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Old 06-27-2013, 05:52 PM
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Here is a makeup tutorial by a famous drag queen that will help you understand your face. You are not going to do drag makeup day to day as was stated, but you need to understand makeup FIRST and how it changes things. First go get your brows done professionally.

I stipulate drag makeup does NOT PASS in the daytime/light, This is all for learning not going to work

Also alot of the contouring tricks are for catching the light, but still, you can learn from these and follow them step by step. It takes ALOT Of practice.

I would actually DO the drag makeup IN THE HOUSE and get proficient at it. Including lashes. THEN you can cut back. I would even do the eyebrow glue down at first just to really see what I was working with. (you'll see it on the video) The reason they contour is to break down the face in the manly parts ie jawline, big forehead, nose. But if you're walking around the world that won't really work. But you CAN contour some, plenty of women do.

Manila Luzon Makeup Tutorial some NSFW LANGUAGE

Manila Luzon's Make Up Tutorial - YouTube

Here's another one - Willam Belli - but this guy uses a light hand, his own brows, not as much theatrical makeup and paints like a woman so it would be closer to your end goal. It's not actually a tutorial, he doesn't talk LOL. But you can see a difference. He starts with eyes, because he doesn't cover up his entire skin with foundation and powders as much as Manila.


Contact these 2 other drag queens on their facebook who are makeup artists. They were former contestants from RuPauls Drag Race Season 3 and they are very kind and will potentially help you with ideas based on what you look like.

Carmen Carrera - pre-op male to female transgender - she has been on hormones for a couple years
Raja Gemini - worked for Tyra Banks and other famous people.

Don't post on their wall, message or email them through their booking email. They are working queens so they may not get back to you right away but they are kind.

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Old 06-27-2013, 08:14 PM
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TracySam raises some interesting points to look into, and that's all I' ll say about that.

When I was younger, my mom didn't wear much makeup or dress fashionably (she buys men's clothes because they're "less fussy"!), so I had to figure out most of all that for myself. If you're not doing this already, you're probably going to get good advice from transgender-specific make-up tutorials like this one:

Creating your feminine face: Transgender makeup tutorial part 1- Foundation - YouTube

I just googled "transgender make-up tips" and a BUNCH of stuff came up. This particular one is nice, because the makeup looks natural, not like a showgirl, although who doesn't love to dress up like a show girl every now and then? I would say that this has A LOT of products involved, but it's a good, well-explained technique for making a masculine face look feminine. I'd also look up tips on how to cover a 5-o'clock shadow, if that's an issue for you.

And to get make-up right, it takes LOTS of practice. It can be lots of fun, buying some new makeup, trying it on, wiping it off, and doing it again! I always find it hard to match my skintone, but luckily most retailers like CVS and Walmart will take the item back if you end up not liking it. Ask before you buy, and NEVER by cosmetics at the grocery store! Even if they're on sale! They're waaaay cheaper at drug stores and big box stores.

There are several eye products out there that are labelled by eye color, and some of them, i.e. smoky-eye palettes, include instructions on the back (see my arsenal below). Your best bets are browns and golds, and soft, translucent blues. But go ahead and EXPERIMENT!

All my makeup can seriously fit in 2 sandwich baggies. I do get complimented on my make-up often (Although I don't get why! LOL), so I guess I'm doing something right. Here's some tips, followed by every piece of make-up I own:

-Get used to jabbing pencils and brushes in your eye. This is the hardest part for girls starting to wear makeup, and once you get used to it, application is WAY easier.

-Try gently pulling your eyelid to the side when applying eyeliner.

-When putting on eyeliner, aim to apply it to the roots of your eyelashes. If you end up with a big gap between the liner and your eyelashes, just fill it in, or use a brush or finger to blend it.

-Experiment with different kinds of eyeliner such as self-sharpening, pencil, liquid, and using a very dark eye shadow applied with a wet (not dripping) eyeliner brush.

-Speaking of brushes, I like EcoTools. You can get a variety pack at WalMart, and they're of surprisingly excellent quality for the money.

-For a quickie, put on moisturizer, dab a little concealer (which should always be a few shades lighter than your skin) under your eyes and blend well, put on mascara and lip gloss. Works amazingly well.

