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Old 07-03-2008, 08:30 PM
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I don't mean people who act like they are better than everyone or pretend to be rich and snobby. I just mean people who have well rounded personalities and are not totally red neck. Kind of middle of the road. Not one extreme or the other. Although I'd like to live in a place of all kinds, just not an over abundance of one or the other. More or less a place where people are real and the energy is good.
There has got to be a place in Florida like this.
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Old 07-03-2008, 08:34 PM
Location: O-Town
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Originally Posted by socalToFl View Post
I don't mean people who act like they are better than everyone or pretend to be rich and snobby. I just mean people who have well rounded personalities and are not totally red neck. Kind of middle of the road. Not one extreme or the other. Although I'd like to live in a place of all kinds, just not an over abundance of one or the other. More or less a place where people are real and the energy is good.
There has got to be a place in Florida like this.

the ST pete areas felt that way to me.
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Old 07-03-2008, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Alphaman View Post
the ST pete areas felt that way to me.
So St Pete Areas would be the best bet?

I used to go to school in Gainesville in the 90s and loved it. There were so many hot smart women.

I love being around intelligent people, especially women, who inspire me to be a better person. I'm very attracted to sophisticated professional women who keep me constantly mentally stimulated.

Are there a lot of these types of women in St Pete or just as much there as anywhere else in Fl?

My frames of reference in Florida are Gainesville and Ocala. I went to St Pete a lot back in college but remember thinking the women were better in Gainesville.
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Old 07-03-2008, 10:38 PM
Location: Midwest
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Originally Posted by funy View Post
First you anger the "girly men" on the San Diego board, then you give it a whirl here, next! Perhaps you can pave the way for the rest of us low lives by developing a little class yourself. A good place to start is stop being so critical of every one else right off the bat and work on your own personality. Being offensive is far from a classy trait.
Hey I thought the person who posted this thread had good points backed up with real behavioral examples. Anyone would find what he described as unpleasant behavior to be around. That is unless someone endorses and practices the same behavior.
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Old 07-03-2008, 10:45 PM
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Ok, here is my life story: I grew up in Annandale, Va which is outside DC. In high school my parents moved to Ky where I lived in a small town for about 7 years. In my early 20's I moved to Gainesville, Fl and was at that point amazed by what seemed like open minded cool people compared to the small town in Ky where I was traumatized by hard core "neckism" at a young age. The "neckism" in this small town outside Lexington Ky was on a totally different level of redneck than anything I have seen in FL. After living in Gainesville for a few years, I moved to Los Angeles with my fiance and lived in Santa Monica for 6 years. Living in Southern CA opened my mind and I had a lot of great experiences there. I did very well in sales and can't see doing what I did in LA working anywhere else but LA. I flew back and forth from LA to NYC and it was great. There are so many unique ways to make money in that city. I had so many awesome experiences in LA and it was great but just could not see myself living there for the rest of my life so I moved back to FL. Here I am at living with relatives in Ocala. Now there is this overwhelming feeling inside to live in kind of a forward thinking area after the whole LA experience. Also being traumatized as a teenager from moving from Northern VA to outside Lex Ky and dealing with the culture shock is not helping this situation and I think is bringing a lot of this out. I dated a girl in Ky and was at her house eating dinner with her parents and her mother said in the most hick voice you can imagine "I would eat a mile of shheeeyat...to sleep with Rick Pitino." Ok, that in itself is not that bad. Well then we were watching UK Basketball (the streets are dead when UK basketball plays in Ky) and her father laid on the floor on his stomach and tells his daugher to give him a massage in the strongest hillbilly voice you can think of. So she straddles his back and gives her father a massage. Then the dad looks me right in the eye and says "you want some of theeIS. My daughter gives the best massages in _______ county." So I'm shocked and just said it was ok. I still don't know if that was funny or sad. That is just one example of the weird sh#t I saw in Ky as a kid. People drove from one Dairy Mart to another for fun and would call it "cruising town." It was so insane. The red necks in Fl are nothing compared to Ky however I'm a bit sensitive to it now after living in LA for years and the blithering ones I dealt with as a child. So this is where these emotions are coming from and I realize this. I really don't mean to put this place down. It's actally beautiful and so is Ky but I'm on more of a city pace and hope to find somewhere in FL that meets this stage of life I am currently in.
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Old 07-03-2008, 10:51 PM
Location: Denver
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Originally Posted by socalToFl View Post
I grew up on in the DC area, moved to CA, and am now in FL.

