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Old 12-07-2007, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by livecontent View Post
I notice that many of you woman are expressing anger and you want to drive faster and faster and you are annoyed at the slow drivers.

When, I was younger a woman driver was considered a slow, patient, courteous driver and aggressive men were annoyed by "women drivers".

I had lunch with a Colorado Police Officer, a number of years ago, and he told this story:

" I was leaving work very late, one evening, about 10 PM and driving another officer home in my own old car. The road I was on was somewhat remote and not very busy. I made a mistake and I cut off a driver that I did not see and the other driver was forced to slow down. It was not dangerous encounter, no fast braking; it was just like you see everyday. There was no accident or contact and I just kept driving but I felt bad and embarrassed The other driver sped up, honk and honked and cut me in front of me and braked hard. I drove on, she drove on and again she slowed and braked hard in front of me. I did not want a confrontation, so I just took the license number down, glimpsed the driver, and noted it was a Mercedes.

Next day, I ran the plate and I went to the house to make contact with the driver and issued HER a summons. She was a 65 year old woman, living in a very elegant house.

I asked myself, what has changed in this world when an older woman challenges a male driver with another male in the car, late at night, on a lonely road."

I see that today, when people challenge other drivers, after the other driver made a mistake in judgment. Are you not afraid for your safety?? People have guns in their cars?
Maybe the person is violent?? Yet, I see this more and more, even with woman who have children in their car.

We all have made mistake in driving and we feel bad, we feel embarrassed, it happens. Have an understanding that other drivers, do make careless, unintended mistakes.

Man are notorious for being aggressive and that is why more crime, murders are committed by men. However, what is happening to woman when now they are approaching this level of anger. Why???

All of us, men and women, need to slow down when we drive. When we are angry, it is best to pull over and relax. I do not force a confrontation or try to confront any driver on the road and if I am in the way, I try to move over and let them pass.

It appears that women and men are started to come closer to life expectancy. It is ashame that woman need to be so aggressive and rushed in their lives that they hurt themselves and others.

I've probably logged more miles on Colorado roads than most posters on this forum--nearly 40 years worth, often traversing the entire state, north to south, east to west. Most definitely, the "profile" of real problem drivers has expanded from what it was not that many years ago. Some of the worst offenders, in my opinion, in order of frequency:

1. Teenage to 20-something males driving "muscle cars" or lifted 4x4 pickups. They speed, tailgate, pass unsafely--and often do one or more of these when showing off for their buddies, usually after putting down a few beers. These are the same testosterone-intoxicated morons that have been a safety hazard on the roads ever since ever. Fortunately, not every young male fits this stereotype, and most--if they survive that moronic driving period in their lives--settle down.

2. Twenty-something female drivers, usually piloting an SUV that serves no useful purpose other than showing that she is "macho" enough to drive it. She drives like she is emulating the 20-something male--with the added twist that she may have a kid or two strapped in the back (often inproperly). At best, those kids are going to get a lesson in bad driving habits from Mommy--at worst, they may join her at the hospital or morgue when her bad driving catches up with her.

3. Thirty-five to sixty-something affluent male ego-centrics (and occasionally female, too) driving their luxo sport sedan or SUV (probably leased because they really can't afford to buy that kind of bling for a ride). They think they have "earned" the right to drive like ***holes because they might have something like "V.P.," "Dr.," "Esq.," etc. in their salutation or job title and that makes them better than everybody else--including on the public highways. They also think that speed and traffic laws apply to the rabble on the road--not to them. Aside from the car, they are easy to spot by the plainly visible Rolex on their wrist when they flip you off.

4. Male blue-collar workers driving like speeding crazed maniacs in pickup trucks belonging to their employer . These guys can usually be spotted driving well in excess of the speed limit and darting across lanes of traffic for exits--often with a trail of cardboard pieces, styrofoam, insualtion, gravel, or other dreck periodically spewing from the cargo box of the truck. Their bosses wonder why the company trucks are dented up, get horrid gas mileage, and why irate strangers call their business phone number (gotten off of the side of the company truck) asking--sprinkled with profanity--"What kind of @*****%%^&!!! jerks do you have working for you?"

5. Macho male (and female) skiers driving 20 mph too fast for condtions on icy mountain roads because they just HAVE to beat the 20,000 equally depraved idiots to get their favorite ski area before the lift line gets too long. The less lucky of these (and luck is often all that saves many of them from serious wrecks) can usually be found upside-down in the median, perched on top of guardrails, or tangled up with other drivers (often innocent) in mind-, body-, and metal-bending multi-car accidents.

