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Old 08-08-2013, 11:35 AM
Location: Alaska
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It is never wrong to go into a client's office dressed in a suit and their office is casual. It definitely looks bad if you do the opposite as a suit implies professional. That said, if a regular client has a casual office, you should tone it down a bit, go with a sports coat with/without a tie. You're fine if you dress a level or two above, but could turn some people off if you're over-dressed beyond that.
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Old 08-08-2013, 11:37 AM
Location: earth?
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Warning: Playing the corporate game of trying to fit in can be deadening to one's soul.

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Old 08-08-2013, 12:44 PM
Location: Nescopeck, Penna.
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When you choose to wear anything beyond wash-and-wear "business casual", you are essentially cutting your own disposable income, since this more-expensive and costly-to-maintain wardrobe is considered "adaptable to general wear" (IRS definition) and non-tax-deductible.

In short, you have no more sense of autonomy than a schoolboy asking Daddy for a raise in his allowance as a reward for "sucking up"; when that becomes a "contest", advancement tends to be doled out to the easily-intimidated; a principal cause of the eroded sense of self-worth among much of the white-collar work force in the First World.

The present-day wok environment needs a lot more rebellion and a constantly questioning attitude toward the abuse of authority that ends in little more than betrayal for most of us.

Last edited by 2nd trick op; 08-08-2013 at 12:56 PM..
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Old 08-08-2013, 02:28 PM
Location: Back in the gym...Yo Adrian!
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Originally Posted by 2nd trick op View Post
When you choose to wear anything beyond wash-and-wear "business casual", you are essentially cutting your own disposable income, since this more-expensive and costly-to-maintain wardrobe is considered "adaptable to general wear" (IRS definition) and non-tax-deductible.
Not necessarily so. You can get a nice pair of Calvin Klein or Perry Ellis dress slacks for the same cost as a pair of decent khakis. You can buy a Van Heusen, Geoffrey Beene, or Nautica dress shirt for the same cost as a polo. Iron your own clothes and you aren't cutting your own disposable income.
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Old 08-08-2013, 03:20 PM
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At work, sure, why not, I do not unless there is a reason. I lived and worked in DC for a while, suits are not that common as everyone makes them out to be, even less common in the summer.

As for after hours for entertainment, wearing a suit is lame, look even more like a tool while sweating your rear off in the summer.
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Old 08-08-2013, 03:51 PM
Location: Oakland, CA
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I think you might want to tone it down a bit on the regular work day (lose the jacket). Keep the suit on the client sites for sure.

As for the weekend? Well it depends on the sort of place you are going. For example, a bar in the financial district? Well lots of people will be in suits, you won't stand out at all. Hipster bar in Adam's Morgan? Well maybe that wouldn't go very well.

You can definitely step up your style game to look more polished, but there are occassions when it may be overkill.
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Old 08-09-2013, 02:06 AM
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At the risk of sounding like Old Lady Linda's Fashion Advice For Clueless Men:

Guys, it is the details that matter the most. Nobody gives a hoot who made it (label inside) or if it was made in 1983, 1970, 1957, or 2008, just as long as it looks the part of TODAY!
Two button sportcoats and two button suits with single pleat, regular trousers will never go out of style.
You simply want to try to concentrate on LAPEL WIDTHS that are approx MEDIUM sized.
The extremely narrow lapels on some new suits/coats today are very much like 1964/1965, but extremely narrow lapels do not stay in style for very long.
DVR, well dressed comedian, Steve Harvey's daily talk show, and you will see that Steve is wearing MEDIUM to just a hair wider than MEDIUM lapels on the suits that he is seen wearing.
You'll notice Steve is wearing Two Button , traditional style suits that are not SACK SUITS(baggy).
Pay close attention to the trouser leg lengths that STEVE is seen wearing. The perfect length. This is military trouser length. You'll also see that STEVE's trousers are HEMMED and are not cuffed.
Some guys like cuffs and some like hemmed. Cuffs are sort of like the equivalent of wearing French Cuff shirtsleeves with your own cufflinks. Some like the fancieness of it. This old gal prefers hemmed trousers, but the trousers need to be quality worsted wool or quality cloth and cut.
Nothing looks worse than cuffed trousers with lint and fuzzballs or non pressed , imperfect cuffs.......it just looks bad......if you do cuffs, then get the length perfect and maintain them to perfection otherwise you'll look like hell.

