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Old 11-24-2015, 01:52 PM
Location: Hyrule
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Originally Posted by Nlambert View Post
This is probably one of the best responses I've seen to a conversation such as this in my lifetime. Coming from a person who had their own unique set of obstacles and figured out how to overcome them. Thank you for this post, and thank you for your continued will to succeed and contribution to our human community. If only more people were like you, I don't think this issue would be nearly as pronounced as it is right now.
That is an amazing complement. Thank you so much.

Old 11-24-2015, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by louie0406 View Post
I've witnessed plenty of racism being exhibited on both sides. Its not just a white on black thing. There are many racists blacks as well.
There are a lot more races than white and black. And the biggest agent of racism (the national government) doesn't even have an overt racial identity. But it does have a racial agenda, which involves discrimination against whites whenever possible.
Old 11-24-2015, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ATG5 View Post
I think people need a refresher on what is racists, what is bigoted and what is prejudice. Credit to Charles22

  • Prejudice is when a person negatively pre-judges another person or group without getting to know the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings behind their words and actions. A person of any racial group can be prejudiced towards a person of any other racial group. There is no power dynamic involved.
  • Bigotry is stronger than prejudice, a more severe mindset and often accompanied by discriminatory behavior. It’s arrogant and mean-spirited, but requires neither systems nor power to engage in.
  • Racism is the system that allows the racial group that’s already in power to retain power. Since arriving on U.S. soil white people have used their power to create preferential access to survival resources (housing, education, jobs, food, health, legal protection, etc.) for white people while simultaneously impeding people of color’s access to these same resources.Though "reverse racism" is a term I sometimes hear, it has never existed in America. White people are the only racial group to have ever established and retained power in the United States. Are prejudice, bigotry, and racism the same thing?
Yup. That's why even in my post I said that there are many prejudice blacks. did not use the term racist to describe us because I know that by definition we cannot be racists.

Last edited by Faith2187; 11-24-2015 at 05:00 PM..
Old 11-24-2015, 04:32 PM
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There is much to be factored into the history of what is racism, how it impacts and what it has impacted through and over the long history of America.
People may need to understand the history of politic's in American, to grasp the full scope of what is Institutionalized racism and its effects upon and within current day society.
The history containts systemic practices and habits which have been systemic in our political system, its policies and how it has influenced the many factors of governance in these United States of America

We talk about the bias and bigotry, slander, folklore and all other things that carried forth to push racism into the 21st
Century, it is our time to grasp the devastations which have become resulting impacts upon all our daily lives.

Please Review

Grasp the broad perspective, then work within ones mind to understand it is ours to fix and rectify, if we expect and hope to progress American as the nation it is capable of being.

People must understand the negativism which come from the past and impacted what is our present day. It's our chance to change the dynamics and push a new paradigm of "Equality", "Equalibirum" and "Full Circle Opportunity".
It will take a level of equanimity within each individual as we traverse the networks we must engage, to make changes for a Better Condition and State of this Nation.
Old 11-24-2015, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Nlambert View Post
This is exactly the response I typically get when asking how to move past it. Reasons from one side or the other on why its a problem. Not how to find a solution.

Here's the problem with becoming "educated" in these matters. You are going to read and agree with what strikes a nerve based on how you were raised, not necessarily what is the right solution. The lessons taught had different meanings for each of us. That sadly should be more apparent than it is for both sides. If people got past their own prejudices and would think for themselves I feel it would be. There are too many factors that play into an equal playing field. People are not on an equal playing field because they are the same race. It's a much larger equation than that. Don't get hung up on race. A white or black kid from a poor county in South Alabama doesn't have the same opportunities as a white or black kid from a rich suburb in New York.

It's willpower to overcome obstacles and not to fail. If you have the willpower and the drive, you'll find ways to overcome obstacles and be successful. We all have obstacles and difficult circumstances standing in our way. What you see with racists are that they would rather get hung up at their obstacle and blame someone else for putting it there than to figure out a way around it. It's easier to give up and throw in the towel than to grit your teeth and keep fighting. You see this in every race.

