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Old 03-17-2011, 08:02 PM
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@newcastle-thanks for the info. Its good to know what neighborhoods are good and which ones should be avoided. Also the buisnesses, UnitedHealth Group is a huge employer here as well.
What is Hermantown?
As far as cleanliness is concerned, Im not sure what thats refering too? Are we talking about abandoned buildings and industrial areas or litter and trash everywhere? I currently live in the Quad Cities, this is Ia/Il, and in my humble opinion, it is filthy. Litter EVERYWHERE. People treat the world like their personal garbage can. We also have plenty of impoverished areas with abandoned buildings to help with the landscape!
Once upon a time I lived in Georgia and that whole state was clean. If you littered you got a $1000 fine. It should be that way everywhere.
Hey, any thoughts on the area wildlife? I understand what you have there but is it safe? What on EARTH do you do if youre face to face with a bear or a huge elk or moose? The biggest animal I see here is an occasional Great Dane!!!
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Old 03-17-2011, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by newcastle View Post
Wow, no need to get so defensive. Duluth is addressing this isue and has for the last 5 years through the Greater Downtown Council which has created a "Clean and Safe" team designated for, you'd never guess, cleaning downtown and acting as a type of neighborhood watch.

I've lived all over the place and Duluth is really not that dirty by comparison to other cities, even Rochester.
Who is getting defensive? Just stating facts after a flippant comment directed towards me. I lived in Duluth for more than 30 years. It is much dirtier than Rochester. I sure would like to see them get it cleaned up as each time I visit (which is often as still tons of family there) it still looks dirty to me.

RKT, I think there is more litter than there should be for a city that relies so heavily on tourism. I think there is sort of a drabness about it. I wouldn't say it is abandoned homes or buildings being a problem. This of course is just MY OPINION. I have no idea why other posters have negative things to say about it or what they are referring to in reference to it being dirty or needing to be cleaned up. I have been to many many other places, both larger and smaller than Duluth and it just falls into the dirty category for me. You may not see it at all. You may be like so many people I know who think Duluth is perfect. Whatever the case, I am sure the beauty of the city will outweigh this whole conversation about MY OPINION.
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Old 03-17-2011, 10:46 PM
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Hermantown is the city adjacent to Duluth "over the hill" from the lake and is basically a bedroom community of about 10,000.

As far as wildlife goes, Duluth has a ton of deer in city and each year conducts a citywide bow hunt in a desperate attempt to cull the population. You get the occasional back alley bear that is more scared of you than the other way round. Further north toward the border you find moose. The moose I've seen run away or stand stupidly in the road and take no notice of you as if you are an insignificant piece of scenery.

Have you looked for work? What field are you looking at trying for up here?
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Old 03-19-2011, 10:46 AM
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OMG! I think I would die if I found a bear in my alley!! LOL! Someone (in an attempt to keep me from moving Im sure) told me that moose or elk can be very aggressive. Is that true? Theyre so BIG. My husband loves bow hunting and is always disappointed because he doesnt see much. So everyone bow hunts IN the city? How does THAT work? WOW

I am a nurse so Im not terribly concerned about finding a job? I'm more concerned about my husband finding work. No degree just extensive fork truck/warehouse experience? The places that you listed were a good start. Thank you.

Im thinking if we're going to make this HUGE scary step and move, we need to do it soon before kids start school again in the fall. Any thoughts on schools? Which districts are NOT good?

I understand how some towns do seem to to have a drab or dirty feel to them. It seems that the natural beauty of the area would maybe make up for it to some people and not for others?
So how touristy is it? Do you get severely over crowed in the summer months or is it managable?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to share this information with me, it's very helpfull
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Old 03-19-2011, 11:13 AM
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You won't find moose or elk roaming around in Duluth. I grew up in one of the neighborhoods on the hill, and yes, we would occasionally get bears in our backyard. They generally just got into the garbage, which meant picking it up the next day. We usually watched them from the window if we heard them. I had friends across the street and about a block away whose houses I would walk home from at night, and generally, I just ran and never actually saw bears on any of those times.