-When in doubt, BLEND. Don't be the girl that has a line of foundation at her chin, putting others in the awkward position of telling or not telling her.

-To apply mascara, be sure you paint the lashes root to tip with just a few strokes. Do the other eye the same, then go back to the first eye for a second coat, followed by a second coat for the other eye. Kind of like painting a wall - let it dry for a few seconds between coats. You can put on as many coats as you see necessary, but 2 or 3 does the trick.

-Don't be afraid to get the Wet N Wild or NYC brands, which are the cheapest. Some of my favorite eyeshadows have been from them.

-See if you have a Sally's Beauty Supply near you. They have tons of quality make-ups in tiny individual packs for $1 each.

Now, my arsenal. I don't dabble in fancy high-end make-up because honestly, I think the drug-store products work just fine, and actually look more natural.

-L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes is the ONLY MASCARA I will ever use until my dying day. Almost every girl I know says the same thing. There's a couple other varieties, but as long as it says L'Oreal Voluminous, you're good to go.

-L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Gloss in Rebel Red and a nice translucent, soft pink (can't find it now!). In looking at my tube, I just realized that if you take the sticker off the top, it's a mirror! Wow!

-Revlon Beyond Natural Blush and Bronzer. A few circles with a giant brush on the apples of your cheeks, a dab at the chin and forehead, and you're good.

-Boots No. 7 Foundation and Concealer. I always use concealer under my eyes (lots of online tutorials). Honestly, I don't usually wear foundation, mostly because I can't match my skin-tone. But there was a lady at Target letting people try the product (not pushy at all), and helped me find the right shade. I like it, it doesn't feel icky.

-Maybeline Stylish Smokes in Cinnamon Spice. A little shimmery and nice for everyday use (I have blue eyes too BTW).

-My go-to eye-shadow pack is Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Smoky Blue Eyes, which comes with directions. It has 9 different colors altogether, 3 colors each for day, evening, and "dramatic" LOL. Each set of 3 colors has a light shade, a medium shade, and a dark shade that you can use for eyeliner. This is my preferred way of doing eyeliner, because it's more forgiving than liquid or pencil.

So that's my take on makeup. I'm no fashionista, but I stick to basics and wear whatever accessories tickle my fancy. That seems to work.

I HIGHLY suggest checking out this website to find your body shape, and basic clothing shapes to look for when shopping. This helped me a lot:

Calculate Your Body Type and Learn How to Dress Your Body Shape

And on a personal note, you have people out there whom you have never met, but truly love you and want you to be happy. Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

Good luck and enjoy the adventure!

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Old 06-28-2013, 04:01 PM
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Thank you all so much for taking the time to offer me so much really fantastic advice and support. I admit i did not expect to receive this kind of response and i really am very grateful. Some of you are very suspicious of me and do not understand the problems and why i am even doing this, and i get that, i would be the same. I did not want to bore people to death with all the aspects and run down on my problems but i feel that many of you have taken the time to reply to me and show interest and many of you have gave me fantastic advice so i will try to explain my circumstances better in the hope that it will help those who do not understand and want to know more. Sorry if its long winded but i will try my best to shorten where i can .

In September 2009 i went through a terrible break up with my girlfriend, we had been together for 8 years and we lived together for 5. It all went bad in the last year and i had sexual performance issues for quite some time so we never had much closeness. We drifted apart and she found somebody else. It was hard as hell, i had to move in to my dads house and i felt i had lost everything, she had been my best friend as well as my girlfriend and now it was all gone i was lost and fell into a depression, nothing major but i was low.

In November 2009 i begun to feel a little off, not myself a tall, i felt tired all the time, had no energy and i was very depressed. I had also gained weight which was strange because i was not really eating that much. By December i started to think some things wrong, all the above had gotten worse and i had also become very emotional. It was not until January 2010 that i made the decision to visit my doctor. I felt dreadful and i had also found small fleshy lumps under my nipples which had actually become slightly visable and very tender, i had no idea what they where really, cancer even crossed my mind. I was scared and knew i had to see a doc .

