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Old 05-02-2012, 12:27 AM
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Check out this page on Facebook called "Hate The Villages FL"
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Old 05-02-2012, 07:04 AM
Location: Silver Springs, FL
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Originally Posted by NativeFloridan View Post
Hate The Villages FL | Facebook

Check out this page on Facebook called "Hate The Villages FL"
Ugh, some of the residents posting on that thread are a reaffirmation if why I refuse to do business there.
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Old 05-02-2012, 08:44 AM
Location: Niceville, FL
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Originally Posted by NativeFloridan View Post
I feel your pain.....but I guess that says something too about our roots too...we are certainly tied very closely to the rest of the Gulf South in tradition and heritage. I was talkin with someone the other day and they were surprised to hear how Mobile held the first Mardi Gras before New Orleans.
Truth be told, Mardi Gras only really made it here in about the past ten years because some locals thought it would make for a nice party in an otherwise quiet type of years. They reuse the floats from the June pirate festival (Billy Bowlegs) for it.
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Old 05-03-2012, 02:39 AM
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Sounds good but James Love is not who you think he is. Someone did not do their homework. The James Love who was raised on a Plantation in Marianna served honorably for the CSA. Check the records and you will see this James Love was 18 years old as shown in his military records while the James Love raised on Mrs. Ming's plantation is shown in CSA military records as about 25 years old. It is time James Love raised by Ms. Ming has his name cleared.

Originally Posted by NativeFloridan View Post

It was on September 20th that General Alexander Ashboth of the Union
An orphaned boy raised on a plantation in Marianna, James Love was the traitor who lead the Northern troops to Jackson County. But little did Ashboth or Love know that another boy from Marianna, who had escaped earlier that day was hiding in the woods and overheard they're plans. That boy from Marianna was, Arthur Lewis, Confederate boy scout hero of Marianna. If not for Arthur Lewis, the whole town of Marianna may have met its complete demise that day. Arthur had grown up less than a mile away from Love and they knew each other as children. Arthur had managed to escape capture at Eucheeana and until he lost his horse half way, rode a hard ride toward Marianna to warn the town of the coming storm. They say when Arthur arrived he looked as if wild animals had attacked him, his garments torn and bloody, bruised and scratched from head to toe. Ashboth had imagined the pursuit an effortless venture, but little did the Hungarian-born General know this sleepy town of Marianna was waiting.

As Ashboth entered the town he was greeted by Southern steel and shot, coming in all directions from behind monstrous trunks of Live Oaks and from the corners of old plantation house porches. The old men, boys and ladies of the town did the best they could with what they had to defend their homes. Old worn muskets, homemade tools of defense, and love of home and family were all they had against the invading force. Ashboth and his troops burned the old Episcopal Church to the ground and many of the eyewitness accounts are almost too gruesome to write here. But there were many recollections of the pleadings and cries for help from inside the church as Northern troops barricaded the doors from the outside and set fire to the church. One Yankee soldier ran out of the church after saving the bible, but that was all they saved, they left the people inside to be burned alive.
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Old 05-03-2012, 02:32 PM
Location: on an island
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Originally Posted by NativeFloridan View Post
We use to shop at the "Jitney Jungle"....we still got "The Pig", we still have some "Dry Counties" believe it or not, others don't sell liquor by the drink, we got historically black colleges and historically segregated colleges, we got road crews from the jail cuttin grass in their black and white strips along country roads, we got a lot of old black men fishin from bridges, we got a lot of barefoot kids tubbin under them bridges, we got the redneck riviera, we have people who still are die-hard conservatives but wont vote Republican if their life depended on it, we brought Kudzu to this country...in retrospect we wonder, This is God and Gun Country, lots of Baptist churches, we just had someone get arrested for runnin shine again, we got red clay roads, live oak canopy roads, lots of restored plantation homes, old courthouse squares, we got lots of FRMs( Flint RIver Mills Stores) and Jet Peps, we got All night Gospel sings like in Bonifay, we have a parade and a beauty pageant probably at least twice a month, Civil War Reenactments, blooming azaleas and magnolias, pines, live oaks and gray moss, we got black water rivers...one pretty famous "Suwannee River" also happens to be our state song, we got the birthplace of "Southern Rock"..place called Jacksonville Florida...home to Lynard Skynard and many other greats, we got lots of orange groves and a ton of snakes and mosquitoes...fire ants too, we got another religion called Football and Football is where the crazed fans are here..hockey who? Unfortunately, we still got the Klan though hadn't seen them do much lately, we got train tracks still segregating many areas

"The Pig" in St. Joe
Your lyrical description pretty much covers what I remember from the northwest side, and some of what I experience here on the northeast side, especially the steady diet of Lynyrd Skynyrd. (Would like to hear more Derek Trucks!)

I shopped at the Pig during my 20 months in PSJ. Never much cared for it, used to drive the half hour to the *other* Pig in Apalachicola.
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Old 05-06-2012, 10:21 PM
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An equally compelling question would be "just how Northern is Southern Florida? Sorry if this has been done already. Too many pages to read......
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Old 05-09-2012, 04:37 PM
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My family has a house on the beach in South Walton County Florida, someone asked me what it was like up there and I decided to write down a few lines. It was rainin so not much to do that day.

