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Old 01-05-2012, 05:03 PM
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I'm so glad I stumbled upon this.

A little over a month ago my 6 year old ****-a-poo, Bao Bao started sneezing. He's such a happy little fella. I thought maybe he had caught a cold. I had to take him in for his vaccinations and mentioned it to the vet. He thought maybe it was something new in the house he was allergic or maybe it was cause of his "cracked molar." So I scheduled an appointment for his dental extraction and cleaning. A week before his extraction I noticed he had a "stuffy nose". He would put his nose right next to my ear in the middle of the night and try to "exhale." I took him back to the vet and they prescribed atirobe, they said to give it to him all the way until his surgery. I did, but it didn't seem to be helping. After the surgery his nose didn't seem to clear up. I asked about maybe setting up a rhinoscopy cause I was sure there was something lodged up his nose. I took him to another vet to get a second opinion. They prescribed baytril. I gave it to him for a few more days when i noticed his nose started bleeding. I took him back to my vet and they prescribed clavamox. I wanted them to refer me somewhere to get a rhinoscopy, they finally did. Because he was concerned that he has a bulge and that his 2nd eyelid is showing.

2 days ago I found out he's been diagnosed with nasal carcinoma. CT scan located a big mass. Through a haze of the vet's talking, I think I heard her saying it's spreading to his brain, and that radiation therapy would not be helpful. I am devastated and have not been able to stop crying. I'm still waiting to hear back from the vet about the biopsy and what possibly could be done for him, and that maybe I didn't make up what she said. From what I've read on the internet, it doesn't look too good.

I wish I demanded that they scheduled a rhinoscopy/ct scan sooner, than maybe it wouldn't gotten so bad. Waiting for the this phone call has set my mind into overdrive.

I feel so guilty, for even thinking about putting him down, but I don't want him to suffer and be in pain.

Nasal cancer-224370_922955038556_1524862_46377662_1092039_n.jpg Sleeping on my pillow in the car
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Old 01-06-2012, 04:01 PM
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Default My dog Ralphie

I am sorry to hear about your precious dog, Bao Bao's Mommy. Nasal cancer is absolutely devastating. My dog Ralphie was definitively diagnosed in July 2011, after getting a clean bill of health from a rhinoscopy and CT scan done initially in March 2011. In July the vet said he had 2 months to live, and watch for seizures. Ralphie has now completed his sixth month on an anti-inflammatory called piroxicam, and thankfully experienced no seizures.

During these past two weeks he had one extremely heavy and long-lasting nosebleed, which I certainly would have panicked over, had I not been reading the messages on this forum. Within an hour he was almost totally back to himself, eating well and wanting to go on our short walk.

Two nights ago I finally saw some behavior that let me know he is now experiencing pain--so he is now on Tramadol, and it is helping. The tumor is showing on the right side of his face, and his 2nd eyelid is showing.

I know that the time is approaching now when I will have to make the decision for euthanasia, and I face it with overwhelming dread. In November 2010 my other dog succumbed to cancer, and that was very sad, and left me feeling empty. Ralphie has always been my "rock" and emotional support--more so than any human in my life.

Right now Ralphie is lying by my feet as I type this message. I am crying, but I don't want him to be disturbed by it--so I shall continue to read these posts, and offer support to all others who are dealing with these issues. My prayers to you all.
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Old 01-08-2012, 02:55 PM
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It is sad to read these posts about nasal cancer. This is a very long thread and I have read only a small portion but I have a question which I haven't seen addressed in what I've read. If it is caught early- can it be cured? or is it a death sentence once they have nosebleeds?

I'm sorry for all those who are dealing with this.
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Old 01-08-2012, 04:31 PM
Location: Santa Barbara CA
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Originally Posted by no kudzu View Post
It is sad to read these posts about nasal cancer. This is a very long thread and I have read only a small portion but I have a question which I haven't seen addressed in what I've read. If it is caught early- can it be cured? or is it a death sentence once they have nosebleeds?

I'm sorry for all those who are dealing with this.

