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Old 12-16-2012, 09:34 PM
630 posts, read 1,093,204 times
Reputation: 633


Alabama: Baptist
Alaska: Snow
Arizona: Cactus
Arkansas: Bill Clinton
California: Hispanics
Colorado: Rocky Mountains
Connecticut: Wealthy
Delaware: Joe Biden
Florida: Palm trees
Georgia: Atlanta
Hawaii: beaches
Idaho: Potatoes
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: Corn
Iowa: Corn!
Kansas: Fields
Kentucky: Blue grass
Louisiana: Cajun
Maine: Lobster
Maryland: Blue crab (I must be hungry)
Massachusetts: Liberal
Michigan: Cars, Eminem
Minnesota: Fargo
Missouri: Mark Twain
Montana: Ranchers
Nebraska: Election (the movie with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick...just being honest!)
Nevada: gambling
New Hampshire: WASP
New Jersey: Italians
New Mexico: Desert
New York: Empire state building, Jay Z
North Carolina: Barbecue
North Dakota: Natural gas
Ohio: Swing state
Oklahoma: Fundamentalist
Oregon: Portlandia
Pennsylvania: Liberty Bell
Rhode Island: Family Guy, Chowder (I need seafood desperately)
South Carolina: Palmetto
South Dakota: Mount Rushmore
Tennessee: Country music
Texas: Oil rigs
Utah: Mormons
Vermont: Hippies
Virginia: Founding fathers
Washington: Starbucks
West Virginia: Coal, poverty
Wisconsin: Cheese
Wyoming: Cowboys

Sorry if some of these aren't accurate or offend you. I literally just wrote the first thing I could think of.
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Old 12-17-2012, 01:17 AM
Location: Back in the Southland
1,054 posts, read 1,575,591 times
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Alabama: rednecks
Alaska: cold rednecks
Arizona: heat
Arkansas: ozarks
California: the country inside a country
Colorado: snow
Connecticut: boring
Delaware: even more boring
Florida: Hurricanes
Georgia: Atlanta
Hawaii: tropical beaches
Idaho: Potatoes
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: nascar again
Iowa: flyover farmland
Kansas: Westboro Baptists Church
Kentucky: horses
Louisiana: Je Parle Francais
Maine: Lobster
Maryland: Crazy people (personal experience if mine)
Massachusetts: accent
Michigan: detroit
Minnesota: Fargo
Missouri: Canada
Montana: Ranchers
Nebraska: boringness
Nevada: Vegas
New Hampshire: the only potential red state in new england
New Jersey: hehehehe good one
New Mexico: aliens
New York: NYC and douchebag fans
North Carolina: the more important carolina
North Dakota: engineers and coldness
Ohio: election sucker state
Oklahoma: tornadoes
Oregon: hippies
Pennsylvania: city of Brotherly Love
Rhode Island: Family Guy
South Carolina: hicksville
South Dakota: Mount Rushmore
Tennessee: Country music
Texas: texans
Utah: Mormons
Vermont: maple syrup
Virginia: half redneck half black
Washington: rain
West Virginia: Coal
Wisconsin: Cheese and packers
Wyoming: yellowstone