Your shoes must be of a very high quality dress shoe. You can pick your individual style, lace up, wingtip, tassel loafer, etc, so long as it looks good and is spit-shine polished at all times. Yes, absolutely it must have a replaceable leather sole and repairable heels. ABSOLUTELY NO MAN MADE UPPERS OR RUBBER OR VINYL/FIBERGLAS or whatever soles BECAUSE THEY LOOK CHEAP, even the expensive Footjoy Vibram sole dress shoes. Those might be OK for the Men's grille at the Country Club but in an upscale office, if the sole ain't LEATHER, you got the wrong one baby.

Guys, I urge you to enlist your Girlfriend or your Wife (or your Sister, your wife's Sister, your Mom......) to help you gather a closet arsenal of classic "Presidential" mens attire. You need a WOMAN that has a great classic sense of traditional conservative Mens' wear and can punch up the details like the CHANGEABLES like the TIES and the different Suit/Sportcoat patterns. Glens plaid, and fine houndstooth, and pinstripes in the traditional charcoal, light bankers grey, gray, blue, browns, etc....
You need not buy everything brand new. Consignment shops and even Ebay can be sources of great suits and jackets. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THE USED SUITS/JACKETS MUST BE OF A CURRENT APPEARANCE AND MUST HAVE MEASUREMENT SPECS THAT FIT YOU PERFECTLY. (measure a suit/jacket-trousers that fit you the best)
You will notice that Ebay sellers of suits/jackets typically list the jacket/suit's exact's measurements:
You'll see things listed like:
Shoulder , seam to seam 18"
Length of jacket from below collar to bottom hem 31.5"
Chest measurement from Armpit to Armpit 21" ( times two = 42 Chest for a SIZE 40 as typically chest =TWO INCHES greater than the jacket size for a man's jacket)
SLEEVES, from shoulder seam to end of sleeve 25.5"
Jacket width at the Waist where it Buttons 18.75" x 2 = 39.5" at waist of jacket (this tells you that the jacket is not of the SACK variety as it is narrower at the waist than the chest

****YOU'LL SEE MEASUREMENTS listed like those above (the measurements above are roughly those of a size 40R )

You'll also see trousers listed as WAIST 34 & Inseam 31 and sometimes they will also list overall length from top of waistband to bottom of trouser hem also, this might be something like 41.25" overall.
THESE MEASUREMENTS WILL TELL YOU IF THE SUIT OR JACKET THAT YOU MIGHT SEE on Fleabay WILL BE USEABLE FOR YOUR NEEDS. Obviously if the JACKET SLEEVES ARE TOO SHORT, than You MUST REJECT IT because lengthening sleeves can't usually be done in such a way that it looks OK! If WAIST of trousers are TOO SMALL than you MUST REJECT IT TOO for the same reason. If the trouser legs are TOO SHORT, you should reject it too because lengthening trousers will usually show a previous FOLD line or slight color/wear differences.
IT IS EASY TO shorten a trouser leg by hemming it shorter or by taking in a trouser waist by up to 2.5 inches, and it WILL LOOK PERFECT. JACKET SLEEVES can also be tailored shorter if necessary BUT SHOULD ONLY BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED SEAMSTRESS/TAILOR or someone that knows how.
If the clothing is in like New PERFECT CONDITION and of EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY and Sharp Appearance, than by all means go for it and then have Alterations made to it.
You will know it when you see a Quality vintage suit or jacket. Makers labels aren't that important as older suits and jackets were made of much better quality materials than today's typical off of the rack Mens store selections.
Simply spend an hour or two searching Fleabay in all categories for 38 suit if you're a very slim guy who wears a 38, or whatever size that you need. You can also search for old maker names like 38 MARX (for Hart Schaffner Marx) or 38 Freeman (should find both older Hickey-Freeman and H. Freeman & Sons )
or 38 Laurent, (Yves Saint Laurent), 38 Oxxford, 38 Lauren or 38 Ralph (for Lauren Chaps) 38 Brooks Brothers, 38 Cricketeer, 38 Cardin (Pierre Cardin) 38 Calvin or 38 Klein 38 Cassini (Oleg Cassini) there are hundreds of labels/makers that produced superb quality suits and jackets even if they were moderately priced back in the day.
Also SEARCH 38 Neiman (Neiman Marcus), 38 Burberry, 38 Nordstroms, 38 Barneys
JUST DOING THIS AND YOU'LL LOCATE OLD STUFF THAT IS CURRENT & IN STYLE if you stick with MEDIUM width notched LAPELS on 2 button Presidential type suits/jackets ( traditional single pleat trousers with belt loops)

