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Old 09-22-2007, 10:52 AM
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You make some good points. Florida is definitely not for you. My four children are grown and happily married or engaged. It'll be much easier for me to make the transition. Florida IS "paradise" to some, hell to others. Unfortunately, you seem to be one of the "others". I spoke to many people while I was down there who had been there many years. Life must have been good to them in Florida because they said that they wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I've heard most of the negatives and positives about Florida and after weighing both decided that I'd really like to be there. I have friends who live in cities/towns/villages that would be considered some of the most desirable places to be in America and they ALL have many negative things to say about where they live. No place is perfect. As they say "Life is what you make it". Yes, our children are and should be a #1 priority and it sounds as though your relocating would be doing them a huge favor. There is plenty of housing all over America whether you need something affordable or luxurious. My circumstances are much different and there's no doubt that's why moving to Florida will be a positive to me.
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Old 09-22-2007, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Gregski99 View Post
: My four children are grown and happily married or engaged.
So you do not have the responsibility of raising your children here. Lucky you! The state is ranked 48th in education & one of the highest numbers of sex offenders. SW FL has one of the highest retiree populations in the country. I wonder if my child knows that other children like him exist in the world b/c we never see any. Literally.

Retiring here or moving here without children is just a whole different world. There ARE so many other places that are better suited for young families who want family communities & good school systems. Our personal tastes also would like for our children to see leaves in fall, snow, tulips, and the kicker...real grass that is not chemically treated & loaded with fire ants.

Like I said, retiring here is probably a piece of cake & a wonderful time. And for those who are at that point in their life, they deserve it. Other than that, SW FL [I need to be exact] is not dang cool.
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Old 09-22-2007, 11:31 AM
Location: West Palm Beach
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Dude where the hell do you live???? man i feel bad for you. you really need to go live somewhere else because florida is obviously not working for you. good luck......wow!!!
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Old 09-22-2007, 12:35 PM
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hey sunnydee, we have income tax in fla. it's state tax we do not have.
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Old 09-22-2007, 12:45 PM
Location: Tampa Bay
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My girls have started to act like they're stars in the movie clueless and I don't know what to do about it. Their cousin isn't much older and she wants to dress in skimpy clothes. She's not even ten years old yet and she tries to act like she's a grown women. That's some fad. By seven she was talking about hanging out at the mall and having a boyfriend. Then there's not much in the way of local universities. This is one of my biggest problems im encountering here. I'm not sure how to react about the girls acting like bimbo's at such a young age. I'm not overeacting either. There are a lot of spoiled kids here that only think about clothes and stupid stuff. . .
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Old 09-22-2007, 02:28 PM
Location: Naples
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Originally Posted by Gregski99 View Post
Correct me if I'm steryotyping but I do seem to find that many thinner or in shape people enjoy lengthy periods of warm/hot weather more than heavier people do, unless they stay in the a/c, of course (Before you jump on me, I realize that nothing is ever 100% true). Wouldn't it go hand in hand that more active people would probably enjoy being outdoors playing or doing sport activities more? And isn't warm/hot weather more conducive to this? I had never been to Florida before a recent 1 month vacation and to be honest I had no want to ever be there, especially for a vacation. Wow, what a surprise! 95% of the time I couldn't wait to get out to go biking, swimming, hiking, and just basically be OUTSIDE. For nearly 60 yrs. I've lived in the "north" and do have to admit that I was never cold even though I worked outside all my career. Of course, I wore insulated coveralls, underwear, boots, socks, gloves, and a ski mask to keep from getting frost bite...and the only fun outdoor activities that I ever did in the winter was snowmobile or snow-ski (when it snowed and wasn't TOO cold). That was winter...spring and fall were nearly the same...LOTS of gray skies and LOTS of rain instead of snow. I HATE driving in the snow. Is it any wonder that autos seem to look better WAY longer in Florida than "up north"? When an auto dealer up here says this is a "Florida car" it means that it's automatically worth more. That's minor. There's an enormous amount of major positives about Florida. Many people who work inside in Florida want to do something OUTSIDE when they get off work. They're not thinking...it'll be nice and warm IN the house when I get home. How someone feels about a certain area can be due to many things, much of it psychological. If I were in Northern Siberia and met the love of my life there I'm sure that I would tell people that Northern Siberia was one of the greatest places on earth. What happens to us positively or negatively in an area will definitely affect our view of that area. Personally, I've decided to relocate to Florida. Enjoy where you are, and I'll definitely enjoy where I'll be. (-:
I have been here since June 16th and also lived here years ago. EVERY SINGLE DAMNED DAY since then it has been 90+ degrees. It has NEVER been below 32 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY for three months straight in NY. We have had winters where it has not snowed AT ALL. When has it NEVER been 90+ degrees here?????

Who lives up north and doesn't heat up their cars beforehand in the dead of winter? Not only does that MELT the "ice" on the windshield, but it is better for the engine than immediately driving a cold engine. Here in Florida I go out about 15 minutes before I leave to DEFOG the car.

PS. What happens positively or negatively will affect your point of view? Well, as I said, I lived here before. Hated it then, hate it now. Having the "postive" of making more money, doesn't affect my opinion at all of the place. I won't even get into the political aspects of it.

