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Old 08-27-2013, 10:13 PM
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Stereotypically, straight guys were never as fastidious about their appearance. They often didn't get hair cuts regularly, they often wore clothes that didn't always fit that well, or clothes that didn't match, or were wrinkled. Facial hair was often never trimed, unsightly nose hair, hair in their ears would be untrimmed and noticeable. They often didn't care if they wore something that was out of style, often refusing to update their wardrobe.
??? Maybe amongst certain men starting in the late 60's counterculture movements, but before then and now still, especially outside the U.S. men of all ages take pride in their appearance and clothing choices.
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Old 08-27-2013, 10:15 PM
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the Marlboro man complex has hurt not helped american men
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Old 08-27-2013, 10:21 PM
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fleetiebelle and pitt chick are so right.
The slob look had its beginning with the hippies when I was in college in the sixties.
Every eighteen to twenty-one year old guy wore sportcoats and good shoes on dates before mid to late 1968.
Guys cared how the looked. Hair length had gotten longer and yet they were keeping it neat and styled. Example of typical guys hair in 1967 and up to mid 1968 would be like Tom Jones of that period, or McCartney off of the Sgt Pepper's Album or George Stephanopoulus' hair today. It was fuller than todays' clipper cuts, but covered only partial part of the ear, but was fluffy and layered if not slicked down, which the slick down had gone out of style by mid 1966 and the DRY LOOK was in. No one wanted to look like DARRIN(1st one-actor Dick York '64-'69) on Bewitched.
You all are probably to young to remember shows like Mod Squad where actors Michael Cole and Peggy Lipton had the look of the late sixties before the unwashed shoulder length hippie look for guys took hold.
There was a tv show called It takes A Thief which aired from 1967 to the end of 1969 or maybe until Feb or March of 1970 that starred Robert Wagner. Though he was of the "establishment" (over 30) , you'll see his hair is over the ears by 1967 and nicely styled and by the shows last episodes filmed likely in late 1969, his hair is much longer, though styled and he sports wide mutton chop sideburns like Elvis circa '73. Robert Wagner in that series shows how clothing styles for a well dressed man evolved. That guy knew something about clothes that looked good. Still the classic looks from 1967 and 1968 gave way and have him wearing some outfits in 1969 that are out-there and didn't stand the test of time.....ascots and funky, unattractive stuff that signaled the seventies leisure suit and Huggy bear's pimp attire a few years in the future.
Ever see the great 1970 Movie "LOVE STORY" starring Ali Macgraw and Ryan Oneal. Filmed in 1969, that is how young guys dressed back then. None of the overdone pretty-boy, homosexual look that the flaming extroverts of those famous tv personalities of today. Just masculine looks of tweed and wool or even corduroy paired with stylish trousers, button down collared oxford of solid color or close together plaid pattern.
Most guys were wearing nice shoes, though they were often the zippered ankle high beatle type dress boots and loafers.
Joe Namath was one who looked sharp and was extremely well dressed. He did tons of tv commercials. He endorsed boots and Noxema. Joe though is indicative of how crazy and absurd seventies stuff started to get in late 1971 or 1972. Loud shirts, polyester, really long hair, giant collars, lapels as wide as possible on a jacket, and then leisure suits made of orange and green denum and ployester, flared pants/bell bottoms.......beards....open chested shirts...gold chains.........YUK!!
Normal guys still cared about their appearance beyond the early seventies, however things changed so fast, so quickly during that 1970-1972 era that many guys didn't know what to go with, and if they didn't have a stylish pretty girlfriend, they often made the worst choices and would get riddiculed after asking out some very pretty young lady and then showing up to pick her up either looking like a pimp in neon polyester or looking like a nerd wearing high water pants and shirt that looked like The Beach Boys circa 1962. Yes, if they didn't have a steady, pretty lady to guide them, they often chose the newest, outlandish, most garish and gaudy things from stores in the seventies. It was repulsive, like to much Hi-Karate which stunk more than an uncleaned cat's litterbox.
It seems that most young men gave up trying to dress nicely on dates with their girlfriends after the Miami Vice era.
Maybe it had something to do with the cost of nice threads that kept them out of nice menswear stores. They began wearing Levis with holes in them, and three year old Nikees that were scuffed and likely had dog-doo or gum on the bottom of the soles and began to think tee-shirts were acceptable. The fault lies with the young ladies who allowed this trend and did not demand that their boyfriends have some respect, and at least look like they deserved to be on a date with a pretty woman. By the late eighties, guys seemed to think that dressing like a homeless, Deadhead hippie in ratty clothing was par for the course and since the girls didn't demand better, the guys kept the slob look because they didn't know any better.
Still, today unless a young gentleman has been guided some by girlfriends and has a good, post-university career path in corp world, he likely has no idea that mens wear stores even exist. Most of these slobs likely wear just a button down shirt from the GAP/Old Navy/Target and jeans or khakis to a relative's funeral (no tie or jacket).

