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Old 02-27-2008, 09:43 PM
Location: Bronx, NY
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Originally Posted by pwright1 View Post
I have a few white friends who live in Harlem and love it. GUARANTEED dead? Tell me you're just joking?
Right probably gentrified Harlem, which isn't much. Tell you what, go through 106th and Lexington. Go anywhere in east Harlem and tell me you're not a victim of crime. Same goes for west/central Harlem, to a lesser extent.

It is an unusual question to say the least, but I will respectfully disagree on all of these NYC neighbourhoods.

I have worked in all of them: Brooklyn: BedStuy, Crown Heights, Brownsville, ENY, etc., the Bronx (all over) and have friends of both shades of skin in Harlem, I have never, and I mean never been threatened for a second and my skin colour is neutrally rosy.
News to me. I've seen it happen in my own neighborhood where whites get heckled and beat on. Rarely see it because white people dont travel through here.

Wrong. Just because a lot of White people don't live in these areas doesn't mean that they don't ever work in them and commute through them.
You're from NY, though I doubt you live in any of these parts. The reason why these neighborhoods are so anti-white, moreso than any other neighborhood goes back to the days of urban decay. The south Bronx, Harlem and Brooklyn north were hit so hard that living conditions were out of this world. So back in the 70's-80's alot of hispanics and blacks watched in despair as buildings burned down and nothing was done to stop it. These people viewed the white man as the enemy. The government basically abandoned them when they needed guidance/help/leadership the most. These people passed this anti-white mentality to their kids and it's alive and well today. There was recently a thread on the NYC forums where a white yuppie living in Bed-stuy was being attacked by a group of youngins. Understand that BARELY any white person passes through these neighborhoods. They are upwards 95% hispanic and black.

Nowadays the ill will goes towards gentrification. Guys that I talked to from my block all said that if whites wanna move in, the they gonna give them hell. The plan is if you scare them off, they wont come. Which is exactly what other hoods are trying. Harass these people and retain your neighborhood. Let these people, who left when things were bad in the first place, come back to your home and raise rents and add stores that dont appeal to you...come in and start running things is out the question.

This is very real. Nothing you say can tell me otherwise because I lived this. This is all very real, and a few examples are not gonna go against the large majority of whites who get abused and assaulted on a daily basis.

NYC is the most segregated city for a reason.
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Old 02-27-2008, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by truthhurts View Post
yes, yes, this makes so much sense. A group of people that murderd, raped, and piliged black areas of the south are now scared to enter all black neighborhoods. I do not know one self respecting white southern that is scared of a black person. (As said to me by a southern white person, although i changed what he used for a black person). Dude, you're so logical. Makes perfect senese considering whites only murderd well over 6000 blacks from 1860-1950 in the south. Most blacks in the south are scared crapless of white folks.
I could not disagree with your post anymore, I think the reverse is true: I would concur that historically African Americans were DISTRUSTFUL of whites, but scared, not so much. As a lifelong southern resident-check my username- I can assure you that most of the African Americans I know directly or even indirectly, I mean true southerners, do not fear ANY group, inclusive of Caucasians. Know this, African Americans from the south are some of the most pugnacious, temperamental people in the country without a doubt in my mind. Ask someone from another racial group or even an African American from a different region that had any sort of conflict with someone that hails from anywhere b/w TX and VA, they might tell you they thought the person was crazy, among other things. The lynchings and institutionalized racism you reference from the Reconstuction-Jim Crow periods were all out of fear and ignorance. Many Black people were free and moving up economically, I know this was historically true here in South Carolina, there was a viable Black Middle Class and this scared the hell out of many commoners. With this said, keep in mnd that many of the older southern African Americans are still extremely hostile towards Caucasians old or young. I have to constantly correct my grandparents and older relatives as they will quickly call a white person a cr**** or buc** for the slighest thing. They often talk about how they "had set cr****s straight their day." I understand they came up in a different time, but I should hope that one would correct an older Caucasian for calling me a ni**** or another choice phrase just because well... I happened to come around. If anything, I find a good percentage of southern Caucasians afraid of Black people in general and deathly afraid of the educated, middle-class/upper middle- class affluent African American showing up in once all-white neighborhoods, not to clean, but to live and then showing up for work at the same place Monday morning in the same model car with smiles. I mean, how dare they? Lol. Admittedly we've come a long way, but some things never change, think about it.