I don't know much about warehouse or fork lift work, but with the port there, I'm sure there is something.

The tourism is manageable. A great deal of the tourists will be down in the Canal Park and lake area and you learn when is a good time to go there yourself and when not to. If you want to do tourist things, you just go in the "off season". We used to go to Canal Park all the time when I was a kid. Of course, back then, the tourism industry wasn't what it is now. But really it's just busier in the summer and you'll find plenty of things to do that don't involve going to the touristy places.

One thing that is for certain for me personally (and I know it's an issue for a lot of people in Duluth) is the Duluth schools themselves. If we were to move back to the Duluth area, we would not live in Duluth itself because of the schools. We would look at Proctor, Hermantown or Esko. We know people in all three districts who are happy with the eduction their kids are getting. Unfortunatley these schools are becoming overcrowded. I'm not sure if people think Cloquet and Carlton are crowded or not. there's also AlBrook which is just north of Duluth - in Saginaw. (It's name comes from the towns Alborn and Brookston). I've always thought Two Harbors would be an option too. Otherwise, you could always consider Superior. I'm not sure how the schools over there are now, but I remember years ago that they were good. Of course, in my opinion, there is the unappeal of the bars everywhere there. But some nice neighborhoods there. There's also Wrenshall, which is SW of Duluth. I know people who have their kids there and like it.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who are very happy with the Duluth schools, so I don't think it would necessarily be a bad choice. I'm not sure how open enrollment works there (or if it is there), but if you had your kids in a Duluth school and you didn't like it, you could always find out about switching to one of the area schools. There's also the Charter schools for elementary and middle-school in Duluth. Raleigh and Edison. worth checking those out too. Duluth Public Schools - Duluth Home

Good luck!!
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Old 03-19-2011, 02:24 PM
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SO happy you are considering a move to Duluth. I am a life-long resident, for the most part, although I have visited many places in the country and even across the world. I even lived away for a while, but found myself really missing it - not just for my family and friends, but because of Lake Superior. I'm now 41, and have a middle school son and a grade school daughter. I am so happy that they are growing up here and they just love it. I knew many friends from my youth that couldn't wait to get out of here. BUT, slowly and surely, they are coming back. They said it was the draw of the lake that brought them back. For me, I would really love a warmer climate, but the change of seasons are very good for a person and I do love that.

I grew up in the hillside and to some extent even miss it. You'll hear people say that the hillside is scary, but it is sooooo relative. My best friend lives there now, and I feel totally safe walking around in his neighborhood. I now live in Lakeside, and for me it just feels right. I am still close enough to the lake, but it has a WONDERFUL community feel. Seems that wherever you go, you run into someone you know, and I never even grew up in that area. My son goes to Woodland Middle School. Last year was a tough year because they consolidated schools, but this year has been great, and my son can't wait to go to school each day. Pretty good for 6th grade, I'd say. He loves the teachers, and I have met all of them and couldn't say enough about them. My daughter goes to Lester Park, and the new school will open in the fall. I know every teacher there very well and I would put them up with the best in the nation. They adore those kids and work tirelessly to educate them. I believe Lester Park has a Great Schools rating of 9 or something like that.

Lakeside/Lester Park also has two fitness centers, 3 gas station/convenience stores, a Super One Foods (newly renovated), Johnson's Bakery (awesome), gift shops, post office, barber shop and hair salons, Duluth Clinic and St. Luke's Clinic, fabric and quilt shop, bead shop, New London Cafe, a hardware store, Sammy's Pizza, to name a few.

Anyway, I guess you could say I love it out there. It really does seem like it's own little community and everyone I know says they just love it there.

Lots of other great areas around too, but I really think Lakeside/Lester Park has one of the better small town/community feels to it with it's own little downtown area.

In terms of dirty and run down. Yeah, I can definitely see that. It is industrial and more could be done - especially on the homeowner's part. I have noticed that many folks don't plant flowers and vegetable gardens due to the short growing season, but further south you see a lot more flowers.