I'm am talking about class, not the CA governor's favorite words.

Are Tampa/St Pete or Orlando areas pretty cool?
St. Pete? No, not really classy.

Tampa around Bayshore/South Howard can be classy.
Orlando/Windermere/Winter Park can be classy.

I would really recommend South Florida for class:
Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Weston to Coconut Grove Miami... as the only places you will find true class people in masse for Florida.
However, these are also the most expensive areas and with class (just like in CA) comes pretentious people...but honestly I will take snobs over redneck laughs, snorting sounds and rude service.

Not saying parts of other towns cannot be classy, but as compared to the level of service in SoCal, only S.Florida can compete IMO.

Last edited by Mach50; 07-03-2008 at 11:02 PM..
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Old 07-03-2008, 11:14 PM
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"snorting sounds" LOL

I have tried to explain that to people for years.

I hear that everyday and it drives me nuts!
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Old 07-04-2008, 03:37 AM
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Several people will diminish your complaints, they don't like "malcontents" here (unless it's their specific complaint lol). You'll get all kinds of feedback from the overt to the passive aggressive, thinly veiled barbs as if you'd even care LOL.

You'll also see allot of supposed sage advise about certain communities that "it's not so bad" as if at age 55 I HAVE ANY DESIRE to CHOSE a community that is "not that bad" LOL. Yeah, the residents are poser gang members wearing stupid pants around their butts but they don't really kill anybody so it's not so bad, go ahead and move there.

They benchmark "crime" against the worst metric and then diminish your concerns as if the WORST metric is the ONLY real definition of crime.

You will find a couple of true thinkers here, but they are not criticizing the other posters for their "complaints", they are presenting analysis of it's current conditions and WHY people have these complaints and presenting ideas for changing the trajectory of So Florida politically and economically. Presenting their ideas in a vacuum lol.

Your fundamental problem is going to be this:
"to live in kind of a forward thinking area "

Break it down, the "thinking" part is an issue.You have been forever ruined by the experiences of living in metro DC and NY. Thinking person's demographics. So California doesn't count, their brains are fried out there too, and not "serious people" except for some pockets of academic locales.

"Forward thinking"...further complicates your unreasonable malcontent expectations LOL. In a state that encourages low performance in schools and employment, relocation for weather and tourism, sex offender destination, police providing tent cities for conviced criminals, and allows entire cities to transform into foreign countries and pretend to be a mecca for some stylized version of LA superficiality, the worship of clothing and cars as it's ethos. And claiming a celebrity was there.

Florida's version of "forward thinking" is to present an argument for animal slaughter for "religious freedom", blatant insistance on irrational and imbalanced immigration policies for strictly emotional reasons and being proud of it, and forcing foreign langages onto the USA as progressive.

Florida is also lacking the basic tenant of forward thinking and that is freedom of speech. There's also an intolerance for venting. Put up or shut up (unless it's "MY" vent)

You'll also see alot of speech here spouting off supposed truths that have nothing to do with reality. Like people who moved here who claim that the mass transit is bad. Well, FL doesn't offer mass transit. So uhhhh duh. It's not on the menu, chose another restaurant.

You'll see people complain about the heat then get bashed. Well, imo, the heat is a valid complaint because it's something that wears on you and ages you year after year and is getting progressively worse. People dont' realize that till they get here and live it. Quite different than complaining about a train that never was and never will be.

