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Old 06-25-2013, 07:51 PM
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did they gain the weight that they lost from being diabetic? im torn about putting my dog to sleep because of the recent diagnosis. i have another thread on here about it. my dog lost weight.. alot of weight. and needs insulin. i was ready to put her to sleep as i dont think i can handle taking care of a sick dog while i have 2 other dogs. I also have twin girls who have autism and a husband deploying. my family doesnt live close by to help me out.

when you started your dog on insulin did they gain the weight back? i feel bad to keep my 7yr old dog alive just to give medicine everyday for the rest of her life. i feel bad because not only shes diabetic but shes blind too. i worry about having to be somewhere with my kids, like say a drs office or a school event or something, and not being able to get home in time to administer the injection. i dont want to make my dog feel worse. her front teeth are falling out, her eyes look bloodshot.

did anybody have a dog whos diabetes symptoms improved when taking insulin.? did they gain the weight back? does anybodys dogs had my dogs exact symptoms? this is within a months timeframe because in May she was fine playing and everything.

peeing excessivly
high ketones in urine
high sugar in urine
lost half their weight
pinkish skin around muzzle and eyes.
teeth falling out
excessive thirst

obviously some are the classic diabetes symptoms.. my husband thinks i should keep my dog alive. its very hardwork to run a house during a deployment. to take care of kids, to take care of a sick dog. but for some reason my husband thinks im a robot. he tells me to wake up super early to get it done and (i wake up early anyway before anyone else is up) but this is a man who sleeps in on the weekends till 12 or 1pm. if i ask him to do something he says no way. im exhausted. butfor me , i have to do it or im a terrible person. my anemia sometimes slows me down and my hernia someimes bothers me but my husband expects me to do everything and now take care of our dog, not realizing the toll it would take on me mentally physically and financially.

am i wrong to put my dog to sleep? the vet said that she would recommend euthanizing my dog because i have my hands full and taking care of a diabetic dog isnt easy plus its expensive. frequent visits, curve tests, insulin, supplies for insulin, food, any emergency visits, medicine for complications etc

the doctor spoke about secondary skin infections and i dont want to subject my daughters or myself to anything contagious. as my dog adjusts to her sudden blindness, she gets better and better at it but still bumps into things or gets temporarily disoriented in the backyard. that breaks my heart the most.

sorry that this maybe almost like a repeat post.. but i made the decision to euthanize but i think i may be the wrong idea. does anybody here have small children or special needs children and a sick dog ? how hard is it for you? how do you manage?

am i wrong for feeling like a dogs life shouldnt be having to deal with diabetes, or any othetype of chronic debilitating disease. i feel like a dogs life should be one of joy and happiness. i dont know how happy my dog is now thats shes blind and frail. shes a totally different dog now.

i saw a man at the vets office and he had two dogs, one had hip dyplasia and looked obviously in pain walking and the other had one eye and was walking into things and seriously, the both of them looked uncomfortable. in my head i was thinking "omg why doesnt he put the dogs to sleep" he told me that the dogs were in their teens.

i wouldnt want my dog to live their remaining years in such pain and misery.i understand old age slows you down but to keep them alive in pain, uncomfortability or keep them alive with an untreated disease and put them to sleep when they start to feel pain is too late. i want my dog to go now while shes still happy.

is that so wrong? my husband thinks that thinking like that makes me a terrible person. putting your dog to sleep is such a hard decision. i ve been crying so much in the last 2 weeks..i dont want to put my dog to sleep but i just dont know what to do. treat the diabetes and drain my finances sanity and energy. or put her to sleep and focus more on my family myself and other stuff going on like my twins therapies.i cant guarantee i will be home everyday at a certain time/window to give injection, things come up. my husband tells me to just adjust to what is going on now and do it.