I am awful aren't I
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Old 12-17-2012, 06:19 AM
567 posts, read 939,198 times
Reputation: 450
Alabama: Regular use of the N-word in casual conversation
Alaska: Snowbillies
Arizona: Cranky old farts who came down from the Rust Belt and brought their bigotry with them.
Arkansas: Screech owls and cockfighting (true story!)
California: Home sweet home
Colorado: Rocky Mountain High
Connecticut: Old money country club Republicans.
Delaware: Um... dairy cows? Nobody ever considers Delaware.
Florida: The weirdest, kookiest state of all.
Georgia: Big hair.
Hawaii: Take it easy brah....
Idaho: Aryan compounds.
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: Boring.
Iowa: Green rolling hills.
Kansas: Flattest place on earth.
Kentucky: Horses and bourbon.
Louisiana: N'awlins!
Maine: Stephen King.
Maryland: John Waters
Massachusetts: The elite.
Michigan: Rust Belt.
Minnesota: Nice people with funny accents.
Mississippi: Lynchings.
Missouri: The Heartland.
Montana: Mean-ass cowboys.
Nebraska: Cattle and blizzards.
Nevada: Lived in Vegas for several years. God, where to begin?
New Hampshire: Libertarian.
New Jersey: Garbage.
New Mexico: Rural poverty.
New York: Center of the Freakin' Universe.
North Carolina: Research Triangle.
North Dakota: Sub-arctic winters.
Ohio: The Generic State
Oklahoma: I'll quote a friend from Houston. "The rest of the world thinks that Texas is full of hicks and mutants. But we here in Texas think that Oklahoma is full of hicks and mutants."
Oregon: Depression.
Pennsylvania: Cigarettes and cholesterol.
Rhode Island: Most grating accent ever.
South Carolina: Beaches.
South Dakota: Badlands.
Tennessee: Birthplace of Rock n' Roll, more or less.
Texas: Eager use of the death penalty.
Utah: Mormon Theocracy.
Vermont: Small liberal arts colleges.
Virginia: Old Southern Aristocracy.
Washington: Depressed logging towns.
West Virginia: Drunken fights, domestic violence.
Wisconsin: Cabin in the woods next to a lake.
Wyoming: Mostly empty, no jobs.
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Old 12-17-2012, 11:49 PM
Location: Mobile,Al(the city by the bay)
3,931 posts, read 6,759,776 times
Reputation: 1619
Alabama: Strong college football culture,Great southern cooking.
Alaska: 20 below zero.
Arizona: Desert,Extreme dry heat.
Arkansas:Bill Clinton
California:Gang violence,The Golden Gate Bridge.
Colorado: Rocky Mountains.
Delaware: John Deere Tractor
Georgia:Atlanta, Savannah.
Hawaii: Tropical beaches with black sand.
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: NASCAR
Iowa: Farms
Kansas: Wheat Bread
Kentucky: Horses
Maryland:Washington D.C for some reason.
Massachusetts: Celtics
Minnesota: Weird accents
Mississippi: Gulf Coast casinos and The Mississippi mud cake.
Missouri: St.Louis.
Montana: Cold and plain
Nebraska: Farming
Nevada:Slot Machines
New Hampshire: New England
New Jersey: Italians
New Mexico: Cactus
New York: Empire State Building.
North Carolina:Charlotte
North Dakota: Freezing
Oklahoma:Indian reservations.
Pennsylvania: Liberty Bell.
Rhode Island: New England
South Carolina; Charleston.
South Dakota: Boring
Tennessee: Elvis
Texas: Oil Fields and cow boys.
Utah: Mormons.
Virginia: The birth place of the nation.
West Virginia: Boring
Wisconsin: Cheese
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Old 12-18-2012, 02:21 PM
Location: Carrboro, NC
1,462 posts, read 1,496,086 times
Reputation: 1885
Alabama: Segregation
Alaska: Oil Drilling
Arizona: Nobody should be living there
Arkansas: Poor
California: Dysfunctional Government
Colorado: Ski Hipsters
Connecticut: WASPs
Delaware: Tax Haven
Florida: Fat tourists on scooters at Disney World
Georgia: Sprawl
Hawaii: Most geographically isolated islands in the Northern Hemisphere
Idaho: Mormons
Illinois: Cheaper New York
Indiana: NASCAR
Iowa: Boring
Kansas: Creationism
Kentucky: Conservatives
Louisiana: Poorer Conservatives
Maine: more WASPs
Maryland: blighted inner cities
Massachusetts: Celtics
Michigan: dying cities
Minnesota: Mall of America
Mississippi: a 3rd world country within the United States
Missouri: puppy mills
Montana: libertarian gunshack compounds
Nebraska: wastelands
Nevada: Crime Lord Disneyland
New Hampshire: tacky tourist traps on otherwise beautiful mountains
New Jersey: Guidos
New Mexico: South Colorado
New York: Whachu fookin lookin at aight? You got a prahblem? Look lady why don't yuh put yuh head down, eat yuh fookin knish, pahk yuh cah, and go fook yourself.
North Carolina: Jesse Helms
North Dakota: American Siberia
Ohio: Bland
Oklahoma: where even the democrats are conservative
Oregon: hipsters
Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin's rumpus room
Rhode Island: banished puritans
South Carolina; racism and illiteracy
South Dakota: beautiful mountains adorned with the faces of war criminals
Tennessee: the place where MLK was shot
Texas: the place where JFK was shot
Utah: MorMormons
Vermont: retired burnouts
Virginia: The smuggest state about their history, probably because their past was a lot brighter than their present.
Washington: rain
West Virginia: incest and mountaintop removal
Wisconsin: cold and boring
Wyoming: devoid of people