My first visit to a doctor was scary, i told him the problems and i was examined, he said the lumps under my nipples where not cancer, but he wanted to do some tests in general, he did mention a possible hormonal imbalance. So i Had a full blood count done. It took 3 weeks to get the results. I was anxious and really dreading what it would show. I went back to the doctors when my results had come in and i was told there was problems. I had a low vitamin B12 count and a protein in my liver or something, but the worst thing was they had detected some abnormal hormone activity in my blood. The doctor said it could be a simple hormone imbalance which can be fairly common, i was referred to an endocrinologist at one of my local hospitals.

I waited 6 weeks for the appointment and in that time things seemed to just be getting worse, i was an emotional wreck, i felt so weak and tired all the time and i had noticed the lumps under my nipples where actually getting bigger and more uncomfortable. I had done some research myself on the web and found that these where more than likely breast buds. I actually looked up too much to be honest and got myself in a mess, not a good thing to do. But my appointment came in march and i had more blood tests and a saliva test to measure my hormones or something, never knew why with that one. But i also had to have an MRI scan which worried me a lot. I was told that certain things can cause hormone imbalances in men, tumours and some cancers, thyroid problems and well the list goes on, My endo said we need to see theres nothing serious causing this before we can go any further. So another 5 weeks and all the tests later i went back. My Scan came back fine, my thyroid and my actual hormone production from my gonads was all ok and normal. My hormone levels where very wrong though, i had so much testosterone that was no being absorbed. In a normal person or man for example they produce testosterone, 93% or something gets absorbed into the body by receptors, the other 7% does not get absorbed and the body converts it to estrogen. The opposite in woman, we all have this normal process going on inside us.

After 6 months after first seeing a doctor i get told i have a hormone condition, many names and theories where thrown around, hypogonadism, androgen difficiency syndrome, some form of reifenstein syndrome, i lost count at things it could be. I was told in short for some unknown reason my body had become unable to absorb much testosterone. I was absorbing something like 3% the rest was actually being converted into estrogen. I was horrified not only at what was going on but why did they not know what it was. They tried me on different treatments, one was HRT testosterone injections, then i had Aromatase inhibitors, anto androgens and so on. Nothing was effective and is still not to this day.

I have seen 3 different endocrinologists over the past 2 and a half years and all of them seem to be at a loss. I have been offered various forms of help, groups to contact mainly gay and trans groups which i have had very little luck from if im really honest. I have been in counciling for the past 30 months or so, i have been given compression garments to help hide the physical changes and so on. I have had constant tests and still have tests every 3 months. I had a genetic test done about 18 months ago which shown i do have a chromosome discrepancy but only very small and this is the closest thing to a cause they can find. I could be or suffer from a form of being intersexed. But they still dont know. I have tried to shorten this where i can as it is so complicated and i only understand certain parts myself.

Ok how is it effected me and my life. Well the physical changes are actually very severe, its not just the case of me having gynacomastia (manboobs),which many men suffer from to some extent. I have been effected mentally to a high degree over time and i suffer from depression and anxiety attacks, low self esteem, bone density problems, high blood pressure, increased risk of some cancers and heart problems, and i have recently developed a slight curve in my spine. I have actually lost 2" in height in the last 16 months. I also suffer from migraines and well the list goes on. I could have treatment to stop the estrogen in my body, the problem is then i would be left with no primary or secondary sex hormone which would be 100% times worse then where i am now, so thats why im having to except and cope with whats going on, i have little choice and i do not want to die In time on here if people except me and want to know more then with people i trust i will show pictures of me, see for yourself.