While treatments are improving every day. When Dash was diagnosed it was caught early and the oncologist still said no matter what we did it would still most likely kill him. Sometimes cancers respond very well to treatments or people/animals even have a spontaneous recovery but more often then not it is a death sentence. Knowing that I choose palliative IMRT for Dash as my goal was to give him some great quality time which it did. And I looked at the experience as my time to say good bye to him . The nose bleeds are not really a sign that the end is near but when you start seeing swelling on the muzzle you are nearing the end. Sometimes it is rapid sometimes slow as dogs are all individuals. Of course sometimes you do not see that as the cancer growns inwards not outwards then you will probably start to see seizures or other neurological signs. I think many of us have had quiet different experiences as there are also several different types of cancer that cause nasal cancer some are very aggessive some not as aggressive. But I am so glad this thread remains alive and that people are sharing with one another as it does help more then you may know.

My heart goes out to everyone every time I see this thread back up as I think of all the good dogs that have died from this. The good side of it for me was all the fantastic friends I made here as we all went through this terrible disease together many are now facebook friends and one helped me when I adopted Chaos being she lived in Texas near the shelter where Chaos was. Sort of the circle of life thing It makes me thankful for this thread as Chaos is such a great pup and without LuAnn's help I do not know if she would be with me . there are many great people here.
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Old 01-11-2012, 09:02 PM
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I don't know if i'm alleviating bao bao's pain even a little bit. The vet has him on deramaxx. He still has a lot of energy he'll make me run with him in the courtyard, play with his squeaky toys, eat his meal, and responsive. His nose has become more sensitive, and when i accidentally touched it he whimpered in pain his nose bleeds on and not a significant amount. Maybe I will ask the vet to give him another type of med? Any suggestions?

I keep reading that when his "quality of life" starts declining that's when I will know. Will I?
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Old 01-13-2012, 03:16 PM
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Hello friends,
I have not written here for months but I come and read often. It saddens me to see more and more people writing for guidance to help their pups that have been affected by this disease. One thing I can offer is that everyone does here is that they keep their pups healthy and safe and when they get sick you all go above and beyond trying to heal them and make them better. One thing is that a common theme is "how will I know is it time to say good bye or when quality of life becomes poor?'' Trust me my friends you will know. For everyone and every dog it is different. I knew that it was Sheldon's time to say goodbye when he stopped "smiling". He ate and walked and ran around until the last breath he took, but the last 2 weeks he was alive he didnt "smile: (we all know the doggy smile where all you see is tons of teeth a droopy tongue and a happy pant ) Sheldon didnt do that anymore...not too mention the terrible nose bleeds and the wheezing. But the missing "smile" was when I knew I had to let go, even though I didnt want to. I miss him every day and it will be 2 yrs this April hes been gone but I keep him alive in my heart. Another common theme is the guilt we all hold when we first find out our pups are sick...we question ourselves maybe we should have taken them to the vet sooner or may be we should have been home more or maybe this or maybe that...Dont let the guilt eat you up..All of you make the right choices for your circumstances and YOUR dog..One of my favorite dog quotes is that "Dogs live freely and love unconditonally; they let us do the worrying for them"..funny but true..but the real meaning of that is that dogs TRUST us to make the right choices for them and dont worry that the choice you make is the wrong one..so if there is anything you all can do while you struggle or succumb to this disease is to TRUST yourself. And spend lots of time with your pups..the highlight of their day is YOU..
Good luck everyone and I will pray for all the pups still suffering and the ones that are already in heaven watching over us, I know my Sheldon is
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Old 01-24-2012, 02:20 AM
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Hello everyone....I just want to say I'm thankful that this forum exists. I would google "dog nasal cancer" but usually it comes up with the textbook definitions and symptoms, not the stories behind what the owner is going through. (of course I'm not thankful that this disease happens to our dogs but it's good to know what to expect).
My boyfriend's family dog Trixie is a wonderful black lab of 12 years. Last summer she kept sneezing, and it progressed to sneezing violently (shaking her whole head uncontrollably). We thought it was just allergies or something got stuck up her nose (we even laughed at the funny faces she made when she was about to sneeze). So we got the vet to look at her and the vet thought it was a bacterial infection so she was put on antibacterial medicine.
It seemed to get better (less mucus) but she was slowly losing weight (lost 5 lbs in a couple of weeks) and her eyes kept weeping out gunky black stuff.
One day we noticed she sneezed out some mucus and it had some blood on it. Concerned, we brought her to the vet and the vet said it could be because of the violent sneezing or something was stuck up her nose (cancer was not mentioned at this point). I live in a small-ish town with limited equipment and the vet doesn't have the necessary tools to actually look inside Trixie's nose....we'd have to drive 2 hours to the city...
A couple of months went by...Trixie was slowly declining in weight still and had very itchy ears and kept rubbing them on the carpet, grass, people...etc. And a lot more sneezing happened...this time it's very bloody. One day she sneezed out a huge chunk of fleshy blood and we decided to get it tested.
The news was terrible...it was cancerous.
So the vet suggested different routes to take...one being finding out what type of cancer she has...but this would include us driving 2 hours to put her on anesthetics etc etc....very stressful for a 12 year old senior. Then they explained about chemo and radiation therapy...because of the condition she's in, her age and the fact the side effects of the "treatments" would probably do her more harm than good...we decided to not go that route.
She is being spoiled like crazy...lots of love, walks, food, (even people food bits) and even playtime. But recently this past week she started to have a lot of trouble breathing properly...she would lay down (really tired lately too) but gets up right away because she cannot breath through her nose. In fact...she sounds like a door stopper when someone makes it make that twang sound....everytime she takes a breath.
She seems very uncomfortable and we noticed Trixie is having a lump form between her eyes... on top of her snout. I'm really worried that this is the tumor that is progressively getting bigger and will eat away at her bone and get into her brain. There's not a lot of blood being sneezed out...but you can hear and smell whatever is inside her nose.
Trixie's been staring at me intensely everytime I go visit her...sometimes without blinking as in to say "please help me...". It's very sad and I'm afraid her time is coming up shortly...
Have anyone witnessed or experienced their dog having a hard time breathing and sounding "wet" as they breath? (door stopper sound) If so....how long does she have until it's time to let her go? She's a beautiful and wonderful dog that loves everyone and I do not want her to suffer...
Thank you for your time and my heart goes out to everyone facing this horrible disease. I hate cancer.
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Old 01-27-2012, 03:27 AM
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Default she is still hangin in there