all in good fun of course
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Old 12-18-2012, 03:15 PM
Location: Beautiful Niagara Falls ON.
10,019 posts, read 10,826,964 times
Reputation: 8915
From a personal view:
Alabama, where I found my little dog cheeky living under a chicken coop.
Alaska, one of only two states I have not been to.
Arizona, Beautiful red rocks and where I feel like I'm in a roadrunner cartoon.
Arkansas, A sea of green in a region of brown
California, where I caught my first glimpse of Mt. Shasta from 300 miles away. I measured it. Must have been the clearest day in history.
Connecticut, Seemed to me t be a suburb of NY city
Delaware, Camping with the grandchildren at beautiful cape Henlopen.
Florida, hanging out with my sister in law on the beach at her home in Palm beach.
Georgia, Sitting on Forest Gumps bench thinking about going and getting some more of that wonderful Low country cooking.
Hawaii, the other state I have not been to.
Idaho, beautiful drive through the mountains.
Indiana. The mosr beautiful highways in Indianapolis.
Iowa, The Iowa 80 the biggest truckstop on earth and an entire countryside that looks perfectly kept.
Kansas, Flat brown and boring.
Kentucky, the Corvette museum at Bowling Green and the most amazing horse farms ever around Versailles that the locals call ver sales. LOL
Louisiana, Cajun food YA, saving Cheeky from an alligator infested awamp when he decided to take a swim.
Maine, getting a load of paper to pickup in Bucksport and hooray for that because it always means a lobster dinner downtown.
Maryland, sleeping on the Mason Dixon line in the South lookin across the road at the Yankees in Pa.
Massachusetts, bad traffic very time we're there.
Michigan, Driving through the UP eating pasties.
Minnesota, man, I thought Canada had a lot of beavers!!! very little tiny creek here has a few. See that little river we just crossed, it's the freakin Mississippi!!!
Missouri, election night 2008 spent in a truck stop watching O win. You would have thought it was the end of the world from the reaction of ALL the people in there.
Montana, I mean what can you say??? This place has it all. Amazing, beautiful, free, rich, poor, HUGE. 600 miles across and almost 500 north to south.
Nebraska, corn, corn and more corn. has a great capital art deco building.
Nevada, why was this freakin desert ever settled. Prickly looking place, bone dry but some good Mexican food around.
New Hampshire, I'm too freakin old to be climbing this Mt. Washington again. Ohh my aching knees.
New Jersey, good thing I vacationed in Atlantic City in Sept. It's pretty much wrecked now, very sad for the people.
New Mexico, Nice and cool way up high for this far south.
New York, 5 minutes away from where I'm sitting.
North Carolina, Where I would live in the mountains if I were to move to the USA.
North Dakota, breadbasket of the world, amazing scenes of huge fields of bright yellow canola, sky blue flax and sunflowers following the sun all day. Looks like Saskatchewan around here!!

I gotta go, finnish later.
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Old 12-18-2012, 03:29 PM
40,663 posts, read 25,093,304 times
Reputation: 12995
Alabama: Steel in the South
Alaska: Glaciers
Arizona: Indians
Arkansas: Hiking
California: Golden Gate Bridge
Colorado: Mile High
Connecticut: Tobacco & insurance
Delaware: Washington Crossing the...
Florida: Everglades
Georgia: Peaches
Hawaii: volcanoes
Idaho: potato
Illinois: The Golden Mile
Indiana: farmland
Iowa: Des Moines
Kansas: Sea of Grass
Kentucky: Thoroughbreds
Louisiana: Mardi Gras
Maine: Lobster
Maryland: Crabs
Massachusetts: Boston Pops
Michigan: Cherries
Minnesota: Mayo Clinic
Mississippi: River
Missouri: The Gateway Arch
Montana: cows in trees (long story)
Nebraska: mudhole
Nevada: Las Vegas
New Hampshire: White Mountains
New Jersey: Turnpike
New Mexico: Taos
New York: Times Square
North Carolina: the movie Last of the Mohicans
North Dakota: Fargo
Ohio: Unions
Oklahoma: Tinker Air Force Base
Oregon: Salem
Pennsylvania: Rocky running up the steps
Rhode Island: rocky beaches
South Carolina; beaches
South Dakota: Wounded Knee
Tennessee: Memphis
Texas: Galveston
Utah: Salt
Vermont: covered bridges
Virginia: Thomas Jefferson
Washington: Pacific Ocean
West Virginia: coal mining
Wisconsin: Milwaukee
Wyoming: Jackson Hole
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Old 12-18-2012, 07:42 PM
Location: Beautiful Niagara Falls ON.
10,019 posts, read 10,826,964 times
Reputation: 8915
Ohio, looks like southern Ontario to me!

Oklahoma, any Okies from Muskogee around these parts?

Oregon, I love this state. Love,love love it. I love staying at the Timberline lodge and climbing up to the top of Mt. Hood.
I love staying at a hotel in Portland and just wandering around downtown for a couple of days. I love the wild Pacific shore and the deserted beaches. I love gathering up stones polished by the wind driven sand. Ah, Oregon, we don't have anything like you in this country.

Pennsylvania, A truely great state. It has everything. I love going to Pittsburg for the weekend and seeing the Pens thash the Leafs once again. Someday we will beat them. Maybe not in my lifetime though.
The capital in Harrisburg isjust an amazing building. I could never get tired of touring it.