In Walton County, we got roads up a hill, and some runnin flat, more bass and brim than you can shake a stick at, in them slow movin rivers and ponds runnin deep, we catch em and clean em fry em to eat...we're always puttin more water to boil...up on the stove...cause its hot as Haidez down here you know....so we're brewin that tea all day long, tea that is so sweat, it'll curl up your toes, you stir up that sugar real hard so it melts someone whose stired cheese grits before can help. West Floirda is what we once were part of... a southern colony that included the best parts of Louisiana mississippi and bama. At one time it was spanish, and then english again, the french took hold a little, america, confederate and U.S. again. This county i guess is about as old as the air....was one of the first when Jackson was here, named for George Walton our first Secretary of State, he was a native of Georgia a southern sister state. The old timers talk of the War that once came...and changed our old county forever in so many ways. Most every southern boy would sign up to fight...never lookin back or ever thinkin twice. Those who had to stay at home were constantly attacked from yankees comin up from the gulf they'd burn, rape and sack. Those days were dark and scary and were all glad that they are gone....we won't forget their sacrifice but in some ways we move on. We got a courthouse in Defuniak lots of folks take pictures of, that monument on the grounds makes us mindful from where we come. The first one put up to honour our Southern dead, right or wrong, they were defending their home, so enough said. There's an old house that stands not too far...from the courthouse downtown...THe Ole Governor Catt house...glad they didn't tear it down. Its got a big front porch and thats where he retired with his wife after being governor of florida for a while. He was against the hard liquor and for a lot people admired, but he also didn't like catholics for a while...cracker messiah is what some called him they said if you saw his wife driving better get out of the way, she was hell on 4 wheels back in the day.

If you got somewhere to be ...and if the trains on time...better cross under the bridge.....cause it won't pay you no mind. Theres a spot between there and Freeport you see where the land rolls out flat and theres not the first tree....a little like texas least it seems like that to me, they say they use to graze cattle on that part way back when...like out old west without any anything fencin them in. Freeports a place where a countryboy finds a place thats as close to a little slice of paradise....theres no busy streets and theres not a highrise, and up till a few years ago there was just a blinkin light. Folks here know the neibors and wave when they pass...but if your a stranger you might not get an answer too fast......but don't let them fool you their real friendly folk ...they just dont want you turnin their town into something its not. They like the woods the way they are runnin free from tourist and such...gated communities....their life is fishin and hard work with their hands, their background is shippin as much cotton they can.

In Walton...We got roads that climb up and wind every whichaway...through hardwoods and hammocks down to Choctawatchee bay, where they once brought the cotton to be shipped out to gulf, the steamers are gone but old pilings remind us. Believe it or not there are spots round the bay with forests of live oaks are shrouded in gray, roads that are red as red Georgia Clay and little country churches packed on any given sunday, old foggy grave yards with folks been layin down, nearly 200 years under that ground, some ran the cotton, some run the shine, most fought for the South, a few the other side, lumbermen, fisherman, and folks in turpentine.....ain't it funny how they all lay side by side. Across the main road further south of the bay, the land turns to sand and the sun shines all day, the pines work a maze for a two lane road, that keeps winding south till it cant go no more, down to the towns that sit on the tide, places like seagrove, grayton and seaside....once old fish camps and folks who cut pines but now its a place to relax and revive. Just little beach homes, some concrete blocks for north florida and south alabama folks to stay when its hot......not too much has changed down round 30-A just more folks come down to share it today. The locals turn brown when kissed by the sun and their accents are slow in a soft southern tongue. The guy with the surfboard lets a lady pass by and when she says thank you he says yes mame knods, smiles. Some of us wear boots, others flip flops, some ride a bike...others big pick-ups....we know ya when we see ya and give you a wave down through the pines...walk on the beach have a bonfire when its cold sometimes. Down in Walton County and thats North South East or West....our keylime pie is good....but its our people that are the best.
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Old 05-31-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by HarryWho? View Post
An equally compelling question would be "just how Northern is Southern Florida? Sorry if this has been done already. Too many pages to read......
Southern Florida and even Miami's Heritage is Southern, how Southern is it these days...guess it depends on the neighborhood and who your talkin to down there.

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Old 05-31-2012, 05:04 PM
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^ You must not know your histoy since Miami and most of the metro was founded by Henry Flagler who was a founder of Standard Oil & built the Florida East Coast railroad from Jax / St. Augustine down the east coast to Key West. He was from Hyde Park ,NY and a Yankee.
There was no city when Flagler's railroad was extended to Miami except for a 640 acre plot of land owned by Julia Tutle, a widow from Cleveland who agreed to split up the land if he established a resort city. Flagler basically sold Miami to Northern tourists who moved down and bought plots of land & built homes and businesses. Even Jews were in Miami way before any significant "Southerners" came to Miami and that mostly occured after WW 2 because many soldiers trained on Miami Beach during that time & moved to Miami after the War.
If you look at Miami and it's density it resmbles more of a "Northern" city than anything in the South.
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Old 06-04-2012, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Barrister85 View Post
I'm a 23-yo male and I plan on continuing my education somewhere in Florida, most likely in the north like Jacksonville, Gainesville, or Tallahassee. The thing is, being raised and having gone to college in various Mid-Atlantic states, currently I'm wary of moving to the South.

I know Florida, especially South Florida, is different, but I have a college friend in Florida who says the northern part of the state is still very much the "Deep South" like Mississippi and Alabama. It's fine for some people, but I wouldn't fit in very well as I'm not really religious and I'm far from the "good-ol'-boy" archetype.

I'm also concerned about dating. I know I'm working off of stereotypes here (nothing else to go on), but I hear lots of girls in the South tend to want to get married young, which is not even on my radar at this point!

Is this all the case even in larger towns with 100,000+ residents?
You are terribly young to be so into stereotyping, that must be a Liberal thing. If you have problems with Southerners, I suggest you move to Jersey

If you have never lived here you need to stop with the barefoot and pregnant lingo..You may be surprised that Southern women have a mind of their own and it's not necessarily your interpretation
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