Guys, ties are where you can let your individuality shine. Those and your shoes to a degree but the shoes must be high-end and professional and SPIT SHINE POLISHED at all times.
Linda says: NEVER EVER WEAR KNIT TIES, as they aren't serious looking. NEVER WEAR ANYTHING BUT SILK TIES!!!
Slim men should never wear any tie wider than 3 1/4 inches wide EVEN WHEN TIMES HAVE WIDE TIES IN VOGUE such as 1972-1978 and mid to late nineties and late forties/early fifties. Slim men should strive to collect 3 inch to 3 1/4 inch wide ties as they will look better (Proportionately) with a 3 inch wide tie.
Guys, people retire, get old and pass away and their wardrobe of suits and ties are DONATED to Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services, GOODWILL and other charity thrift stores. Thousands of ties are in perfect shape if you don't mind the cooties, a.k.a. possible germs from a used tie.................Seriously though, one would think that the heat from an IRON set on SILK setting would take care of all that, unless the previous owner was a MD or an MD with the CDC or something, lol..
$1 or $2 tie from those thrifts can help you build the 300+ ties that you'll need. Buying them one by one at $65 retail and you'll look like a supermarket bagboy who only owns two ties because you won't buy enough of them.
You need at least 15 to 20 REPP striped ties in various regimental colours.
Remember 3 1/4 and 3 inch ties NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE even when wide or extremely Skinny is the IN THING!!
FAT-SO/Widebodies will need 3 3/4 to just slightly less than 4 ties to BALANCE OUT the huge fatness and avoid anything narrower than 3 1/2.
Fat guys must be careful of the patterns and stripes too.

Guys, you can find affordable basic quality shirts that look nice from many places. LL Bean has a wrinkle resistant Pinpoint Oxford Cloth Shirt that comes either in FITTED(trim fit) or Looser fit for typical plump less fit men. It is inexpensive at $49.95. A bargain at that price. A good looking shirt that comes in about five different BUSINESS appropriate shades/stripes. A button down collar looks GREAT and does look dressy but not as stuffy as a non button down. Button down looks much better when you loosen the tie or lose the tie after a days work at the pub with your best lady for a drink.
Those LL BEAN shirts are 100% cotton and the sewing details along the button placket and cuffs etc are nice. You don't even have to drive to a store and shop. Fifty bucks shipped free and thats the regular price on those.
They are a bargain. Good quality basic shirts.
You can tell that ol Linda has been shopping for a no sense of style engineer husband since before we got married, when we were dating in college more than forty years ago. Just a tiny bit of assistance and you can avoid the engineer-clueless doofus look too, you just need the help from your style savvy wife or girlfriend. If she's fashion challenged then you will need to find someone else to guide you in the right direction.

