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Old 12-13-2006, 09:50 PM
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Is Rowlett really as bad as some of these threads say? I am thinking of moving there soon. If you guys have the time could you discuss Rowlett only on this thread? I would like to learn more; Im scared because ive been researching for months and that area seems legit. It's near the lake, has a golf course and the communities look nice (the community I want to purchase in is Waterview which looks great), Rowlett HS seems very good. Me driving to work wouldnt be an issue because I am able to work remotley. I don't mind paying higher taxes or a higher water bill; Am I really that wrong in my research in thinking Rowlett is a nice community that is laid back, has educated people, not poor and friendly etc? Please Help! Thanks in advance
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Old 12-13-2006, 10:25 PM
Location: Topeka, KS
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MomOf2DFW can give you more information about Rowlett, but I will tell you that their water rates are about 3X the rates of surrounding communities.
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Old 12-14-2006, 10:30 AM
Location: The Big D
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Your kidding right? If you don't mind paying a high water bill then you'll be happy there. But seriously, I had one for an empty house that was over $300. They raised their rates twice this summer alone. I've got some pics of the area but have had trouble getting them posted (operator error and learning to work photobucket ). "Highly educated", just because they have a college degree does not put them up there with being smart. To be honest, there really are not that many "highly educated" people that live there. It is not an "upscale" place at all. There are literally three small and I mean REALLY SMALL neighborhoods that are home to the people in Rowlett that really do have money and most of them do not send their kids to school there. The only ones that do tend to send their kids to the public schools in the GISD are the kids that get into the academies. And if you do REALLY have money and live there........ forget it, you will not be happy. There are A LOT of people that live there that act like they have money and are pretty rude and put down people that really do have money. It's really sad. Any new development that wants to come in to attract the upper-middle or upper class is put down right and left. I could tell you so much about that it's not even funny. Again, it really is sad as there used to be a lot of successful small business owners that lived in Rowlett that owned local companie but most have moved out.

Then it is not a well kept city. If I could get those pics up you'd see. And if the council tries to pass a bond to do improvements.......... omy, the complaining and the naysayers come out of the woodwork. They even turned down a bond to at least get the public library up to minimium standards. A new fire station WHY?!?!?!?!?! Yet they want everything in the world handed to them but do not want to pay for it. To me, this is NOT the city of "highly educated" people if they can not figure out that these services have to be paid for. The complain about the state of the streets and alleys but refuse to approve bonds to get the work done. They have even fought to keep Hwy 190 from coming thru. LOL!!! They constantly complain about the city council but no one is willing to step up and do it themselves. It's pathetic.

Waterview. Your serious? Do you know how many homes in that neighborhood are foreclosed on? Are you aware that it borders the new City of Garland landfill? Are you aware of the traffic issues to get in and out of that area? It ain't what it is all cracked up to be. The golf course is nice but there are some in the city that want to shut it down. LOL!!!! Then what? hahahaha Okay, the City of Garland owned the land for the landfill for a LONG TIME. The city of Rowlett started to grow and they had this land out there in the middle of nowhere by the backwater of Lake Ray Hubbard (Muddy Creek). So a developer and the city put their heads together to find away to make this area attractive to somebody. So they came up w/ a golf course community with a giant community waterpark/pool. Touted it as "THE PLACE" to live in Rowlett. And people bought into it.

Do some google research for Rowlett and community forum and find the local city forum (gorowlett ). Read on there and you'll get a good idea of the mentality of the people that live there. And if I get the time later on I'll try to get those pics over here for you. Fire away with any questions you have about the area as I'm VERY familiar with it. BTW, if you are looking for areas w/ highly educated people, not poor with friendly people I'll suggest two that are not too far away that are both golf course communities: The Shores in Rockwall and the Firewheel area of Garland. MUCH BETTER!
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Old 12-14-2006, 10:35 AM
Location: The Big D
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As far as Rowlett HS. LOL!!! Sure it can be good but it is going to be up to you as a parent to rule over your child w/ an iron fist. There are plenty of bad influences and it does not help that the parents help in that area. Let's see, parents hosting a sleepover at their house for boys AND girls. Parents caravaning a large group of kids out to some property east of here for their childs birthday party and supplying the kegs. Parents that KNOW their kids broke into a neighbors vehicle then get mad when the victims call the police. Parent that have the audicity to drive up to the victims standing outside their home and tell them they are "NOT" getting their stuff back. I'm very aware that these things can happen in any school in any area but when you have parents that allow and support this behavior, not good. Oh, and the mom's that get matching tatoo's and belly buttons pierced to match their teenage daughters. That is prevelant there too.
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Old 12-14-2006, 02:03 PM
Location: McKinney, TX
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I drove through there on Thanksgiving to visit a relative, and their roads are horrible! All cracked and pot holes. Stay away fro Rowlett. Garland is much better.
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Old 12-14-2006, 07:31 PM
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I think you all are being way too critical of Rowlett. How do you explain all the good public reviews it has recieved? Someone must have a personal vendetta against it..Im not sure if it is one of you but I found that the same screen name has popped up on numerous threads totally bashing Rowlett.