Mommy is still w/us and right now doing well despite not being able to get her vet care i have kept her on 10mg of pred and a few courses of doxy

it seems to work

she has developed gingival tumors too has anybody else had that

right now she has a giant one on top of her upper molar and the tooth is loose

she had another one a few months ago and lost the tooth but i see no sign of the tumor

all of this is on the right upper side

the nosebleeds started almost 1 year ago they started on the right side only and now she has bilateral bleeding usually not too bad but every once in awhile it really starts in
it was worse a few months ago

she does have a lot of congestion somtimes worse than others

although i do not have a formal diagnosis i know she has nasal cancer

am not sure if the gingival tumors are related i cant seem to find a connection

i did not know that that they lived this long w/out more aggressive treatment

she has facial deformity but only on the right side of her snout

it seems to be staying around the same size but the gingival tumor iscausing the most swelling

i thought she would be gone by now

i know i should be grateful and i am but it is like waiting for the other shoe to drop
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Old 01-27-2012, 11:35 AM
Location: Santa Barbara CA
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Mommy could have a bad infection and not nasal cancer as the roots of some of their teeth are very long and can cause infections in the sinuses. That was one of the reasons for a Xay with Dash to make sure it was not a tooth related infection.
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Old 01-29-2012, 12:34 AM
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Our 13 year old lab/great Dane mix,logan,had a really horrible nosebleed (left side) 2 years ago and a few more less dramatic ones since then. Emergency vet suspected nasal cancer then but we didn't do ct scan because of cost and logan's age. For the past 6 months he has started bleeding constantly but not a lot of blood from his left nostril. For the last month or two he has started a weird gurgling breathing. The vet says his left nostril entirely blocked. This past week has been very hard. He seems to be very uncomfortable. On pain meds and antibiotics. Tonight doing a weird seizing/gagging thing that I haven't seen before. I read a lot of the posts and it makes me feel better because people I talk to don't seem to know anything or have any experience with this. Really worried about knowing when Logan has had enough. Do most people put their dogs down with this disease or do most dogs naturally succumb to this and what could happen? Logan is a big dog even at his lowest weight ever of 76 lbs (used to be 110) and concerned about how to manage him if things get bad (we have 3 month old and 4 year old-husband travels for work). Any suggestions. So so sad....
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