Lastly men listen up, you remember that I said details make the difference. This is important.
HAIR , those of you that don't KOJAK & Mr Clean it, need to keep it up.
I never understood why guys will look great after getting a haircut and then they will let it go two weeks beyond the point of needing a haircut. THIS IS NEVER A GOOD LOOK!!
You don't need to get really short haircuts. You might even be able to rock a slightly longer style depending on your profession BUT HEY pick up the telephone and schedule a hair appoint with your stylist or barber before it grows out gross and crazy. Even if you visit the stylist's chair and don't get anything but a maintenance trim, you will look a lot better. Don't do the BUZZ and grow out wild and then BUZZ and grow wild, REPEAT because you look like a stupid child that hates to comb his hair or tuck his shirt in.
The other thing that women hate is greasy products or gross junk that looks unnatural or feels unnatural in your hair.
I can't speak for all women but Spiked , product filled hair on guys looks gross in my opinion. So does the homeless out of bed, bedhead look. Crazy retro flattops and bald side high n tights look bad too. No combovers.
Guys, you shouldn't have a do that requires more work than that of your girlfriend. Clean, shiny and SHORT and neat always looks good on most men. Longer hair where it covers the top part of the ear is ok but no seventies retro or early beatles mop top looks because it it covers half of the ear than it is time to go under the shears or clippers and Re-DO the DO so that you look good. Beards are NO NO's but some can get away with them and still look professional.
99.8% of those men under 40 look terrible with full beards. These are crazy Linda's opinions and really don't matter much but likely are relevant in most office settings.

Dress nicer and you will turn more heads and attract a better caliber of ladies. (Ladies that you might have previously believed were out of your league)
Guys, the truth is that the pretty woman that catches your eye because she is always put together and in stylish pretty clothes is in reality not much different from her sister that wears her hair in a pony and wears loose baggy sweats and jeans and flats.........your eye just doesn't radar in on her sister because you don't see those things that make you say wow that woman is something. We have the same type of RADAR that hones in on sharp men that appear to have it together..... Look nice and get noticed. You won't be made fun of as a pretty boy by your colleagues, they will notice the greater amount of pretty women that surround you. It doesn't make you less manly or change you as a person in any way by getting a better wardrobe or a better , neater hairstyle or new shoes. You're stupid if you think that. Women don't see it that way, that is for certain. We see a guy that cares enough to look good for us, and we notice that. P.S. be certain to in addition to dressing better at the office, to dress better on dates when you take your girl out. She will notice it and I promise you that even if she is a dead-head hippy chick, she will luv that you care enough to make the effort for her. That is a real turn on for most girls.
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Old 08-13-2013, 05:09 AM
Location: Brooklyn, NY
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As Barney Stinson would say "Suit Up!"
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Old 08-16-2013, 11:56 PM
Location: all over the place (figuratively)
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And I don't think Barney Stinson is a good role model, and Pat Riley is even further out there. That's too much of a power suit look. I don't recommend the suit when it's not the norm, but if a suit it will be, avoid things like vests, double-breasted, black, pinstripes, sharkskin, cashmere, and the Armani silhouette.
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Old 08-17-2013, 07:08 AM
Location: Dallas, TX
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I enjoy men's fashion and like my nice tailored suits when the occasions call for them, but even I am not a fan of a suit every day when a suit isn't expected. you become "that guy." Our office has a minimum of dress pants and a collared shirt and the majority of people wear "khakis" and a polo or the like. A FEW guys wear jackets or suits all the time and it just stands out awkwardly.

I always go somewhere in the middle and it seems to work out very well. Anytime "khakis" (i know khaki is a color, but you know what I mean) and a polo are acceptable, wearing nice dress slacks (grey or black suit pants or similar) and a fitted button-up worthy of a tie (but without a tie) make you look nicer than those in the standard polo attire but don't make you stand out in the same way a suit does.

I keep a jacket and tie in my office for the times I need a jacket or a jacket and tie (if I am leading a big meeting or making a quick presentation at someone else's meeting, or going to an event after work etc.) but other than that, wearing a suit and tie every day at work when it's not the norm just always screams 'trying too hard' to me.

Nice shoes, nice properly-fitted dress slacks, nice properly-fitted button-up looks very sophisticated and sharp in the workplace to me. I keep the tie and jacket which seem more "formal" for the times I need to step it up another level.
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