I personally live IN Waterview and it is a very nice community. I moved here from Boston a couple yrs ago and have a commute downtown of about 45 minutes. I consider myself educated and on an executive level payscale, needless to say I do not have any trouble communicating with people around here. People have been VERY friendly and can hold a conversation as good as anyone. I have no had encounters with people talking behind others back more than I would in MA. Before I moved here I had it narrowed down to Frisco, Plano, Flower Mound, Rowlett, Las Colinas and Southlake. I chose Rowlett over the others not because of a higher or lower cost of anything; but because of the way the community is setup (which happens to be very clean- including the whole Rowlett area not just waterview) and how it is close enough to the city but far enough to have a true suburban feel. And take note I am not bashing Garland or Rockwall which are very close by but I personally felt this area was a little bit nicer overall.
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Old 12-14-2006, 09:19 PM
Location: Fort Worth, TX
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You know...we all come here for opinions and information. No one is forcing it on anyone. We are all intelligent adults who filter information and take what we want or need from it.

If the Original poster is set on Rowlett, then great...go for it. But understand that some people have had different experiences. I think all of us on here really want to HELP people. I don't think we have vendettas because honestly...that would be really kinda silly.

The opinion and advice is out there...take it for what you want.

Good luck in all you do!
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Old 12-15-2006, 09:40 AM
Location: The Big D
14,874 posts, read 38,923,419 times
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Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I have simply done is state some facts and a few of my opinions about a city that I lived in for 5 years and have lived VERY near for over 40. I do not have a "personal vendetta" against Rowlett. I have some great friends that live there. But it has turned into a craphole of a place and it could be so much better with it's location. I'm glad you like it cause lord knows they need someone to live there. Can't really dispute the facts so here is what I said and I'll state whether it is fact or opinion.

1. FACT. Highest water rates in the area. No disputing that one. And they were one of the highest years ago.

2. FACT. One of the highest property tax rates in Dallas County. This information can be found on the Dallas County Appraisal Districts website (dallascad.org).

3. FACT. The community of Waterview is located next to the City of Garland landfill. Check a map out for that one or drive thru the area to see for yourself.

4. FACT. LOTS of foreclosures in Waterview. Well, I guess it depends on how one sees "lots" to make it fact or opinion. But w/ at least 15 houses for sale on one street and most are foreclosures........

5. FACT. Bonds repeatedly voted down for improvements. Do some research on that one. Hard to dispute. Even the most recent bond election this year was voted down. That one would have helped w/ some of the roads/alleys and brought the public library up to minimium guidelines.

6. FACT. Infighting amoungst the city council and mayor. Boy has this been going on for a LONG time. Before Shane Johnson we had Buddy Wall as mayor. Ever notice how many real estate signs in Rowlett are by him. I'd say major conflict of interest.

7. FACT. Terrible road and alley conditions. Hey, if you like dodging potholes all the time, great. Roads sunken in even in new developments. Yet when the state was widening Hwy 66 several years ago all you heard was a bunch of complaining. The road was the pits, only 4 lanes instead of the 6 it is now. Then Rowlett Rd needs to be widened but there are too many people against it. Maybe someday.

8. FACT. Many residents of Rowlett have tried to prevent Hwy 190 from going thru Rowlett. Before your time but it's the truth.

9. FACT. Code enforcement bites. I did not mention this one earlier but thought I'd pass this one along too. Want to keep a wrecked heap in your front driveway, go for it. The city won't do anything about it. Their only concern is the garage sale sign you put up at the corner of your street.