6. The former bastion of good drivers--the over-the-road semi-truck driver. More and more of these "knights of the road" are now "blights of the road." They can exhibit just about all of the bad habits of all the aforementioned 1-5 above, but do it in a vehicle that weighs 40 tons loaded. Speaking of loaded, they often are--with speed, meth, or other drugs designed to make a human who should sleep several hours each day into a sleepless, sensory-deprived zombie roaming the highways.

Anybody else got their "favorites" list?

Last edited by jazzlover; 12-07-2007 at 04:23 PM..

Old 12-07-2007, 05:05 PM
Location: Denver
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Originally Posted by jazzlover View Post
Anybody else got their "favorites" list?
Yeah, here is my favorite... living in an area with mass transit that is a reasonable alternative to driving and thus eliminating or at least limiting the number and frequency of road rage interactions that range from annoying to life threatening.

I know that many people may not be able to control where they work for whatever reason, but most people do have at least some control over where they live and how far they need to drive, if at all. For multi-earner households I know it is more difficult, but a lot of stress that comes from commuting comes down to choices that people make. If you as an individual are so stressed with driving to work, shopping, school, whatever that it is affecting your day to day mental health, interactions with people and mood, think about making another choice; one that does not involve so much driving.

I lived in Miami for several years, I drove on expressways that are filled with the most agressive drivers in the country; I felt i needed to for a variety of reasons. Eventually, I had enough and we moved to Denver. One reason that we moved where we did in Denver is that we would not be so auto dependent. A huge drawback to Miami compared to other cities that have a reputation for aggressive drivers such as NYC or Boston is that, if you so choose, you can easily live in NYC or Boston and rarely need to drive. In Miami you need to drive just about everywhere or live a very circumscribed life.

A lot of the complaints about drivers in Denver seem to be centered around how they are too slow; I agree that that can be a problem, but really, take livecontent's advice and relax. It could be a lot worse. Yes, there are some bad drivers in Denver -- some are too slow, some are too fast, some are too passive, some are too aggressive. Some are drunk or high, some are just mentally unstable. Any major city is going to have a similar mix of drivers to a greater or lesser extent.

Here are some choices:

lessen your need to drive
accept the driving situation as it is and focus on not overreacting to other drivers
write to legislators to change driving requirements/laws/training
move to an area with a mix of driving styles more suited to what you like

But anywhere you go you will find that other drivers will annoy you (or worse); even in small cities in New Mexico where I am originally from.
Old 12-07-2007, 05:25 PM
Location: Avondale, AZ
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Default Stealth drivers

Why don't drivers turn on their lights when it's foggy? Driving around Monument this afternoon with very limited visibility, at least 1 out 5 cars did not have their lights on. Can't see 'em till they are right on you. Is there some reason not to use lights in fog or are they just 'Mr Magoo' and don't realize or care there are other people besides them on the road.
Old 12-07-2007, 06:06 PM
Location: Las Flores, Orange County, CA
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Originally Posted by vfrpilot View Post
Why don't drivers turn on their lights when it's foggy? Driving around Monument this afternoon with very limited visibility, at least 1 out 5 cars did not have their lights on. Can't see 'em till they are right on you. Is there some reason not to use lights in fog or are they just 'Mr Magoo' and don't realize or care there are other people besides them on the road.
They are the same people who

jog or walk with traffic (not facing), often in the road when there is a sidewalk available
into the sun
pushing a stroller
with walkman or mp3 player headphones on.
Old 12-07-2007, 06:08 PM
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Default My favorites list goes like this....

Worst type of drivers, defined by the cars they drive....

Iíve 42 years and almost a million miles of driving experience and have seen a ton of bad driving. These are the ďprofilesĒ of drivers that Iíve witnessed, and is based on many years of observation. These are generalizations, not all drivers of these cars are bad drivers, but this is what I've come to expect and I'm leery of them when they are near me on the road.

-Young men in Mustangs and pocket rocket cars (VW GTI, Jetta, Golfs or certain Hondaís) are the worst of the lot, especially if wearing a baseball hat backwards. Be wary of them. Weaving in and out, speeding, cutting people short, tailgating, sudden unsignaled lane changes, the works. I rarely see Corvettes, Firebirds or Camaroís driven like the Mustang / VW / Honda crowd. The Chevy crowd behaves way too cool to pull the stunts those Mustang dudes pull.

- Luxo sedan types (Lexus, BMW) tend to pull far more arrogant or stupid stunts than the Mercedes Benz crowd; I guess they're trying to prove they are "up there" with the big boys, or maybe it's ego.