then he gives me the guilt trip.. saying that if it was the other way around and i was deploying, he would give our dog the insulin.. he doesnt even clean up the accidents my poor dog has been having in the house. he falls asleep whenever he wants regardless, so i cant really leave him with the kids to go run errands as id be worried sick hed fall asleep. and yeah he doesnt know how difficult it is to run a household and care for a family especially during a deployment with no relatives and barely any friends around to help. i hate that he thinks its soooo easy. i dont get to do anything i want to do because his needs come first. if i want to go to the gym, i cant because he wants to sleep. im with my kids all day and nite with hardly any break. of course to him everything is easy. because he doesnt do any of it.......

just this morning my dog had diarrhea and what did he say? oh i have to go to work... he woke up with enough time to spare, but no, i cleaned it up. That doesnt bother me because he wouldnt clean it up as thoroughly as i would. but you see?!, he couldnt do it because he has work. what about when my girls are getting ready for school and my dog is sick and i have to take care of my dog too? i wont be able to pass on the task to someone else. it will be all on me.

ugh i have too much stress in my life as it is. i just feel like taking care of my sick dog will be extremely overwhelming. has anybody felt that way? did you overcome that feeling? how did it work out? or did you go ahead and had your dog put to sleep/?


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Old 06-25-2013, 09:01 PM
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I have a diabetic pug who was diagnosed at 7 or 8. Once we settled into a routine and found the right dosage it wasn't a huge problem though we always have used Humalin and it can be expensive, even for a small dog like a pug. The prescription food is also pricey.

Our pug slowly went blind and is pretty much totally blind now and even with one teen child at home it can be problematic since we live out in the middle of forests and we always worry about him wandering away. His world has gotten smaller and smaller as the blindness progresses and he has developed dementia as well. Other than that, he is at a good weight and the accidents he used to have prediagnosis have stopped. No skin issues at all. The excessive peeing and thirst stopped.

I'm so sorry you're faced with this. You certainly have a lot on your plate and it is an extra expense and extra work if you are already at your breaking point. Personally, I would not think you are a bad person or that you don't love your dog if you choose to euthanize. It can be a lot to take on and you are already quite stressed. Giving a beloved pet a peaceful death when you don't think you have the resources (whether they are financial, physical or emotional) to care for him properly or you think he will continue in ill health or discomfort, is a kindness.
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Old 06-25-2013, 09:20 PM
Location: McKinleyville, California
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My dog Chelsea went from 63 pounds to 41 pounds, her vet said she should be at 50 pounds and she did regain the weight and I have maintained her at 50 pounds for almost two years now. She is very happy, has no accidents. She is completely blind, but rarely bumps into anything anymore. I give her humulin N and get it from Walmart for $25 a bottle and was getting it from Rite Aid for $150 for the same insulin, her needles were $37 and now $12 and the test strips from Walmart are $9 for a container of 50. It used to cost me over $300 for her insulin, test strips, needles and heart medicine and now costs less than $60 a month. She eats Prescription diet WD food wet and dry and treats and that is where my expense is at over $100 a month. She was 10 and a half when she was diagnosed and will be 13 next January. The only problem that I have had with her is conjunctivitis and only twice. Other than that, she is doing great and is just as happy as before the diabetes and blindness, I even take her for 3 mile walks in the mornings.
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Old 06-26-2013, 02:16 PM
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If you get your dog regulated on the insulin, she should be able to gain weight and the symptoms will subside except for the blindness. The supplies and medicine are cheap at Walmart like another poster said.

I think if you can't handle it, try rehoming the dog before putting the dog to sleep. Diabetes is easily controlled and is not a death sentence. I knew Daisy was diabetic when I adopted her and it didn't deter me.
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Old 06-26-2013, 04:06 PM
Location: Santa Barbara CA
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My parents had a diabetic dog many years ago and the fact that my mom insisted that the dog never be late or early on her insulin did cut into what they could do.My Dad use to get angry about that but my mom was very by the book and if a doctor or vet said do something like insulin every 12 hrs she did it! The dog was not in bad shape and did have a good life for many years.