As far as family and friends go. To be honest my girlfriend was my best friend for along time, we had joint couple friends and when we split up that all went really bad anyway without this on top. I have 3 or 4 male friends that i thought where good friends. My family consists of my dad really, my mum vanished along time ago and left us and my dad always kind of blamed me for it, we where never close. Then i have a few uncles and aunts on my dads side but i never had much to do with them so i was truely alone with all this. After 12 months or so after first seeing a doctor i told one of my male friends as he had noticed things, i had to tell them something. He was shocked and even tried to make it into a joke but after trusting him i realised he had told more people and i was seen as a joke, most of my friends gradually started to ignore me and not return my calls or messages, it was a very hard and lonely time. I felt like ending it all on a few occasions. Then there is the abuse i started to receive. Mainly form groups of youths and my next door neighbour at the time believe it or not. I was punched by him and called a ******, all because his wife seen me throw her side window and i was topless, i seen her at the time and hid. A few weeks later i was parking my car on the drive, this is my dads house by the way and the neighbour was mowing his lawn, i said hi and he looked at me like i was a lepur, i asked if there a problem and we got into an argument, ended up with me being punched. I called the police and they came round and it all became a case of my word against his and i never pressed charges, wished i had. But the worst time was when i walked past a group of young men, they where all laughing at me and shouting abuse, id had enough, i started shouting back, next thing i knew i had been hit round the head with a bottle and then i must have blacked out, i woke up alone in hospital, i had 2 broken ribs, a broken nose bruises every where and about 16 stitches in my head, i was in for a week over. Thats when i had to get away and start a new life i had to. I had nothing round there and i was sick of being scared to go out the house. I had spoke to my shrink about how i felt and that i was becoming comfortable with myself and the changes, i even like some of them now. I had spoke about maybe wanting to live as a woman. This disscusion went on for some time and even though i have not been given the ok yes you should do that from him i do sense that it was not as crazy as it sounds. So thats the choice i made.

I am still lonely and im still scared of going out even in a new area, i feel alone, but i except myself now which is something i never did 12 months or so ago. But i admit trying to be a woman is very hard, i guess thats why im on here.

Anyway im sorry to go on, thanks again for all the help and support you have all shown, it means more than you know i hope this explains things a little better if you can be bothered to read it all lol

Thanks xx
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Old 06-28-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by lostbutterfly View Post
Hi everyone, i am new to the forum and i am really looking for some help and advice and hopefully to make a few online friends. My story is complicated and i am not sure how i will be received on here as many people assume im a freak or something, but im a normal person that has been dealt a bad hand and i am just trying to cope with it the best i can, please give me a chance .

Ok well i am a 33 year old male, just over 3 years ago i was diagnosed with a major hormone disorder which effected my male hormone receptors, in short i became unable to absorb testosterone. The testosterone was then being converted into estrogen which my body was able to absorb,for those who know anything about hormones you will know for a man this is very bad i have tried every type of treatment and seen 6 different specialists but my condition was diagnosed as untreatable about 2 years ago.

Obviously my whole life changed, i lost friends and family and have been assaulted on 3 occasions, i received so much abuse in the area i was in i moved about 6 months ago to start a new life. But i am trying to start a new life living as a woman I have changed so much over the past 3 years that i seen this as my only option to be accepted, and i admit i have excepted and like some of the changes now.

My problem is i have no friends at the minute and i am finding trying to become a woman very hard, im struggling with make-up and clothing and all things female lol i really would love some help and advice and maybe a friendly person to talk to at times ? so if anyone would like to help or even if you want to know more than please reply i would be so appreciative

Thank you xx
You need to connect with the local transgender community and get some support. Just do some Googling. Often they are grouped together with lesbian and gay groups (but they do understand the difference). It will really help you.
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Old 06-28-2013, 04:43 PM
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Yours is indeed an unusual and sad story. I am sorry you are going through this.

People can lose their libido when hormones fail, seems reasonable you could change orientation when flooded with the opposite hormones. Maybe an intersex group would be more welcoming. Probably have to be online.

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Old 06-28-2013, 05:51 PM
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Guys, the OP did not ask for our psychological evaluation of the issue, but simply for some advice on how to wear makeup, etc. to help in learning to live as a female.
OP: I suggest what another poster did -- go to a good department store makeup counter, and ask for a consultation -- see what makeups they use and, if you like the look, purchase those or similar ones and practice.
Best of luck with your transition and future...after all, we are all just people on the inside...the "container" is just what we walk around in!
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Old 06-28-2013, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MissNM View Post
Join an LGBT group in your area. You will find a very welcoming group.
First, I am very, very sorry about the assaults. There are some real jerks in this world.