-Volvo drivers will pull right out in front of you, even on high speed roads. These guys think those cars are impregnable and they do blatantly stupid things. Most drivers Iíve seen reading while driving were in Volvoís.

-Old gents with big cars and a triple-AAA sticker on the bumper will change lanes on you without even looking. They just throw on a signal and move at the same time. The AAA sticker must make them feel like driving royalty or something.

-Many men in pickups and SUVs drive like wildmen, speed, weave in & out, tailgate, and violate rules with impunity. I think these are the bulk of road rage drivers. Probably the same demographic as "angry white male voters" they talk about.

-Harley Davidson types are good riders, cool heads. Young men on Japanese rocket bikes can be just the opposite. I've seen them pop wheelies in rush hour, scary to watch, kept our distance. I've seen them drive in packs at 100+ MPH, weaving in and out on 8-lane interstates. At times like that, Iíve often wondered where in the world are state troopers when you want one.


-Mercedes drivers tend to be the best of the bunch, I rarely see them pull any aggressive tactics or stupid stunts.

-Rarely do I see a woman driving in an unseemly manner, but when I do, itís a doozy.


- Often when I turn left onto a multi-lane road, a guy behind me automatically takes the lane that I didn't take, as if he somehow knows that I'm gonna be slow. Really. I'm a leadfoot and usually pull away from these guys, but I wonder what it is that makes them assume that everyone else is going to be a 'problem' for them, so they go right for the passing lane from the start.

- I note that many drivers will ride your butt at whatever speed you're going, but as soon as you pull over, they pass and then they slow down, sometimes I have to pass them to keep from slowing down myself. Seems when THEY are at the head of the line, there's no longer someone to be angry at or conquer for having had the audacity to be in front of them.

Got to be some sort of psychology going on with these two types of behavior, I've seen it so many times its uncanny.


Last edited by Mike from back east; 12-07-2007 at 06:22 PM..
Old 12-07-2007, 06:12 PM
Location: Westminster, CO
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My favorite is when people turn left from the right lane or right from the left lane.. at an intersection! Geez. Had that happen twice to me in my lifetime, once in Colorado.
Old 12-08-2007, 07:54 AM
1,267 posts, read 3,030,994 times
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basically, i don't have a list, but just think it has a lot to do with a lot of people from smaller wide open places that don't have much experience with busier places - and so are on a different pace and in a different internal "place" - getting frustrated with the relatively fewer people from busier places that want to move along at another pace that, to them, COULD be very easily attained, and so THEY get frustrated or otherwise just proceed however they can to get to the speed limit or where ever they're trying to get to.... and maybe a bit of something in the enforcement and licensing standards, to boot. sort of growing pains of an otherwise nice mid-/mountain-western american city that was already a crossroads for people with widely different exposures to "urban", seems to me.

Last edited by hello-world; 12-08-2007 at 08:03 AM..
Old 12-08-2007, 08:29 AM
Location: Foot of the Rockies
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Maybe, hello-world, but most of the transplants are from California and the midwestern cities (lots from Chicago). The problem is not that there are just a lot of country bumpkins on the roads here. Having defined what it's not, I really don't know what it is. Prior to 1990, the licensing standards were quite lax for teenagers aquiring a license for the first time. That may play a part.
Old 12-08-2007, 08:33 AM
Location: Denver
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Default read the message above this more closely to understand

Originally Posted by gsxrmoto1 View Post
What I don't understand about the Colorado drivers since I moved from Washington DC is why they have to merge over ASAP whenever there is traffic. For instance, if there is wall to wall traffic in front of you, or a sign that says right lane ends 1 mile, why do you have to merge over right then and there? Just simply, wait until you get to the end of your lane and then move over. This helps prevent longer backups on the highway because more cars are sitting in the lane that's going to be closed. Do the drivers around here just panic or something. This approach also prevents the crazy drivers from flying by you to try and get ahead. Just ride the lane out, it'll help out everyone in the end.....
I just answered your question above.
Old 12-08-2007, 09:26 AM
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I'd have to add to these lists of hazardous drivers the archetypal old folks barely piloting monstrous diesel RV's, often with large SUV's dangling behind. These over-the-top rigs nearly rival the tractor/trailers these days in formidable size and their driver's don't even have the benefit of CDL training!!! Add to this the advanced age and diminished senses and reflexes of the driver's and you really have a recipe for disaster. It's only a matter a time before some over-challenged oldster at the wheel of a dual turbocharged 800k juggernaut has a stroke at the wheel at 70mph and subsequently takes out 6 or 7 other vehicles with him/her! Yikes! I ALWAYS give these folks a wide berth....
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