For blacks, they can relate to feeling oppressed because it is what was taught in the history books, and what was taught in some cases at home from stories handed down. For whites, we can relate to hearing nothing but how we are holding the black society down. We are taught in school to feel guilty for things our ancestors did. For some that guilt turns into a hatred for a group of people who they feel are blaming them for things they had no control over.

Nowhere are any of us taught how to work together to fix the issues and make progress as a community as a whole. We are kept segregated in our minds for the sole purpose of keeping us from working together. There's no money in that. What desperately NEEDS to happen, is that both sides need to erase their mentality of us vs them and both say it's time to start over. Kind of a "I didn't do anything to you nor you to me, so why are we fighting?" But as long as there are people on both sides pushing to keep this from happening, it never will.
The article does propose an overall solution-essentially if the goal is for equality then that means acknowledging the damage that has been done in nearly every realm for black Americans and equalizing the playing field so that irregardless of advantages or diadvantages in individual living circumstances that collectively the group that was oppressed is given the room to catch up and be at the same starting point as the dominant group that oppressed them. Again this is not about individual, this is about where the black races is as a whole in nearly every area compared to the group that oppressed them in every area. That is a possible solution to address this idea of opportunity and equality and race.

In terms of an individual's success given the constraints and the residual impact of oppression or for whites the residual impact of not being oppressed and therefore remaining in power-well yes I do believe that individuals have their own specific journey and that this requires the individual to take responsibility for what happens during the journey, this means responsibility in achieving success or failure as well.

I do agree that people take what they resonate with during these types of discussion and that solutions are rarely talked about. I think that a solution to address oppression that hurt one group collectively is complex, and that beyond what i discussed above many don't really have a concrete solution that can address the inequality and issues that we see today. It's as complex as trying to fix the broken school systems in most inner cities. There are many problems, a root, and many of the proposed solutions seem simplistic but many believe these would be difficult to realistically implement. So discussing the problem is easier compared to coming to an agreeable realistic solution by everyone involved.

As for what you said about how blacks are raised-I partially disagree. A lot of black kids are not only taught about oppression and racism from the textbook, we also experience racism and watch loved ones experience it too. I cannot speak about whites and white guilt but I can say that as a black person I wasn't only taught about racism, I experienced it and watched my parents, friends, relatives experience it as well. I see it still-and often even in this forum.

That being said acknowledging that it exists, that it happens, and being aware of cultural identity does not mean that one does not believe they can go far or be successful. In fact there are many blacks that are very aware of how others perceive them and potential roadblocks that can result from being aa in this country and yet and still many go on to do great things and to fulfill their potential. I am very aware of racism, white privilege, and it's impacts. Yet as an individual I do not allow these things to factor into my beliefs about success nor do I allow them to be limitations into what I can do. I believe that beliefs create reality and that I alone am responsible for the present state of my life. I have control over what I choose to do, and what I manifest, and that things that are perceived as limitations for others are not limitations for myself. That being said I am one individual, I am aware that there are many aa's doing as well or better than me, and that there are many that are not. But if we are talking about equality and racism it would be silly of me to pretend that oppression has not contributed to inequality amongst blacks collectively and whites collectively.
Old 11-24-2015, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Faith2187 View Post
Yup. That's why even in my post I said that there are many prejudice blacks.

A great work within the black community is and continues to be one of developing a sense of trust to build a better brotherhood of humanity in American.

Many whites are very much challenged in current day society of being judged by their ancestory and its conduct, they don't know a simple ways to get a message to black america, to say, "we are not our forefathers". We do not seek nor want to enslave, indentures, segregate or discriminate, we want to build a unity of mankind and work together as human beings who can and do respect each others individualism and spirit of working together through shared contribution and shared gains as simply American People.

It is too time for blacks to become and be open for that message and reach forward, equally so saying; we are not our forefathers, We no longer have to fear being put down, or run down, we no longer want a feeling of being or feeling oppressed, and we embrace as sense of equality, we want to share our spirit of equalness in our lives and our aspirations, and step forward and say we want to be mutually contributory within the American Experience of Life and its achievements.