Last edited by Charleston Class; 02-27-2008 at 10:08 PM..
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Old 02-27-2008, 10:02 PM
Location: Cleveland
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Originally Posted by SuperMario View Post
South Bronx boy oh boy.....

Brooklyn north hahaha


A white person steps to any of these areas and he is GUARANTEED dead.
Are you serious about this??? Im white and I have been to Harlem every time I have been to New York and I have never had a problem there, I talked to some of the people just hanging out in front of projects and they were all friendly. Yes, Harlem is still mostly black but there are a lot of white moving in and around Harlem. Also I dont understand how you are guaranteed dead when every street I went on in Harlem had 2-3 cop cars on it. South Bronx? not really. Some areas of North Brooklyn is the only place I give you that might be kind of dangerous, but only a very small area of it.

and North Minneapolis, I hope you are joking with this too. Minneapolis has a very small black population and only has a very small area in North Minneapolis that is majority black by far. North Minneapolis is not nearly as dangerous as people think. Look at areas in Detroit/Baltimore/Philly/Cleveland before you try to say that N Minneapolis is bad.
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Old 02-27-2008, 10:15 PM
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As much as we love Hawaii we have experienced racism there...more than few times. Thankfully there are also many wonderful Hawaiians that have been welcoming.
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Old 02-27-2008, 10:20 PM
Location: The Heart of Dixie
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Originally Posted by scottyr View Post
what neighborhoods, cities or areas in the US tend to have alot of nonwhite people that will heckle/attack white people because of racial hatred? are there some minority areas that are more anti or pro- white than others? i heard the black parts of milwaukee are pretty racist compared to the black parts of other cities
In Baltimore, there was a recent hate crime where a gang of black youths attacked and beat a white woman on the city's public transport, either a bus or the light rail, I'm not sure which. I'm heard that Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Detroit are espeically hostile to white people.

However, the worst I would say is probably Miami and Los Angeles. In Miami I've heard you get discriminated against if you don't speak Spanish and people can be downright hostile to non Spanish speakers.
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Old 02-27-2008, 10:26 PM
Location: The Heart of Dixie
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Originally Posted by yayoi View Post
Why only mention affluent white neighborhoods? Blue collar and lower class white neighborhoods tend to be very hostile towards blacks.
That depends. I mean if its an Irish or Italian working class neighborhood in Boston or Philly or perhaps even Chicago, that's definitely true. But here in Maryland and points south or west I've noticed that lower middle-class neighborhoods tend to be the most racially mixed ones....note I said lower middle-class, not the slums or inner city projects.

If you want real hostility to blacks and all non-whites, try Long Island or Connecticut. No, they won't burn crosses on your lawn they'll just ostracize you or try to find other ways to make you move out, or they will move out, or not let their kids play with yours. I've mentioned Miami and LA as the most anti-white places in the US (they're equally anti-black and anti-Asian), but the most anti-minority places are definitely New England and Long Island.
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Old 02-27-2008, 10:29 PM
Location: The Heart of Dixie
7,820 posts, read 12,324,125 times
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Originally Posted by truthhurts View Post
hehe Probably most Indian Reservations in South and North Dakota. It would be a huge strecth to use a lot of major cities, because whites make up the majority of workers, tourist, travelers and do not seem to encounter many or any problems. I'm thinking of Washington DC and most of the neighborhoods in the city are black poor or middle class and whites still make up the majority of travelers through the city and seemingly pass through these areas with little to no problems. (Parts of DC can be very Black power oriented)

However, I would have to say some poorer black neighborhoods, that are "black power" oriented in LA would seem to be a little hostile to whites. Hehe, but they are hostile to blacks as well if you're not part of the "black power movement." Any city you name where you precieve blacks are being hostile to white, you should see how those same blacks treat educated suburban blacks (it is much worse).