If you come to visit in the Spring, just understand, that it is the dirtiest time of year. The snow is melting leaving sand/gravel and salt residue. Soon things will get better and summer and fall here is absolutely fantastic and very beautiful. Check out the site NorthernImages . com for some awesome photography. We had friends visit in the spring and they were horrified. They said it was the ugliest place they had ever been. Well, that was about 10 years ago and they said they would NEVER leave this place.
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Old 03-19-2011, 04:05 PM
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Lakeside is awesome! I wish the burger place ( was it Ray's) never closed. I think I could live in Lakeside if I ever moved back.
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Old 03-19-2011, 06:21 PM
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Fromupthere-Bears in the alley! Cant even imagine! We hace recoons to deal with in our alleys! LOL. That may take some getting used too.
So I think maybe I found a couple decent houses in Superior. Its just so hard when you dont know the areas. IVe been "hearing" a lot of Superior being ran down and not a place to consider? But I have also read that the schools ARE good, which seems odd to me. Typically run down city goes with run down schools?

bbtrips-this Lakeside area you describe sounds wonderful! SO what Im loooking for. Somewhere with a nice sense of community. However, I managed to find just a little info on this area and I wonder if its a bit out of my price range? We are middle class at best without so much as good credit to make up for it. Is this more of an "upper class" area?

Its confusing talking about all these different areas inside the same city when you arent familiar with it. Its just different neighborhoods we are talking about right? The population of Duluth is much smaller then where I currently live.

I looked into Cloquet (Im sure I pronounce this wrong) and this area seems nice, it also seemed like maybe there isnt much for available housing there? Any thoughts?

Ive found LOTS of housing (only some of which isnt gross) in the East side? Seems like right around the colleges and hospitals. I probally dont even have to ask but Im assuming this is a questionable area? I acually live very close to a private university now and we have had no problems at all with the college students. I dont imagine thats the case everywhere.

Its definately lake Superior that is attracting me to this area. All the amazing senery and outdoor activities. And Im one of the odd minority who loves winter Midwest summers are horrid to me here. 98 degrees with extreme humidity is NOT my idea of a nice summer! Im envisioning white water rafting, kayaking, the beach (rock or sandy) snowmobiles ect.

Relocating is terrifying but I cant seem to let it go sooooo looks likely that I will be a new resident by the end the summer!!
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Old 03-19-2011, 06:39 PM
1,833 posts, read 2,620,634 times
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Bears in the yard, not the alley. Not all the neighborhoods in Duluth have alleys. I like the areas around Billings Park and the kind of by the mall. Not sure of all the neighborhoods over there. For Cloquet, you should probably Google realtors for there to see listings. I thought they usually had a nice selection. I know Re/Max is there as well as Prudential. One heads up for Cloquet is there is a paper mill there so you get the smell from that. But you get used to it.

I don't know what listings are like for Lakeside now, but in the past when I've looked at listings there, they seemed a little higher but not drastically so.

For the college areas, not all the areas are bad. I'm sure you might find a bad neighbor or loud neighbors around the area, but nothing too terrible. Duluth's crime rates aren't high, particularly for violent crime. You can find crime in any neighborhood in my experience.

The neighborhoods of Duluth are many so a lot of that is what we are talking about. Proctor and Hermantown are separate towns that are "attached" to Duluth. Esko, Cloquet, Carlton, Two Harbors, Wrenshall, Saginaw, these are all neighboring towns. Lakeside/Lester Park are the far east part of Duluth. Duluth is a very long city but not very wide. I can't remember the actual number of miles but it's only like 5 miles wide and like 20 miles long. ( I know my numbers aren't exact).

Cloquet is pronounced like klo kay.
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Old 03-19-2011, 06:41 PM
1,833 posts, read 2,620,634 times
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I would suggest making a list of areas you are considering before your visit so you can check them out and see what you think.
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