10. FACT. The part of the lake that Rowlett is on is the backwater. It's the first areas to suffer when water levels are down. Ever notice all that trash along the shoreline? Everybody complains about it but no one is willing to do anything about it. Even the mayor tried to get an effort going to get it cleaned up but people balked at the idea of spending money to do so.

11. FACT. New fire stations......... what's wrong w/ the old one? That was the story. Residents complained about new fire stations and thought it was a waste of money. That is till they needed them and then complained if something was not up to par. Can't have it both ways. These things cost money and you either pay up front for it or pay later when you need it.

12. FACT. There are only 3 small subdivisions of upper end homes. Lake Forest Estates, Winners Circle and Pecan Grove/Harbor Estates. Waterview is NOT upscale or upper income in any way, shape or form. Well, I guess that is my opinion somewhat.

13. FACT. There is a serious problem w/ alcohol at RHS. And it does not help that there are parents that are the ones providing it.

14. FACT. Commute to downtown Dallas is easy. That is once you get to I30. It's all those two lane blacktop roads w/ potholes in them that takes the longest.

OPINION. I lived in the city for 5 years and could not get out fast enough. As I said earlier, with the location it could be so much nicer. But it attracts a certain element that has helped propel it downward. Check out the recent shooting this week and the area that happened in. Pretty area.... not. I know current and former city council people that because of the continued downward spiral because of the failure of the citizens to approve bonds to help fix the roads and such that are moving out or have already moved out. Ask most of the city personnel if they live there. Many don't. I have a relative that works for the city....... they don't dare live there. But that is opinion and based on what kind of atmosphere one wants to live in. Yet again as I said, I'm thrilled that you like it and want to live there cause bless their hearts, someone needs to.
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Old 12-15-2006, 10:15 AM
Location: The Big D
14,874 posts, read 38,923,419 times
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Default Pics of Rowlett

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Old 12-15-2006, 10:32 AM
Location: The Big D
14,874 posts, read 38,923,419 times
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Default More Pics

BTW, I did these thumbnail size. If anyone would like them larger let me know. I'm sure you'd prefer an up close of some of these just to get a clearer idea of the amount of .......... that is w/in the city.

This is on Waterview Pkwy. This is the main street thru the development and has numerous homes for sale and foreclosures on this street.

This house is not in Waterview but it is in Rowlett and can be seen from Hwy 66. Just love the pink color. It's even brighter in person. I'm just glad that a house not too far from this one that was recently painted brick and all a BRIGHT garish golden yellow has been toned down.

House near Cullins Lakepointe Elem that is available. Forclosure of course.

Anyone need some furniture? LOL!!! Someone I guess got tired of their furniture and hauled it out of the house and across the alley to the vacant field behind them. This is also about 2 blocks from Cullins Lakepointe Elem.

Will someone tell me what kind of style this house is? I know it is an older Fox & Jacobs house that is brick but what's w/ the stucco and rounded stuff?

House for sale. Anyone? It's a close walk to the elem school.

Watertower and mobile home park located between Schrade Rd and Hwy 66. Schrade Rd should get the prize for having I think the most potholes in the city or pretty close to the top.

Shcrade Rd

House for lease? Any takers? This is located over by Garner Rd where the man shot his wife in the neck the other day. Lovely neighborhood. Within walking distance of the elem school.

Do I need to explain?

This home is in what could have been a very nice upper middle class neighborhood built by Centex. House is located one block from the lake. Close to Rowlett High School.

WATCH OUT FOR THAT HOLE!!!! Thank goodness we were in a large truck. whew

Purdie, ain't it. If you think this is bad you should see the whole street. ACK

I put this on the first set but w/o any commentary. This home is located in the lovely Master Planned Community of Waterview. Convienent to the ball fields of Community Park, close to the private community waterpark and w/in walking distance of the highly esteemed Waterview Golf Course. Home is located on Waterview Pkwy.

Again, another home in the Master Planned Community of Waterview.

And just to make sure everyone understands, yes those are sports fields and that is a VERY LARGE earthmover that is moving around the dirt in the landfill. On one side of this sports complex is the landfill, the other homes in the Master Planned Community of Waterview.
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