You can find it all in FL. Retirees looking for some simple peace and quiet, Skinheads, rebels, religious zealots, mullets, pickups, hunters, gangs, illegals and poverty. But not forward thinking, IMO and IME.

Due to business reasons, my son chose downtown West Palm Beach. I can't speak for anywhere on the West coast but he's told me several times that up North over there attracts several of the previous paragraph. Downtown WPB doesn't hold any magical academic relief but does offer some everyday activities that you'd find up North with some everyday type of people who might also find value in a book store or library. The downside, of course, is the poverty in the community and crime as in the Dunbar Village episode last year that occurred within walking distance of downtown.

I've found forward thinking in several places, even poor little Fayetteville Arkansas thanks to the University. But not here. I live in Vero Beach, a beautiful town of 17,000. (with the citydata listed demographic of 1 sex offender to every about 148 people which is high compared to several other towns and major metro cities).......I don't see one bit of forward thinking but the people are what I'd call civilized. Not friendly, (except the cute mayor) not particularly "smart" not engaged with strangers, all talking on cell phones while shopping and all not knowing the basics of retail in their retail jobs. But not offensive and I came here for strictly the weather and beauty (and my sole remaining relative, my son). Had nothing to do with any appreciation of any of Fl other qualities especially jobs.

When you are "older" your everyday activities decrease, so all the retirees, usually couples, are satisfied with a dinner party and discussion then go home. So the retiree demographic coupled with snowbirds and the economic support to Florida from them, (AND THEIR VOTES) impacts what communities offer, counterintuitive to a progressive atmosphere.

People act like moving here for just the physical environment is some kind of criminal act. LOL I could care less, I brought my money and I'll spend it where I chose.

The mantra I've adopted is from my dear deceased mother, part time FL resident, who always reminded me "What do you expect they're a bunch of rebels down there, get used to it".

Nature abhors a vacuum, and without an identity other than tourism, the vacuum has been filled with a bunch of randomness. Uneducated randomness.

Last edited by runswithscissors; 07-04-2008 at 03:46 AM..
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Old 07-04-2008, 07:01 AM
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I am a native of this state, and I do love it despite it's shortcomings, but it overall is NOT a "forward-thinking" place. I have spent a lot of time looking for that. But the good news is that in the past few years more areas are becoming MORE forward-thinking, which to me means more environmentally aware, more "green" consciousness, demanding better quality food, more intelligent pursuits, etc.

I think that the best places in Florida will be college towns. I currently live in Lakeland, in the past it was mostly an agricultural town known for citrus groves and phosphate. Today it is a beautifully preserved and landscaped town with forward-thinking leaders who have put in the infrastructure for new growth. Lakeland has a number of small colleges the most notable being Florida Southern, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Lakeland is also about to break ground on a major USF branch campus which will be a cutting edge polytechnic university.

We also are purchasing a second home in Sarasota; a beautiful town which was very conservative and kind of backward when we lived there many years ago, but which in the past decade has reinvented itself and become much more hip and forward thinking. It too, is a college town with a small branch campus of USF, and a couple of smaller private colleges.

Bottom line, you can find pockets of what you are looking for, but will not find it right now on a broad scale like you would find in NYC, DC or LA. But slowly but surely it's getting there as more people come here from some of those more "forward-thinking" areas and it feeds upon itself - it will attract more and more of the higher consciousness.

The best areas besides college towns, will be places of great beauty where people want to come - look for artist type places.

This is all JMO, of course; since what appeals to you, the OP, will be a bit different than what appeals to me. You could probably enjoy South Tampa, downtown St. Pete, or Sarasota on this coast. Maybe Ft. Lauderdale on the other.

Stay away from some of the smaller rural towns especially inland and further north in Florida, you may encounter some of that weird stuff you described while you were in Kentucky!
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Old 07-04-2008, 07:09 AM
Location: Houston, TX
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All of the classy Floridians already found out they couldn't live successfully in the tourist trap and moved to other states.

You're about 10-15 years too late, O.P.
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