Last edited by HockeyMom72; 09-22-2007 at 02:48 PM..
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Old 09-22-2007, 02:45 PM
Location: Chesterfield in Beautiful Massachusetts, New England
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Finally another smart person with a brain. And right about it all, Florida is not a place to live, it's a place to vacation in, or move to when you are retired. 12 years was too long for me so I got out as soon as I could. It's refreshing to be up here and it's 73 degrees with a nice breeze, and NO HUMIDITY!!!!

Originally Posted by 121804 View Post
Gregski99- Ever try raising an active 2yr old in a heat index of over 100 for days on end? Have any kids who love to go outside but can't because it is too hot or because of the love bugs. Do you know what love bugs are? Live here for awhile & find out. It's really fun. And you'll have that fun 2 months out of the year. Make sure you have lots of money to wash your car for those two months b/c they can destroy a paint job.

So many who can't wait to pack up & move here are retiring or not moving with young, young children. Reality & perspective is SO different than people who have to raise families or forced to move here due to a job.

If I had little to no responsiblity other than taking care of myself, than maybe I would
think playing tennis 12 months a year or boating all weekend long is the life. I also would have to assume paying 50% over market value for a "Florida style" home [laughable for the home here all look the same with no style] is a great deal.

And Gregski99, since you have NEVER lived here in the summer, I think the first sentence of your response is completely off mark & ridiculous. It is only backed up with your remark that you've been here ONCE! It is not safe to take a 2yr old outside when the heat index is 105 & humidity is 67%. And that is just not ONE day in SW FL, that is weeks & weeks. I was born & raised in the north. I never spent weeks & weeks scraping ice off my car & spent time skiing & running. Someone please give me accurate stats of weather & windchill in Ohio or PA where the windchill & air temp was considered "dangerous" for days & days on end....it happens in SW FL all the time in the summer. I would also like to know how many straight days below freezing there has been....not 150 straight days. I've yet to see a day below 90 since June here & add the awesome humidty & jack that temp up to 96-97. Grab the kiddies & start the heat exhaustion!

I am thin & until two years ago ran marathons. I've never despised a place as much as SW FL & the weather only helps irritate me more.

And take care of your car in the winter when you live in the north. It is called COMMON SENSE. Just as people have to prepare for hurricanes in FL; people have to prepare for snow & salt in the northern states. It's nothing new.

Sorry, Florida is not a vacation 24/7, 365. Oh, no wait...it is...it HAS TO BE b/c it is sunny & warm...ok...

If I was a realtor, I'd be BEGGING for some people to move down here who think paradise is Florida. With the the bomb of a housing market down here, I bet some sunshine & heat could get rid of the inventory. Come back 2 years later to these same people...good luck trying to sell your home or even find the market value reasonably close to what you paid for it.
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Old 09-22-2007, 03:58 PM
Location: Central FL
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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond to this...it's like one of those fun myspace quizzes!!!!

Could it be having a chance to lose your home during the wonderful Hurricane season every single year?

Hmmm....let's see. I've lived here over 25 years now....had hurricanes 1 year of those 25. BUT I enjoyed a few hurricane days off school some of the other years....those were FUN!

Perhaps its those very militant bugs?

Militant bugs....do you mean those little pesky love bugs? I wouldn't call those militant...personally I haven't seen too many the past couple of years. Saw a few today for the first time - but I just ignore them, they don't bother me. Do you mean palmetto bugs? This is the 21st century, they have spray for those, I haven't seen any in years. Do you mean fire ants? Yeah, they can be a pest, but good yard control goes along way. The yard man (DH) takes care of them! Never a problem. Perhaps it's the mosquitos....there's a myriad of ways to control them. Again...it is not the 1800's here. We use 'seven' on our lawn at the beginning of the summer. We hardly ever see a mosquito. They hate the stuff.

Is it the Tornado Warnings during Christmas?

Yes, the tornadoes of 2006 were terrible but they were also an anomoly. If you check the facts you will find that tornadoes are very UNCOMMON in December. Florida tornadoes usually strike in summer (the weakest season) or Spring (more dangerous because of the jet stream). The vast majority of tornadoes in Florida are F0 with only the very rare F2. Check out tornado project dot com. They list every tornado occuring in Florida since 1950.

Could it be the torrential monsoon season during the summer?

I love the afternoon thundershowers in the summer. It makes it much cooler and more pleasant than where my relatives live in South Carolina and Georgia. Everything is green and lush and there is a wonderful freshness to the air after a thunderstorm.

Maybe its the old people driving around in their blueblockers running into everyone and beeping like they're at a gocart track?

I don't know what a blueblocker is, but I haven't seen any old person run into anyone. They drive too slow. If I have a complaint - that's it. Also, haven't heard them beep before, but I've done my share at those people who sleep at red lights and then don't move when the light turns green.!

Is it that summer heat that just melts your face and lungs away when you get into your car?

OK...I'll grant you this one. I love it when my sunglasses fog up and I can't see anything, too!

Or the burning sand and pavement that scorches your barefeet?