However, there are many, many wonderful people in this world as well. I would also suggest joining a LGBT support group. You will meet some great, caring individuals. It may be easier to get make-up tips from friends than from watching videos or going to a department store (although, those are great tips).

I wish you the very best of everything.
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Old 06-28-2013, 06:50 PM
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I know he didn't ask for a psych eval, but I couldn't just start telling a person about fashion and makeup with how the story was first presented. I thought it might just be a made-up story, but on the slim chance that the OP was being genuine, I felt a huge amount of empathy, and just wanted to make sure he had gotten all the testing, treatment, and suport that was available.
I admitted that I was off-topic, but this is a human being here. If someone posted in the "TV" forum that they were suicidal and wanted to know which TV shows to watch while dying, I'd have gone off-topic too.

OP, thank you for the additional information. It's just horrible what you've gone through with some people!

I'm glad that you worked through this decision with a professional, and I wish you well.

Like I mentioned though, it's possible that the LGBT community might not all be accepting, for the reasons we mentioned. It's sad to say, but you might have to leave out the background of your medical condition in order for many in that community to be supportive of you, or they might just see you as an outsider who is transgender "by default."

A lot of major metropolitan areas have professional coaches that help transgendered people improve in how they present themselves in their new gender role--not just hair, clothes, grooming and makeup, but body language, walking, etc. You might access such a coach via the LGBT community, but the lessons could be private.

I'm so sorry that you feel so alone. Just know that a bunch of strangers here do care...whether you ask about fashion/beauty or about other issues.
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Old 06-29-2013, 02:31 AM
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Thanks TracySam and everyone else, i am sorry for the long post and i understand it is off topic but i felt you all deserved to understand a little more about as you have taken the time to offer me so much advice and show interest I live in the UK and where i live at the moment there is not really a booming trans or gay community. I am going to add some photos to an album or something today or tomorrow, they will not be public. But i guess if anyone wants to look at them and may be offer me tips and advice, that would be cool

I try not to dwell on the past, and i want to move forward and start to have a normal life again, well as normal as i can. But its harder than i thought Even buying simple things like bras is a hell of a lot more complicated than i ever thought, its a mind field out there lol. Again a huge thanks to everyone for the support, it really does mean more than i can say

Thank you xxx
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Old 06-29-2013, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by lostbutterfly View Post
Thanks TracySam and everyone else, i am sorry for the long post and i understand it is off topic but i felt you all deserved to understand a little more about as you have taken the time to offer me so much advice and show interest I live in the UK and where i live at the moment there is not really a booming trans or gay community. I am going to add some photos to an album or something today or tomorrow, they will not be public. But i guess if anyone wants to look at them and may be offer me tips and advice, that would be cool

I try not to dwell on the past, and i want to move forward and start to have a normal life again, well as normal as i can. But its harder than i thought Even buying simple things like bras is a hell of a lot more complicated than i ever thought, its a mind field out there lol. Again a huge thanks to everyone for the support, it really does mean more than i can say

Thank you xxx
I could tell from your language that you are from the UK. If you want to DM me, I can refer you to two nice, fun, understanding people in Brighton that are looking for friends, too, who can mentor you in these areas and maybe more! They moved there from elsewhere and have found the same thing. They are "professional" crossdressing online buyers, too! AND make up artists! The terminology is they would be your "drag mothers" even though you're not performing in drag.

When you do photos for advise, make sure they are both close up AND normal/further distance. Most people tend to photo their faces too far away when they do that online...but nobody can tell you about FACE if your features aren't clear or for example, we can't see your smudges or eyebrow things. Also while hair makes a big difference disguising your forehead/jaw etc don't have your hair dangling down in all of them.

PS MOST women wear the wrong bra and size. Especially wearing too small a cup size. LOL LIFT LIFT LIFT! HUGE difference. No loose worn out straps or bands and saggy-ness LOL http://www.herroom.com/bra-fitting-advice,901,30.html

Also SPANX can be your best friend. It's a different purpose compression garment. Most drag queens wear three - to six if they're trying to make a waist. Some of that is to allow for a reliable tuck which may or may not be of concern to you.

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