The strangest thing is that southern blacks who are treated far worse by whites than most blacks are the nicest people when they encounter whites (not sure if they're just scared of them or what, but at least that is what i noticed).
I think the Southerners (and Midwesterner), of any race or creed, are just simply a lot nicer and friendlier in general than Yankees and Californians. Just about every black person I've met from north of the Mason-Dixon Line is equally uppity and snotty as every white, Asian, or Hispanic person I've met from north fo the Mason-Dixon Line.
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Old 02-28-2008, 12:32 AM
Location: Los Angeles
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Originally Posted by SuperMario View Post
Right probably gentrified Harlem, which isn't much. Tell you what, go through 106th and Lexington. Go anywhere in east Harlem and tell me you're not a victim of crime. Same goes for west/central Harlem, to a lesser extent.
Actually, none of them live in the gentrified parts. And like I said, they love living in Harlem. So everyone that enters these parts is a victim of some crime? SuperMario, you sound more like DudMario. Give me a break.
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Old 02-28-2008, 01:07 AM
Location: 602/520
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Originally Posted by Terrapin2212 View Post
I've mentioned Miami and LA as the most anti-white places in the US (they're equally anti-black and anti-Asian), but the most anti-minority places are definitely New England and Long Island.
Miami and LA are not anti-black.

22% of Miami residents are black. Are some residents against themselves?

11% of Los Angeles residents are black and 10% are Asiana. There are communities within LA that blacks and Asians face hostility, but you cannot make the egregious claim that LA is anti-black or Asian.
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Old 02-28-2008, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by decafdave View Post
Will you ever stop generalizing? A "group" of people that murdered? So you're saying all southern whites are responsible? That's what it sounds like.
I never said we (southern whites) are scared of black people, but we know better than going into certain black neighborhoods.

"most blacks in the south are scared crapless of white folks" That is absurd. And where did you get your statistics?

I got it from the fact, that two of my grandparents grew up in the rural south and are about 75-80 years of age. They are terrified of whites and so are many blacks in their age range. Hello, the laws in the US just changed 30 years ago, so its not like this stuff suddenly stopped in 1865. While my grandfather experienced serve levels of rascism in his younger days in the south, he has said that it is far less scary than it was 20,30, or 40 years ago. However, because of those experiences he is fearful of whites.

Also, my father as a child lived in LA (we are creols), for a short period of time and they lived in an all white neighborhood and had a cross burned in their yard. This happend in the 60's, so you need to really read your history books buddy!

What you said is beyond stupid. No, I'm clearly not calling all whites murderers, because if that was the case some of my whole family would be dead, which they are not. However, what you said was complete crap in relation to the south. I will restate, what more than a few southern white males have said to me about black neighborhoods and about how they are not scared of black people. I have never heard of a life long southern white male, whether he was of good or evil intention to blacks, say he was scared to go into a black neighboorhood. It is completely absurd. Now, i have heard many northern whites say things along those lines, but never a southern white male.

However, I have heard of blacks terrified to go into white areas in the south. In fact I can remember traveling through the south in college and a few of my friends (who happend to be white) dared me to run through a trailor park in Georgia for $300 bucks. It was a long trip and we had been making up risky stupid dares the entire trip this was just one of many. Obviously, I would not do it, because i was scared crapless and feared getting hung or beaten up by whites standing outside drinking beer was worth 300 bucks. Not to mention my nothern white friends wouldn't even entertain the dare because they feared being beat up because they were Yankees. In fact one of the all white towns we passed through we were pulled over by the cops and he asked why a group of whites were traveling with a N****, Chinc, and a **** (which my friend wasn't he was just a dark italian lol, but the RN cop had no idea). Anyway, this was one of the few negative experiences I have ever had in the South, but my bigger point is your logic about southern whites being scared of blacks makes completely no sense and there is no historical accuracy behind it.

Last question did you grow up in the south?

One more silly/factless comment from you and i'll fill this entire topic with facts about the south. You feel really silly about some of the garbage you typed. If you want to challenge me to simply posting historical factual statistics about the south i'd be more than happy.

Last edited by truthhurts; 02-28-2008 at 06:26 AM..
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