Hmmmm....well...I don't walk on pavement with bare feet! OUCH!! The sand....well sand everywhere is hot at noon on the beach. That's what sandals are for! DUH!

Is it those beautiful beaches with tiny waves, and schools of jellyfish or sharks waiting to sting or nibble?

Have you EVER been to Siesta Key? OK..so no waves really, but Oh my goodness how gorgeous. Who cares about anything else. Besides I've never seen a shark while swimming at the beach. While there are some who get bitten every year...you know odds are it will never happen to you! If there are jelly fish in the water...I stay out! It's not rocket science. However, I have been stung by a jellyfish and it was no worse than a bee sting. I don't hear people saying they can't hike or fish, etc. just because there may be bees.

Perhaps its the burning hot salty ocean water that just makes all of the sea life in such a good mood?

I've felt the ocean warm like a calming, soothing tub....but never burning hot. Where did you go to feel that?

Is it the adrenaline rush of swimming with the alligators in the lakes and rivers?

I don't swim in lakes and rivers ANYWHERE! I have this thing about being able to see the bottom or I don't swim in it! BUT I love to canoe or jetski. Have canoed right by gators before - no problem. I don't bother them...they don't bother me.

Could it be some of the really weird people you can meet that just make you feel so comfortable?

Do you think Florida is the only place weird people are allowed to hang out. Have you ever been to the hills of Kentucky or met up with some of the 'free' beatnik types on the west coast...and I could go on. Believe me, Florida has not cornered the market on weird by a long shot.

Perhaps its that awesome dried up, crusty brown winter? Or those half dead palm trees everywhere?

Winters here are beautiful. My grass was green all last winter and my palm trees are a vibrant green year round. Someone isn't taking care of their lawn if they're having this problem. I visit my family at Christmas and love to come back to the refreshing 'greeness' of Florida.

Or those shanty 2bdr houses for 150-200k with rooms as small as closets and carports not big enough for cars?

Haven't seen a carport in years. But I'm guessing the cars must have gotten larger. Sure prices are high, but they are high most places people actually want to live.

Is it the bombardment of new viruses or illnesses from tourists from all over the world?

What bombardment? We've been attacked and I didn't know it? I only get my yearly sinus infection...and that's been happening for years. I don't know anybody getting new viruses, etc.

Or the many unrelenting humid days without electricity each year where your food goes bad, and your AC goes out due to giant thunderstorms?

Never happened to me. Your AC goes out every year? Wow! The only time that has happened to me in over 25 years was during the hurricane season of '04.

Is it the very limited and rotten produce sections at the supermarkets? Or the expenses for such quality food?

Have you shopped at Publix? How about Clemon's Veggie Markets? They have awesome vegetables at reasonable prices. We enjoy wonderfully fresh fruits and veggies from there every week and I can usually find most any kind I want.

Is it the brutal heat and burning sun in tradeskills jobs? Or the luxury jobs at gas stations and grocery stores? The lack of any insurance? Competing with illegal immigrants for just above minimum wages?

I have a wonderful job that I enjoy, I work with great people and have outstanding benefits. I realize that I am blessed in this and am greatly thankful for it.

I'll let you figure it out for yourself.[/quote]

I'm sorry you are unhappy and Florida has made you that way. Perhaps you can find a place where there are never any storms or bad weather, no bugs, no old people, the temperature is always a perfect 72, the waters are always cool, clear and free of wildlife, the landscape is always lush and green, every one else is as normal as you, and the houses and food are of exemplary quality but still cheap while the salary and benefits are over the top!

When you find it, please let everyone else on this board know. There are others here, whom Florida has made miserable. It would be wonderful for them to find that perfect place, too.
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Old 09-22-2007, 05:00 PM
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Default Why So Darn Good?

Now THAT was an extremely, logical and intelligent reply! It also makes me want to say DUH!!! when someone says that they lived in Florida before and hated it but moved back again. Why?
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Old 09-22-2007, 05:38 PM
Location: Tampa Bay
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Family. I don't hate it. It just seems like to enjoy most of the nice things about Florida you have to be rich, on vacation, or single. It doesn't seem like a place to live or raise a family. What am I suppose to do about the girls acting like teenagers already and wanting to wear makeup and skimpy clothes and crap? I sat and heard their cousin talk about the mall for at least an hour after she opened Christmas presents last year. She's only nine. How do you change this as a parent without making them unhappy? To much bad influence.

I wont lie though I cant stand the fire ants and bugs here. I try to do some yard work and get ate alive by ten different types of mean arse ants. The ants in Ohio leave you alone. Why are the Florida ants dead set on biting at every single opportunity? Oh yea and then I had a stand-off with a cockroach. A huge one. Got in the house and on the counter. I was trying to make a pb&j and the thing wanted to fight me for my samich. I tried to wave my hand so it would run off and it wouldn't. It just sat there flipping its antenna. You know how many beetles and other bugs I have had to save from the fire ants and bull ants? Probably hundreds. Wait til you get bit by some bull ants trying to do yard work. What's the purpose of having a yard if you either have to put chemicals in it or get ate alive by the most hateful little bugs on the planet? Just don't seem right. Next year im waging war on the fire ants.
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