a lot of high end cars in the parking lot and yet each time you turn around they are asking for more and more $$$ fundraising wise etc. I simply feel that is not fair to do to the kids. To put pressure on them to make money for he school by pillfering cheap wares to raise money. To put it simply: there is a lack of passion on the teachers part I feel. My son did good in school but there are a lot of distractions as there are many behavioral issues with a lot of the children as they are not getting the guidance they need at home. Many issues with bullying(by the girls) and not enough being done to prevent it imo. I've seen on more than one occasion, more than one teacher YELL and be abusive to the mentally challenged students. My concerns were merely brushed aside and I was told to mind my won business. Hence we are looking into alternatives for this upcoming school year.

I've been told by MANY that Campbell is a rough school and it only gets worse the farther down the road you go with your child's education. Campbell is located in the "rough" area of Sterling. A lot of run down houses, crappy tenants as well as drug houses and all around undesirables.(Brought into the community by the prison being built 7 years ago. All of the relatives of the inmates have since moved into town.)

2. Lack of good healthcare: There isn't a single pediatrician in this town. There are family doctors but NO pediatrician. But we have at least 5 Chiropractors and 4 podiatrists. It is near to impossible to get in with a doctor and establish as a new patient, hence everyone uses the ER which leads to a delay in being seen and/or treated in a timely fashion. (I work in healthcare so I know what a "timely fashion" should be.) There is a family health clinic on saturdays but it is just as hard to get into. Thankfully, my family are all helathy{knock on wood} When we do need to go intothe doctor, we drive to Loveland as there is an urgent care there as well as a GREAT pediatricians office! (My family and I moved from Loveland to Sterling)

3. No jobs: This town is very limited to job availability. The main sources for employment are: The prison, the hospital,the school system, Walmart & Home Depot. Personally, I feel your best bet is Home Depot as the store here pulls a lot of business from the smaller outlying communities so they meet their sales plan each year which includes a BONUS CHECK twice a year. You can work your way up easily as they are looking to retain the employees they have regularly. The last 2 years, the store was in the TOP 20 OUT OF ALL THE HOME DEPOTS in the nation. There was a HUGE hail storm a year ago and there were people driving in from NE to buy shingles etc here as there isn't anything else between here and Scottsbluff, NE. There are plenty fast food places but I don't know how often they actually hire? Which leads me to #4

4. Lack of restaurants, shopping and entertainment: There are only 3 what I consider a general restaurant: River City grill, The Plainsman Grill and Atwood steakhouse. River City has good portion sizes for the price, I've never been to the Plainsman grill as it is inside the Country club (which I equate to expensive) and the Atwood steakhouse which is just outside of town. If you want to include the local "old folks home" as I was introduced to, I guess you could. J&L is a cafe/restaurant that has old fashioned meals etc. All of the elderly go there as they get a discount, hence the nickname. Every single time I have eaten there I have gotten SICK. The service is awful. I even try to be over friendly and say extra thank yous when I am waited on. It doesn't matter. The prices have gone up and so coupled with the food poisoning I have received, I refuse to go back.

There are also 2 EXCELLENT chinese restaurants:
Wonderful house
Bamboo Garden

I honestly like them both equally as well. I give the edge to Bamboo simply because every time we go there, we have the same waitress and she knows what we like, and she is very nice to my son. She spoils him and brings him extra cherries for his shirley temples: A whole bowl BEFORE his meal.

4 Mexican "restaurants":
Momma Conde's
Cocina Alverado

I prefer Cocina Alverado. It's a ma and pop place. Service is slow as they wait tables as well but worth the wait. Fiesta I wasn't impressed with the first night I went but we recently decided to try it again. It was FANTASTIC! BEWARE, it is hot in the summer time as I don't think they have ac. We melted waiting for our food. My husband who is picky about his mexican food, prefers Santiagos as it is cheap and very authentic. Their place is rather small though. You can get take out from there and they have AWESOME breakfast burritos for 2 bucks.

There is also Jimmy's Pizza which has the best salad bar and nightly "theme" specials: italian night, mexican night etc. There is also a Pizza hut but I boycott them as they don't participate in any of the national specials such as the any topping $10 pizza deals.

SHOPPING: Is limited to JCPenny's, & Walmart for clothes unless you use consignment shops, There are a few of them.

ENTERTAINMENT: Unless you are very involved in the the agricultural community there isn't a whole lot to do. There is a rec center but I find it very small and limited. They only offer swim lessons in the summer and most of the other classes offered are very expensive imo. There is a GREAT outdoor swimming pool with LOTS of shade and 2 water slides as well as a small baby pool. They open at 1:00 & only stay open to 6:00 pm. There are 2 different baseball leagues in the summer and I am told basketball in the winter starting in 2nd grade. The local jr college offers periodic clinics for $20-$30 a day(which is only for about 2 hours max)

5. Lack of daycare: There is a huge shortage of qualified daycare providers here. There is a new center opening the 13th of this month that I know of.

6. The water: In short it is AWFUL! Undrinkable is puttying it nicely. There are high levels of uranium in the soil/water. You either drink bottled water or have a house with an RO system. The city just recently raised rates to cover the cost of building a new treatment center to fix the problem. I have no idea when it is suppose to be done though.

7. Housing: If you are looking to rent, it is difficult in this town as everything is usually word of mouth. We even put in ad in the local paper for 2 weeks and got no responses. When we moved out here we wanted to rent but couldn't find anything that wasn't run down and needed a lot of work.(My standards are not very high considering I lived in a 2 bed 1 bath duplex, 900 sf for $800 the last 7 years in Loveland.) Most people won't talk to you is you aren't from around here :-) that is until they get to know you... Most 3 bedrooms go for $850-$900 a month. The average income here is $30,00 -$35,000 a month. The average house to buy ranges right now as there is more on the market now than there was 2 years ago when we were looking to rent/buy. We are actually looking to sell or rent our home as we are relocation here in the next 6-8 weeks ;-) So I know of a house if someone is interested :-) cohomefinder.com is your best bet. The houses that are selling right now are the very high end homes and the really cheap homes(cheap=75,000 or less)

I think I've covered most of the finer points here.

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Old 08-11-2012, 12:55 AM
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This site provides some detailed information about each town or city, in regards to the crime index. Specifically Sterling, Colorado, I was somewhat suprised. Not sure if this helps but just another another tool for consideration. I grew up in a very small town very little or no crime,very safe but that was 25 years ago. I think things are very different all over now whether were talking about a city or small town.
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