These understanding in such simple words, can bridge gaps that have lasted for generations.
It's our time to come to accept "change" within ALL as American People and embrace the gift of life which gives us the ability to do so.
Old 11-24-2015, 05:02 PM
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How many of you teach in a school that has a large percentage of blacks?
Or, have friends that do?

Ask them. The responses you will hear will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight.
One good friend teaches in a middle school that is majority minority, yet in a fairly good academic district.
The responses they get from parents are beyond pathetic. The attitudes of the students, appalling. The students sit in class, if they even sit at all to listen to the instruction, refuse to do the work. Parents do not care and tell the teacher it is their fault. How is it the teachers fault for the student not doing the work? I am not even talking about the work outside of class, that is an entirely different subject! The parent(s), grandparent(s), friend, aunt, whoever is "raising" the kid(s) simply do not care. It is the 8 hours of the day the kid is not at home causing them trouble. Some genuinely do care, just may be too old, out of touch or no control over the kid to even begin to help. The kids know this. The kids know the schools can not do a thing to them, must pass them, etc. They can give them the same sheet of work to do 3 times, never turn it in and still must receive no lower than a 70 in some cases.

The ones that do work hard, pay attention in class, want to succeed are often called "acting white" because they are studying, doing their work, not getting in trouble, etc. Much like the article I posted, they turn on their own and ostracize them, pick on them, bully them. Why? Because someone wants to better their life. They don't want to sit at home with no more than a 7th grade education, even though might have a high school diploma, pop out babies or knock up various women, collecting welfare, etc all the while complaining "the white man is keeping him down". No one kept them down but their own self.

Look back just 30-40 years. There was not this problem with black students rebelling, talking back to the teachers, not doing the work, parents not blaming the teachers, etc. (FYI: This goes for all races much more prevalent with blacks). The parents went to work, kids went to school, they wanted to be better just like the rest of us that wanted to have it better off than our own parents and grandparents (my family was very working class and lived "on the other side of the tracks"). All of a sudden it is like something snapped and no more getting married, instead it was seeing how many babies one could have and be paid to have. It was no longer going to school to get an education, it was talking back to the teacher and not doing the work. All of a sudden it became this us vs them. Any person that is black that does not act like this is considered "acting white" and called "whitey" by people with the same skin color.

Blacks have advantages that whites do not have for college. Look up how many scholarships are offered if one is black. Compare that to other races. Look at how schools are trying to be more diverse and seeking out those that are wanting to come to their school. College applicants are asked to mark their ethnicity, hmmmm, if it does not matter.......... or, does it and they need to have a certain percentage of minorities?

The advantages are there for the taking. The public education from K-12 is free. Heck, in some districts if they are below a certain income level, Pre-K is available for free. College is there and for many, for free or greatly reduced.
One just has to be willing to drop the stereotypes and ignore the naysayers on all sides, do what is best for them and do not let some person that is trying to push the "white man keeping us down" bs out of their way.

MLK must be rolling with all this fuss
Old 11-24-2015, 05:31 PM
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^^ I remember a poster on this site who rambled on and on about the faults of Blacks. Not sure if he's banned, but I do have him blocked.
Old 11-24-2015, 06:06 PM
Location: Seattle Area
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I've said it before on CD and I'll say it again. Racism is alive and well and will always be. Its human nature to like to associate with people who look like you. But this is not your fathers racism. Today's racism is largely more subtle and definitely less violent (in general). We know its wrong to be overtly racist, so we are polite and we all claim to not be racist. Yet in our hearts, we know that we tense up just a little when a black man approaches or a whatever you aren't. Racism is not a problem. How you exhibit those feelings is the problem. If I want to hate you in my own house and call you names that's my business. It's when we stop being respectful in person and in public that it becomes an issue.
Old 11-24-2015, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by louie0406 View Post
I've witnessed plenty of racism being exhibited on both sides. Its not just a white on black thing. There are many racists blacks as well. Using slavery and segregation that happened back when is no excuse for a black to be racists towards whites today. Blacks today have the same opportunities that whites do.
There's millions of black people that are still alive who experienced jim crow and deep rooted racism. What are you saying?
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