For those of you under 30 and especially under 25, take my advice ladies and get your guy on the right track.
He will do anything for you. Just do it in such a way that makes it fun and not as if when he was 12 and his mom tried to buy stuff for him. Guys start to believe that they have to be independent because it's a guy's way when they are about 12 or 13, and will resist mother's influence in clothing, etc. That may be where the slob begins if their early girlfriends do not steer them back on path.
Having now raised all of my kids, boys & girls that are now men and women with their own lives and families, in their thirties and twenties now, it is just one of those things.
I used to have chats with the girlfriends of my boys when they were fifteen to twenty and were just hanging out at the house or if I ran into one of the girlfriends getting her hair done at the salon. I'd tell them that if you want them to dress better and cut their hair, or cut it in a style that you prefer, you just have to do it, ....meaning that you can't ask them or tell them first as they will resist.....you have to take them.........meaning say he's out with you and you are going shopping for beer or groceries, etc or going to lunch somewhere...just go to the salon for your appt and tell him it's gonna be a quick so he can come along, and then once inside ask your stylist if she can also trim Joe's (your boyfriends hair too). She'll say sure because you pre-planned this but you need not tell your boyfriend. If your stylist is young and beautiful, I guarantee that your boyfriend will get in the chair. He might say I dunno but if you and your stylist and maybe one other attractive stylist say something, he will. What you do is have Julie (your stylist) say good, so Joe , I'll go ahead and do you first, or Jessica or Teresa can take you. This way, he will feel he has options and will not resist or say we don't have time, etc. If the other stylists are young, pretty and stylish as well, he'll be comfortable getting his hair cut there as long as you also get yours cut there then too.
Same thing with clothing. You have to walk-in to the mens store and look at stuff, and make it fun. You'll get him wearing nice clothes and polishing his shoes and maintaining his haircut and being clean-shaven if you approach it right and make it fun. He'll luv it when you put on that blue dress and the heels too. Guys don't want to see you in loose fitting sweat shirts and sweat pants with your hair in a bun, just like you don't want to see them dressed like Jeff Spicoli or Cheech & Chong. It doesn't take much. If he really likes you or loves you he will do his best to look nice for you because that is what good guys do for the women that they love. They only probably feel funny when they don't get the needed compliments and positive feedback from you. LOL, it's like training your puppy or your kitten.
Guys want to know that they are doing it right, if they don't get the guidelines/how to from you, then they go to whatever source that they think is the guidebook for how a red-blooded heterosexual guy should dress, and SLOB CITY here we come.....
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Old 08-27-2013, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by The Postman View Post
I'm actually far from that, I don't take that much effort dressing up or put much effort into my appearance, but I just find it kind of stupid how stereotypically men who dress well are perceived as either gay/pretty boys or, 'metrosexuals' (kind of dislike that term). Historically men celebrated fashion as much as women, actually. Flamboyance is a male characteristic, if anything. Maybe straight men should start dressing better, oh wait maybe I'm buying into the stereotype too lol.
You generalize by suggesting it's "dressing up well/caring about your appearance" that people think is gay or metrosexual, but is it really that simple? Are you sure it's a more specific style that's perceived that way than simply "dressing up well/caring about your apperance"? I ask because I know with certainty there are plenty of guys who dress well and aren't thought of as gay or metro.
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Old 08-28-2013, 07:35 AM
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Since the Wednesday before last.
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Old 08-28-2013, 08:22 AM
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Metrosexual guys are men who care more about their physical appearance than they would really any other thing. Their concern is to stay well maintained in all areas and have a nice wardrobe. These men aren't presumed to be gay... they just take care of themselves. Many people think they're gay because, well... gay men tend to have more style than a straight man. Buy since these straight men aren't gay, they're metrosexual.
I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't think the title is demeaning or insensitive by any means.
I much prefer a metrosexual man... they're less sloppy, nice to go out in public with and understand why girls spend so much time on themselves.
People like people who look good and take care of themselves. Being well groomed can get you far in life.
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Old 08-28-2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Pitt Chick View Post
Sure they were!
Straight men even went to baseball games in jacket and tie... oh, and a hat! NOT a baseball cap!
My uncles were always impeccably groomed.

Just wondering if you are really young and don't know of the old days....
Yes, I am, 51 to be exact. And do you really think guys are going to baseball games in a shirt and tie??? Do you know what you are even talking about?? ...a shirt and tie? ...this was not the norm.

This thread is about the "metrosexual" and how it came about. It is not something that was made up.

Last edited by 9162; 08-28-2013 at 09:40 AM..
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Old 08-28-2013, 09:05 AM
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oh the ignorance of youth...
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Old 08-28-2013, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by fleetiebelle View Post
When was this? Men used to wear tailored suits everywhere (even working class men.) They wore hats, coats, their shoes were shined, and their hair slicked into place. It was a point of pride, and yes, masculinity.
I disagree. When I used to have a job that required being well groomed and wearing a suit and tie every day I hated it. Thank goodness for the more relaxed, business casual atmosphere now when we can actually be comfortable at work. When I get home I change to shorts or jeans in winter and pocket Ts.
Going out to dinner maybe a polo instead of a T, but my confort is important, what others think is not.
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Old 08-28-2013, 12:50 PM
Location: Chicago
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Originally Posted by Linda Richards View Post
fleetiebelle and pitt chick are so right.
The slob look had its beginning with the hippies when I was in college in the sixties.
Every eighteen to twenty-one year old guy wore sportcoats and good shoes on dates before mid to late 1968.
Guys cared how the looked...
Great post... I'll just add that the "Grunge 90's" again took men's fashion down a notch. I remember in the late 80's/early 90's, most men wearing "preppy" polo shirts, skinny ties, collar jackets, sweaters, loafers to school (yes, it was trendy, but not sloppy). Once the northwest grunge music/fashion hit, it went downhill and a grungy t-shirt, jeans, sneakers became the height of fashion! So glad that Sperry boat shoes have made a comeback and kids are wearing those again.

I so love seeing a man dressed well...
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