Rhode Island, Very tiny, I drove right through it one time without even realizing I had been there. LOL

South Carolina. Great beaches and great food.

South Dakota, Lewis and Clark and Rockey racoon.
Mt Rushmore and the Missouri river.

Tennessee, Country music, Nashville skyline and whiskey.

Texas, too hot for me, cowboys and pickups. Good TexMex food everywhere.

Utah, Great salt lake, Salt Lake city, lots and lots of great red rock country.

Vermont, Maple surup and wonderful green mountains.

Virginia, The cradle of America, Charlottesville, George Washington Jefferson, Madison, Monroe. Mountains, tide water, the Delmarva peninsula. This state has it all.

Washington. Another state I love. every one should drive up to the Johnston observatory to view Mt. St. Helens at least once in their lives. It's just beyond description. The Olympic peninsula is worth a few weeks of anyones life.
Sitting on my sisters boat in Point Roberts. A truely weird little corner of the USA. You can't get to it by land without going through Canada.

West Virginia,Bridge day at the new river gorge. Awesome bidge, awesome people. Truely,"The mountain state".

Wisconsin,"The farmer in the Dell" Cheese, dairy products and very pretty cows.

Wyoming. Big winds almost all the time, very cold. I was in Wyoming talking to an oldtimer. I asked him if it was alway cold there. He replied that "We usually get some warm weather between the end of June and the begining of July.

IN conclusion. The USA is one awesome awesome country. There is beauty and wonder all over the place. The country is truely blessed and a person could not see it all in fifty lifetimes.
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Old 12-18-2012, 10:23 PM
1,189 posts, read 1,855,367 times
Reputation: 974
Alabama: Baptist
Alaska: Snow
Arizona: Variety of landscapes, mountains to deserts
Arkansas: Hot Springs
California: Hollywood
Colorado: Rocky Mountains
Connecticut: Old people
Delaware: Business
Florida: Miami
Georgia: Stone Mountain
Idaho: Potatoes
Illinois: Chicago
Indiana: Indy 500
Iowa: Grass fields
Kansas: Savannah lands
Kentucky: Appalachian mountains
Louisiana: French Quarter
Maine: Forests
Maryland: Harbors filled with small ships
Massachusetts: Historic and provinical
Michigan: Car companies, Cars
Minnesota: Lakes
Missouri: Ozarks
Montana: Cowboys and Cowgirls
Nebraska: Empty Prarie
Nevada: Casinos
New Hampshire: A covered bridge
New Jersey: Jersey Shore (not the show the actual shore)
New Mexico: Native Americans
New York: Empire State Building, World trade center
North Carolina: Charlotte
North Dakota: Oil
Ohio: Cleveland Skyline
Oklahoma: Endless highway with no exits
Oregon: Forests
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia City Hall
Rhode Island: Family Guy, Smaller Massachusetts
South Carolina: Mrytle beach, southern accents
South Dakota: Oil
Tennessee: Nashville's live country music
Texas: Oil
Utah: Mormons
Vermont: Old rich new yorkers who want to do the next hippy thing
Virginia: Southern Pride
Washington: Puget Sound
West Virginia: Rednecks everywhere, poverty
Wisconsin: Cheese
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Old 12-18-2012, 10:34 PM
Location: Charlotte, NC (in my mind)
7,946 posts, read 15,295,354 times
Reputation: 4530
Alabama - Lake Tuscaloosa
Alaska - Polar bears
Arizona - Cactus
Arkansas - Ozark Mountains
California - Disneyland
Colorado - Rocky Mountains
Connecticut - Haunting
Delaware - Have no idea
Florida - Everglades
Georgia - Atlanta Braves
Hawaii - Beaches
Idaho - Potatoes
Illinois - Obama
Indiana - Indy 500
Iowa - Corn
Kansas - Wheat
Kentucky - North Tennessee
Louisiana - French Quarter
Maine - Fall colors
Maryland - Frederick Douglass
Massachusetts - Young people
Michigan - Urban decay
Minnesota - Young people
Mississippi - Black people
Missouri - Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
Montana - Horses
Nebraska - rude people
Nevada - Gambling
New Hampshire - Gay bishop
New Jersey - Jersey Shore
New Mexico - Mesas
New York - New York City
North Carolina - Blue Ridge Mountains
North Dakota - Mount Rushmore
Ohio - Presidential elections
Oklahoma - Oil
Oregon - Young people
Pennsylvania - Cheese steaks
Rhode Island - Richard Hatch from Survivor
South Carolina - Palmettos
South Dakota - Badlands?
Tennessee - Country music
Texas - hippes/hipsters/young people (Austin)
Utah - Mormons
Vermont - Legal public nudity
Virginia - Government agencies
Washington - Space needle, gay people
West Virginia - coal mining
Wisconsin - Cheese
Wyoming - Mountains
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