my own experience is I inherited a cat with diabetes. He was very thin when he first came to live with me and he did put weight back on but I only had him for a little over a year. I will be honest I did not want a cat so no I was not willing to put my life on hold ( yet again as I did it to help both my parents before they died) so while I tried to keep his shots on time best I could it was not always possible nor easy. I work a 12 hr shift 3X a week and that alone made it difficult. He only got 1 unit twice a day and the insulin which cost about $100.00 a vial was only good for about a month so every month I had to toss an almost full bottle out( and I did try using a vial longer and it did effect his blood sugar when the vial was too old) Next I had to check blood sugars and while I got very good at finding and hitting the small vein on a cats ear he did not like it and ran from me so there was more time used up And Because I was so good at it the vet taught me how to do glucose curves as they are expensive when done at the vets but doing them at home you often give up a whole day. The thing about insulin is when you use the more expensive one and the right diet you can often get a cat off of insulin and that was the goal so we did not use the cheaper insulin that dogs do well on.

You may ask why I did what I did and it was because I had made a promise to look after the cat if something happened to the owner . A year later the cat went into DKA and while we got him turned around fast he also was in kidney failure and after several expensive days at the vets and little improvement in lab values I told the vet I was done. I was relieved that I would not have to deal with the cat but it was the most difficult death of a pet as it was the last connection to a loved one and I also felt I had let them down. My vet bless his heart sat and talked to me for quite a while as he knew how I had not wanted the cat but why I had taken it in and he knew why its death hit me so hard.

You sound like you have a very full plate and I think it is VERY wise to be concerned about this maybe being too much. It may be easy for someone that does not have your life to take care of such a dog but in your case I think it will be tough and you may have a lot of resentment doing it and that is not good for your own health or relationships so yes do put a lot of thought into it, I did not find it that easy and I have taken care of pets with cancer and other illnesses before so was no stranger to giving up time to manage a sick pet. Your husband needs to be a little more understanding on how that will effect your life as even dealing with the kids on your own while he is deployed is a full time job! Good luck in what ever you decide to do.
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Old 06-28-2013, 03:03 PM
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thanks everyone who answered. unfortunately, the past 2 nites my dog Texas was really sick with diarrhea and vomiting.. her appetite had also decreased. I had to put her to sleep this morning. i was talking to the vet, and he told me that this was the best thing to do in this situation. He told me that my dogs Diabetes was very aggressive and i took her out of her misery before it got any worse. i cant stop crying. im an absolute mess.
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Old 06-28-2013, 03:37 PM
Location: Santa Barbara CA
4,704 posts, read 10,124,181 times
Reputation: 8525
Sorry for you loss.No matter how sick a dog gets it is still very hard to say good bye. I do hope in time that memories of Texas bring you smiles instead of tears. Hang in there as you did what needed to be done and often that is not the easy thing to do but it is the kindest and is a final act of Love to Texas. I am sure she knows that too.
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Old 06-28-2013, 05:11 PM
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thnx dashdog, i needed to hear that. it sure was a final act of love. she died so peaceful in arms. i told her that shes going to a place where she can eat whatever she wants and not get sick, where she can run and play with no pain and she will finally be able to see again.

im lookin at pictures of her, videos i took and maybe i shouldnt, not right now. i feel like when i saw her at the shelter, she had no home but i gave her one and made the last moments of her life meaningful. from homeless dog to a home with love.

u know whats wierd, just yesterday i was outside in the backyard and she was running around playing with me my other dogs and and my twins. i think that was like, her last hoorah.

u know how sometimes, before a person dies, they are healthy and in good spirits?! i felt like that was the case with my dog. for a minute yesterday, i thought she had her sight back.

my memories of her will always be as sweet as she was. omg i miss her.
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Old 06-29-2013, 08:44 AM
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I'm so sorry, Mandy. Thank goodness she had you to make the right decision for her. It's so hard to let them go. (((hugs)))
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Old 06-29-2013, 10:06 AM
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thanks mistyriver. i appreciate your very kind words. ((hugs))

heres a nice quote i found about losing a dog..

---it came to me that everytime i lose a dog..
they take a piece of my heart with them,
and every new dog who comes into my life
gifts me with a piece of their heart.

If i live long enough, all the components
of my heart will be dog, and i will become
as generous and loving as they are.

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